July 20, 2011

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Up close photo of a dirty driveway.

Removing Oil Spills from Your DrivewayThis is a page about removing oil spills from your driveway. A car with an oil leak can quickly stain your driveway. Oil stains on your driveway can be difficult to get rid of.


Jar of apricot jam and an apricot cut in half on a table.

Apricot Jam RecipesThis page contains apricot jam recipes. Apricots are a great fruit for making jam. Making your own jam allows you to enjoy apricots throughout the year.


Pile of green apples.

Selecting Good ApplesThis is a page about selecting good apples. Apples make a great snack. Picking good apples at the store will ensure great flavor and texture.


Cup of banana pudding topped with whipped cream and a vanilla wafer cookie.

Banana Pudding RecipesOne great way to use bananas is in making banana pudding. Once you have tried homemade banana pudding, you'll never want instant pudding again. This page contains recipes for banana pudding.


Grey cat peeking out from a leopard print cat bed.

Saving Money on Cat BedsThis is a page about saving money on cat beds. Cats love to curl up in a cat bed. Purchasing one can be expensive.


Blueberries in a lidded container

Storing BlueberriesThis is a page about storing blueberries. You may not need all of the blueberries in a container immediately. If they are stored properly, you can use the rest of the blueberries later.


A dog owner cleaning up after a dog in the grass.

Cleaning Up After Your DogThis is a page about cleaning up after your dog. Every dog owner has to regularly pick up after their dog when going on walks or in the yard. Find ways to make this unpleasant task a little more bearable.


Saving Money on Wild Birdseed, Blue Jay standing on a tree stumo eating birdseed

Saving Money on Wild BirdseedThis is a page about saving money on birdseed. Many people love to bird watch. Putting birdseed out in your yard will attract lots of birds, but if you use a lot of seed it can be quite costly.


Red enamel camping cup and plate on a wood table.

Doing Dishes While CampingThis is a page about doing dishes while camping. Cooking meals while camping is a lot of fun. But doing the dishes can be tricky without the conveniences of home.


Picture of several paint brushes.

Organizing Art Supplies and MaterialsThis is a page about organizing art supplies and materials. Keeping your art supplies organized helps avoid buying things you already have. It also saves you time and allows you to spend more time being creative.


Messy pile of board game boxes.

Organizing Board GamesThis is a page to organizing board games. With all their small pieces and often numerous pieces of paper, board games can easy become disorganized. Family game night just isn't the same if you can't find all the parts to your favorite game.


Blueberry muffin on a cooling rack.

Blueberry Muffin RecipesBlueberry muffins make a great breakfast. They are also a great way to use up extra blueberries. This page contains recipes for blueberry muffins.


Blueberries in a berry basket.

Selecting Good BlueberriesThis is a page about selecting good blueberries. Blueberries are best when they are plump and sweet. For the best flavor it is important to pick good blueberries. This can be difficult since they are generally sold in a container.


Measuring Windows for New Curtains, Gold colored curtains and white sheers hanging on a wondow.

Measuring Windows for New CurtainsThis is a page about buying the right sized curtains. When buying new curtains it is important to select the right size for your windows. There are a number of different lengths so you must also decide on the look you are going for.


Online Shopping

Selling Crafts Online This is a page to selling crafts online. Selling crafts online can be an excellent way to earn some extra income. However, navigating the plethora of ways there are to sell your wares is a difficult task.


Passport ontop of a travel newspaper page

Saving Money on TravelThis is a page about saving money on travel. Traveling is expensive. Saving money on travel can allow you to travel more frequently or to spend your money on other things during your trip.


Up close photo of the front of a baking soda box

Saving Money on Baking SodaThis is a page about saving money on baking soda. Baking soda can be used in everything from cooking to cleaning. Because of this baking soda is a staple product in most households.


A bird landing on a cage door.

Saving Money on Bird CagesThis is a page about saving money on bird cages. Every bird owner needs a cage to keep their feathered friend safe and happy.



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Cherry TorteI love most any recipe with cherry pie filling in it!


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Bob Evans Chicken Salad (Copycat)This reminds me of Bob Evans chicken salad. It's as close as I can get it at home, but just as good. My husband says he likes mine better! It's a great light summer supper.


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Snowball CakeThis is my Mom, Vicy's, recipe, and it is really good. It is wonderful on a hot day, very refreshing and light. It's a delicious, tropical tasting treat.


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Barbecued Beef PattiesThese are good on buns or separately on your plate with sauce over.


