February 8, 2012

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Stress Relief Bath Kit

Homemade Valentine's Day GiftsValentine's Day is a time when we want to show our affection for friends, family, and significant others. What better way to do this then by giving them a homemade gift. This is a page about homemade Valentine's Day gifts.


Smooth Top Stove

Cleaning a Smooth Top StoveThe smooth top stove has eliminated the dreaded job of cleaning burners and drip pans. However, this surface does have its own challenges and precautions for cleaning. This is a page about cleaning a smooth top stove.


Bacon on a stone cookie sheet.

How to Cook BaconCooking bacon can be a very messy job. There are alternatives to cooking bacon in a frying pan that can help reduce the mess. This is a page about cooking bacon.


Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts, Saving Money on Valentine's Day

Frugal Valentine's Day GiftsIt's easy to go overboard buying gifts for your sweetheart on Valentine's day. As much as they love receiving gifts, the price much less important than the sentiment. This is a page about frugal Valentine's day gifts.



Learning to CrochetCrochet is a useful and fun handicraft. It can be daunting when you are just beginning to learn the necessary stitches. This is a page about learning to crochet.


Photo of spring cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Tar Off VinylThis is a page about cleaning tar off vinyl. Today the city resurfaced the street in front of your house. Tonight the vinyl flooring in your home is covered in tar spots tracked in on everyone's shoes.


Jello with watermellon

Recipes Using JelloIn addition to the mainstay of Jello salads and molds, Jello can be used in a variety of recipes. This page contains recipes using Jello.


Air Ionizer and Purifier for Allergies

Improving Indoor Air QualityThis is a page about improving indoor air quality. Air pollution is something well all need to be aware of but indoor air pollution can be just as bad or worse! However, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the quality if the air you breathe at home.


Travel Preparation Tips, How to Pack for Travel

Travel Preparation TipsThis is a page about travel preparation tips. Getting ready to go on vacation or any other kind of trip can be busy and stressful. Make the preparation for your travel easier with these helpful hints.


Photo of a yellow rubber glove.

Making Your Own Clorox Ready Mop PadsThis is a page about making your own Clorox Ready Mop pads. If you like the convenience of the Clorox Ready mop but not the cost of the pads, try making your own.


Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget, Red tool box full of tools.

Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget?This is a page about renovating your kitchen on a budget. Updating any room in your home can be a pricey adventure, but the kitchen is especially difficult to do inexpensively. Finding ways to purchase appliances for less or saving on labor costs can add up to big savings.


A bowl made with an old vinyl record.

Making a Vinyl Record BowlThis is a page about making vinyl record bowls. Vinyl record bowls are easy to make and a are cool way to recycle your old records.


Black smooth top cooking range.

Cleaning Spills on a Smooth Top StoveWhile there may be no more grates, elements, or drip pans to clean, food still gets on your smooth top stove. Once it dries or cooks, on these spills can be difficult to remove without damaging the surface. This is a page about cleaning spills on a smooth top stove.


Second photo of a wine cork key ring.

Craft Uses for Wine CorksThis is a page about craft uses for corks. Once the cork is out of the wine bottle, it's easy to just throw it away. However, they can be used for a myriad of things, craft projects in particular.


Dirty drip pan and stove top.

Keeping Electric Range Drip Pans CleanThis is a page about keeping electric range drip pans clean. One way to not have to spend hours cleaning the drip pans on your range is to keep them clean.


A paper bag of groceries.

Saving Money on GroceriesThis is a page about saving money on groceries. A large part of your budget is probably spent on food. There are several ways you can cut those grocery shopping expenses.


Uses for Old Records

Uses for Old RecordsThis is a page about uses for old records. Some old records have value, but some are either too scratched or too common to be collectible. There are ways to reuse old records to make them into something new and wonderful.


sweat stain on dark clothing

Perspiration Stains on Dark ClothingThis is a page about perspiration stains on dark clothing. Perspiration stains on dark clothing are frustrating. Before you toss that navy blue top in the rag bag, try some cleaning methods just for this cleaning situation.


bacon in a package

Freezing BaconThis is a page about freezing bacon. You may have found a good sale in the supermarket on bacon or only needed a partial package for a recipe. Now you want to freeze the rest.


chili with ground turkey

Turkey Chili RecipesThis page contains recipes for turkey chili. Using turkey in chili recipes can provide a low fat, healthy, and delicious alternative to beef.


Head of green leaf lettuce.

Washing LettuceThis is a page about washing lettuce. You can easily wash your freshly purchased lettuce. There a few steps to keep in mind to have clean and undamaged leaves when you are done.


mushroom and tomato salad

Mushroom Salad RecipesThis page contains mushroom salad recipes. Mushrooms are a tasty addition to your salad, but are also great as the main ingredient of a salad with additions and dressings especially meant to complement them.


Caprese Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad RecipesThis page contains tomato salad recipes. These sweet or tangy fruit are often used as an addition to salad. Tomatoes can also be the perfect main ingredient for a salad.


