October 28, 2011

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A plate of spaghetti with meatballs.

Italian Meatballs RecipesIf you love Italian meatballs, try making them yourself the next time you want them. They are simple to make and you can freeze leftovers for a future meal. This page contains Italian meatball recipes.


A person polishing silver jewelry with a cloth.

Homemade Silver Polishing Cloths?This is a page about homemade silver polishing cloths. Keeping your silver polished nicely will help it look great for generations. Save money and make your own silver polishing cloths.


Making taco seasoning.

Homemade Taco Seasoning RecipesThis page contains homemade taco seasoning recipes. Making your own special taco seasoning blend is simple. Once you have perfected it, why not have friends and family over for a "Taco Tuesday" meal.


Large Jar of Canned Mushrooms

Canning MushroomsThis is a page about canning mushrooms. Mushrooms are a wonderful addition to many types of meals. Preserve you mushroom harvest and enjoy them through out the year.


Flea on a white background.

Homemade Flea TrapThis is a page about making a homemade flea trap. Fleas are a horrible nuisance to have around your home. get rid of these tiny pests with a homemade flea trap.


Large Purple Clematis Flower

Pruning a ClematisThis is a page about pruning a clematis. The clematis is a superb floral addition to your yard. With it's bright large flowers and hearty vine like growth, this flower is as much fin to grow as it is to admire.


A man winterizing his lawnmower.

Winterizing a Gas-Powered Lawn MowerThis is a page about winterizing a gas-powered lawn mower. When the leaves start falling, it's time to get in that last mowing of your lawn and then put away the mower for the winter. Winterizing your mower will ensure it's ready for use when the grass gets tall again in the spring.


3 sausages with herbs

Homemade Sausage RecipesSausage is a convenient food available in many varieties and flavors. Making your own sausage can require some equipment, and is well worth the effort for freshness and taste. This page contains recipes for homemade sausage.


Two Ripe Plums on a Tree

Growing PlumsPlums are a wonderful addition to any garden. Proper care of your plum tree will ensure a bounty of tasty fruit to share with your family and friends. This is a page about growing plums.


Freshly Cut Pears

Selecting Good PearsThis is a page about selecting good pears. Pears are a tasty and healthy on salads, to cook with or even just by themselves. Make sure most flavorful pears by selecting good ones.


A plate of fried fish with tartar sauce and lemon wedges.

Homemade Tartar Sauce RecipesTartar sauce is a great dip for fish. It is also a delicious substitute for mayo in other dishes. This page contains homemade tartar sauce recipes.


Chopsticks Picking up Piece of Teriyaki Chicken

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce RecipesTeriyaki sauce can be a great addition to many different types of dishes. If you use it often however, it can get expensive. Save money by making your own teriyaki sauce. This is a page about homemade teriyaki sauce.


Skillet With Fajitas

Fajita RecipesFajitas are a popular quick dinner option. With it's fast grilling and simple ingredients it's no surprise this dish a favorite with many families.



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Cappuccino MixMakes a great gift. I drink this when I am craving something sweet!


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Crock Pot "Baked" BeansI like this recipe because it is quick, easy, and delicious. When I take this dish to potluck dinners or to family gatherings, it receives many compliments and I always return home with an empty bowl.


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Puff Pastry Apple Cherry Almond StrudelAs some of you know I am definitely not good at baking, but when I saw an easy puff pastry recipe for Apple Strudel at the Pepperidge Farm website I couldn't resist at least trying!


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Middle-Eastern Pita SandwichesDelicious and healthy, too. I usually double the dressing ingredients. You can use parsley or fresh mint instead of cilantro. You can also add some well drained, diced cucumber to the salad.


making dog treats

Turkey Dog TreatsI was slicing up the turkey for Thanksgiving and noticed that there was quite a bit of turkey left on the bones. It was just on parts I would not use. With all that extra, I made turkey treats for my dogs and they loved them.



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Mom's Sore Throat RemedyMy mom would have us gargle with warm water to which a teaspoon of table salt was added. We would do this every couple of hours. Also, she would crush an aspirin in a little bit of water on a spoon, so we could swallow it.


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Gargle With Vinegar Once An HourFor years, all I have used to cure a sore throat is to mix 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a tepid glass of water, then gargle with it. Do this once an hour until the pain is gone. It doesn't take long.


Two Little Girls in Nerds Box Costume Next to Wonka

Halloween Costume: Nerds Candy and Mr...These are some nerdy Nerds. They asked to be nerds, I asked what kind, and turns out they wanted to be the candy kind, but also be nerdy about it. They are accompanied by Mr. Wonka and a rat terrier Ompa Loompa.


Boy in Dalmatian Costume

Halloween: Dalmatian SleeperMy mom got my son this outfit, I think it's a sleeper, but my son wants to play dress-up and is excited for Halloween so I put it in him one night to try it on.


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Mulch Leaves With Your LawnmowerSave your back, save time, and make leaf and debris cleanup much easier! Simply sharpen your lawnmower blades and then start mowing over the leaves. Don't use the bagger. You won't need it.


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Soothing a Sweet ToothBecause I am a diabetic, I don't keep sweets in my kitchen as I have very little will power. But one evening I craved something sweet so much, that I scoured the fridge and spotted some maraschino cherries.


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Egg Carton Fire StartersWe are avid campers. Instead of buying those expensive fire starters, we make our own. Take a cardboard egg carton, fill each cup with dryer lint, melt old candle leftovers and pour into the cups over the lint.


Phoenix With a Pumpkin in Pen

Phoenix With A PumpkinI just bought a pumpkin and put it in Phoenix's playpen. He is so happy with it, he walks all around it and talks. He loves to have his pen decorated.


