September 13, 2011

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Child in an orange gnome costume.

Making a Gnome CostumeThis is a page about making a gnome costume. Gnomes aren't just cute as lawn decorations. They are also a funny costume that you can make at home this Halloween.


Pumpkin Cupcakes

Making Pumpkin CupcakesPumpkins are a big part of Halloween. Cupcakes decorated as pumpkins are the perfect addition to any Halloween party. This is a page about making pumpkin cupcakes.


Two colors of frozen ravioli.

Freezing Cooked PastaThis is a page about freezing cooked pasta. Although pasta is often quicker to prepare than rice or other grains, it can seem to take a long time, especially on busy weeknight dinners.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Ghostbusters CostumeThis is a page about making a Ghostbusters costume. The Ghostbuster is a welcome costume at any Halloween party. Learn how to make your own Ghostbuster costume here.


Cupcakes decorated like ghosts.

Making Ghost CupcakesThis is a page about making ghost cupcakes. Why not have ghost cupcakes haunt your dessert table this Halloween? Ghost decorations are a simple yet spooky cupcake topper.


Stack of blue, yellow, and green sponges.

Cleaning Household SpongesThis is a page about cleaning household sponges. Sponges can develop mold and bacteria if not properly cleaned. Proper cleaning will allow your sponges to last longer and prevent contamination.


Jedi's Walking Outside

Making a Jedi CostumeThis is a page about making a Jedi costume. The Jedi costume is popular for Halloween, cosplay, and theme parties. The costume is very flexible and allows for a lot of personalization.


Cupcake with a Frankenstein decoration on top.

Making Frankenstein CupcakesThis is a page about making Frankenstein cupcakes. Frankenstein is one of the most famous of the literary monsters and for years has been a favorite at Halloween. Frankenstein cupcakes are a fun and colorful decoration idea for your Halloween cupcakes.


Boy Holding up Peace Sign in Hippie Costume

Making a Hippie CostumeThis is a page about making a hippie costume. The hippie costume is easy to do at home and doesn't require purchasing a lot of extras. Many kids and adults love using this colorful costume idea for Halloween.


Old Paint Can

Disposing of Old PaintThis is a page about disposing of old paint. Disposing of paint improperly can be an environmental hazard. It is important to know what type of paint you have and how to properly dispose of it.


Striped kitten with red collar.

Cleaning Cat SprayThis is a page about cleaning cat spray. The odor of cat spray can be tough to get rid of. Properly removing the odor can also help prevent recurrences.


LIttle Boy in Cowboy Costume

Making a Cowboy CostumeThis is a page about making a cowboy costume. The cowboy costume has been a Halloween favorite for many years. It's a great cheap option for boys of all ages.


Little boy in a brown bunny costume.

Making an Easter Rabbit CostumeThis is a page about making an Easter bunny costume. The Easter bunny doesn't only have to come once a year. Why not have him enjoy the festivities of Halloween too?


Child in Ghost Costume

Making a Ghost CostumeThis is a page about making a ghost costume. The classic ghost costume never goes out of style. From the simple sheet to elaborate spooky disguises, the ghost costume is always a hit.


China tea cup and saucer with floral pattern.

Cleaning Fine China DishesThis is a page about cleaning fine china dishes. Cleaning fine china is a delicate task. You don't want to chip it or damage the design while washing it.


Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush.

Cleaning GroutDirty grout can make tiled surfaces look unsightly. Regular cleaning can remove stains, mold, and mildew. This is a page about cleaning grout.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Smurf CostumeThis is a page about making a Smurf costume. The new Smurf movie has introduced a whole new generation to the Smurfs. There are a number of Smurfs to choose from when making a costume.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Jack Sparrow CostumeThis is a page about making a Jack Sparrow costume. Everybody loves to dress up as a pirate and with the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow has become an ever present Halloween costume.


Pile of Junk Mail

Disposing of Junk MailThis is a page to disposing of junk mail. Junk mail pours into our mail boxes daily, which can cause our home to have unneeded clutter. Having a system to getting rid of it, will help reduce one of the biggest clutter culprits in your home.


A cupcake decorated to look like a black spider.

Making Spider CupcakesThis is a page about making spider cupcakes. Spiders are a Halloween favorite. These creepy, crawly creatures make a great cupcake decoration.


