May 2, 2012

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Thyme growing in an herb garden

Growing ThymeThis page is about growing thyme. A wonderful addition to any herb garden is a variety of thyme.


Coconut Cake on Purple Table Cloth

Coconut Cake RecipesA delicious, festive cake can be made with the addition of coconut. This page contains coconut cake recipes.


Closeup of old garden hose.

Uses for Old Garden HoseBefore throwing away a leaky water hose, there are a number of ways it can be reused. This is a page about uses for old garden hose.


Barbecue Beef Sandwich

Barbecue Beef Sandwich RecipesShredded beef and your favorite barbecue sauce are the main ingredients for these delicious sandwiches. This page contains barbecue beef sandwich recipes.


Homemade Cat Shelf

Making a Cat ShelfThis is a page about making a cat shelf. There are few things indoor cats love more than a window perch from which to watch the world outside.


Chopping the end off an onion

Chopping OnionsThis page is about chopping onions. Cutting onions can be a challenge for many people.


Fabric Window Blinds

Cleaning Fabric Window BlindsThis page is about cleaning fabric window blinds. Whether you have cellular, pleated or honeycomb fabric shades, cleaning them can present a challenge.


Saint Bernard Breed Information and Photos

Saint Bernard Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Saint Bernard breed information and photos. Although quite large, the Saint Bernard is a happy, loyal dog that is good with children.


Several types of meats being grilled on a round grill

Saving Money on GrillingThis page is about saving money on grilling. Firing up the barbeque can be expensive, but there are ways to decrease the cost.


Pet Rabbits

Raising Pet RabbitsThis is a page about raising pet rabbits. While rabbits can make good pets, there are special considerations to review before bringing home a fluffy bunny.


Baby Shower Cookies

Baby Shower Favor IdeasThis page contains baby shower favor ideas. It's fun creating useful, memorable favors for a baby shower.


Stromboli Slices

Stromboli RecipesThese rolled sandwiches are a real crowd pleaser, anytime or for special occasions. This page contains Stromboli recipes.


Pink and White Packing Peanuts

Uses for Packing PeanutsThis page is about uses for packing peanuts. This loose packing material can be reused for shipping and for a variety of other things.



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Drumstick As Magic WandMy niece wanted a magic wand after watching some Harry Potter movies. I found an old drum stick at a yard sale and painted it in colors that she likes and added glitter. She really likes it.


Sea Salt on Wooden Table

Salt of the LandWhen it comes to one product with the most household uses, vinegar makes a nice showing but table salt comes out on top. From cooking to cleaning, there's a large list of uses for the cheaply priced mineral. It's no wonder wars broke out because of it.


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Wine Cork As Cheap Fire StarterUse your wine corks for cheap fire starters. Just add a little alcohol on the cork. It works well.


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Removing Labels from Products After PurchasingSmall items I just soak in Dawn detergent and hot water. For larger items like a windshield, or mirror, or window, etc. I use Avon's Skin So Soft. Apply it to the sticker, let sit, and peel off, or use a paper towel to rub off. Then use detergent to wash the oil off, simple and painless.


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Use an Orange for Bird FeederCut your orange in half scoop out the edible part. Poke two holes in each side of the orange, use a piece a string and thread through the holes. Then put bird seed in it, and hang on a tree.


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Homemade Cooking SprayThis is a great cooking spray with no additives. Store it in a cool dark place.


Dad Helping His Daughter get Ready for School

Being Organized for School MorningsThe first thing you need to do is eliminate the mad scramble of the morning rush. You need to be organized and be prepared ahead of time. I will give you some great tips to avoid the morning chaos.


War Monument

Downtown (Brockville, Ontario)This is a war monument with all the names on it of the guys who died for our freedom.


Goat and Dog on Sofa

Foster Freeze (Goat)Foster Freeze is a 3 month old goat we got from friends. He hangs out with the dogs and my horse. Foster loves being with people. He will come into the house lay down and sleep.


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Homemade Shave CreamUse 1 cup shampoo, 1 cup conditioner, and 5 tablespoons of lotion. Keep it in a plastic bottle, mix well. I love this stuff. You can use your favorite kinds of hair products. It makes your legs really soft.


Shiloh (St. Bernard)

Shiloh (St. Bernard)Shiloh is a 5 year old St. Bernard. We had lost our St. Bernard to cancer and a friend called and told us that there was a St. Bernard at the local animal rescue. So we ran up there and got her right away.