Red Rose With Sky in Background

Garden: Red Rose and SkyThis is a rose held in the opening blue sky on a cool Autumn day. From a vantage point below the flower and above the ground, there are thoughts of knowing an insect's perception, tracking clouds in a daydream, and being enlivened by contrasts of rich, natural color.


Three Dogs Sitting on Grass

Jaxs, Oliver Riley, and Chaz (Dogs)I got Chaz when he was 6 weeks old. He is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear. He did not have a chance; the animal shelter was gonna put him to sleep. As with all my dogs I looked into his eyes and fell in love. I had to rescue him.


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Stretching Your Retirement DollarsEven if you have spent years living a frugal lifestyle in order to save for your retirement years, a change in income might make it necessary for you to pinch pennies a little tighter than you anticipated following retirement.


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Link: Click to Donate Free MammogramsBe a Blessing to someone, go to www.thebreastcancersite.com and click the big Pink Box and someone gets a Free Mammogram. I have an icon on my PC and every morning when I open it up, I CLICK IT!


Hummingbird feeding at lavender

HummingbirdThis lovely Anna's Hummingbird came in under the patio roof to feed on a lavender blossom. He stayed a brief time, hovering ever so carefully, to approach the lavender blossom. Lavender blossoms are very popular with hummingbirds.


Fabric Flower Pin Step 6

Fabric Flower PinUse your fabric scraps or old clothing to create these fashionable flower pins.


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Microwaved Dried Green OnionsI first chop the onions in small rings (the same size I would use in a recipe), layer between sheets of paper toweling, put in the microwave for intervals of 30 seconds until they seem dry, then place them in small freezer bags.


Closeup of Orange Ribbon Tied to Bush

Garden: Orange RibbonsI wanted to give our garden a look that corresponds with the season. I took some orange ribbon and tied it on the branches of my marigold plants. The stems are just able to hold the ribbons.


Girl Dressed as Rainbow Brite

Halloween Costume: Rainbow BriteI made this costume in the 1980's for my daughter who was a big fan of Rainbow Brite. In those days $40.00 was a lot to spend on a homemade costume. But it was worth the smile on my daughter's face.


A man winterizing his lawnmower.

Winterizing Your Gas-Powered Lawn MowerA well-maintained lawn mower starts effortlessly in the spring, runs cleaner, and helps make yard work just a little bit more enjoyable. Here is a basic overview of how to prepare your gas-powered lawn mower for winter storage.


Yard Decorated for Halloween

Decorating for HalloweenWe try to make a fun Halloween experience. Walking through to get their candy is a lot of fun to watch. My husband and I made simple grave stones, coffin, and lots of body parts for the giant spider I made.


Large Wasp on a Flower

Guard WaspI was very surprised one day when a rather non-aggressive wasp landed on the viola plant that my husband has growing on our front porch. These wasps have been nesting in one side of our home.


3 China plates hanging on wall in plate rack

Display Everyday Dishes as DecorWe live in a manufactured home without much cupboard space. My solution for organizing my dishes is to make them part of the decorations. Our round oak table takes up most of the dining room area so there is no room for a china cabinet.


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Keep Facial Lines At BayUse a commercial paper-like medical tape that comes in its own dispenser. Then just tear off enough to cover certain areas; i.e. frown lines, crows feet and the parenthesis on each side of your mouth.


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Honey Lemon Cough SyrupWhen my son was little, I always gave him 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice for his cough syrup. It always worked!


Cat Looking Down Stairs Towards Halloween Decorations

Halloween CatThe kitty seems a bit concerned with our new friend.



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Decorating a Church Gym for a Christmas Tea?We have a typical gym and I need to transform it for a beautiful, elegant Christmas tea. The clincher is we have no budget, so any suggestions?


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"Roadkill" Halloween Dessert?A few years ago I made a fun dessert for my husband's Halloween party at his work. It was called "Roadkill something ". It used cherry/raspberry pie filling and was similar to a cobbler type dessert...


Determining the Value of a Vintage Set of Encyclopedias?I have a set of American Educator encyclopedias published in Chicago, 1942. Does any one know how much are they worth?


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Finding a Source for Sweet Gum Tree Balls/Seed Pods?I am looking for sweet gum tree balls/seed pods for craft projects, but they are not native to Iowa where I live. Does anyone know of a good source for them?


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Removing Cigarette Smoke and Nicotine from Wood Furniture?I need to get it off some wood furniture I bought from family. It's a mess, but was my aunt's. She's gone, but the nicotine is trying to stay. Please help.


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Making Photo Book Marks?I took a picture and now I want to make it into book markers as gifts. Anyone know how I can do this? I want to laminate them.


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Making HE Laundry Soap?How do you make high efficiency laundry soap?


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White Chili Recipe?I am looking for a white chili recipe. Can someone help me out?


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Crock Pot Baked Beans?The recipe for crock pot baked beans sounds delicious. Can I leave out the Lima beans?


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Outlets Not Working?My outlets in the kitchen are all out. The GFI surge protection outlet seems to work, when I push it the light goes out and when I trip it the light goes on. I also checked my circuit breaker and nothing looks tripped. I turned each one off and then back on.


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Freezing Turnips?How do you freeze turnips?


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Cat Peeing on the Furniture?I adopted a 2nd cat who used the litter box from the 1st day we got him, but all of a sudden started peeing on the leather sofa, and on our daughter's bed. He stopped for a while, then since we rescued our 3rd cat he is doing it more than ever.


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Paint Color Advice for Maple and Black Kitchen?I have maple cabinets, a brushed, flat black granite counter, walnut floors, and lots of windows. What color should I use for the walls?


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