September 14, 2011

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Man in Yellow King Costume

Making a King CostumeThis is a page about making a king costume. Who wouldn't want to be king for a day? Making a great looking king costume doesn't have to bankrupt your kingdom either!


Office chair with lime green cushions.

Fixing a Squeaky Office ChairThis is a page about fixing a squeaky office chair. A squeaky office chair can be annoying and even embarrassing. Fixing your squeaky chair will prevent all eyes from being on you every time you sit in your chair.


An open dishwasher full of clean dishes.

Fixing a Leaking Dishwasher?This is a page about fixing a leaking dishwasher. Repairing your leaky dishwasher can be as simple as replacing a leaky gasket or a defective hose.


Wooden hairbrush on a black background.

Cleaning HairbrushesThis is a page about cleaning hairbrushes. Hair products, hair, and skin oil can build up in your hair brush. Periodic cleaning will help your brush last longer.


Upclose photo of a wind chime hanging outside.

Making Wind ChimesThis is a page about making wind chimes. Wind chimes can be expensive to buy. Making your own wind chimes allows you to use items around your house and customize the look of it.


Pillar candles on a glass plate with river rocks.

Cleaning Candle Wax from WallsThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from walls. It is not uncommon for candle wax to get on the wall. Simply blowing out your candles too hard can splatter melted wax on the wall.


Disposing of Old Gasoline, Red gas can.

Disposing of Old GasolineThis is a page about disposing of old gasoline. The quality of gasoline will deteriorate over time. If you have old gasoline, it is important to dispose of it in a safe manner.


Boy in Pikachu Costume Against Spider Web Curtain Background

Making a Pikachu CostumeThis is a page about making a Pikachu costume. A Pikachu costume is a perennial favorite amongst children. With it's simple color scheme and recognizable face this can be a quick and cheap costume to put together.


Woman with bad breath covering her mouth.

Getting Rid of Garlic BreathThis is a page about getting rid of garlic breath. Many people love eating garlic in their food but garlic breath is an unpleasant consequence. There are numerous ways to eliminate garlic breath so that you don't have to avoid garlicky foods.


Geisha Girl with White Border on Sides

Making a Geisha CostumeThis is a page about making a geisha costume. Memoirs of a Geisha has made the geisha costume even more popular in recent years than it was before. It's an easy costume to put together and can be inexpensive if you shop for good bargains.


Candlesticks with melting candles on them.

Cleaning Candle Wax from Candle SticksThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from candle sticks. Candles tend to drip and run down candle sticks as they burn. Removing this wax build up will keep your candle sticks looking nice.


An elephant ear being taken out of hot oil.

Elephant Ears RecipesThis page contains elephant ear recipes. Elephant ears are typically found at fairs and carnivals. Try making these fried, sugary treats at home the next time you want to spoil yourself.


Green paint on a brick wall.

Cleaning Paint from BrickThis is a page about cleaning paint from brick. Bricks have a rough, porous surface that can make paint removal difficult. When removing paint you want to avoid damaging the bricks or the mortar.


A collection of antique glass bottles.

Cleaning Delicate Glass?This is a page about cleaning delicate glass. Glass sculptures, knicknacks and stemware can be ornate and difficult to clean without risking breakage.


A blue iPod and earbuds on a black leather surface.

Buying an iPodThis is a page about buying an iPod. There are a number of different iPod models to choose from. It is important to identify your needs to select the one that will hold all of your music, is the right size, and has the features you need.


Robot Costume made with cardboard boxes

Costume Ideas Using a Cardboard BoxThis page contains costume ideas using a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes can be used to make an endless array of costumes. With just a few inexpensive supplies you can have an awesome costume in no time.


Little Boy Laying in the Grass Dressed as a Leprechaun

Making a Leprachaun CostumeThis is a page about making a leprechaun costume. Leprechaun costumes work well for St. Patrick's Day or Halloween. With a little planning, and perhaps a bit of luck, you can have a leprechaun costume done faster then you can say "Erin Go Bragh".


Grapes, bananas, apples, kiwis, and oranges.

Ripening Fresh FruitThis is a page about ripening fresh fruit. It is not uncommon for the fruit that you buy to not be ripe yet. Many fruits will just ripen on the counter but there are tricks and tips for many specific fruits too.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making Mummy CupcakesThis is a page about making mummy cupcakes. These mummy cupcakes are wrapped in icing instead of bandages. Mummy cupcakes are a unique Halloween treat that will be enjoyed by all.


