July 6, 2011

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Cleaning Leather Furniture

Cleaning Leather FurnitureLeather furniture is an expensive investment. Using the wrong cleaning methods can shorten its life span. This page is about cleaning leather furniture.


Sleeping Baby

Saving Money on Baby ClothesThis is a page about saving money on baby clothes. With spit ups and spills, babies can wear a lot of clothing throughout the day. You want to have plenty of clothing for your baby, but they do grow out of clothing fast.


Two cute puppies, one bitting the other.

Teaching a Puppy Not to BiteThis page is about responsibly teaching your puppy not bite. It's part of a puppy's nature to nibble on things and bite, but as they get bigger, this type of behavior can be dangerous.



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Pepper SteakVery tender and yummy Oriental style dish.


dilled carrots

Dilled CarrotsA very old recipe. I like the simplicity of it.


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Enchilada PiePerfect to serve for a casual family gathering. Delicious in taste and so appetizing to the eye.


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Hershey Pie>Super easy and chocolatey!


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Sausage Milk GravyThis is so easy and so delicious served over hot biscuits for a breakfast or supper, that is as southern as it gets. I wish everyone in the whole world could have something this good every day of their lives.


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Easy Coconut Pudding CakeEasy and good. Prepare a yellow cake mix, cool, then cut in half lengthwise. Prepare a large box of instant coconut pudding, pour pudding on top of cake layer then add the other layer.


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Gelatin Cucumber SaladThis salad is really different. Interesting mix of the fruity flavored gelatin along with the vegetables.



Community garden

My Garden in the CityI just love my community garden. It is so relaxing and fun!


Canned goods on a shelp

Organizing Your Food StashLike Mr. McDuck, I have a horde of food stored in my basement. It's the rewards gained from "stocking up," but those rewards must be kept tidy because, unlike Scrooge McDuck, our food carries expiration dates.


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Earn Gift Cards when Refilling PrescriptionsPharmacies are constantly competing for new business and often have coupons offering a $10 or $25 store gift card for filling new prescriptions or transferring a prescription to their pharmacy.


Boats in partly cloudy bay

Scenery: Bay Scene (Plymouth, MA)My Granddaughter took this photo with her phone. It is the bay at Plymouth, MA. I thought it looked like an actual oil painting.


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Small Business Ideas That Save MoneyIf you have a computer and printer, you can save quite a bit of money on office supplies. For instance, if you buy blank labels at an office supply or discount department store, you can make your own return address labels.


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Maintaining Your Refrigerator GasketDid you know that one of the first thing to wear out of a refrigerator is the rubber door gasket? So, with this simple tip, you can protect the gasket from cracking, drying, and mildew. Just apply a very thin coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly.


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Separating Trash BagsEver buy the inexpensive generic trash bags that come in a roll then struggle with getting them to initially open? Wet your finger tips and rub the edge of the bag between them. The bag will separate easily, so you can put it in your trash can.


White and Yellow Bearded Iris

Garden: Yellow Iris SurpriseHaving just moved to Washington this past fall, I've been waiting to see what flowers are planted around the house that we moved into. What a wonderful surprise to have this bed of gorgeous yellow and white iris!


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Freeze Vegetables for Stir FryStock up on day-old red and green peppers on sale or celery, onions, or other veggies. Chop them up and freeze them to use later. You can do the same thing with any vegetable you've bought that seem to be "on the turn".


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Games to Play With Kids While DrivingWe had several games the kids enjoyed playing when they were younger and we were traveling. Most included winning money!


White crocheted pot scrubber

Crocheted Pot ScrubberI crocheted a pot scrubber. I did not like the yarn I had, so I made this. It turned out so pretty, I almost didn't use it with the dishes at all.


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Ice Cream Scoop to Fill Cupcake LinersFor years I have been making cupcakes and have tried numerous ways to get the cake batter neatly in the cupcake holders. I saw my old metal ice-cream scoop with the metal lever to release and asked myself "Why didn't I try that years ago."


Brown puppy with black face

Tank (Puppy)Tank is a lover boy and I'm in love with him! I can't imagine life before him or without him. He is a lot bigger now, and is as precious as the day is long!


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Store Leftovers in Plastic BagsI used to hate the hassle of putting the left-overs away after our family get-togethers or reunions. I'd have lots of dishes to wash, dry, and put away, before I could sit and relax afterward. Then, I came up with the brilliant idea of pouring the left-overs in large or small plastic bags.


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Safely Storing Aerosol CansIt is extremely important that you never place a can of spray-on oil on, above, or even near your stove. The heat from the stove top can heat the can and cause it to explode.


A grey kitten underneath a wooden dresser.