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Wedding Bell Soup (Italian Escarole Soup)A hearty soup that's a meal in itself. Served in many homes at holiday dinners as a first course. Also known as "Wedding Bell Soup." This is our family soup that is served at all big meals!


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Refrigerator PicklesExcellent way to use some of those cucumbers from the garden.


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Lentil Vegetable CurryI can't remember where I originally found this recipe, but I finally decided to give it a try. As with most recipes I try for the first time, it's tweaked a bit. I just can't help myself.


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Poor Man's T-BoneI love the smokey flavor of this very easy recipe.


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Yogurt Fruit SaladI love this fruit salad recipe, especially the mandarin oranges in it.



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Use Washable Baby Wipes and Diaper LinersAfter much debate and research, I decided to give washing store bought baby wipes a go. I have only washed "wee" wipes in a delicates bag with my cloth nappies still thrown in with the others.


Flag pole in yard

Homemade FlagpoleMy grandsons are visiting me for several weeks this summer. Here is a picture of the flag pole Derek made for us while he was here. He found the old pole behind our garage. He painted the pole white, and attached a solar light on top.


A white husky dog with blue eyes.

Hutch (Husky/Wolf Mix)This is Hutch a Siberian Husky and Wolf mix. He's not my dog, but he thinks he is. He's 6 years old and, until this past March, lived chained to a big tree across the street in a neighbor's back yard.


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Organizing Gift BagsThe first suggestion is to hang a plastic organizer that has shelves in a closet, such as a closet in an office or one that has room. Put folded gift bags on shelves per holiday or occasion.


People watching a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.

Photo: Watching FireworksI find that it's nearly impossible to capture the "awe" of fireworks on the 4th of July because everyone is looking at the sky.


Foot with two toes taped together

Bandage In Between ToesI took a clean cotton ball and put some Neosporin in the spot where the cut is, put the cotton ball in there, and then I taped the two toes together with a little masking tape and it works great!


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Sunscreen Reapplication at Day CampsWhen my kids were little, I enrolled them in the local YMCA summer fun club. One day, they took a day trip to the beach. They forgot their sunscreen on the bus. The counselors told them that was too bad, they weren't going to go back and get it.


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Frozen Drinks for FlyingI flew recently out of the country and had a few bottles of thirst quencher with me. I had decided to freeze two of them, and these were the only ones that made it though the security screening.


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Ant Repellant SprayShake and spray where you see ants. It smells nice and can be used outside too. Have sprayed at wasps and they have flown away. You might have to use a few times before no more visible ants.


Three bobbins with string on them.

Controlling String On BobbinsOn my sewing machine, there is a storage box where I keep extra bobbins. Until recently, they have been a mess at times. It occured to me that the little finger of a clear latex glove was about the size of the bobbins.


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Organizing My Weekly Shopping TripsIn order to save money on my weekly shopping, I go to several stores. But I was always having trouble remembering if an item was cheaper at a store.


Angel made from thrift store purchases

Shop Thrift Stores For Craft SuppliesSave on craft supplies by shopping at thrift stores. If you like to craft or have just a single project to make, you can't go wrong by checking out some thrift stores before purchasing new supplies.


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Make a List of Your BooksIf you have a computer, for the simplest way to organize your book would be to list them in alphabetical order. With that list, place them in a book shelves, starting from left to right (directional reading).


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Make Pita Chips at HomeToday I found a recipe for homemade pita chips that were awesome! Who knew it was so easy?


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Teaching Kids to CookEven when they were very young, I started teaching my kids about cooking. They loved being able to help, even if it only meant stirring something.


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Library For Blind and Print-Challenged BookwormsDo you love to read but have trouble with standard print? Do you have physical problems that make holding a standard or larger book difficult or impossible? This library is for you.


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Leashes Save LivesWe were traveling on a busy road in our RV, when we saw another RV ahead of us pull to the side of the road. We slowed, but as we approached the back of the other RV, the people opened the side door.


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My Frugal Life: Penny Wise or Pound FoolishIs there such a thing as being too thrifty? Are we many times penny wise and pound foolish? I ponder this because by nature I am a logical, practical person. I have been told this all my life. So the following situations make no sense to me.


Real-time quotes at the stock exchange

Stock Market 101: It's Not As Difficult As It SeemsMonitor your reaction when you read the following word: stocks. Did your body grow suddenly tense and rigid with a sense of impending confusion, or were you filled with anticipation of carefully planned success?


A tortoiseshell cat reflected in an ornate mirror.

Shyanne (Tortoiseshell Cat)Shyanne is an 8 year old tortoiseshell. Shyanne was a tiny kitten that some kids had found. She could hardly walk. I feared for her safety if I didn't take her.


