July 22, 2011

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String Quartet

Saving Money on Musical InstrumentsThis is a page to saving money on musical instruments. An expense every musician, young and old, faces is purchasing their instrument of choice. Finding ways to save money on that purchase can be very helpful.


Saving Money on Cufflinks

Saving Money on CufflinksThis is a page about saving money on cufflinks. Cufflinks add a nice tough to a suit or tuxedo shirt. They can quickly become an expensive part of a men's wardrobe though.


A pile of banana bunches.

Selecting Good BananasBananas are a great snack and a valuable source of potassium. Picking the right bananas help ensure a good flavor.


Two figs with one cut sitting on a leaf.

Freezing FigsThis is a page for freezing figs. If you are lucky enough to have a fig tree, you may be inundated with these delicious fruit. In addition to drying figs, they can also be frozen for use later in recipes.


Blue canvas tennis shoes steaming.

Remedies for Stinky ShoesThe smell of stinky shoes can be overwhelming and make you want to throw them away. There are a number of good ways to remove and prevent the odors. This is a page about removing odors from stinky shoes.


Pile of red cherries.

Storing Cherries?This is a page about storing cherries. We have all had the disappointment of having our fruit become bruised or moldy from being stored improperly. There are different methods for storing the various types of fruit.


Cantaloupe growing on a vine.

Growing CantaloupeThis is a page about growing cantaloupe. Cantaloupe can be expensive to buy at the store. Growing your own can help save you money.


Baby Wipes

Saving Money on Baby WipesThis is a page to saving money on baby wipes. Baby wipes are an essential item when you have a baby or toddler. They also have many other uses.


A business suit with a white shirt and red tie.

Saving Money on Men's SuitsThis is a page for saving money on men's suits. Business attire can be expensive but is essential to for many men in an executive or sales position. Here are tips and advice for finding a good quality and well fitting suit.


Apricots hanging on the tree.

Growing ApricotsThis is a page about growing apricots. Growing your own fruit can be a rewarding experience. Not only can you control the levels of chemicals used or take and organic approach, but you can enjoy sweet tree ripened fruit. Apricots are a good candidate for the home gardener.


Fancy goldfish swimming in a tank.

Saving Money on Aquarium FiltersThis is a page about saving money on aquarium filters. Filters are a critical part of keeping an aquarium clean. Because you need to change them out when they are dirty, it is helpful to find ways to save money on them.


Organizing Stuffed Animals

Organizing Stuffed AnimalsThis is a page about organizing stuffed animals. Sometimes the menagerie of stuffies can really take over a child's room. Trying to come up with a plan to keep them organized and accessible can be difficult.



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MeatloafA favorite meatloaf recipe.


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Fresh Tomato TartI first made this appetizer recipe for an office team luncheon. It became an instant favorite, and they requested that I make it every time we met. My niece also now requests that I make it whenever we have family gatherings.


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Easy Creamy Banana Pudding (Diabetic)I like recipes with sour cream in them, as a matter of fact, I use sour cream in almost everything I cook.


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Salmon PattiesIt's trendy to call salmon patties burgers now, and to charge a fin and a gill for them, but I'll stick with patties. This recipe is very economical and very easy.



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Selecting a Good WatermelonThe "bottom" of the watermelon (the side that was lying on the ground while it was growing), is usually a white color. When it has turned a deep, creamy yellow, the watermelon is ripe.


Kure Beach NC

Scenery: Splashing Waves (Kure Beach, NC)This is a photo of a area near Kure Beach in NC. We couldn't believe how blue the water was!


Straws stored in tin

Storing Straws In A Cookie TinDuring the Christmas holiday shopping or gift giving, there is a long metal tube that Stockmeyer Short Bread cookies come in which makes a great storage container for straws.


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Trim Or Remove Trees Before They Cause DamageWe have had a huge 125 foot oak tree right next to our house for over 25 years. We've been told it was close to 200 years old. I have treasured this tree, and threatened to chain myself to it to keep hubby from cutting it down.