Woman Dressed as Lara Croft Pointing Gun

Making a Lara Croft Costume (Tomb Raider)This is a page about making a Lara Croft costume (Tomb Raider). Tomb Raider is one of the most popular video games of all time. Therefore, it is no surprise that dressing up as Lara Croft is a common costume for both cosplay and Halloween.


Iron Framed Bed

Fixing a Squeaky Bed?This is a page about fixing a squeaky bed. A squeaky bed can make it difficult to sleep, especially if your partner tosses and turns during the night. Getting the squeak repaired will help make for a more restful sleep.


Slices of garlic bread.

Garlic Bread RecipesGarlic bread is a delicious side dish with pasta and soups. It is so simple to make too. This page contains garlic bread recipes.


Dusting Blinds

Dusting Hard to Reach PlacesThis is a page about dusting hard to reach places. Dust covers every surface of your home, some of these surfaces can be very difficult to reach when cleaning. With these tips you will learn how to effectively clean these difficult areas.


Shower head with the water running.

Cleaning Shower HeadsMinerals can build up on your shower head as the water passes through it. These mineral deposits can clog your shower head, so it is important to keep your shower head clean. This is a page about cleaning shower heads.


Blue and white retro wallpaper.

Cleaning WallpaperThis is a page about cleaning wallpaper. It may be necessary to clean your wallpaper periodically. Properly cleaning your wallpaper will keep it looking nice for many years.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making Werewolf CupcakesThis is a page about making werewolf cupcakes. Give your guests something to howl about. Werewolf cupcakes are a fun and unique treat to make this Halloween.


Eating Healthy While You Travel, A tray of prepackaged airline food.

Eating Healthy While You TravelThis is a page about eating healthy while traveling. It can be challenging to make healthy choices when traveling, whether by car, boat, train or plane.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making Witch CupcakesThis is a page about making witch cupcakes. Witches make appearances at many Halloween celebrations. With their pointy hats and stringy hair, witch cupcakes will be a spooky treat enjoyed by everyone.


Firgurine of a woman in a red dress.

Dusting Fragile FigurinesThis is a page about dusting fragile figurines. Figurines can get dusty when they are on display. It can be difficult to dust them without breaking them.



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Chuck Wagon SteakYummy gravy with this recipe.


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Hot and Tangy Garlic ChickenThis is a great Chinese meal that cooks up quick and easy. Prepare all the ingredients before you start cooking and have them ready to throw in the pot. It's delicious, nice and tangy, and made as hot or mild as you wish.


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Cucumber SaladThis is easy to make. My family likes it as movie snack, and it has two vegetables.


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Cucumber Slices in Sour CreamAnother good way to use any leftover cucumbers from your garden.


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Oven Baked Caprese Grilled Cheese SandwichesCan't remember where I found the idea of baking grilled cheese sandwiches a couple of years ago, but finally decided to give it a try.


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Ain't Nothin' Better Dry Rub RibsSimple, 6 spices and ribs. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F. Mix everything together in a small bowl. Rub mixture onto the spareribs.



Five women holding finished Mason jar quilts.

Yearly Quilting BeeEach year, our family honors my grandmother who was a great seamstress and quilter by having a gathering we call the Barnhouse Bees. Every time we meet, we choose a theme for the following yearly bee.


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Break Denture Tablets to Fit Inside BottleUse denture cleanser tablets to clean the inside of the bottles. Put in the tablet (break up to fit), add water, and shake.


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Syrup Fudge BrowniesSo good and chocolatey!


Pink and White Fireworks

Scenery: Fourth Of July Fireworks (Coos Bay, OR)Taken at the 2010 Fourth Of July Celebration at our local docks, accompanied by my little sister, these were some of my favorite fireworks on the night.


Woman in Classic Lara Croft Costume

Making a Classic Lara Croft Costume (Tomb Raider)This site contains a very detailed classic Lara Croft costume that would be great for cosplay or Halloween.


Granny square with bread closure attached, marked with a J.

Remembering Crochet Hook Size on ProjectsI usually have a half dozen or so crochet projects going all at once, and sometimes don't recall the size hook I was using. I've started keeping the plastic bread closing tabs and writing the hook size on it and attaching it to my project during construction.


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Peeling a PineappleWhen I peel a pineapple, I slice it in the thickness that I want. Then I stick a knife inside the skin and cut around the skin and I push out the pineapple till all of the skin is removed.


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Use Paper Cutter To Clip CouponsI print coupons. I have found I save a lot of time by placing several sheets in my crafting paper cutter. Voila, they are evenly cut and tidy also. No more hours with scissors.


