January 13, 2012

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Installing a Dimmer Switch

Installing a Dimmer SwitchThis is a page about installing a dimmer switch. Replacing your old light switches with dimmers will add more control over the lighting in your home and, if used properly, can save you a lot on your energy bill.


Uses for an Old Lamp, Old Lamp with Red Shade

Uses for an Old LampHave an old lamp is broken or perhaps missing the shade? Resurrect that old lamp with these creative ideas. This is a page about uses for an old lamp.


Saving Money on Winter Vacations, Snowman and Snowwoman Enjoying the Pool and Warm Sun Together

Saving Money on Winter VacationsThis is a page about saving money on winter vacations. Winter is a great time to get away to someplace sunny and enjoy some vacation time. however, it can be an expensive time to vacation as many other people are trying to do the same thing.


Recipes Using Stale Bread, Slice of Bread on Cutting Board

Recipes Using Stale BreadBread that doesn't get used right away can go stale pretty easily. Don't throw it out though, there are plenty of delicious recipe that can make good use of that stale bread. This page contains recipes using stale bread.


Loading the car for a family vacation.

Planning a Family VacationThis is a page about planning a family vacation. Vacations with the family are always a lot of fun. Get the most out of your time together on vacation with proper planning.


Organizing Drawers, Organized Kitchen Drawer

Organizing DrawersThis is a page about organizing drawers. Drawers are very useful storage areas and can really help you stay organized. However, if the drawers are a mess they won't help much at all.


Learning Pilates, Woman Doing Pilates

Learning PilatesThis is a page about learning pilates. Pilates is a very popular way of getting in shape and is easy to do at home. Use these simple pilates workouts to help you get in shape fast!


Cell Phone Etiquette, Woman on Cell Phone in Movie Theater

Cell Phone EtiquetteThis is a page about cell phone etiquette. No one likes to have someone ignore them while talking on their cell phone or even worse talking so loudly on their phone in a public place that it disturbs other people.


Repairing a Hole in Drywall

Repairing a Hole in DrywallThis is a page about repairing a hole in drywall. Drywall is great for finishing walls on the interior of a home, but if it gets a large enough hole in it, that can be difficult to fix.



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Garlic Butter and Lemon OrzoMelt butter in a skillet over medium high heat, saute garlic until golden brown, remove from heat, add lemon juice and stir well.


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Pasta PuttanescaThis is one of my favorite pasta sauces. It isn't a sweet sauce, but it is very flavorful. You can omit the hot pepper flakes or increase them, to taste. If you don't have capers, which are delicious, you can substitute chopped green olives.


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Meat Loaf "Pie" with Ricotta FillingA change of pace from traditional meat loaf, and very good.


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Creamed PeasListing this one in honor of my mom, who is the best cook I have ever known! This is one she likes a lot. :)



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Keeping Stairs Dust-FreeGo to your local dollar store and buy a hand duster (meant for dusting tables, etc.) Walk to the top of your (non-carpeted) stairs. Holding the railing with your free hand, back down, dusting as you go.


4 glass bowls full of soup in the freezer.

Freeze Soup in Glass BowlsI always make an extra large batch when preparing soup for dinner. I have a set of glass bowls that came with plastic lids. It has about 6 individual serving sized bowls. They are perfect for freezing lunch sized portions.


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Chia Seeds For DietingMy tip is on using chia seeds. They help to cut cravings, lose weight without starving and be more energized. They also help with cholesterol, add healthy omega 3 oil and antioxidants.


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Fold Pillowcases TogetherThis tip is helpful for folding your pillow cases. I always take both my pillow cases (seam sides together) and fold BOTH together as you would fold one pillow case.


Two band-aid bandages, one with one of the adhesive ends cut off and set on top of the other so that the absobant pad length is doubled for larger wounds

Making One Larger BandageI often have a wound that is larger than the pad of the standard bandage. To make the pad cover the wound, I simply cut off one bandages adhesive part, then lay it down on another bandage with the pads touching.


Closeup of floral arrangement.

Miniature Round Floral ArrangementTo celebrate the end of our summer break, and the start of a new school year, I invited some of my teaching colleagues for a morning tea. I made some delicious snacks and added miniature floral arrangements to make the day special.


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Use Styrofoam To Store Cookie CuttersEvery tiime I buy some big piece of equipment/technology, I save the large styrofoam containers that encase the item. I've found incredible uses for these.


A carpeted living area with a vacuum in the foreground.

Vacuum the Living Area WeeklyI was blessed to live in a house with no carpeting for over 4 years. Now, I unfortunately not only have to contend with a scuzzy wall-to-wall carpet, but some colorful throws which, though attractive, seem to gather all manners of dust and grime.


