August 15, 2011

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Organizing Seeds

Organizing SeedsThis is a page about organizing seeds. Whether you are buying seeds or harvesting seeds from your garden it is important to organize them. Organizing your seeds will make it easier to know what you have when it is time to plant them.


A woman using a flat iron on her brown hair.

Straightening Your Hair?This is a page about straightening your hair. Many people want their hair to be less frizzy and more controlled. Here are tips and techniques for getting that perfect straight hairstyle.


Young woman scratching her head furiously.

Dandruff RemediesThis is a page about dandruff remedies. Dandruff is an inflammatory skin condition that causes itching and flaking on your scalp. Dandruff is not only uncomfortable but can also be unsightly.


Man Putting Chains on His Car in the Snow

Winter DrivingThis is a page about winter driving. Driving in the snow and ice can be treacherous. Being prepared for all contingencies when driving in the winter is the key.


Crayons in disarray.

Organizing CrayonsThis is a page about organizing crayons. What would childhood be without that bucket or box of brightly colored crayons? Keeping these artistic tools organized so that your children can have fun coloring and creating new artwork is a common parental challenge.


A stack of remote controls for various electronics.

Organizing Remote ControlsThis is a page about organizing remote controls. Every time you buy a new television, DVD player, stereo or component, you are likely to receive another necessary remote.


A table full of items for sale at a garage sale.

Finding Garage SalesThis is a page about finding garage sales. Everyone loves getting a good deal. Garage sales often have the best bargains you can find. Knowing how to find garage sales is key to getting the best deals.


Closeup of green bodied house fly.

Getting Rid of FliesThis is a page about getting rid of flies. Flies are not only annoying, but they can also be unsanitary. Getting rid of them is often a difficult undertaking.


An orange being peeled.

Peeling OrangesThis is a page about peeling oranges. Peeling the rind and pith from a juicy orange can be messy. Here are some tips to make it easier to get to the orange sections underneath.


Saving Money on Auto Insurance, A car accident.

Saving Money on Auto InsuranceThis is a page about saving money on auto insurance. The cost of insurance can really add up but the cost of not having it can be even more expensive.


Creating a Budget, Budget graph and a roll of money

Creating a BudgetThis is a page about creating a budget. Creating a budget allows you to see where you spend your money and helps you live within your means. With a budget you can learn how to save regardless of your income bracket.


Dog getting in trouble for pee on carpet.

Cleaning Urine Odors from CarpetWith the proper method you can get your carpets looking and smelling just like new. This is a page about cleaning urine odors from carpet. Urine odors in carpets can be difficult to remove.


Getting Rid of Ants

Getting Rid of AntsWhether you are trying to deter little sugar ants in your kitchen, wood eating carpenter ants or biting fire ants in your backyard, there are a variety of different pest control methods. This is a page about getting rid of ants.



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Cornbread Stuffing and Two Corn MedleyThis is a dish that only has three ingredients. The creamed corn is what makes it sweet! Excellent when paired with cranberry sauce.


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Summer PuddingThis recipe was devised during the last war as a thrifty way to use up summer soft fruit and stale bread, and it is now an English summer staple. It is absolutely delicious with cream.


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Chili and Cheese EnchiladasAlmost like Frito Pie, only better.


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Canned KetchupThis is an old recipe. It is full flavored and really, really good on burgers, fries, meat loaf, or anything else you want.


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Choc-Cherry FudgeAll I can say is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!



Orange treat bag with a ghost and bat motif.

Halloween Treat BagsWith August already here, it will take no time for Halloween to be at our door steps. Here are some treat bags you can make for little ghosts and goblins.


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Turning Water into WineYou will need one pound of sugar, one gallon of water, and a 1/4th packet of regular yeast. Heat water in a pot till boiling and add sugar to melt, then pour in a gallon jug, such as clean milk container or other kind of jar.


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Extending the Life of Razor BladesWherever you live, razors are left in an environment of heat, humidity, wet, and steamy air. If you look closely at your razor, it is most likely either molded or rusty.


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Soft Scrub to Remove StainsI had a set in tea stain on one of my white t-shirts. I had just bought a container of Soft Scrub - it will clean about anything. So I dropped just a small dot on the two stains and washed. They came out!


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Avoid Stripping the Oils from Your HairMany times frizzy hair is caused by your hair being too dry. Harsh shampoos and frequent washing can strip the natural oils from your hair, causing it to be dry. Switching to a moisturizing shampoo can help. You could also consider washing your hair every other day.


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Seasoning Your Dutch OvenIt is very important to season your dutch oven. Properly seasoning it will prevent rust, start the process of making it non-stick, and make clean-up easier. Follow these simple sets to season your dutch oven:


Antique Wagon Wheels Leaning Against Chain Link Fence

Scenery: Wagon WheelsI love these wagon wheels, I'm sure they have a lot of mileage on them. I was noticing that there was a little bit of the sun shining on them as the sun was going down. I had to get my camera and take a few shots of these wheels.


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Make Iced Tea When TravelingIn the evening, after the day's events are over, I make hot water in the coffee pot, then steep a hotel tea bag in a tall hotel cup, sweetened with hotel sugar or sweetener.