Ayudame (Cat)Ayudame is a 1 year old cat. Our Labrador found a wild kitten on our property early one morning, bone thin, weak and mewing pitifully. Lulu circled the kitten with loving concern and threw into the air an unusual series of barks.


Spring Flower Garden

My Spring Flower GardenMy favorite thing to do is tend to my flowers. It's become hard to do since my back injury. These magenta colored azaleas looked very nice with the pink tulips.


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Giving Pills to DogsTo give my dog medicine, I dip a spoon into the peanut butter and lay the pills on the sticky peanut butter which my dog then devours. The pills go right down and it's funny to watch her licking her lips!


Link: 2011 Consumer Action HandbookThe new and updated 2011 Consumer Action Handbook is ready to be ordered. I orderd several of these and gave them out to family and friends.


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Spray Paint Inexpensive Garden BirdbathI have been wanting a birdbath for quite a while and was not willing to pay the $50 that the stores wanted; so, I bought a cheap $10 plastic birdbath and spray painted it with Krylon Plastic paint.


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Organizing ChangeI use my empty prescription bottles for organizing change. The smallest bottle I get is exactly right for holding $10 worth of quarters. I haven't taken the time to count change into other sizes, but when I do, I'll be marking the lid with a Black Sharpie pen.


Jay in a Jar

Blue Jays Trapped in Homemade Squirrel FeederI found these plans to make a squirrel feeder using some scrap wood in the shed and a pickle jar, and put it on our porch. You'd be amazed by how many blue jays we have had to release out of the bottle.


misty morning meadow

Last of the Farms (Chicago, IL)The Midwest morning offered a slight chill and this view out my back window.


Red Lily

Garden: Red LilyI love this deep red lily, surrounded by butterfly weed. I had trouble getting the lily bulbs that I planted last fall, to come up. This is the only one that did. I am happy it was this one. I love it!


Cutting Roses For A Bouquet

Cutting Roses For A BouquetI have tea roses in my garden to use in bouquets for our church altar to aid in worship. I cut the roses in the morning, sometimes a few days before I use them. I let them stand in water a few hours before I refrigerate them.


view of completed clutch with snap attached

Crocheted T-shirt Clutch BagThis clutch bag is crocheted with strips of t-shirt material.



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Cleaning a Paperback Book?I have a newer book, new within the last ten years, and I'm wondering if I can restore the condition of the book without destroying it. Are there any Thriftyfun tips out there to clean a soiled paperback book that also has creased pages and cover?


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Removing Gasoline Smell from Carpet?How do I get gasoline out of carpet?


hanging basket with pinkish purple flowers

What Are These Plants?I got two of these hanging baskets at a market garden, the gal had no idea of the name of the plant. I have never seen them before. They are just beautiful, require lots of water, and tolerate full sun. Anyone have a idea of the name of this plant?


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House Training a Six Week Old Puppy?I have a beautiful six week old Pit Bull puppy, it lives with us in the house. The problem is that it poos everywhere it likes in the house. My dog does not like to poo outside. Please help. How do I teach my dog not to poo inside the house?


white American Bulldog

Treating Dog's Joint Pain?My American Bull dog has joint pain. What can I give him for the pain? I don't have the money right now to pay the expensive vet costs.


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Making a Folding Camp End Table?How do I make a folding camp end table?


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Bypassing the Brake and Deck Switches on My Mower?How can I bypass the brake and deck switches on my mower? It's a 12 horse Briggs.


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Making Healthy Dog Biscuits?Do anyone have a good recipe for healthy dog biscuits?


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Cucumbers Turning Brown on the Vine?Why are my new cucumbers that are setting on turning brown and dying on the vine before growing?


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Tomato Plant Leaves Rolling Shut?My tomatoes are growing fine, but since it has gotten hot out the leaves are rolling shut.


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Shopping for XL and XXL Storage Bags?What are the best XL and XXL bags available? Space Bags have received terrible reviews. Why haven't any of the other companies stepped up to fill the void?


16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off for 2 1/2 years. We are both turning 16 this month and also our one year anniversary is this month. What should I get him? or do with him. He is a varsity football player if that's any help?


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Reviews of No!No! Hair Remover?I was hoping I could get some honest reviews on No! No! hair remover. Has anyone ever tried it? Thanks!


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Wired Smoke Detectors Beeping?My smoke detectors are OK on battery back-up, but when I turn the power back on they start beeping non stop. I keep the breaker off, but need to fix this soon. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Growing Holloway Pumpkins?I would like to know how to grow Holloway pumpkins?


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Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles?It's once again Japanese beetle season in SW Michigan. I used to use the traps and now have been told the traps attract the beetles as well as trap them. We were also told there is no insect repellent that will kill them.


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