October 10, 2011

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iPad screen showing apps.

Organizing Apps on Your iPadThis is a page about organizing apps on your iPad. As you purchase apps for your iPad it is helpful to organize them. Organizing your apps will make it easy to find the right one when you need it.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Homemade Yellow Cake RecipesThis page contains homemade yellow cake recipes. Many people like yellow cake. You don't have to buy it in a box, you can easily make yellow cake from scratch.


Beautifully Organized Apartment

Organizing an ApartmentApartments can be difficult to organize due to their size. When an apartment or any small space is well organized, the space seems larger. This is a page about organizing an apartment.


Homemade yogurt in a bowl with a wooden spoon.

Homemade Yogurt RecipesThis page contains homemade yogurt recipes. Yogurt is a healthy snack that is good for your digestive system. Making yogurt at home is easy and it allows you to customize your flavors.



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Meat Loaf FilletsUnique way to do meat loaf. Very good!


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Cranberry Jello SaladLove the raspberry sherbet in this recipe!


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Crock Pot Apple ButterSuper easy to make and so good!


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Hot Open-Faced SandwichesYummy and fairly inexpensive to make.


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Coffee Cake with Peanut Butter ToppingAnother great recipe from Sophie Leavitt.



Add Candles to Fish Bowl

Quick Glass Gem DecorationWe recently had a work function and I needed to make some quick table decorations, without breaking the bank in the process, and within a limited amount of time. Here's how I managed to do this!


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Photocopy Favorite Pages For LaterI love getting magazines with recipes and craft ideas. They can soon add up when you want to keep them for their ideas. If space is limited, it becomes a clutter problem.


View from the Top of Caribou Mountain

Scenery: Caribou Mountain Vista (Idaho)Our family went riding ATV's one weekend and went up to the top of Caribou Mountain. It was so beautiful that day. We got several photos while standing at the top and turning in all directions.


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Visit Thrift Stores for HalloweenWhen my daughter was young, we'd go to the local Salvation Army Store and get her a prom dress or some old outfit that she could tear and make look all ragged. Paying a couple of dollars was the best way to go for something she'd only wear once.


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Tour Local Historic BuildingsIn my area historic/unique house or church tours are done for fundraising. People get to see fine old houses and help a good cause at the same time. Another idea is to have garden tours in the summer.


Closeup of Pink Tube Blossom

Garden: Pink Tube Blossom (Shore Acres...I thought this blossom was incredibly unique! I love the way the petals are more like tubes than anything else. And, being as pink is my favorite color, it could easily become one of my favorite flowers!


Finished cauldron block.

5 Inch Harry Potter Paper Pieced Quilt BlockEarlier this year Laurel and I posted a simple paper pieced quilt block.


Falcon Sitting at Bird Feeder

Wildlife: Falcon at My Bird Feeder (Ohio)This falcon came to visit my birdfeeder. Of course, he wasn't looking for seed but one nice, fat bird. But that's nature, isn't it? He's a beautiful guy. He didn't get a meal that day, by the way.


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Cut Through Plastic BagsI trimmed the edges of a plastic garbage bag and later noticed the scissors glided through the papers I was cutting more easily. Evidently, the petroleum in the making of the bag caused this. You can also cut a thin sheet of sandpaper with the scissors to sharpen them.


Completed angel.

Noodle AngelsThe "heads had the faces painted on already. I painted the rice "hair" after it was glued on. On some, I used hot glue. For others, when I had the time, I glued with tacky glue.


Computer desk and shelves

Desk in a Small SpaceI have a small living room in a one-bedroom apartment so I set aside one corner of it for my computer station. I have a small shelf in back of me against the wall, then my desk with my filing cabinet on the side of it.


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Using Paypal for Non eBay PurchasesI use PayPal whenever possible and for good reason. Just recently, I had questions on treating a sick furbaby. I had gone to a website where you deposit $9 in their paypal account and would get an answer to your question by a qualified person in that topic.


An old black and white photo of people swimming and sunning.

Take a Short Car RideYou have all heard about "the good old days". Well, they were. We never have had enough money to throw away. We traveled once every year or two to see family.


Butterfly Sitting on Yellow Sunflower

Wildlife: Butterfly (Hamilton, TX)My family and I had spent the day fishing at a nearby pond but fish were not biting. So I grabbed my camera to catch the butterflies beginning to swarm. I had to try several times to get just the right shot, but it was worth it!


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Tangerines as Jack O' LanternsWe are going to do the tangerines as Jack o' Lanterns this year at our fall harvest party. It is important to wash the tangerines and then dry them and then put faces on them with Sharpies. The children will do the faces.


Persimmons in Tree

Garden: Persimmons (Louisiana)This Asian Persimmon tree is loaded down this year in Central Louisiana. Just right to make cakes, pies, puddings or try them dehydrated for a sweet and healthy snack.


Boys Dressed up as Plant and Zombie

Halloween Costume: Plants Vs. ZombiesMy sons love the game, Plants Vs. Zombies so they decided to use it as the basis for last year's costume. I think it turned out super cute, except that when my older son got tired of his Peashooter mask and took it off, he looked more like a frog.