Bottle of lemon juice and a cut lemon

Cleaning With Lemon JuiceThis is a page about cleaning with lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great cleaning agent, not only is it environmentally friendly but it also works. Lemon juice can remove stains, whiten clothing and also cleans brass and copper.


Tree sap coming out of a cut tree.

Cleaning Tree Sap from ClothingThis is a page about cleaning tree sap from clothing. Tree sap can easily get on your clothing but isn't so easy to remove. With these tips you will learn what it takes to get sap off your clothes.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Harry Potter CostumeThis is a page about making a Harry Potter costume. One of the most popular boy's costumes of the last few years is the Harry Potter costume. With his recognizable glasses and forehead scar it's full of variations.


Cupcakes with spiderweb designs on top.

Making Spiderweb CupcakesThis is a page about making spiderweb cupcakes. Spiderweb cupcakes can be a fun, yet elegant treat for a Halloween event. The lacy patterns of a spiderweb look beautiful on top of a cupcake.


LIttle BOy Looking in the Mirror at his Fire Fighter Costume

Making a Fire Fighter CostumeThis is a page about making a fire fight costume. An ever popular costume is the fire fighter. There are always a number of options for this costumer in the stores, but it's much more fun to make your own.


Glass shower enclosure.

Cleaning Glass Shower DoorsProperly cleaning your glass shower doors will keep your shower looking nice. It can be difficult to remove the build up and streaks on them though. This is a page about cleaning glass shower doors.


Purple monster cupcake.

Making Monster CupcakesThis is a page about making monster cupcakes. When making monster cupcakes, be creative. There are so many ways a monster can look.


Bat Cupcake

Making Bat CupcakesThis is a page about making bat cupcakes. These creatures of the night make perfect Halloween cupcake decorations. Bat cupcakes are a great treat for both adult and kid parties.


Cans of house paint, paint chips, and a paint brush.

Saving Money on House PaintThis is a page about saving money on house paint. Eventually your home will need to be painted both inside and outside. However, paint can be an expensive investment.


Dandelions With Blue Sky in Background

Getting Rid of DandelionsThis is a page about getting rid of dandelions. Dandelions can be a real nuisance around the yard. Getting rid of them can be quite a chore but your yard will look much nicer afterward.


Little Girl in Cheerleader Costume

Making a Cheerleader CostumeThis is a page about making a cheerleader costume. Little girls and moms alike, love to dress up as cheerleaders for Halloween. It's an easy costume to put together and it's always a popular option.


Two women in alien costumes.

Making an Alien CostumeThis is a page about making an alien costume. Being a life form from another planet is an easy homemade costume idea. There are a lot of interesting fabrics and even household items that can help you transform into an extraterrestrial.


A cupcake decorated as a vampire.

Making Vampire CupcakesYou don't have to worry about these vampires drinking your blood. Let your guests sink their teeth into these scary, yet "sweet" vampire cupcakes. This is a page about making vampire cupcakes.



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Ginger BunsThese are yummy and sweet. Love the cinnamon and ginger in them.


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Vegetable SoupThis is a great hearty, cooler weather soup. We love it in the evenings when the temperature starts to dip down cooler, which will be happening here in Iowa before we know it!


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Hot Chicken or Turkey SaladGreat use of leftover chicken or turkey meat. This is a yummy recipe!


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Bubba's Ronco Rotisserie BurgersI used this recipe for cooking hundreds of burgers for my kids fund raisers, my church outings and my Civitan club events. Now, it being just me, I only need 4 at a time.


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Pumpkin Pie SmoothiesThis is a perfect smoothie for the fall. It is so seasonal and I like to make these more than I do pumpkin pies!


Artichoke Tea

Artichoke TeaArtichoke tea is known to be good for your liver and also help you have clear skin. It is also subtly tasty.


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Red CabbageI'm the big cabbage eater in my family. This is really good!


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Sausage CurrySuper easy and yummy to fix. My husband loves most anything with brown and serve sausage in it.


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Potato CakesA different, very tasty way to serve potatoes.



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My Frugal Life: Raising Five KidsAs a single mother on a dotted budget line, I have learned how to provide for my family on very little.


