July 21, 2011

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People Exercising

Finding Time To ExerciseThis is a page about finding time to exercise. Many of us make New Year's resolutions or personal commitments to exercise. Despite our good intentions, the most common obstacle to exercising is finding the time in our schedule.


Losing Weight

Losing WeightThis is a page to losing weight. Many people would list "Losing a few pounds" as one of their top priorities. However, most of us struggle to get down to our ideal weight.


Organizing Your Cross-Top Freezer, Picture of an organized freezer.

Organizing Your FreezerThis is a page about organizing your freezer. Freezing food allows you to preserve food for a long time which can save you money. Having an organized freezer is key to avoid having the food go to waste.


Blackberry Jam Recipes, Jar of blackberry jam on a plate with fresh blackberries.

Blackberry Jam RecipesThis page contains blackberry jam recipes. Blackberries are a great fruit for making jam. Making your own jam allows you to enjoy blackberries throughout the year.


Fresh Guacamole

Guacamole RecipesFreshly made guacamole is a real treat. It goes well is many different dishes and is always an appreciated addition to potlucks and parties. This page contains guacamole recipes.


A pile of dried apple slices.

Drying ApplesThis is a page about drying apples. Dried apples are a great healthy snack. Drying them will also allow you to enjoy your favorite apples when they are not in season.


Small fish tank with fish and plants inside.

Preventing Algae In Your AquariumThis is a page about preventing algae in your aquarium. It is a lot of fun to have a fish tank in your home. Preventing algae will make aquarium maintenance easier and insure you can see your fish.


Blueberries growing on a bush.

Growing BlueberriesThis is a page for growing blueberries. Blueberries are great for baking or just eating by the handful. Their high levels of antioxidants make blueberries a healthy part of your diet.


Exercise Ball in Free Weights

Saving Money on Exercise EquipmentThis is a page to saving money on exercise equipment. Exercising at home can save you a lot of time and money. Finding the right deals on the equipment you want or need is key.


Cherry Pie Recipes, Slice of cherry pie.

Cherry Pie RecipesThis page contains cherry pie recipes. Cherries make a great pie filling. Cherry pie is a perfect way to use up leftover cherries.


An antique porcelain tub

Cleaning Porcelain BathtubsWhether new or vintage, porcelain can look very dingy if not cleaned and cared for properly. Here are tips to help you keep your tub looking and feeling squeaky clean. This is a page to cleaning porcelain bathtubs.


A slice of banana cream pie on a plate with slices of fresh banana.

Banana Cream Pie RecipesIf you love bananas, banana cream pie is the perfect dessert. Banana cream pie has a rich, creamy filling with the wonderful flavor of bananas. This page contains recipes for banana cream pie.


Two bone shaped dog biscuits

Saving Money on Dog TreatsThis is a page for saving money on dog treats. Dogs love to get little savory snacks when on a walk or during training. Here are tips for buying, selecting and preparing your own dog treats.


Facebook homepage.

Promoting Your Business on Facebook?This is a page about promoting your business on Facebook. With so many people using Facebook now, it is a great place to promote your business. Facebook offers numerous tools to customize your company's page.


A blue baby stroller.

Saving Money on Baby Strollers?This is a page about saving money on baby strollers. When shopping for a stroller you will be faced with many options. Strollers can be very expensive, so once you know what kind of stroller you need, it is then important to find a good deal.


A person crocheting a pink baby blanket.

Finding Time to CrochetCrochet projects can take several hours to complete. Here are techniques for finding time in your busy day to work on your crochet project. This is a page about finding time to crochet.


Three school age girls wearing backpacks.

Saving Money on School ClothesThis is a page about saving money on school clothes. Kids want to look good and have the trendiest clothes for school. It can be hard to satisfy their needs with clothes being so expensive.



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Deviled ChickenThis is chicken in a tangy sauce. It's not quite BBQ; it makes a tomatoey, zesty sauce that is great served over rice.


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Bulgarian AsparagusI love asparagus in almost anything!


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Quick Skillet SupperThis was created one night of things on hand and became a family favorite.


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Fresh Strawberry PieA summer favorite!


