March 19, 2012

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Baby in Hooded Bath Towel

Making a Hooded Bath TowelThis is a page about making a hooded bath towel. A hooded towel is a great way to dry off and stay warm after a bath, especially for newborns and children.


Colorful Tangled Yarn

Keeping Yarn From TanglingThis is a page about keeping yarn from tangling. Yarn can easily get tangled when in use or even when being stored.


Decorated plastic Easter egg.

Crafts Using Plastic Easter EggsThose colorful plastic Easter eggs have so many crafting possibilities. This is a page about crafts using plastic Easter eggs.


Crochet Hook and Yarn

Recycled Containers to Hold Crochet HooksThis is a page about recycled containers to hold crochet hooks. Ever have an aha moment when you realized that an unused container was perfect for storing something else?


Painting Pots White

Painting Terra Cotta Clay PotsTerra cotta pots are inexpensive and can be painted and transformed into pretty decorative containers. This is a page about painting terra cotta clay pots.


Blue Skirt on White Background

Remaking a Dress Into a SkirtThis is a page about remaking a dress into a skirt. Have an old dress that needs some updating? Give it new life by turning it into a skirt.


Sewing Supplies on Pattern

Saving Money on Sewing SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on sewing supplies. Sewing is fun and productive hobby that can save you a lot of money in both the short and long terms.



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Three-Cheese Chicken EnchiladasI learned from a dear friend how to make these years ago. The combination of cheeses is great and I love most on the corn tortillas.


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Spaghetti and Meat BallsLove this recipe! The sauce is very simple to make and very tasty and the meatballs are wonderful! Kids will love this!


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Souper MeatloafThis is my favorite meatloaf recipe. Love the flavor from the onion soup.


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Swiss Vegetable MedleyLove the Swiss cheese and the French fried onion rings in this recipe!



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Listerine as a Mosquito RepellentUse Listerine mouthwash in a spray bottle. Spray your chair, blanket, and surrounding area. Mosquitoes stay away.


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Improving Less Expensive FurnitureWe all know buying furniture at Goodwill or any thrift store will save us money. Not everyone has the time to find these precious few pieces. I watch so many shows on decorating, then put my twist on it.


Tinker, a curious ferret.

Tinker the Curious FerretHere is Tinker, our ferret, looking around to see what she can find. Ferrets and their curiosity, it never ends. The world is always new to them everyday!


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Uses for Tennis BallsCut a tennis ball in half, cut a hole in the bottom, and slide up your paint brush to catch drips. You can use the other half in the kitchen to open tight jars, just put the tennis ball over the top and it will make it easier to grip. It opens jars easily.


A leopard print memory foam mat used as a car seat cover.

Memory Foam Bath Mats for Leather Car SeatsI found our leather seats so cold during the winter, and when I wore shorts or a dress in the summer, I stuck to the seat. Ouch! You can buy seat covers, but they are quite a pain to put on and take off.


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Use Coffee Filters When Potting PlantsWhen potting plants or seeds, place a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot before filling it with soil. The filter stops the soil from leaking out of the holes in the bottom of the pot and making a mess in the saucer.


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Cabinet Door ChalkboardI never had a place to make a note and could never find a pen and paper when I needed it. I purchased some chalk paint at Home Depot. I taped off a section on a pantry cabinet I have and spray painted the section with the chalk paint.


humming bird bathing 2

Baby Hummer Takes a Bath (Our Back Yard)This little Hummer was just sitting on the edge of the new fountain in the back yard. DH said "Come bring your camera, Hurry". So I did and snapped several pictures. This fountain has been added to the mini rose garden.


Virgina Wolf (Bengal House Cat)

Virginia Wolff (Bengal)Here is Virginia Wolff, a 5 year old Bengal, we got from the humane society. She likes to tear around the house like crazy. This is Virginia Woolf's reaction when I told her we might get her a playmate from the humane society.


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Using Vinegar to Get Rid of AntsI live in what used to be an orchard, so as the weather warms, I get ants coming in. My solution, the natural way, is to keep white vinegar in a spray bottle in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


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Repurposing Water Cooler BottlesI heard this from a member of my garden club. When the large refill bottles that are used in water machines crack, they are no longer of use to hold water. My friend goes to the water store and asks them for their damaged bottles which they give to him for free.



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Dividing and Repotting a Christmas CactusHow do I separate a Christmas Cactus that is root bound?


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Homemade Dryer SheetsDoes anyone know how to make homemade dryer sheets using vinegar? I don't have a softener bucket in my washer and I am not always around or hear the final rinse so putting it in that way is not really an option.


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Mid to Late 80s Weight Watcher's RecipesI am looking for Weight Watcher's recipes from the mid 80s. Please help. I am especially looking for one that called for tuna, mushrooms, cheese, and tomato sauce.


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Getting Rid of SkunksHow can I get rid of a skunk that walks across my patio every night and lets go! It wakes me up and the stench is awful sometimes fuming up the entire house.


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15th Birthday Gift IdeasI'm turning 15 in 3 days and I don't know what to do for myself and I don't know what I want! That really sucks. I want to find something to get myself.


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Maalox for Skin IrritationsSo, which is it? Maalox or Milk of Magnesia? Do both work on skin irritations?


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Removing Embellishment Glue from FabricI have glue stains from the Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue on satin fabric. How do I remove these stains without staining or discoloring the orange satin fabric?


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Replacement Parts for a Singer Magic 7 Steam PressI need a new on and off switch. Where do we find them for a Singer Magic 7 press? We also need a water reservoir. We have a broken water reservoir


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Caring for a Baby RabbitCan someone please tell me how to care for a baby rabbit? It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and appears to be abandoned by it's mother.


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Furniture Repurposing IdeasDo you have any suggestions for repurposed furniture such as using a dresser as a kitchen island, drawers used as book cases, etc.?


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Chicken Gumbo RecipesDoes anyone have a good chicken gumbo recipe ?


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Plants That Repel FliesI visit my neighbor just about every day and in the past week his place has been adorned with flies. There are hundreds of them, on his porch, his car, his lawn furniture, you name it they are there. Is there a bush or flower that has an aroma that repels flies?


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Reducing the Need to DustDoes anyone know how to repel dust and keep it off for longer than a day?


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