December 28, 2011

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Hamburger CasseroleYummy casserole recipe!


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Pear JamVery different jam recipe! Very good!


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Oatmeal RollsThese are yummy and soft. Great for breakfast or a fancy meal. Very good!



Christmas side of table runner.

Two-Sided Table Runner for Door DecorationI love things that have more than one purpose. This table runner was 10 cents at a yard sale this summer. One side was fall leaves, the other was holiday snowmen.


Cardboard box under painted suncatcher project.

Save Cardboard Boxes for Paint Projects and Jigsaw...This year, I put lots of gifts in the cardboard decorated boxes you can buy at the dollar store. I noticed they were perfect for art projects, to protect furniture, and to store after the children are through with them.


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Potato Peeler For KiwiWhen I have kiwi, I either use a potato peeler or scoop it with a spoon. Which ever is your preference.


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Re-using Printer PaperOften when I print out items from the internet, like free knitting patterns, and so on, I end up with pages of almost empty printed pages. I gotten into the habit of saving them to use when I happen to run out of paper.


Pipe cleaner bows on mesh bag of gifts.

Pipe Cleaner BowsI bought some pipe cleaners and made a bow for my Christmas packages. I put all the packages into a mesh laundry bag, and then put this bow on the top. All the presents were wrapped, but I have to do this or the cats will tear off the wrapping paper.


Sunrise with trees.

Minnesota Sunrise From Our DeckI have a clear view of the eastern sky, and the first thing I do most mornings is check the sunrise. Some times you can't describe the morning, you just have to take a picture because it will never look just the same again.


Lights reflected in water.

Scenery: Shore Acres Holiday LightsStrolling the paths of Shore Acres is always a treat, no matter the season. My husband and I had the privilege of heading out there this Christmas Eve for their gorgeous holiday lights!


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Karo Syrup For Smooth FudgeWhen making fudge, add 1/4 cup of clear Karo syrup to the ingredients. This stabilizes the fudge and it will not be gritty or chewy.


Bugs on blue upholstery.

Watch For Pests In Secondhand ItemsSo many people like to "dumpster dive" or find furniture that needs to be picked up and hauled away. I moved into an apartment building which has been infested with several types of bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches, and who knows what else.


framed child's photos on scrapbook paper.

Craft: Scrapbook Page with Painted FrameI made this inexpensive Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. I'd made two of my older children years ago and she specifically requested one of my youngest this year. It was very well received.


Tracey a well loved kitty.

Tracey (Cat)Here's a photo of my beautiful 16-year-old Tracey. She looks as if she has eyeliner around her eyes and, at times, looks like a gorgeous, exotic woman. I almost lost her last year.


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Use a Sock as Alternative to Swiffer ClothTo save on purchasing those disposable paper Swiffer cloths, or if you've run out of them, simply slide an old white sports sock onto the head of your Swiffer.


Memo Holder Step 3

Decoupage a Memo HolderMy teaching colleague and friend will celebrate her birthday soon. At our school, she is a Grade Tutor, and she is responsible for addressing behavioral and social problems with the learners in her grade.


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Freeze Lemon SlicesI slice all my lemons. Then I will wrap two or three slices together in Sarah Wrap. You can wrap more if you like. When I need lemon slices I just take out one of the little packages and the lemons are as fresh as when I sliced them.


Mama's Belly ButterTo avoid stretch marks while pregnant, make 4 ounces of Mama's belly butter.


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Now I Can Find My Clear Bobbin Cover PlateMy most recent sewing machine has a transparent plastic bobbin cover plate. When I would take it out to replace a bobbin, many times I had trouble seeing it. For whatever reason, I had in my stash of junk, a page of smiley stickers.



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Removing Permanent Ink from Coat?How do you get permanent black marks out of a tan all weather coat?


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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies?Squirrels got into the space between my apartment and the one upstairs. They hid their winter nuts in the space and after a couple of months I now have more fruit flies than I can kill daily.


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Starting a Coupon Swap Group?Is anyone interested in joining a coupon swap group in Springfield, Missouri?We have a day and evening group.


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Homemade Play-Doh Recipe?I am looking for a tried and true recipe for clay/Play-Doh. I would like to make Christmas ornaments and also press the impression of my kids' hands. I am looking for something that will last as long as possible.


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Flesh-colored Bumps on Forehead?I've got these little flesh-colored bumps on my forehead. They don't itch or hurt at all. They're just kinda there, but they are pretty noticeable. At first I thought they were pimples that haven't formed totally yet.


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Manual for Model #4811 Oster Breadmaker?Is the manual still available for the Model # 4811 bread maker?If so can I buy one? and from whom?


Dog with arthritis standing on throw rug.

Home Remedy Dog With Arthritis?Does anyone have a home remedy for helping dogs with arthritis?


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Home Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens?Where do I go for help in getting home repairs done for a senior citizen living in Alabama? She is 84 years old and disabled. The home is in very poor condition and about to fall in. Please let me know if there is help for her out there.


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Home Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome?Does anyone have a homemade or natural remedy for restless leg syndrome? I have had RLS for most of my life. Until recently I was taking Requip and was extremely satisfied with how much it helped.


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Red Dye Transferred on Santa Suit?I have a Santa suit; the red bled over into the white fur. The suit is not a throw away. I paid $750 two years ago. I need help for how to get the fur white and not ruin it. Does someone have any help?


Blistering on Chin and Lips?Has anyone out there been diagnosed with peri-oral dermatitis? If so, what type of treatment was successful for you and are there any home remedies for this awful skin problem?


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Neighbor's Dog Getting Under My Mobile Home?The neighbor's large Pit Bull keeps getting under my home. I have a well installed vinyl skirting, but he just goes right through it. Besides my venting and insulation, what else can he be damaging (i.e., natural gas line)?


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Name of Area Designated for Wildlife Protection?What do you call an area designated for the protection of wild animals, within which hunting and fishing are either prohibited or strictly controlled?


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Asking a Boy to Promenade?I want to ask this boy who I have known for years to promenade, but I don't talk to him much since I quit the bowling team (which we were both on). How do I ask him?


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