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Thaw and Brown A Week's Worth of Ground BeefDepending on the size of your family, thaw and brown a number of pounds of ground meat on a set day every week. It will stay good in your refrigerator and will make easy meals whenever you use it.


Large Pink Rose

Scenery: Pink Rose (Shore Acres State Park, OR)This is a pink rose among other budding roses. It was taken at Shore Acres State Park on the Oregon Coast, famous for it's gorgeous rose gardens. It has a very sweet smell, almost like perfume, and is soft to the touch!


Drawing of Cheerleader Costume Parts

Making a Homemade Cheerleader CostumeThis is site has simple to follow instructions for an inexpensive homemade cheerleader costume.


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Keeping Your Front Loading Washer Smelling FreshRemember to not close the washer door until it has completely aired out. I have a pretty dishcloth I hang over the door so it won't close and everyone knows that the washer is drying out. Closing the door on a wet washer is what gives you that musty odor.


Ghostbusters Patch

Making a Homemade Ghostbusters CostumeThis site has clearly written and easy to follow directions for making your homemade Ghostbuster costume.


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Tips For Making A Kiln At HomeThere are two types of kilns, brick and glaze. You can build a brick type kiln, that will fire clay to about the same temperature as bricks or flower pots, quite cheaply. Those you can heat with simple BBQ burners.


Spiderweb cupcake with a candy spider.

Making Spiderweb CupcakesThese spiderweb cupcakes are complete with a resident spider. Delight your guests with these creepy and creepy cupcakes.


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Freezing Cooked PastaRecently my mom and I prepared some pasta. Instead of tomato based sauce, we added mixed greens that had been sauteed in olive oil, lots of garlic and crushed red pepper, and topped with Parmesan cheese.


Red Fire Helmet on White Background

Making a Fire Fighter CostumeThis site has an inexpensive "Sew-Free" fire fighter costumer idea. The instructions are well written and easy to follow.


Colorfully Dressed Hippie Girl Costume

Making a Simple Hippie CostumeThis site has some great idea to help accessorize your hippie costume this Halloween.


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Tips For Cleaning A Garbage DisposalI use baking soda. Make sure the power is off. Pour into the garbage disposal, then take a scratchy sponge and put your hand in there. Clean the walls and under the rubber flaps.


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Bathing PetsUsing baby shampoo, even the cheap stuff, as long as it really is sensitive, is perfectly fine for dogs and cats. Cats don't need to be bathed at all unless they get into something that's gotten them extremely dirty. They clean themselves.


Bat cupcakes made with mint candies.

Making Bat CupcakesMint flavored candies are used to make the ears and wings of these bat cupcakes. Using candy to decorate them adds some addition flavor to these sweet treats.


Large Yellow Daisy With Fly in Center

Scenery: Daisy in the Summer (Ontario, Canada)We took our summer vacation this year in Spanish, Ontario, Canada. I got a new camera for my birthday so I figured I needed to figure it out. I think I got pretty lucky on this shot.


Lady in Hippie Costume

Making a Homemade Hippie CostumeWith instructions for bell bottom jeans and more this site has great information about making your homemade hippie Halloween costume.


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Remove Pressure Foot For Machine QuiltingQuilting is my hobby. I have heard of many, many different ways to machine quilt. Some people or books insist that to do free-motion quilting on the machine you must get a special presser foot, called a darning foot.


Black spider cupcake with colorful frosting.

Making Spider CupcakesThese colorful spiders are the perfect treat for your child to share with friends. They are too cute to be scary!


Man POinting Toy Gun in Cowboy Costume

Making a Cowboy CostumeHere are some wonderful detailed instructions on how to make a homemade cowboy costume.


Paper funnel down inside of drinking glass. Trapped gnats visible in the glass.

Make A Gnat TrapI also have a gnat problem again this year. The only thing that worked for me was to take a 9 oz or larger glass, make a funnel out of paper with a tiny opening at bottom.


Drawing for Jedi Costume Pattern

Making a Jedi Robe and CostumeThis site has good instructions on how to make a Jedi costume with Robe, inner and outer tunic, obi and tabards, and more.


Small girl holding a very large black cat.

