March 22, 2012

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beautifully designed kitchen

Starting an Interior Design Business?This is a page about starting an interior design business. Starting your own business is exciting and daunting at the same time.


A girl in a striped shirt holding a camera to her eye.

Buying a Camera?This is a page about buying a camera. When choosing a camera there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.


Seamstress Threading Sewing Machine

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sewing MachineThis is a page about cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine. Like any machine, your sewing machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


A woman with a sunburned back.

Remedies for a SunburnThis is a page about remedies for a sunburn. Prevention is the best remedy. But if you find yourself with a sunburn, it is best to treat it as soon as possible.


grease stain on carpet

Cleaning Grease Stains on CarpetThis is a page about cleaning grease stains on carpet. Grease stains can be quite stubborn when you are trying to remove them from your carpet.


Beach Umbrella and Toys

Beach Tips And TricksThis is a page about beach tips and tricks. These helpful ideas for enjoying sand and surf will keep you frolicking in even the hottest weather.


Foot and Shovel Digging to Plant in Garden

Tips for Potting PlantsThis page contains tips for potting plants. We often want to repot a new or existing plant.


Dog Biscuits on White Background

Storing Pet TreatsThis is a page about storing pet treats. Pet treats come in a variety of sizes and shapes with varying shelf lives requiring specific storage solutions.


Electrician Working on Circuit Breakers

Troubleshooting Circuit Breaker ProblemsA tripped circuit breaker can be a sign of trouble with wiring, and may require a trained professional to get to the root of the problem. This page is about troubleshooting circuit breaker problems.


Close-up Black and White of Long Haired

Preventing Cat HairballsThis is a page about preventing cat hairballs. Due to their constant grooming, cats often experience problems with hairballs.


stainless steel sink

Cleaning a Stainless Steel SinkThis is a page about cleaning a stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks present their own unique cleaning concerns.


Mojito on Black Background

Drink Recipes Using MintThis page contains drink recipes using mint. Mint is often used to make tea or added to drinks for its refreshing flavor.


Living room with nice interior design.

Name Ideas for Interior Design BusinessesChoosing just the right name is an important step in starting up your own business. This page contains name ideas for interior design businesses.


Yellow Rubber Gloves

Reusing Rubber GlovesThis is a page about reusing rubber gloves. There are a variety of creative ways to use latex and rubber gloves.


Popcorn Tin Filled with Four Types of Popcorn

Uses for Popcorn TinsThis page contains uses for popcorn tins. Once you have finished eating the tasty popcorn in one of the decorative tins, repurpose it.


Keeping Flies Off Goats

Keeping Flies Off Goats?This is a page about keeping flies off goats. Flies are a constant nuisance to livestock.


Cleaning With Microfiber Cloths

Cleaning With Microfiber Clothshis is a page about cleaning with microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths can be used without cleaning products for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.


Quesadillas on a Plate

Quesadilla RecipesFill and fold your flour tortilla for a quick snack or meal. This page contains quesadilla recipes.


Tennis Ball on White Background

Uses for Tennis BallsThis is a page about the uses for tennis balls. Other than the obvious there are a number of additional uses for tennis balls.


shoe polish

Removing Shoe Polish from Carpet This is a page about removing shoe polish from carpet. Shoe polish can be a challenging stain to remove from carpet.


lilac flowers

Growing LilacsThis is a page about growing lilacs. Lilacs are known for their beautiful sprays of flowers and lovely scent.


Decorated Easter Eggs in Basket

Decorating and Dyeing Easter EggsThere are so many different ways to create beautiful decorated Easter eggs. This is a page about decorating and dyeing Easter eggs.


Endless Highway

Car Travel Tips and TricksThis is a page about car travel tips and tricks. There are so many things that can be done to make a car trip safe, inexpensive and entertaining.


Cleaning Hair from a Brush

Removing Hair from BrushesThis is a page about removing hair from brushes. Trying to remove hair from your brush or a pet brush can be frustrating.


Photos of wine bottle lamps with decorations.