Bailout Chewing on Large Stick

Bailout (Husky Mix)My husband and I got Bailout from a litter in early December a few years back. He was our Christmas present to ourselves! We saw an add in the shopper for free Husky-mix puppies, we had the acreage to support him, and we just couldn't pass it up!


Man in King Costume with Robe Crown and Scepter

Making a Homemade King CostumeHere is a site with great ideas about making a homemade king costume on a budget.


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Cleaning Your SilverIt is always a good idea to wipe your silver off as soon as you are finished with it. For instance, my silver omega chain gets wiped after every use. The oils on your fingers and skin cause silver to tarnish.


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Giving Medication To PetsGiving pills or meds to pets is so very easy if you just use the right method. I take the pill and a bite-size piece of their favorite people food. People food is always a special treat for pets since they only very rarely get it.


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Use Vinegar On WeedsTo kill weeds, spray them with vinegar when the sun is shining. Spray all the leaves. They will shrivel up and die. It is non-toxic to animals, etc.


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Denture Cleaning Tablets For BottlesOne of the best methods I have found is to buy the tablets for cleaning dentures. Depending on how large the bottle is, drop a whole one or 1/2 of one in the bottle and add hot water.


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Clean Veggies With Water and VinegarWhatever you do, don't use anti-bacterial soap! You don't want any residue in you, and it's not that good anyway, and in time causes resistance in bacteria.


Mummy cupcake with yellow eyes.

Making Mummy CupcakesEerie yellow eyes peer through the bandages of this sweet mummy cupcake. This simple decoration idea is perfect for Halloween.


Watch Quantity When Buying TissuesEven at the Dollar Tree, you can miss bargains. I recently went to buy a small box of tissues, the cube shaped ones. I thought 80 tissues was a bargain, until I saw the oblong boxes and counted 175 or even 200 tissues in that style of box.


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Baby Shampoo For Makeup RemoverMy eye doctor told me that you can use regular baby shampoo as a remover for mascara and eye makeup. It is much cheaper than the commercial removers! You can also dilute your regular shampoo with baby shampoo to make it less harsh.


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Killing Dandelions with Sulfate of AmmoniaI have had great success killing off my dandelions with sulfate of ammonia, the 21-0-0 stuff. After watering, I just put a teaspoon of the dry crystals in the center of the damp dandelion.


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Collecting Child SupportYou can call or visit your county court house, it must be the county where you live. They should have a child support enforcement office located there, in the building. They can help you with all of the steps that need to be taken.


man with Devil horns and fangs

Making a Homemade Devil CostumeI wanted a devil costume that didn't require wearing makeup. So, I put this homemade costume together for a Halloween party a couple of years ago. It is very versatile and I was even able to wear it to work.


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Clean Inside of Bottles With Dishwasher DetergentI have found putting granulated dishwasher soap in the bottle, filling it with the hottest water possible, and letting it soak overnight works well.


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My Frugal Life: Watch Your Pennies and the Dollars Will FollowI have been frugal all my life. When I was young, it was called "living country". You saved everything and found another use for it. To this day, I don't know if we would have been considered working poor or not.


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Oxi Clean For Cleaning BottlesUse 2 Tbsp. of Oxi Clean, fill with water and shake. Leave overnight and use a bottle brush the next morning.


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Homemade "No Show" Insertable Bra PadsI bought insertable bra pads from a store to put into my bras so I could wear knit tops without worrying about "show through" embarrassment. A pair of pads was $10.00! I could use another set, but did not want to pay that high price for them.


Park Sign for Zion National Park

Travel: Zion National ParkI have traveled the U.S. extensiveley over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how very beautiful our country truly is. I visited my daugther and son-in-law in Las Vegas. We drove the 2 hours to Zion National Park over Labor Day weekend.


Werewolf cupcake with candy corn teeth.

Making Werewolf CupcakesThese werewolf cupcakes, complete with candy corn teeth, will leave your guests smiling. Get your kids and make a plate full of these werewolves this Halloween.


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Used Coffee Grounds to Destroy MedicationUsed coffee grounds are one way to destroy medication. Put coffee grounds and pills in plastic bag, and pour enough water in bag to cover them.


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Create a Gnat TrapTo create a gnat trap, take an empty 2 liter bottle, cut off the top 1/3, pour in some sweet pickle juice or vinegar/sugar combo, then invert the top and fit it into the bottom containing the mixture.


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Salt to Clean Inside BottlesPut in some coarse salt inside the bottle with a bit of water and swirl it around. The salt scours off the crud and it can be rinsed out easily. Repeat if necessary.


