April 9, 2012

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Parmesan TilapiaA couple of weeks ago I read this recipe online and decided to give it another go. This recipe was a hit with everyone!


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Salmon Loaf DelightThis is a Salmon Loaf with sage in it. Sage is one of my favorite herbs due to all the things it is good for. Anytime you cook and see sage in the ingredients, you can be sure it is a great food and it is great food for you.


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Cucumber Onion and Lemon SaladThis recipe uses onions and cucumbers with apple cider vinegar. It has a wonderful, fresh taste that I like! The kids don't really like it though.



Finished views of the Handcrafted Personal Diary Supplies.

Handcrafted Personal DiaryA step by step guide to make your very own handcrafted personal diary!


Donut Pin Cushion

Donut Pin CushionThis craft is pretty easy, and is a cute thing to keep pins in.


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Getting Soft and Shiny HairI shampoo my hair (it's long) about once a week and color about every 6 weeks. My hair is conditioned with the conditioner that comes with the color kit.


Golf Bag Pool Rack

Use a Golf Bag for Pool SticksDH took an old golf bag and made a place for his pool sticks. The plastic tubes for the golf clubs will keep the pool sticks in an upright position and keep them from bumping into each other.


Staking an amaryllis with pussy willow branches.

Natural Prop for House PlantsThis is a strange time of year for my amaryllis to be blooming. I've had it in the basement, noticed it was growing and brought it upstairs.


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Use Fabric as WallpaperTo update the tired look to any room in your house, use material instead of wallpaper. Using material eliminates the mess wallpaper can make, both putting it up and taking it down.


Square Foot Raised Garden Beds - Two Completed Garden Beds

Square Foot Raised Garden BedsWe were able to put these two 4 foot square raised garden beds together this weekend. It was an easy project for the kids to help with; and they will be able to plant whatever they want in them this spring.


How to Divide Your Houseplants, like this African violet

How to Divide Your HouseplantsDivision is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your houseplant stock. It's also a great way to "friend" plants to others, and a good method for rescuing and preserving plants that are showing obvious signs of decline.


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Vinegar For Fruit Fly Pest ControlTo get rid of fruit flies, put out a saucer of vinegar and see bodies pile up.


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Wrapping Hangers With YarnI just crochet a very very long chain. Then, even if it's too short, it can be added to and continued. I put some hot glue to the base of the "hook" and wait for it to cool. Then, you simply wrap it around, gluing every 4-6" until it's all the way around and meeting up with the other end.


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Preventing Broken Or Bent Sewing Machine NeedlesClean and oil the machine per manufacturer directions and make sure throat plate is properly aligned.


A vintage Avon Easter Bunny pin from 1972

Vintage Avon Easter Bunny PinThis Easter bunny pin was worn at Easter, 1972 on my 3 month old baby daughter's dress. It had a mild perfume pomade, which was accessible when you pulled on the ears to open it to use the pomade.


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My Frugal Life: Clear Out the ClutterSpring is here and so comes the traditional spring cleaning. This year, due to my retirement, I really have the time to do a thorough cleaning of closets and cupboards. I've been discovering long lost "treasures" and duplicate grocery items.


Hamburger Pie

Hamburger Pie RecipesThis page contains hamburger pie recipes. A savory pie makes a wonderful main dish.


leaving sparta

Getting Out of Town (Sparta, TN)This is a photo I took of my daughter Brittany. It was taken in Sparta, TN, on the courthouse square right in front of the Oldham Movie Theatre, that has been closed for some time now but the out side was restored to the original look.


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Fabric Softener Sheet for Burnt Pots and PansFill the burnt pan with soap and water and add a fabric softener sheet. Let set overnight and wash as usual. If it is a stubborn burn repeat the process.


What Not to Do With Dominant Dogs and Puppies - puppies play biting

What Not to Do With Dominant Dogs and PuppiesI have noticed a lot of questions on here about puppy biting. That is not dominance. That is just continuation of litter behavior.


Texas Bluebonnets, spring in Trenton, Texas

Texas Bluebonnets (Trenton, TX)There is nothing better than Texas in the spring, when the bluebonnets bloom. Everyone flocks to the fields to take photographs of their family and pets. I also do this but I also love all of the other visitors to photograph.


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Make Your Own Dinner Rolls and SaveBake your own dinner rolls! No matter how cheaply they can be purchased it will still be many, many times the cost of baking your own. This is true not just for dinner rolls but almost any food item.


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What To Do With Old BricksYou can line the edge of the garden with them or make a pathway in the garden. Or you can decoupage them or cover with fabric and use them as book ends.


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Storing TentsWhen you get home from a trip, set up your tent or hang it on the clothesline until it is completely dry and clean. Then, roll it up and put it back in the bag it came from.


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What To Do With Old HankiesIf you have old hankies, you can sew a new table runner. If you have enough of them, you can make a nice bedspread or throw, using a flat sheet for the backing.


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Making Baby Crinkle Taggies From Cereal BagsThe plastic bags that cold cereals are packaged in can be cut into large squares and sewn between two pieces of cotton fabric. When finished, these are called "crinkle taggies".


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Use Cereal Bags In ShippingI am starting to sell things on Ebay. I recently read an article that suggested reusing what we already have. From here on, my packaging material will include at least one of the bags from the cereal box.


Seeding contains made out of paper towel tubes.

Paper Towel Tube Seedling PotsWhen it's time to transplant my seedlings into larger pots, I usually have a good supply of recycled plastic yogurt cups. But this year, I ran out of them. This turned out to be a good thing as it forced me to try something new. And probably even better.


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Storing Embroidery FlossWhen I was growing up; my mother would use her old thread spools to wind her embroidery floss. It hooked in the small slit for regular thread and it was stored along with all threads.


Coffee Filter Flowers

Bumble Bee Clay Pot with Coffee Filter FlowersHere I painted a pot black and yellow and filled it with flowers using coffee filters.



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Shelf Life of Canned FoodI'm on an extremely tight income for food and trying new ways to stay within my food budget. I was wondering if eating expired canned food is actually safe. I read somewhere you can still eat it, as long as it's not over a year old. What do you guys know about this?


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Growing SunflowersAny tips for growing sunflowers?


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Alternative to Photo AlbumsDoes anyone have a better way to store family pics? I currently have mine stored in photo albums, but over the years the clear plastic that folds over the page won't stick anymore and the pictures keep falling out.


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Removing Candle Wax from MenorahHow can I get candle wax off of a metal menorah?


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Applying for Longshoreman JobsWhere do I apply to be a longshoreman in Baltimore?


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Price for Garage Sale FoodHow much should I charge for a bottle of water, can of soda, box of juice, a brownie, a cookie, and a Rice Krispy treat?


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Cleaning a Cell PhoneHow can I get my cell phone cleaned up a bit? I have used a wet napkin with some dish soap and that does not work. Any suggestions?


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Removing Ball Point Ink from Colored PaperI have seen already a lot of great ideas on how to remove ink. My question is more to do with the colour of the paper? I have a very valuable book, but when bought 18 years ago, my then boyfriend had his name written on it. Before I sell it I would rather remove his name.


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Black HummingbirdsLast summer at my daughter's house which has plenty of the bird feeders and are always filled we noticed what we thought was a black moth. Wrong! As we got closer we saw it was a hummingbird. We can not find anything on black hummingbirds.


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Kenmore Ice Maker Won't Dump the IceI have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator, model 106.56679500. The ice maker has frozen water, the filter was replaced maybe a month earlier, the water dispenser works, but ice quit dumping 3 weeks later.


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