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Homemade Stain RemoverUse 2/3 cups of dish soap, 2/3 cups of ammonia, 6 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2 cups of warm water. Mix everything into a spray bottle and shake well.


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Flyaway HairWhen your hair is full of static and you can't do anything with it, just rub a dryer sheet on it. My 5 year old is always full of static and her hair is always looking unkempt. The dryer sheet works well. It will also stop static on clothes if you rub it over problem areas.


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Use a Coffee Filter In Potted PlantsWhen you're using a planting pot, the bottom always has a hole for the water to drain out.To avoid losing dirt out of this hole, just put two coffee filters in the bottom. This will keep dirt in and allow for water drainage.


Seed Packages in a box

A Gardener's Glossary to Buying SeedsWhether you buy seeds from a catalog or purchase them from a store, understanding seed terms will help you make more informed decisions when buying garden seeds.


Receiving Blanket Candy 9

Receiving Blanket CandiesI did these for my son's baby shower. They are really cute. You can fill a small basket with blankets, they look like candies.



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Planning a Trip to England?I have always wanted to go to visit England! Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in all things English. My husband has suggested I do some research as to great, must see, places to visit in England, but I don't know where to start.


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Discontinued Schumacher Wallpaper?Where can I find 8 single rolls of Schumacher wallpaper that has been discontinued? Color: Lacquer Pattern: Lu'an Fretwork


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Baking Time for a Smaller Cake Pan?I'm baking a sheet cake for my sister's birthday and I don't have a 13x9 inch pan. I do have a 9x9x2 inch pan. If I use the 9x9 inch pan, how long do I have to cook it for? The usual time for the 13x9 inch is 22 minutes. Help! A fast reply would be appreciated as I am rapidly running out of time.


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Buying a Watch on a Payment Plan in the UK?I am looking for a place where I can pay monthly on luxury men's watches in the UK. Any suggestions?


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Getting Rid of Moss in Lawn?How can I kill moss in the lawn?


Dark brown and white puppy

What Breed is My Dog?I saved a puppy that was on the highway. I was wondering what y'all think she could be? Thanks.


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Recipes Using Kale?Does anyone have any really good ways they use Kale from the garden? It looks like I might have an abundance. I know that you can use it in salads and soups, but I was looking for another suggestion.


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Cleaning a CD?I have unscratched CDs that don't work. Maybe it is finger prints. What is the best way to clean them?


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Killing Weeds With Vinegar?If you spray vinegar ''at what rate?" will you be able to grow other plants in the same area? Does the vinegar sterilize the ground or how long will it keep weeds from reappearing?


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Wine Bottles in Stained Glass?How did you (Mr. Tim) join the bottoms of the bottles together? Did you use came or glue, I can't tell from the photo.


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Interior Decorating Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a good name for interior decorating company.


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Understanding Symbols on Clothing Care Tag?I have a new dress that states to hand wash. As soon as I put it in the water it started to bleed the bright aqua color. I don't know all of the symbols that are on the tag and can't seem to find them anywhere either.


Pit Bull Puppy

Training an Abused Dog?I just got a 16 month old pure bully, but it was locked in a cage always, fought, and the lady used to beat her with a metal pipe. She's latched on to me now, but she needs to be taught how to play, and basic commands like stay and heel.


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Value of The New Wonder World Encyclopedia?I am wondering the worth of my encyclopedia set. It is called: "The New Wonder World, The World and Its People" by Gro .L. Shuman & Co. The last printing was 1941. They are in excellent condition, and a full set, Vols 1-11. How can I find out their value and locate potential buyers?


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Removing Cigarette Smoke on Walls?I need to remove the smoke from my walls. I smoke cigarettes.


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Cleaning an Oven Door?How do you clean in between the glass on the oven door?


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Shopping for Face Paint?Having a bday party for my kids in 2 weeks (turning 3 and 6). I want to try doing face painting, but need advice on where I can go to buy good paint that is not too pricey, since this is just for fun. Please help, any advice is appreciated!


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Value of Children's Britannica?I have a Children's Britannica set, 1973 edition full set. How much is it worth? Thank you.


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Uses for Small Bars of Soap?I have a lot of motel soap. What can I use it for? The family doesn't like it in the shower.


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Removing Engine Oil on Carpet?I need help for removing engine oil from carpet.


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Inexpensive Northern New Jersey Wedding Reception Venue?We are planning to tie the knot this November 2012. We have the food covered, the dress covered, the grooms attire, and things of that nature are set. We are struggling to find a place.


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