Making a Wine Bottle LampThis is a page about making a wine bottle lamp. Wine bottles inspire many crafting ideas.


One volume of a Harver World encyclopedia.

Uses for Old EncyclopediasOutdated encyclopedias are not necessarily worthless, get creative and repurpose or craft something using these sturdy books. This page contains uses for old encyclopedias.


Photo of a beautiful dahlia.

Photographing FlowersThis is a page about photographing flowers. Photographing the flowers in your garden or elsewhere is a fun pastime and can provide images to be used in other crafts as well.


Finished Clay Pot Angel

Clay Pot Craft ProjectsThis is a page about clay pot craft projects Clay flower pots can be used in a wide variety of craft projects.


organizing pet toys

Organizing Pet ToysThis is a page about organizing pet toys. Keeping your buddy's toys convenient and easy to find can be a challenge.


A Garden Journal

Keeping A Garden JournalThis is a page about keeping a garden journal. Keeping a garden journal is a good way to review past successes and failures as well as, plan for the upcoming season.


Ramen Noodles Being Lifted by Chopsticks

Creative Ramen RecipesThis page contains creative ramen recipes. Ramen can be elevated beyond the simple bowl of noodles and used in recipes.


Polka dot fleece socks.

Making Fleece SocksThis page is about making fleece socks. Fun gifts can be made using fleece to make warm and cozy socks.


Sweater Covered Hanger

Making Covered HangersThis is a page about making covered hangers. Covering coat hangers with yarn and other embellishments may have started for you in the Girl Scouts or summer camp.


Stack of Credit Cards

Paying Off Credit CardsThis is a page about paying off credit cards. It is often difficult to pay off our credit cards and then the finance charges begin to grow.



Logo for ThriftyFun Recipes

Vegetable Stir Fry (Low Sodium)A flavorful vegetarian dish with lots of variety and satisfying mix. Excellent for special diet needs.


Logo for ThriftyFun Recipes

Delicious Reuben DipI had a few pounds of prepared corned beef left over from St. Patricks Day this year and we quickly got tired of the same old Hot Reuben Sandwich. We are loving this Reuben dip! Try it with chips, pretzels, or pumpernickel squares.



Fix That Mousepad, an old mousepad that is peeling up on the sides.

Fix That MousepadMy mousepad was is sad condition. It showed multiple spill spots, and had peeled up from all four corners. I considered buying a new one. But of course I had to try and use what I had first.


Chompers (Pomeranian) with a boy.

Chompers (Pomeranian)Chompers is 7 years old and a Pomeranian. A former friend and co-worker used to get pets, then get sick of them and give them away. I ended up taking 4 pets from her; 2 cats, Chompers, and a bunny rabbit.


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Hot and Spicy Weed KillerI have used the same method for many years now. Who would know that a huge mistake could turn out to be something useful years later? Maybe many ideas come to use that way, this one for sure did.


Crocheted Calypso Cardigan, front side displayed on a chair.

Crocheted Calypso CardiganThis is a cardigan/vest I crocheted for my daughter. I made it with Red Heart Super Saver yarn in white and light blue. It is the first piece of adult clothing I have made besides numerous shawls.


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Feed Dogs Green BeansI learned a year or so ago that many overweight dogs will eat green beans. Substituting generous amounts of them in your dog's bowl for higher-calorie ingredients is a way to fill him/her up without adding fat.


Paper Flowers From Old Books, close up

Paper Flowers From Old BooksA beautiful use for discarded books.


Twine-Wind Your Votive Glass and finish with a bow and dried flower.

Twine-Wind Your Votive GlassHere's an easy way to give your plain glass votives a rustic chic look using only twine and hot glue.


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Glass Bottle Wind ChimeSmall glass bottles can be used to make a wind chime. Just wrap with wire, add beads or shells to wired necks of bottles.