Removing Pet Hairs Prior to VacuumingAre you a pet owner? Before you vacuum, take a damp broom and sweep over the whole area with it. You'll be happily surprised at the results. There will be less hair to clog up your cleaner!


Man in tie and hard hat pushing a lawn mower

Tips for Choosing a Lawn Care ServiceFor those who don't have the time or desire necessary to achieve a beautiful lawn, hiring a lawn care service is a great way to have it. When it's your job to hire someone else to do the job, use these tips to make the process a little easier.


Closeup of Willie the Pug in Car

In Memory of Willie (Pug)Willie is a 9 month old Pug. We got Willie when he was 6 weeks old. He loved to run around with Dexter, his BFF. He just passed from parvo. RIP Willie, the most adorable little guy ever! We will miss you and never forget you!


Elegant ghost cupcakes.

Making Ghost CupcakesThese ghost cupcakes will "fly" off the plate and into the mouths of happy guests. They are so cute they will be a favorite at your next Halloween party.


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Have Friends and Family Check On Older ParentMy mother lives in our home and has several health issues. I ask friends or relatives to call and chat with her. This helps her feel valuable. At the same time it allows others to check on her status several times a day, while I am at work.


Easter bunny costume made with sweatsuit.

Making an Easter Rabbit CostumeA sweatshirt and sweatpants can quickly be transformed into an Easter bunny costume. You can even make the additions temporary so that you can wear the clothes later too.


Hippie Chick with Round Glasses on

Making a Creative Hippie CostumeHere is a site with some simple ideas to help put the finishing touches on a hippie Halloween costume.


Baby Fawn on the Edge of Woods

Wildlife: Baby FawnWhile visiting Shenandoah National Park this weekend, I was so excited to have seen this little baby fawn. It really doesn't get much cuter than this!


Vampire cupcake made with candy.

Making Vampire CupcakesVarious candies are used to make the face of this delicious vampire. One bite of him and you will be hooked.


Completed towel holder including a kitchen towel.

Recycled Towel HolderI made a towel holder for the kitchen. I had a yogurt lid that was begging for a project and instead of giving it to the kids, I took it.


Child in a garden gnome costume.

Making a Gnome CostumeThe movie Gnome and Juliet peeked interest in the tiny lawn decorations that so many people love. It is a simple costume for any young child.


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Lemons For Mold RemovalThe only solution for getting rid of mold in the bathroom on tile, tub, or any other hard or porous surface is lemons or lemon juice. I recently read where someone had thought bleach was the answer. At one time so did I, until I had children.


Child in Ghost Costume

Making a Homemade Ghost CostumeHere are some simply instructions for a "classic" children's ghost costume.


Woman in a Smurfette costume.

Making a Smurf CostumeWhether you want to be Papa Smurf, Smurfette, or even Handy you can make your own costume. With the right clothing and some blue body paint you can become a Smurf.


Monster cupcake with it's mouth open wide.

Making Monster CupcakesThis big mouthed monster looks like he might bite, but he is really harmless and sweet. He would make a fun treat for a kids Halloween party.


Two Jedis wit Light Sabers

Making a Homemade Jedi CostumeThis site has clearly written step-by-step instructions for making a homemade Jedi robe and tunic. It explains very well how to customize the size so it will fit you correctly after assembly.


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Swap Instead Of Selling PaperbacksThis really isn't a pointer on selling your old books but it is an option if you are an avid reader with lots of paperback books. There is a club online called paperback swap and you can visit it at


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Picking Up Branches While Mowing the LawnWhen I'm out mowing on the riding the tractor and come across twigs/small branches, I use my grabber that I use inside for getting things out of the cabinets.


Very tall diaper cake with a white teddy bear on top.

Make A Diaper Cake For Baby ShowersTry making a diaper cake for a baby shower. These darling diaper cakes make quite a beautiful site as a centerpiece for a baby shower. They are unique in that you can use almost every item bundled in this cake.


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Soy Green MangoesIf you find that you've got a mango that's a bit under ripe, don't toss it! Back in Hawaii where I come from, we just make a dip of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and black pepper. Let your mango slices soak in that for a day, and you'll enjoy a favorite from the islands!


Boy in Harry Potter Costume

Making a Harry Potter CostumeHere is a site with clear step-by-step instructions for everything you need when making your Harry Potter costume.