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How I Quit SmokingHaving grown up in a smoking household back in the day when it wasn't even thought of as bad, I started smoking as a teenager. Looking at my 50th birthday coming up, I thought quitting would be the best gift I could give myself.


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Crisco Shortening and Honey Make a Great Lip BalmCrisco Shortening is an excellent moisturizer for the lips when combined with honey which has healing properties. I use the old containers of lip gloss, that have been cleaned out and washed.


Two cats relaxing on desk

Bathing Cat In The ShowerWhen I give my house-cats their bath, I love each one up really good first. Then I pick her up and get into the shower with her. I have the two separate large plastic cups from a Quickstop with diluted shampoo and conditioner ready on the floor.



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Remedy for Dog's Itchy Feet?Every summer my three year old dog has problems with itchy feet. His feet start to itch, and he lays and licks the hair off until they get red. The vet has no idea what's wrong? I got something online last year that helped and of course I can't find it.


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Weed Killer and Lawn Fertilizer Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for a weed killer/lawn fertilizer combination. I think it has vinegar, dish soap and two other ingredients. The recipe was given to me years ago and I can't find it.


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Using Equaline Shampoo?How do I use the Equaline shampoo? Do I use it with my shampoo or by itself? I want to use it to thicken my hair and improve growth.


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Remedy for Whiteheads?I have whiteheads on my nose, chin, and forehead. Are there any products that I can try to get rid of them? School is coming soon and I want to come in acne free. Please help me!


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Homemade Weed Killer and Lawn Fertilizer Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for a weed killer/lawn fertilizer combination. I think it has vinegar, dish soap, and two other ingredients. The recipe was given to me years ago and I can't find it.


White or cream wallpaper with scattered images of country cottages, stone bridges, and a lake with a sail boat.

Discontinued Wallpaper: Toile Impressions...About 8 or 9 years ago I had bought this wallpaper. I think it is from the book Toile Impressions, # T742482. I have searched everywhere on the internet including the company it was shipped from. I am sure in this big wide world there has to be at least one roll somewhere.


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Planning Senior Events?I am currently in leadership in my school and I wanna know if anyone has any ideas for events we can do for seniors, something we can look back on and remember?


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Something is Eating My Tomatoes?Something is eating the tomatoes at the bottom of my plants in my garden in southeast Pennsylvania. What could it be? A rat? squirrels? rabbits?


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What are These Small Red Whisker Looking Bugs?These bugs look like small red whiskers, they like light colored skin especially when it's humid outside. They don't bother my dark skinned friends unless they are wearing damp, light colored clothes.


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Monthly Migraine Relief?I get monthly migraines. I have no health insurance any longer so I won't be able to get my medication. Does anyone have a reliable remedy/preventative for these hormonal migraines?


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Leaves Turning Yellow and Dropping off Bell Pepper Plants?I am having trouble with my capsicum plants (bell peppers). The leaves are falling off and they have also gotten a bit light and close to a yellow colour. I don't see any insects on the plants. Any ideas please? from Sri Lanka


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Blue Sparks Near the Stove Eye Plug When Turned On?When I turn on my stove eye, blue sparks can be seen at the plug where the eye connects. Is this dangerous or is the stove eye about to burn out?


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Buying a Porcelain Stove Top?Where can I purchase a porcelain stove top?


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Freezing Sweet Corn?Approximately what is the yield from 100 ears of sweet corn after being cut from the cob?


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Choosing a Color for Hardwood Flooring?I am looking to install hardwood flooring in place of carpet in my family room, living room, hallways, and kitchen. I have medium to dark oak furniture and cabinets in the kitchen. I have cream countertops. I have light green walls. What color flooring should I use?


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Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves?I have a maple that is about 12 years old, it started producing seeds two years ago, and this year it didn't produce many. The new leaves at the end of its branches turned brown and now other leaves are turning yellow and falling along with a lot of green ones. What is happening to my tree?


Five cell phones propped up against a lattice background.

Recycling or Reusing Old Cell Phones?I recently found the graveyard of cellphones and am not sure what do with them. I know that you can't throw them away, but where should they go? Is there any organization that looks for old cellphones? Or is there somewhere that responsibly recycles them?


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Making Grandma's Secret Spot Remover?Does anyone know how to make Grandma's Secret Spot Remover?


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Selling Mature Pine Trees?I have several very big tall pines I want to sell. Any suggestions?


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Meaning of a PRA Pet Test?Please can anyone tell me what PRA tested on mini Dachshund means?


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