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Review: Graebel Movers I just had a nice surprise this morning. The company which handled our move from Houston, Texas to Knoxville, Tennessee sent an email saying we have a refund due us. They processed over 200 dollars back to the card we used to pay them.


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Christmas Boxes for Newspaper StorageI noticed some of those Christmas boxes I bought were just the right size for newspapers. I store newspapers for use with my pets, etc. It looks pretty and I get to see the box all year!


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Hang Cookie Cutters As A SetTo store cookies cutters, loop a pipe cleaner through the set and twist the ends together to secure. You can hang on a nail or hook up out of the way.


The sun shining on a winter scene, melting the snow.

Scenery: Melting SnowIn the night came the snow


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Reusing Burner CoversOnce I purchased my flat-top stove, all those burner covers I had needed to be put to use. A few ideas are:


The Arch at Land's End, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Scenery: The Arch at Land's End (Cabo San Lucas,...My quick trip to Cabo San Lucas last month. Absolutely beautiful there.


Watercress For BloatingEat Watercress, and drink a lot of water. Watercress is a natural food and has a lot of potassium in it.


Butterfly on Yellow Flowers

Scenery: Butterfly On FlowersI caught a baby butterfly and put it on my flowers.


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Freeze Excess Coffee In CubesWhen I have left over coffee that I did not have time to finish, I put it in ice cube trays and freeze, then I put in a ziplock bag. If I feel like having iced coffee or mocha, I put it in the blender. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


A squirrel knocking on the window, looking for food.

Wildlife: Impatient SquirrelThis is a squirrel that visits my parents house three times a day for feeding. I always tell my friends about how she impatiently knocks on the window and demands food but no one ever believes me, until now!


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Use Plastic Shopping Bags For Dyeing HairI tie a plastic bag around my hair instead of using a shower cap when I dye my hair. Since bags are free, I don't buy shower caps anymore to let my hair set for 20 minutes when the dye is setting.


Makeup Brushes in an empty mason jar with marbles.

Marble Jar For Cleaning Makeup BrushesI found a cheap and decorative way to store and clean my makeup brushes. The mason jar and marbles keep the brushes in place and add a cute shabby chic look to my vanity.


A girl in front of a koi pond at Sunken Gardens, in San Antonio, TX

Scenery: Sunken Gardens (San Antonio, TX)My husband Michael and daughter Sky only get so much time together, we both work different shifts. When we do get time together, we go on adventures with Sky. San Antonio Parks are awesome for treasure finds.


Beautiful sunset over ocean at Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon

Scenery: Sunset (Bandon, OR)Strolling down the shores of Beach Loop in Bandon, Oregon with my husband Brian the other night, I was amazed by the sheer power of the wind.


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Joke: Cooks Are CruelWhy are cooks so cruel?


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Sanitize Your Toothbrush With ListerineI keep a small spray bottle of Listerine in the bathroom. After I have finished rinsing my toothbrush, I give it a few sprays with the Listerine to kill any germs remaining on the toothbrush.


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Hide Spare House Key Under Vinyl SidingMy uncle taught me a good way to hide a key, under the vinyl on the house. He had a spot on his vinyl siding that he put a extra key in case they were locked out, or if someone had to get in for emergency purposes.


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Prevent Forgetting Items With Car KeysOne of the banes of my existence always has been forgetting key items and taking multiple trips back to the house from the car when on my way somewhere - usually making me late in the process.



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Ideas for a Redneck Biker Party?I need help for a red neck/biker senior party. Thanks in advance.


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Painting Varnished Doors and Doorways?What is the best way to paint over varnished doors and doorways that are very dark?


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Freezing Mushrooms?Can you freeze fresh mushrooms and cooked ones?


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Making Your Own Cake Stand?Where can I get the components/meal fixings to make my own cake stand?


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Christmas Cactus Buds Dropping Off?I have two cacti and they are medium sized. They were blooming when I got them and had lots of buds. After the initial blooms faded I expected all the other buds to open, but they never did. They just dried up and fell off.


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Making Suet Cakes Without Peanut Butter?Since peanut butter has increased in price, is there a substitute for it in making suet cakes?


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Value of a Waverley Encyclopedia Set?I have a full set of Waverley encyclopedias, The Book of Knowledge 1961 volumes 1-7, fact index volume 8, and Book of Words dictionary, volumes 1-3. They were bought for me in 1962 and are in brilliant condition. How much are these worth?


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Buying Borax in the UK?Where do I buy this, at the hardware shop or supermarket?


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