Puppy Posing in Yard

Suzy (Dog)Our puppy Suzy loves to rip and romp in our big yard. This is a photo I snapped of her as she stopped to rest. I thought it was a neat shot of her with the yard decor nearby.


Child in a homemade alien costume.

Making an Alien CostumeMetallic materials and common household items can help you morph yourself into a creature from out of this world. An alien is the perfect costume to get creative and have fun making.


Frankenstein cupcake made using a marshmallow.

Making Frankenstein CupcakesThese Frankenstein cupcake decorations are easy enough for kids to make. Using marshmallows and some other simple supplies create fun Frankenstein cupcakes.


Drawing of Jedi Cloak Pattern

Making an Authentic Jedi CostumeHere is a site that instructs you on how to make a very authentic Jedi Robe and costume. It walks you though making the robe, outer tunic, inner tunic, belt and more. It even has a quick low budget option.


Full photo of Angry Birds cake.

Angry Birds CakeI recently made an Angry Birds cake for my son's 10th birthday. I made all of the decorations out of fondant. In total it took me about 10 hours to complete it. I sculpted each piece by hand.


Rainbow Over Horse Pasture

Rainbow (Orem, UT)We had a little rainstorm yesterday. I saw a faint rainbow when it was over and luckily I had my phone with me. Hope you can see it good enough!


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Easy Stovetop CleaningFor years, I've battled caramelization on my stove-top after frying food. One day while the stove-top was still warm, I sprinkled baking soda on the sticky, gummy mess. I gave it a few rubs with the dishrag and it came off without any elbow grease on my part.



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Freezing Celery?How do I keep celery fresh and crisp, and freeze it at the same time?


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Preparing Yellow Beans for Freezing?How do you prepare yellow beans for freezing?


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Reclaiming Junk Mail Paper for Use as Printer Paper?I want to use junk mail as printer paper. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of a way to fade the writing on junk mail so that I can print something else on it and be able to read it. I would prefer not to use chemicals.


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Restoring Potpourri Scent?How can I add scent back to old potpourri? I already know that you can mix essential oil and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, then spray it on the potpourri, and then seal it in a jar or bag for 1-2 days. I wanted to know if there is any other tricks?


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Removing a Burned Smell in the Refrigerator?We had a tree fall on our power/phone lines from hurricane Irene, sparks came out of the walls sockets. We found out the next morning a 220 line fell on the 110 line and phone line.


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Canning Plums?How do you can plums?


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Saying Yes to a Dance Invite?My boyfriend asked me to homecoming by spelling out "Will you let me take your buns to homecoming?" I don't know how to reply. Any ideas?


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Freezing Plums?Can you freeze plums?


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Transplanting Irises?When is the best time to transplant iris?


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Removing Permanent Marker from a White Board?How do I remove permanent marker off of a white board?


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Growing Annuals in Pots Buried in the Ground?I am trying to do something different with all of the annuals in my front garden, as when we go away, they die out. A gardener told me, she puts annuals in a pot and places the pots in the ground. This eliminates border planting and there is just a section where you the annuals are. I hope I am making myself clear.


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Best Price for Nylon Net Material?I want to buy nylon net material at the best price available. I need it on spools 9 - 12 inches wide? Any ideas?


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Where Have the Boysenberries Gone?I wonder if anyone else is missing boysenberry pie? Has anyone else noticed boysenberries are missing from the markets? I'm really tired of blackberries.


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Puppy Losing Its Fur?Please help me. My 7 month old Malamute mix puppy is losing so much of her fur. Even being the breed she is, she has never been a big shedder. Then all of a sudden, she was losing all her fur. At first I thought it was just normal shedding.


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Saving Money by Buying in Bulk?I am attempting to buy grocery items in bulk. Any suggestions or tips?


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Canning Kohlrabi?Can kohlrabi be canned? I have some kohlrabi and would like to can it but don't know how. Please help.


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Making Dabino (Date) Fruit Juice?How can I use dabino (date) fruit for fruit juice?


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Problems Deleting Email on AOL?I am trying to read email on my AOL account. When I click the email to delete, it deletes two lines instead of one. Is there a setting I can change to stop this?


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