St Patrick's Day at Trump Tower (Chicago, IL)

St Patrick's Day at Trump Tower (Chicago, IL)My husband and I (and our dog, Lenni) took a trip to Chicago for our joint birthdays. Same day, year and even hospital! This was taken by Trump Tower on St Pat's Day while we were watching the river get dyed green.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Link: Free Online Jigsaw PuzzlesIf you like working jigsaw puzzles you'll really like this site! It's free, easy to navigate and has both a random option and oodles of specific puzzles to choose from including how many pieces.


Shoe Rack For Storing Fabric

Shoe Rack For Storing FabricI found a shoe rack when I was browsing the local "as is" store. It was $1.00 so I scarfed it up and have all my larger pieces on it. Smaller ones I put in zip lock or clear veggie bags so I can see what I need.


Collecting Important Tax Documents in one drawer.

Collecting Important Tax DocumentsWhen I get my first tax document in the mail (1099, W-2, etc.), I designate a drawer near my computer as my "tax documents drawer" and let everyone who handles the mail know.


Ideas For Crocheted Chains - chain in process

Ideas For Crocheted ChainsI am sad to say that over 3 years ago, I received a request for samples of what can be made with crocheted chains. Just two days after that, I was flying across country to spend five months with my former in laws.


Chive flower just opening from the closed bud.

Emerging ChivesI caught the flower heads of this chive plant just as they were opening. Usually I see them closed tight or open and full, but rarely catch them at this point.


A Spring Bouquet of white and purple daisies.

A Spring BouquetI love putting bold, contrasting colors together in my flower arrangements and then filling the photo with them using the closest angle I can get. The result in usually a burst of color that makes me smile every time I look at it.


Hummbingbird at a feeder, with liquor sign in background.

Hummingbirds At The Watering HoleI was sitting on a porch of a local barber shop while my husband got a haircut. These hummingbirds came by and I thought I'd try to catch them with my camera. After I got home and loaded them onto my computer I couldnt keep from laughing.


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Use Shower Caps Instead of Plastic WrapI buy the colored "disposible" shower caps, the ones from the Dollar General or Family Dollar. They are large enough to cover a pretty large bowl. Best yet, I hand wash them and reuse them for months.


Gazing Ball in Garden

Add Finishing Touches with Garden OrnamentsOrnaments are a great way to add the finishing touches to your garden. Use them to add elements of color, shape, and texture that reflect your personal style. Whether whimsical or dramatic, garden ornaments don't need to be big in size to make a big impact.


Dallas (Pomeranian) and Sadie (Australian Shepherd)

Dallas (Pomeranian) and Sadie (Australian...Dallas is 6 and a Pomeranian, Sadie is almost 1 and an Australian Shepherd. We found both Dallas and Sadie on Craigslist, and boy, were we lucky!


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Take Outdoor Photos On Cloudy DaysAn excellent published professional photographer once told me that it's often best to do outdoor photography on cloudy days. Colors of flowers and leaves look much more vibrant on overcast days and there are fewer shadows to deal with.



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String Trimmer Won't Pull Start?I have a John Deere T26SB string trimmer and the starter pull cord won't move> What could be wrong and what can I do?


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Making a Silk Flower Bouquet?Is there away you can make a three flower bridal bouquet, using silk roses?


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Harvesting Bell Peppers?When are bell peppers ready to pick?


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Drilling a Hole in Glass?I am looking to find the best way to drill a hole in glass. I have used the Dremel rotary tool, and also a drill press. Both of these work, but it takes so long just to make one hole. It is very time consuming. I would be grateful for any info.


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John Deere 345 Keeps Dying?I have a 345 with 18hp Kawasaki. It will run fine for 20 minutes and die. If I let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes it will start up and run for 20 to 25 minutes and die again, but will fire on either anytime.


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Dog Has Itchy Skin and Is Losing Hair?I've had my Pom-Chi for just about 2 months, he's only 3 1/2 months old. The past couple weeks I've noticed that he has been chewing on his skin on his front legs a lot and when he does that it has an odd sound like cartilage cracking.


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Breed of Dog in Pet Med Commercial?Does anyone know the breed of dog in the pet-med commercial that looks like a teddy bear? I want one!


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