Long haired tiger stripped cat

Buster (Cat)Buster is a 2 year old cat. He has soft long hair. My husband had taken our small poodle out for his morning duties. Bear (our poodle) found this tiny 4 inch long kitten that the dogs had brought up to the door and were dutifully watching.


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Getting Kids to Keep Their Rooms CleanDuring their high school years, our sons seemed to have a problem keeping their room clean and neat. My wife threatened to clean the room and throw out everything that wasn't put away properly - clothing, books, etc.


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Selecting A Good WatermelonThe best tip I ever got came from a man I met in a grocery store. He was standing there by the watermelons trying to balance a broom straw on a watermelon. I just had to stop and watch him to see what in the world he was doing.


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Safe Way to Get Rid of AntsI found this online doing a search. I tried it, and it worked fast and easily. I took cornmeal and poured a bit of it near the door where the ants were coming into the house. Within 2 days, they were all gone.


A jar of salt in a Smuckers jelly jar.

Keeping Salt From ClumpingWhen I first moved to Houston in the early 80s, I learned about Houston's legendary humidity. I also learned that what it said on the Morton's salt box about "When it rains it pours" wasn't true. Raining or not, salt doesn't pour easily in Houston.


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Sanitize Pantry Items Before StoringI've done this for several years now. When I get home from grocery shopping, I saturate a heavy-duty paper towel with white vinegar and wipe off every piece.


Flowers in Fountain

Garden: Flowers in a FountainOnce I got my fountain ready for summer, I added just a couple of cut flowers from my garden into the water for some color. I took this picture and could not believe how wonderful it looked. I am planning on framing it for the house.


Finished clip.

Birthday Hair ClipMake this festive balloons-n-ribbon birthday hair clip!


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Trade Used Back to School ItemsThis can be done in a community to help families provide new articles of clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc for children to have when school begins.


Moth on Brick

Wildlife: Our MothI discovered a 10 cm caterpillar ready to cocoon. I put it into a container and waited, for about four months. First the huge cocoon and then this.


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Testing CantaloupeA produce man once told me "the stronger the cantaloup smell, the riper the melon". It's true.


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Hang Soap At Outdoor SpigotThis is a great tip for gardeners. Take an old pair of pantyhose and put a bar of soap inside. Tie a knot, keeping the soap in place in the toe. Then tie around water spigot and knot.


Beautiful pink flowers

Moss RoseI have a row of these stunning fuchsia beauties that open each morning along my walk. They create a beautiful splash of color to anyone who happens to come along. Their awesome beauty is breath-taking!


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Make Your Own Cleaning WipesI save the large can that cleaning wipes come in and then make my own. Buy a roll of good quality paper towels. Cut them in the middle with a knife and remove the cardboard tube.


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Garage Clean-upFor a well-packed garage, allow several days for a complete job. I am a semi-retired remodeling contractor and rental property owner. Therefore my 2 car garage is packed right to the doors with tools and supplies.


Bees on corn tassles

Garden: Bees Pollinating the CornEarly in the morning when I was out picking in the garden, I heard a lot of buzzing going on in the corn. I decided to see who was so busy. I noticed not only bumble bees, but also honey bees working hard on pollinating our corn.


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Premeasure Pancake Mix For CampingWhenever we head to our camper, I always make a couple batches of homemade, dry pancake mix in a ziplock. I never use mix from a box and already having the dry ingredients waiting for me saves me time in the morning when I have to feed my hungry crew.


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Free Computer Help From MicrosoftWhen your computer doesn't do what it is supposed to do, let your fingers do the walking. Microsoft has a great support system and it is free and some free only on website support. Got a virus? It has a free to run virus clean up and fix tools.


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Training a Dog to Ring the BellWhen you get a new puppy, tie a string to your back door with a bell attached. Every time you take the puppy outside to potty, tap the bell and say "outside". Eventually, he will tap the bell with his nose or paw, and wait to be let outside.


A German Shepard behind a chain link fence

Duchess (German Shepherd)Duchess is a 4 year old German Shepherd. I got her for Christmas! Best gift I ever got. :) She likes to play catch, and she likes chase after me. So I've had her for about 2 years now. My uncle gave her to me as a gift one Christmas.