Girl in Pikachu Costume

Making a Homemade Pikachu CostumeHere is a cute and crafty homemade Pikachu costume. It has patterns and step-by-step instructions for making a Pikachu mask as well as the rest of the costume.


Wicked witch cupcakes with ice cream cone hats.

Making Witch CupcakesThese wicked witches are hiding a sweet surprise inside. Sugar cones make perfect witch hats and make these witch cupcakes stand out.


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Organizing Your ExpensesEver sit down and wonder where your money goes? Many of us put a lump sum of cash in our pocket and when that money is gone just withdraw more money from our checking account or use the good ole debit card.


Woman in Pink Geisha Costume

Making a Homemade Geisha CostumeHere is a site with a good instructions on how to put together a homemade geisha costume on a budget.


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Combine Coupons with Ad PricingWhen planning your grocery shopping trip, use coupons, but also read the ads carefully. General Mills will put on a special with their cereal and cereal bars. They had the box of 8 bars 2/$5. If you bought 4 boxes, $10 total, you got $4 back at the register.


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Store Toothpicks In Spice JarMy toothpicks kept falling out of that silly box they come in so I put them in an empty spice bottle. The holes in the lid means that I can shake the bottle and only one or two will pop out through the holes.


Boy Sitting Cross Legged in Leprechaun Costume

Making a Homemade Leprachaun CostumeThis site offers a quick and easy homemade leprechaun costume idea for boys.


Dizzy Blinking When Photo is Taken

Dizzy (Domestic Shorthair)Dizzy is a 12 year old Domestic Shorthair. I got my Dizzy from my friend who was getting rid of pets after her baby was born. He was skinny and VERY skittish when I got him.


Boy in red Shirt Making Bloop

Summer Fun: Making BloopMy son made a video on how to make Bloop! We had a great time filming it. He played jokes as we filmed. We had the best time!



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Using Acrylic Paint on a Plastic Table Cloth?Can I use acrylic paint on a plastic table cloth?


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Where Can I Buy BrassMate?Where can you buy Brassmate for cleaning brass and copper?


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Small Pattern for Learning to Sew?I'm looking for something, rather rare. I've only seen it once in a book, but I had a fire and it got destroyed. Now I'm stuck because I don't remember the name of the book. I want to learn to sew and would like to find miniature size pattern printouts.


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Home Repair Organizations for Low Income Families?We are in desperate need of a new roof. We have no money. We can see daylight through our bedroom ceiling. We are 65 years old and on SSI disability, have no credit, and no money. Our roof fell in in our bedroom.


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Painting a Kitchen With Maple Cabinets?I need to paint my kitchen. I have maple units with black worktops. I am also going to change the tiles. What paint colour do you think would work? What colour tiles would like good?


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Treating Soil After Tomato Blight?My tomato crop was decimated by blight. The vines and fruit are shrinking, drooping, and rotting. What do we do now that the crop is gone for this year? We have removed all the fruit and vines and destroyed them.


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Leaves on Potted Dogwood Tree Drying Out?I received a baby dogwood tree as a present last week, I would like to plant it this coming week. I have watered it and have taken the tree outside for sun a few times, the leaves are starting to dry out, is the tree damaged? Maybe I did something wrong?


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Painting a Brass Floor Lamp?How do I paint a brass type floor lamp?


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Making Crafts Using Wooden Spools?A friend has a lot of wooden spools with no thread on them. She is wanting some ideas for using them or I should say, crafting with them.


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Oil Soap Recipe?Does anyone have a DIY recipe for a wood oil soap similar to Murphy's?


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Plants vs. Zombies Float Ideas?I am trying to pull together a cheap and quick Plants vs. Zombies float. Any ideas?


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Making Sachets?I would love to make some sachets for gifts, but do not know what to fill them with. Can anyone help?


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Removing Spilled Chemicals on Leather Work Boots?There is a chemical spill on my son's leather work boots? Some of it is a product called Value CA, but there are others also. He works at the ship docks. How do you get rid of that or can you?


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Advice for a Cat with Diabetes?My cat was just diagnosed with diabetes. Does anyone have any advice or information I could use?


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Getting Rid of Ants?How do you get rid of ants?


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Making Dragons Out of Cardboard?I need ideas for making dragons out of cardboard or shoe boxes.


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Older Dog Peeing in House?I have a 12 year old male Dachshund who will go outside and go to the bathroom and then has come back in and urinated inside. A couple times it has been big amounts, and then just small amounts other times.


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