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Tangy Grilled ChickenI found this recipe at Campbell's Kitchen website when searching for some simple new grilling ideas. Not only is this good but it's also really easy and these sauce ingredients are almost always readily available on hand.


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Cheese Pineapple BallI like to use cream cheese because it is so easy to work with! Of course, with picky eaters, it is best to make a part of the cheese ball without anything other than the cream cheese and pineapple.


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Vegetable Beef SoupI can eat soup year round. Love the fresh vegetables in this.


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Honey BrowniesOne of my family's favorite dessert is a brownie. This recipe is one I use often because it is quick, easy, and tasty!



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Make Your Own Bread CrumbsYou can make bread crumbs with any leftover bread pieces by grinding them up in a blender. They'll be coarse. Dry them on a cookie sheet for a day or two, then grind again.


An oatmeal lid used to hold a burned CD.

Use Oatmeal Lid As Handy CD "PlaceMarker"I often work with CDs that I have saved documents and crafts on. When adding to them, it's often confusing as to which one I just did or which one comes next.


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Book OrganizingI have organized my books first by subject, for example: home improvement, health, autobiographies, gardening, true crime, Oprah collection, spiritual, fiction, and non-fiction.


Lucky Dog Tilt

Lucky (Dog)Lucky is a 1 year old dog that we rescued. He loves to play with his toys. He is an very handsome boy who likes to please his master.


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Link: Contact the White HouseAre you tired of Congress and the President's wrangling over the budget? Do you want to pan or praise the job Mr Obama is doing? In short, do you want your voice to be heard in the Oval Office and the hallowed halls of Congress?


Tuxedo Cat Front

Snickers (Tuxedo Cat)Snickers is a 4 year Tuxedo Cat. My 18 1/2 year old cat Pippi (Baby Cat) passed away on 9-30-07, and I was numb with grief and didn't want to get another pet for a while.


Vortex Running

How to Charge a Vortex Diatom FilterIf you have an aquarium and you are like me, you want your water to be as clean and clear as possible. Diatom filters are a great way get your water sparkling clear without affecting the water chemistry.


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Hydrogen Peroxide For Carpet StainsDeciding to finally "power" clean my son's room while he is at college, I got everything off the floor. To my dismay, I found huge, dark brown spots of coffee, tea, soda (or whatever it used to be) all over my cream colored berber carpet. AAUUGGHHH!


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Finding a Ripe CantaloupeI always make sure the cantaloupe has a yellow spot and I smell it. If it smells like a cantaloupe, then it's surely going to be a ripe one.


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Oil Of Oregano For Nail FungusI went to the podiatrist and he sold me some oil for $40 for a half ounce. I used it faithfully. But after a year, the improvement was so slight it was useless. At that rate, it would be ten years before they healed.


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Cleaning a Bird CageAlways line the cage tray with newspaper, folded to fit. All you have to do then is pull the tray part way out and remove the soiled paper. Replace with clean paper. The job is half done.


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Trap Dust At Air VentsOne day I noticed that you can follow the dust in my bedroom back to the air vent. I took two fresh dryer sheets, stapled them together, and covered the air vent with them using four refrigerator magnets.


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Share Purchases At Warehouse ClubsBy joining with other family members and friends we can pool our like needs and share. I do not have the space to store a case of tp or paper towels, but I buy and share the cost per case with others in my group that need this item.


Finished deer photo wreath.

Christmas Photo Deer WreathHere is a "deer" of a wreath that will bring you years of enjoyment. It's quite a simple craft and kids can join in on the making of it. An adult can make the deer while the kids paint and help assemble the wreath.


Mouse of Blues

Photo: The Mouse of BluesI took this picture on the way to my grandma's house. I was really bored so I just took a picture of anything I could find inside or outside of the car. Believe it or not that is actually one of my mickey Mouse earrings.


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Organizing the Chest FreezerOut with our chest freezer I have an old chalk board, I have marked it down in sections: right side, middle, and left side for both top and bottom sections. One part is fruit, another meat, another frozen meals, etc.


Eggs with marks to show the oldest ones.

Three Kitchen Tips in One!These might be well known to some of us "sage" cooks, but here's hoping they help those new to the wonderful world of cooking!