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Use Baskets To Organize FreezerThe article I read suggested using small baskets for different categories of food. The categories were: beef, chicken, pork, prepped foods, and prepared foods. I have a garden and don't consume that much meat so my categories combine beef and pork and add veggies.


A pink hibiscus flower.

Getting The Most From Your Hibiscus PlantsIn the pictures below, you will see 2 kinds of Hibiscus; the summer hibiscus, which can be planted with mulch farther north of zone 8, and the regular tropical hibiscus which can be grown as far north as the ground doesn't freeze.


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How to Make a Fire PitWhen builiding a fire pit, you need to make it safe first. I dug down 3 feet, to make sure that I would not have any plant material, roots, etc. below my fire pit. I then filled it in with gravel and sand.


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Keep Manuals And Car Paperwork In Glove BoxI keep a folder in my glove box. It's one of those that's made to hold checks, only it's a little bigger than the usual ones. Also, it's made from a nylon type of fabric, not cheap plastic, so it lasts a long time.



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Getting Rid of House Flies?What is a good way to get rid of flies in the house?


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Cherry Tree Isn't Producing Fruit?I planted a patio cherry tree and it sits on my patio. It grows leaves but no cherries. The leaves look like they are lacking in water which it cannot be as it is fairly wet here but it is in full sun. Please help.


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Paint Color Scheme for a Tri-Level House?I live in a 1986 tri-level home. I have all white walls. I want to paint the walls but I am not sure what colors to use. The main living area has the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The rooms all run together.


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Ideas for Using Wilted Cherries?I know from reading this forum that there are a lot of resourceful people. I have 3 pounds of sweet red cherries that I purchased that were left in the fridge. They are not spoiled, but I would not want to eat them. Can anybody please give me some simple ideas of using them?


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Freezing Mangoes?I recently got a free box of mangoes with my grocery purchase and have not used them yet. I am wondering if they can be frozen and keep their flavour once frozen?


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Tea Stains on Rubbermaid Juice Container?Any advice on getting tea stains out of a Rubbermaid juice container?


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Making Ice Cream with Jello Powder?I've been cleaning out my kitchen cupboards and found a pack of strawberry flavored jello powder. It is nearly out of date and weighs about about 3oz. You mix it with boiling water and it sets to jello.


Cat is Rubbing Dirt in Wounds?My cat has ear mites. I have been trying to get rid of them, but this is a bad case of them. When my cat tries to scratch his ears, he is ripping open his neck. Then he runs out and rubs dirt in the wounds. Why is he doing this, and do I need to clean it out now?


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What Does a Bing Cherry Sapling Look Like?I put some Bing Cherry pits in a flower pot with another plant. I want to know what a Bing Cherry sapling looks like so I can see if it's the pits or weeds?


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Activities for an Assisted Living Facility?I would like to ask your suggestions about any activities in a assisted living facility that I could add on to what we currently offer. Are there any suggestions, besides bingo?


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Making Lipstick Without Vaseline?Can someone please give me some recipes for making lipstick without any Vaseline?


Long legged spider on deck wood.

Getting Rid of Spiders in the Garden?I have an infestation of "harvestman" spiders in my garden, I need help! They suck the juice out of the leaves of the plant. If I spray a hosta plant there will be at least 100 of them running on our deck. They are everywhere, in every plant.


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Cleaning Tile Floors?I'm looking for the most economical, easiest and best method to keep my new tile floors clean.


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KitchenAid Icemaker Only Makes Ice Sometimes?The icemaker in my KitchenAid refrigerator model KSSC48QMS00, makes ice sometime and sometimes it doesn't. I have changed the ice maker and still have the problem. What can I do? Thank you.


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Canning Zucchini?My husband has had an overabundance of zucchini this year. Maybe this extreme heat has something to do with it? My question is, does anyone have a recipe for canning zucchini?


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Is A/C Condensation Water Safe for a Dog to Drink?Is condensation water from the A/C pipe safe for a dog to drink?


Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen?I need advice on what color to paint my kitchen. I have a small kitchen with one window facing NW which gets afternoon light. The countertops are a dappled greyish/charcoal, the cupboards are your typical stain, and the appliances are black.


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