April 19, 2012

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Homemade Puff Pastry

Homemade Puff PastryThis page contains recipes for homemade puff pastry. Save money by making your own puff pastry for use in other recipes.


Spinach and Walnut Salad

Spinach Salad RecipesThis page contains spinach salad recipes. Spinach is full of vitamins and is a tasty alternative to leaf lettuce in salad.


Fudge Cake

Fudge Cake RecipesThis page contains fudge cake recipes. Fudge cakes are rich in flavor and delicious with a variety of toppings.


Pressure Cooker on White Background

Using A Pressure CookerSafety is of the utmost importance when using a time saving pressure cooker. This page is about using a pressure cooker.


girl at Museum

Saving Money on Museum MembershipsThis is a page about saving money on museum memberships. Going to museums is both educational and fun.


Coffee Beans

Recipes Using CoffeeThis page contains recipes using coffee. The flavor of coffee can help create many interesting recipes.


College Students Studying Outside

Parenting Tips for College Age ChildrenThis page is about parenting tips for college age children. Preparing and caring for young people attending college can often be a challenge.


Woman Getting a Manicure

Saving Money on ManicuresThis is a page about saving money on manicures. Having your nails manicured can be quite costly, but there are ways to save money.


Green Peas on White Background

Recipes Using Green PeasThis page is about recipes using green peas. Peas are a healthy addition to many soups and stews, and great for making delicious side dishes.


liquid laundry soap

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent RecipesThis page contains homemade liquid laundry detergent recipes. Homemade laundry detergent can save you money and it allows you to avoid some of the ingredients that can bother sensitive skin.


Man With Stain in Underarm

Preventing Underarm StainsThis is a page about preventing underarm stains. Underarm stains can be both embarrassing and they can ruin your clothes.


Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder RecipesWhether you have fish, crab, shrimp, or clams, a delicious seafood chowder can be made at home. This page contains seafood chowder recipes.


Frozen Pasta Meal

Making Packaged Foods More NutritiousThis is a page about making packaged foods more nutritious. Many of us find ourselves rush and having to turn to packaged foods when making meals. There are numerous ways to make them more nutritious.


Green Tea With Box

Storing TeaThis is a page about storing tea. Properly storing tea will ensure that it stays fresh.


Man Trying to Steal Woman's Purse

Purse Safety TipsThis page is about purse safety tips. Keeping your purse secure when shopping or running errands can be a challenge.


Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli Casserole RecipesBroccoli is a great ingredient in casseroles, it retains its flavor and texture when cooked this way. This page contains broccoli casserole recipes.


Stuffed Shells over Ground Beef Sauce

Recipes Using Ground BeefThis page contains recipes using ground beef. Ground beef is very versatile and the basic ingredient of many inexpensive recipes.



Sea turtle under water in Maui, Hawaii

Sea Turtle (Maui, Hawaii)My family and I all went to Maui for a big birthday for my Mom. My husband and I were lucky enough to get a little time to go do a few things without the kids, and snorkeling was one of those things.


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Peel Several Eggs at OnceInstead of spending several minutes peeling each boiled egg, just cut them in half with a sharp knife and scoop out the egg with a spoon. This is so much faster when you plan on cutting them up anyway.


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Help Your Cell Phone Return HomeMy young teens share a phone, so when they have events that my husband and I are not always at, they can call us if need be. Needless to say, it gets left or lost at times, each kid thinks another has it.


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Making Pet Beds From Mattress Toppers or Crib BumpersTake the crib bumpers and fold and layer them to the size bed you want to make or cut a mattress topper to the size of the pet bed you want to make. I had an old memory foam topper that was cut to make quite a few pet beds.


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Back Scrubber For Washing FeetI keep a back brush that I purchased for a dollar at the dollar store in my shower, and use it to clean my heels and toes. A light scrubbing with it exfoliates and keeps calluses from forming.


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Preventing a Pot from Boiling OverMy friend sent me some tips her Aunt had shared with her. If you place a wooden spoon over the pot filled with water it will not boil over. I tried it several times and it's fool proof!


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Milk and Pancake Syrup LaxativeOne things that works and it taste great is just regular white milk and pancake syrup. It will taste like vanilla flavored milk. Just give it some time and it will work with out any cramping or anything else.


Marshall (Shih Tzu - Yorkshire Terrier) on the porch of a dollhouse.