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Cleaning Shower Curtain LinersI buy just shower liner curtains instead of the fancy curtains. When they start to get a build up on them, I take them down and soak them in the sink in a small amount of bleach and white vinegar water.


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Thrifty Water Bottle CozyIt's been well over 90 degrees F and way too much humidity for some time now. Staying hydrated is very important for all of us.


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Selecting an AvocadoWhen selecting an avocado look for one that is large all around and larger on one end. The skin should be nearly black. Gently cup the whole avocado and gently squeeze. It should be firm with a slight softness.


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Storing Appliance ManualsI put all my kitchen manuals together at one end of one of my cabinets. I clip them all together with a large size clip so that they stay together and none of them get lost. That way they don't take up much space, and they are always handy whenever I need one.


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Pets and Maintenance People In the HomeI have two things I do when strangers or maintenance people come into my home. Putting my dogs and cat in the bedroom is one of them. The other is I have a large dog cage that I keep in the living room.


close up of marigold field

How to Grow MarigoldsSome garden experts feel that we rely too much on marigolds to fill in our flower beds. I disagree. Marigolds are easy to grow, and their cheerful flowers offer a summer-long burst of color anywhere you plant them.


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My Frugal Life: Focused On FrugalityAs a teacher, off for the summer, I am especially focused on frugality. This is a time for me to review where my money has gone and why. What spending gave satisfaction? What would I do differently?


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Helping Kids Clean Their RoomsWhen my boys were teenagers, I would give them a date when the room had to be cleaned up by. That gave them the option to do it within their own time frame. If it was not done by then, I would have the freedom to go into their rooms and find and read all the love notes.


Butterfly on Phlox

Wildlife: Butterfly on PhloxI was enjoying the summer day when I saw this beauty nectaring on some phlox in my garden.



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Can Prescription Drugs Affect a Perm?Does the drug OxyIR (oxycodone) stop your hair from curling during the perm process?


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Fruit Growing on a Jasmine Plant?I read a similar post from a gal who had a Jasmine plant with small white star like blossoms and dark green waxy leaves. Her plant started to grow grapes. I read the information that the plant can grow grapes that turn dark purple for the birds to eat.


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18th Birthday Gift Ideas?I have a friend that's turning 18 and I don't know what to get him. Any ideas would help.


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Getting Rid of Cockroaches With Bleach and Water?If I was to use a 50/50 solution of water and bleach, would the fumes get rid of cockroaches? I have sprayed them with the same solution and it kills them dead. Of course I don't spray the solution on carpet.


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Tomatillo Plant Not Setting Fruit?My tomatillo plant has grown so big and has so many flowers, but I do not have a single tomatillo. What could be the problem?


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Crate Training a Puppy?I have a 14 week old Pitbull puppy that we are trying to crate train. He has made some progress, but he is still messing in his crate. My husband and I work all day and do not have someone to take him out in the afternoon.


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Buying Items for a Fluro Party?I have been invited to a Fluro party and I don't own anything Fluro. Does anybody know a place in Geraldton, WA that has lots of Fluro things?


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Chili Plants Not Producing Chilis?Why won't my chili plants grow any chili on them? They all look so healthy.


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Getting Rid of All Vegetation?I would like to kill all growth, weeds, and grass.


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Cleaning a Flat Screen TV?What's the best way to clean the screen of a flat screen TV?


Dog standing on a rock ledge.

What Breed is My Dog?Georgia is a four year old Beagle mix. Any ideas what other breeds she might possess?


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Planting After Liming Vegetable Garden?How long do I wait after liming my vegetable garden to begin planting?


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Lids on Canned Tomatoes Turned Black?The canned tomatoes that were all done at the same time, but my daughter has stored hers in a warmer environment than I have. When she opened a jar tonight the canning lid was all black. The tomatoes taste OK, but I'm afraid that there could be a problem with them.


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Freezing Turnips?What is the best way to freeze fresh turnips?


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Saving Money on Household Expenses?This is not a specific question, we are a one income family, we have 10 (yes ten) children, and I am a stay at home mom. I would love to hear any and all ideas, advice, etc. about things we can do to save money.


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Child and Dog Are Very Attached?It is hard to separate my dog and my 3 year old. The 3 year old doesn't want to go out without the dog. What can I do?


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