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My Frugal Life: Tightwad Gazette FanI have done thrifty things for years; this has enabled me to have nice things and recycle at the same time. My favorite stores are garage sales. If high priced, I leave. If reasonable, I negotiate to get my prices.


Crazy Heads, a halloween craft project

Crazy Heads!If you'd like to make some original decorations for your home this Halloween, have a go at creating a set of 'crazy heads'. All you need to get started are some polystyrene balls, together with a few basic materials that are easily on hand.


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Make Your Own Disinfectant WipesI learned to make my own disinfecting wipes when my kids where in diapers and the disinfecting wipes had just come out and were/are expensive.


Closeup of Pink Iris in Garden

Garden: Iris from My Country GardenPhoto was taken of some of the iris in my memory garden for my late husband and my little grandson. I love the color. Since moving to the city, I miss that garden very much.


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Store Batteries in the RefrigeratorI store my batteries in Ziplock bags in the fridge. It's simple enough to just have a different bag for each size. They are easy to access, and supposedly storing them in the fridge will give them longer life!



Alternative Options for Getting Rid of CloverI have 3 solutions, all rethinking the problem. First, don't get rid of the clover. It's a legume, and is normally there as part of a grass stand, keeping your soil fertile. You'll learn to love it.


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Growing Thick Walled Sweet PeppersWhen I first started growing peppers, they were very thin walled, so thin walled that when just picking one, my fingers would break the walls. They were also very bitter.


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Making DreadlocksWhen I decided I wanted dreadlocks, I asked my friend to help. My friend sectioned out my hair into 1 inch squares all the way around my head, paying attention to where I would like my part to be. Then a section at a time, she ratted the hair.


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Keep Thread From TanglingWhen hand sewing, whether a button or whatever, take the thread and run through a bar of soap. It won't tangle and makes the thread stronger


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Use Broken TV For Large FrameMy husband repairs big screen T.V.s, for a living. The frames around the screens make perfect large frames for paintings, quilts, etc.


Block of Styrofoam with nails and screws pushed partway into it

Styrofoam for Holding HardwareWhen assembling an item that comes with squares of hardware such as bookcases, you can put the nails and other hardware in the Styrofoam to keep them from rolling around.


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Cleaning Garage EfficientlyI keep certain things on hand when cleaning the garage, such as my camera, which I use to take pictures of things I want to sell so I can post them quickly. Of course cleaning supplies, and a large floor squeegee works wonders when mopping a garage floor to get it dry fast.


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Reuse Cardboard Packaging for Food StorageClean out cardboard containers, like the ones that held food. Cover them with contact or wrapping paper and use them to store leftover pantry food and small items.



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Removing Paint from Clothing?I just would like to know how I can get white paint off of a black work shirt and pants. I have been told that I can use laundry soap, but I would really like to know. I hope that you can help me.


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Kenmore Washer Won't Spin?My Kenmore washer is locked and it won't spin. What can I do to fix it?


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Removing Oily Lotion Stains on a Mattress?How can I get oil stains out of my mattress? I placed a bottle top on my bed and the lotion came from the top and left a bad oil stain. I used a degreaser and the stain is still there.


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Free Home Repair After a House Fire?My home was damaged in a house fire; I had no insurance on it. My mother is dying and I can't work a job because I'm taking care of her in her last days. She's 89 years of age and I hate having to keep moving her from place to place.


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Finding the Value of an Encyclopedia Set?Are Funk-Wagnalls encyclopedias from 1959 worth anything?


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Causes of Strong Cat Urine Odor?Why all of a sudden does my eight year old male cat's urine smell so strong? I did change his food could that be it?


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Uses for X-14 Cleaner?Not many weeks back I remember reading a post that recommended using X-14 for something that seemed like a fairly unusual use. Does anyone remember what that was?


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?I washed a very expensive grey sweatshirt with a new pair of jeans and the blue bled onto the sweatshirt. Yes, unfortunately, I also dried the sweatshirt.


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Eliminating Cat Urine Odor Outdoors?I have a cat that is not fixed yet. I smell cat urine from outside, at least that is what I think I am smelling. I would like to know what I can put around the windows to take away the smell.


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Removing Rust Marks on Top of Dryer?How can I remove rust stains from the top of my clothes dryer?


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Fire Ants in a Willow Tree?How do I rid a willow tree of fire ants?


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Removing Melted Wax from Carpet?A candle melted on my carpet; any suggestions on how to get it up?


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Growing Raspberries?What do I do with raspberry canes after they have fruited?


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Watering Lilies After They Have Finished Blooming?I have some lily plants that have bloomed. They are in an area that I would like to stop watering as I am making that area a little/no water area. I will be moving the plants this fall after they die out. Will there be any harm to the plants by not watering now?


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Best Time For Planting Trees?I live in central New Jersey (zone 7) and I started maple and oak trees from seed in April. Now they are about 14 to 16 inches tall and I'm wondering when I can plant them into my backyard. Some sources say fall, some say early spring.


Name Ideas for a Housekeeping Business?Can anyone suggest some names for a housekeeping business?


Inviting Family to a Surprise 30th Birthday Party?I'm throwing a surprise party for my husband's 30th birthday. His parents are in on it. Should I invite my parents and others in his family? My sister and brother in law will be there too, as they are close with us.


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