Marshall (Shih Tzu - Yorkshire Terrier)We pulled up to this beautiful farm and the owner started putting near a dozen different breeds of small puppies in this octagon shaped fenced in area. I had my heart set on a small white pile of fluffy fur, but my kids got to them first.


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Use Baby Powder to Stop StainsWhen ironing a white shirt, sprinkle baby powder under the arms before ironing. This will keep sweat from seeping through the shirt, and avoid stains.


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Keeping Your Toothbrush Holder SanitizedIf you have a ceramic toothbrush holder with holes at the top for your toothbrushes, it can trap "gunk" at the bottom. Most of these holders have a little plug that you can take out to clean it. To keep germs down, poke an antibacterial wipe down into the holder to rest at the bottom. Drips will land on the wipe, and you can just take out the plug to remove it when you are cleaning your bathroom. No more disgusting gunk will accumulate.


Container Gardening using recycled containers

Gardening Using Recycled ContainersIf you are tight on space for gardening why not try recycling containers that you got with products. I use Tidy Cats litter buckets and pretty much any kind of container I can recycle.


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WD-40 to Remove Labels from Glass JarsSlightly sand surface of label with sandpaper. Spray with WD-40. Label will come off easily. If not, put napkin on label and saturate with the WD-40. Let sit for as long as necessary.


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Add Tomato To Microwaved Cheese SandwichesTo make your microwaved cheese sanwiches taste yummy, try this. Put your cheese on one side of the bread, then slice your tomato an put it right on the cheese. In 15 seconds you have a great cheese melt with tomato.


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Store Plastic Bags in Paper Towel RollKeep all your plastic bags in an empty paper towel roll. This makes it easier to access them, and keeps them organized.


Finished Duct Tape Lined Shirt Purse

Duct Tape Lined Shirt PurseThese look really nice. It's a good use for old tops.


Homemade shelf behind the bathroom sink.

Building ShelvesAlthough I only have only a few examples to show you, I will share my many "cheap or free" ideas for building shelves. The first thing you need to determine is: Do you own or rent? If you rent, I would not put a lot of holes in the walls.



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Harvesting Rhubarb?If rhubarb gets frozen a little in the ground in the early spring, is it ruined in any way?


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Finch Not Sitting on Eggs?We've had a pair of zebra finches for a few weeks. I just discovered 3 eggs in their nest. They had to have been laid in the last 12 hours, as I noticed she was very plump yesterday and now she is not. I am guessing they are still young finches. They are not sitting on the eggs.


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Introducing a New Puppy to Resident Cats?My new Pit puppy wants to "play", but the two three year old cats just hiss and growl from under the bed when he comes around. It's been 5 days now. One of the cats comes out, but the other stays way clear from my puppy. Is this normal?


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Substituting Marshmallow Creme in Rice Krispies Egg Surprise?In making the Rice Krispies egg surprise with creme how much of a 12oz. jar would you use? Do I need to heat it as well? Thank you.


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Repairing a Broken Dining Table?I have an 8 seater marble, cream table which is broken in the horizontal position. I sent it for repair and am not happy with it. They just faced the whole bottom with wood to keep it in place, but the crack is still very visible.


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Restringing Wind Chimes?I can't find instructions, specific instructions as to how to string the wind chimes, which holes first, etc. Most just say to put the string through the hole. Mine were all on one string when I purchased the wind chime and not 6 separate strings. Any help?


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1960s Encyclopedia Britannica?I have the full set of EB from the 1960s. Is there any way to figure out if they are worth something today? Thanks.


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Keyboard Produces Numbers Instead of Letters?When I hit the J key on my laptop I only get the number 1. The K key gives me the number 2. How do I undo this? Thank you.


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Bronx Vaccination Truck Schedule?I need a simple answer to my question. I need the time and date of the free vaccination truck for my cat. I live in the Bronx near gunhill road.


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Telling the Gender of a Rolly Polly?How can you tell if a rolly polly is a girl?


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Refinishing Wood Paneling?I varnished all my paneling and some of it came out darker than the others. If I re-varnish the lighter pieces will it match up? Should I use polyurethane to seal it?


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Discontinued Wallpaper: Brunschwig and Fils - CourtnyStipe 1587.06/191?I am looking for discontinued wallpaper, Brunschwig and Fils: CourtnyStipe 1587.06/191. I need about 6 rolls.


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Pinecone Crafts for Kids?I am looking for easy (ages, 6, 8, and 10) crafts to make with grandchildren. We live in a forest area so pinecones are readily available.


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