April 13, 2012

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garbanzo bean stew ingredients

Garbanzo Bean Cabbage StewThis is a very simple stew to make and is so yummy! It is also an inexpensive meal.


Muffin Tin Ice Cream Cakes

Muffin Tin Ice Cream CakesI absolutely love ice cream cakes. These mini ice cream cakes are perfect for a party or for dessert. You can even make multiple kinds with each person's favorite flavor.


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Chocolate RocksTastes great and good for parties. You can easily double up this recipe.


Monkey muffins hot from the oven.

Cinnamon Monkey MuffinsThese delicious muffins make a great breakfast or even a dessert. They are so sweet and yummy.



Rice drying in a baking dish.

Making Rainbow Play RiceDry rice makes a great medium for kids to play with. You can make a mini sandbox filled with rice that they can play in with trucks or action figures. White rice isn't very exciting though. It is very easy to dye rice whatever colors you want using food coloring.


Pine sap on microfiber couch

Removing Pine Pitch From MicrofiberI recently discovered a small spot on our couch that appeared to be pine sap from our kids playing outside. Using a cotton ball, I dabbed and gently rubbed rubbing alcohol onto the spot. It very quickly started to disappear.


Island Garden Bed

How to Design an Island BedIsland beds are freestanding garden plots, usually surrounded by grass, which can be walked around and looked at from all sides. When strategically designed, they can provide your landscape with an attractive, colorful focal point.


Completed Candy Jars

Pickle Jar Candy JarsOur family loves pickles and I really wanted to find a way to use the jars. I purchased candle holders from Goodwill and was able to create these fabulous candy jars!


Bread ties marking cords on a power strip.

Bread Tie Cord LabelI hate when I go to unplug something because there are a bunch of unidentifiable cords plugged in. Many bread bags come with those little plastic ties to hold them shut. These will fit around almost any cord and can be written on with a Sharpie to help identify all of your cords.


Animal Cracker Magnets

Animal Cracker CraftsWhy should the squirrels in your yard get all the stale animal crackers when you can wear them as jewelry instead?


Mason Jar Air Freshener

Mason Jar Air FreshenerBaking soda is a great natural deodorizer. You can use it as an inexpensive air freshener, but you may not want a box of Arm and Hammer sitting on your bathroom counter. Here is an easy and cute way to make a baking soda air freshener.


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Saving Obituaries in a Photo AlbumI save obituaries and put them into a small photo album. I made a label for it that says "Obituaries."


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Buying a ZesterI always hated the process of zesting a lemon. I have had several zesters and either the lemon or the zester kept sliding out of my hands


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Spiking a MohawkWhen I was in high school in the 80's, there were Filipino twin brothers that had heavy thick straight hair. They would shampoo, then blow dry til damp, then use egg whites and finish blowdrying into the shape they wanted.


Cookie recipe taped to outside of plastic storage container.

Saving Recipes From Chocolate Chips BagI prefer to store many of my foods in plastic containers. It is easier to organize my cabinets this way, since they stack so nicely. When I put my chocolate chips into a container I decided to cut off the recipes from the bag and tape them to the outside of the container.


Plant rooting in Erlenmeyer flask

Growing Plants in WaterI began growing plants in water when I was trying to root a plant cutting that I had. I loved being able to see the roots as they grew so I decided to leave the cutting in water instead of planting it. I found an old Erlenmeyer flask at Goodwill and transferred it to the flask.


St. Lawrence River

St Lawrence River (Brockville, Ontario)This is a photo taken of St. Lawrence River. It was a really nice day out.


Classico spaghette sauce jar.

Soak Off Jar LabelsIn my quest to reclaim a Mason jar (specifically Classico pasta sauce jars) I needed to soak off the labels. I submerged the jars in hot water and let them sit until the paper was easy to pull off. The best part with the Classico jars is that the glue they use is also water soluble!


Filled egg crate with gift tag.

Cadbury Egg Carton GiftI don't know about you, but I love Cadbury Eggs. I thought a fun way to give them as a gift would be to put them in an egg carton.



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Crafts for Visually Impaired Nursing Home Patients?I am looking for crafts for nursing home patients who are nearly blind. They will appreciate being able to still do crafts. Thank you for your suggestions!


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Feeding a Rolly Polly?What can you feed a rolly polly?


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McDonald's Caramel Frapuccino Recipe?I have tried to "like" coffee for many, many years; the smell of it brewing is wonderful, but I have never been able to acquire a taste for it. My daughter, however, recently insisted I try a McDonald's caramel frapuccino, even though it has coffee in it. Surprisingly, I loved it!


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Growing Wisteria?How do you plant wisteria with just a dry root?


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Lilac Not Blooming Since Pruning?I have a lilac bush in front of my townhouse. It used to be covered in flowers. Five years ago my HOA chopped it to almost nothing while it was in bloom. Since then I am lucky to get one or two flower bunches.


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Growing Blue Flax from Seed?I have had some blue flax seeds for a couple of years now. Will they grow or should I just buy new ones?


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Tomato Plants Stopped Blooming?When I planted my tomatoes it had blooms. There are 1 or 2 big green tomatoes on the plants. They stopped blooming and where the bloom should be, they've turned a blackish color. The tomatoes that are on the plants look great and are growing everyday, just no new blooms.


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Child Support Calculations and Stepparent's Income?My ex-husband is trying to have my new husband's wages included in the child support calculations, so he will not owe any child support for his 2 kids. Can he do this?


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Jammed Sewing Machine?My Singer Esteem sewing machine has a jam in it. I can't lower the needle enough to catch the bobbin thread. Before I take it to a repair shop, does anyone know what the problem could be.


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Zebra Finch Laid Eggs?I have 2 zebra finches. A male and a female. My female zebra finch laid eggs and everything was fine, until one day the male zebra finch found a hole in the cage and escaped outside.


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Homemade Weed Killer Recipes?I thought I saw a homemade recipe to kill vegetation and weeds using rubbing alcohol. Can you help me? Or is there any other recipe that would kill thistles, etc.?


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Cleaning Suede Shoes?What is the best way to clean suede shoes?


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