Dryer Sheets For DustingIf you clean your TV screen with a used dryer sheet, it will stay clean longer. This contest reminded me that my mother once told me that. It may work on computer screens, too.



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Removing Urine Stains from a Plastic Toilet Seat?How do I remove urine stains from a plastic toilet seat? I have tried everything, even steam cleaning.


Motorcycle parked on the street.

Using Awesome Cleaner on Chrome?Can you use Awesome on a motorcycle's chrome?


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Pros and Cons of Opening a Bent-n-Dent Grocery?What ares the good and the bad sides to opening a Bent-n-Dent grocery store?


Boxer sitting on left side of photo.

Feeding Dog Canned Pink Salmon?Is canned pink salmon OK to feed dogs?


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Painting Cultured Marble Bathroom Counter and Sink?Can a faux (fake) marble type bathroom counter and sink (one piece) be painted? And if not, what kind of product can I use for a new look/cover?


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Comfort Gift Box Letter?About ten years ago I made a comfort box for my mother who was going through a hard time. The comfort box was made up of tiny presents for her to open when she was feeling down. There was a letter that described when to open the presents.


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Fall Planting Ideas?What can I plant now?


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Peacock Orchid Not Flowering?I have a Peacock orchid. The stems have grown really tall, but there is no sign of flowers. Is it too late for flowering this year?


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Freezing Brown Rice?I cooked too much brown rice for dinner. Can I put it in a freezer bag and freeze it?


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Skinny Brown and Clear Bugs in Bed?I found 4 skinny brownish black and clear bugs in our bed. What are they? I found these right about bedtime. I have never seen them before and I don't know what they are or how to get rid of them.


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Shortening a Pleated Wool Skirt?I own a pleated merino (fine wool) skirt which has to be shortened. As I will not be able to do it myself, I want to know before I take it to the tailor, the best way to proceed. The skirt is a very fine merino wool and I would not like to do the wrong thing.


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Ears Ringing After Removing Wax?How can I unblock ears that have a ringing sound like being under water, after wax removal?


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Using Artificial Light for Indoor Plants?I'm using a lamp stand with a 100 watt bulb atop my plants for several hours a day when there's no sun. Do you think this is helping my plants? It seems to work.


Numi and Karma in the dog's bed.

Bulk Honeysuckle for Refilling Cat Toys?Does anyone know of a place where I can purchase bulk honeysuckle to use for refilling cat toys? It is my understanding from the rescue where I got my second kitty that some cats that don't like catnip do enjoy a toy filled with honeysuckle shavings.


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BCBS vs Medicare B or Both?I'm 64 and will be 65 on January 24 and have a wife born in 1953. I am covered under BCBS and Medicare plan B. Should I keep BCBS and let my wife apply for her Medicare when she's 65 and should I call Medicare to make sure I'm enrolled?


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Cheap Prepared Food Ideas for a Large Group?I need to purchase already prepared food items, ex. hot dogs or chili for 500 people for a company event. Any suggestions?


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Shelf Life for Frozen Corn on the Cob?What is the shelf life for fresh frozen corn on the cob?


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Getting Rid of Carpet Deodorizer Odor in Microwave?My 82 year old mother recently was baking potatoes in our microwave and put the timer on for a ungodly amount and burnt them to a crisp. The whole house smelled of burnt food, the cabinets and microwave.


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Sweet Gum Tree Root Removal?I just had a sweet gum cut down. It was very close to my home. I still have the root to get rid of. The bad part is some of it is under my home so we can't use a grinder. What is the fastest way to kill and remove this stump and roots?


Several stacks of plastic baby food containers.

Crafts Using Baby Food Containers?I do in-home daycare, plus have grandkids. I have so many of the plastic, round baby food containers that are out there nowadays. What can I do craftwise with them? A couple of years ago, I painted them and then put homemade candies in them, but I'd like some new ideas! Thanks.


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Pattern for Dracula Cape?I am looking for an idea to cut a pattern for a Dracula cape. Any suggestions?


Dog on patio near dog house.

What Breed is My Dog?We got Izzy from a rescue when she was a few weeks old. She was advertised as a GSD mix. Currently at 10 months, she's around 40-45lbs, which is somewhat small for a GSD. Some of her features include a shorter snout, and a ring tail.


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Teaching a Dog to Come When Called?My Yorkie (male) won't come when called. He is now 5 months and this is a new behavior for him.


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Asking a Boy to Homecoming?How do you ask a boy to homecoming? He asked me last year and I told him no because I wasn't going. How do I ask him without freaking out?


Cast iron griddle sitting on foil in baking pan.

Problems Seasoning a Cast Iron Griddle?I bought an old, Griswald cast iron round griddle. I cleaned all of the rust off, washed and dried it, then tried to season it several times. No matter what I use or try, it keeps coming out sticky.


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Copying Cassettes Onto a CD?Is there an electronic device that will copy cassettes on to a CD?


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Vacuum Smells Bad?I have an annoying smell coming from my vacuum. I inserted a new bag, and cleaned the tools. The smell is still there. What else can I do?


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Removing Ink from Newspaper?Can you bleach newspaper?


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Cleaning Mold Stains Off Cushions?How do I rid some cotton cushions that I have left outside of mold stains?


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