Remove Soap Scum

Remove Soap Scum from FiberglassFiberglass bathroom fixtures are common in our homes. Care needs to be taken when cleaning them to avoid scratching the finish. This is a page about how to remove soap scum from fiberglass.


Uses for Shredded Paper, shredded paper

Uses for Shredded PaperThis is a page about uses for shredded paper. Whether it's from shredding papers or from packaging material in something you received, shredded paper can take up quite a volume of space. There are plenty of other uses for all that paper though.


Jar of peanut butter surrounded by peanuts.

Homemade Peanut Butter RecipesThis page contains homemade peanut butter recipes. Homemade peanut butter is a great alternative to processed commercial brands. You can customize the additional ingredients and create your own unique blend or make it plain and peanuty.


Homemade chocolate truffles.

Homemade TrufflesChocolate truffles are a smooth, creamy, delectable confection. Traditionally they are made with a chocolate ganache center coated with chocolate or cocoa. You can customize them by substituting your favorite fruits, nuts, or other sweet fillings. This is a page about homemade truffles.


Putting on Jeans

Saving Money on Clothes While DietingThis is a page about saving money on clothes while dieting. If you are like many people you have your skinny clothes and your not so skinny clothes. Then there are all the sizes in between as you are dieting. The changing clothing size needs can be expensive.


Freezing Celery

Freezing CeleryOften when we buy celery at the market there are leftovers. Although it will no longer be crisp, celery can be frozen to use in cooking.


Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners.

Saving Money on Dry CleaningThis is a page about saving money on dry cleaning. Many of us have dress and work clothing that is often dry clean only attire. While dry cleaning can keep these articles of clothing looking crisp and fresh, it can also be quite costly.



Vinyl record bowl video

Making a Vinyl Record BowlThis short video gives you quick lesson in making a bowl from a vinyl record. It's quick, easy and fun.


Lead Battery Recycling

Lead Battery RecyclingThis short clip from "HowStuffWorks" explains how lead acid batteries are recycled and prepared for reuse.


Recycling a 2 Liter Bottle

Recycling a 2 Liter BottleDon't throw that soda bottle away, find a way to use it around the house or yard. Here is a video with 8 great tips on other uses for a 2 liter bottle.



Use Tube Conduit As Curtain-Drape Rod

Use Tube Conduit As Curtain-Drape RodWhile shopping for new curtain rods, I couldn't believe the prices, ranging from $10 to $29, per rod. I passed on that purchase and went to a local hardware store and purchased a 1/2" x 10 ft.


Finished brown paper heart.

Brown Paper Hanging Heart DecorationCreate an inexpensive hanging heart decoration from a brown paper bag or brown craft paper. You could also use a white lunch bag, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or construction paper to create your hanging heart. Embellish it with whatever items you have on hand.


Sky (Paint Pony)

Sky (Paint Pony)Sky is a 2 year old Paint pony. I got him from a lady near us who was downsizing on her farm. He is a mini horse that looks just like my big Paint, Scout. They are Scout and Sky, the 2 paints!


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Easy Tuna CasseroleQuick, tasty and cheap meal that feeds four. So simple.


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Area Rug For Auto CarpetingOur original carpet was looking tacky, and the rubber mats would not stay put, so we bought a 4.5 by 7 foot area rug for $22. We cut it to fit over the original carpet.


Heart Shaped Petal Flower

Heart-Shaped Petal Flower PinUse some felt and pearls to create cute flower pins to wear for Valentine's Day.


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Treating Chapped LipsIf your lips are peeling and chapped, they are annoying and unattractive. Apply a little vasoline to your lips and use a nail file to gently remove any dead skin. Your lips will feel refreshed and look healthy again.


Jack Russell pulling a toy wagon of balls

Homemade Dog Toy IdeasAny pet owner knows that making toys from worn out clothing or repurposing various items around the house is an inexpensive way to create some interesting dog toys. However, in some cases, that idea is not ideal.


A bowl made with an old vinyl record.

Vinyl Record Bowl InstructionsThis is an easy recycled craft that you can make in 20 minutes or less. It makes a hip container for that small potted plant that you are planning to give someone as a gift this Christmas.



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Refreshing an Old Cedar Closet?How does one refresh an old cedar closet?


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Restoring Shine to Dull Laminate Floor?How can I get my dull laminate floor to shine like it did when new?


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Remedy for Bad Tasting Water?I have a brand new side by side, with ice maker, and water in the door. From day 1 I have had bad tasting water. After 5 days, the tech changed the filter. The first day it was OK. Today I have the same problem. Sometimes the water is also bad from my faucet.


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Introducing Young Children to Computers?I have a 3 and 5 year old and I homeschool. At what age should I begin them on the computer and how? I'm 28 and I remember typing in late elementary school, but nothing else until middle school.


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Freezing Turnip Roots?How do you freeze turnip roots so that they are not be soggy?


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Refurbishing an Older Formica Kitchen Counter Top?I have a very old counter top in my kitchen (1970s) and I would like to redo it. It is a laminated top and it is coming up on the edges and is stained terribly. I cannot afford a new one, so I would like to see if anyone knows of a way to redo the old one.


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