May 8, 2012

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Spring Cleaning Products

Spring Cleaning Gift Basket IdeasThis page contains spring cleaning gift basket ideas. A spring cleaning gift basket can be a fun gift for a friend or neighbor.


Self-Publishing a Book

Self-Publishing a Book?This is a page about self-publishing a book. Self publishing a book can be a good, cost effective choice for a writer, giving you control over the finished manuscript.


Woman Measuring Her Waist Holding Apple

Healthy Weight Loss TipsThis page contains healthy weight loss tips. Many of us are always trying to lose weight, but not always in the most healthy of ways.


Burrito With Vegetable

Burrito RecipesBurritos, whether traditional or your unique recipe, are delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This page contains burrito recipes.


Unemployment Tips

Unemployment TipsThis page contains unemployment tips. You can at times be faced with sudden or long term unemployment.


Man Holding Plunger

Storing a PlungerThis is a page about storing a plunger. Keeping a toilet plunger in the bathroom may be efficient, but storing this somewhat unsightly tool may require some creativity.


honey cookies

Honey Ball Cookie RecipesA healthier cookie can be made with honey as the sweetener. This page contains honey ball cookie recipes.


Watering the Garden

Conserving Water in the GardenThis page is about conserving water in the garden. There are many ways to use less water on your garden, and still have a bountiful harvest.


cleaning walls

Removing Soot from Walls and CeilingSoot can be deposited on walls from smoke or even a poorly trimmed candle wick. This is a page about removing soot from walls.


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Removing Soot from Wood Furniture?This page is about removing soot from wood furniture. Any house fire can leave you with usable wood furniture if you can remove the soot.


Blueberry Pancakes

Homemade Pancake RecipesThere are so many versions of the pancake that you can try new flavors for breakfast or other meals. This page contains pancake recipes.


Curing a Hangover

Curing a HangoverThis is a page about curing a hangover. Dehydration and a drop in blood sugar levels create the symptoms we refer to as a hangover.


Craft Scissors and Paper

Organizing Craft ProjectsThis is a page about organizing craft projects. Many crafters may be working on multiple projects at the same time or they can only work on their projects when time allows.


Woman With Hot Flash

Home Remedies For Hot FlashesThis is a page about home remedies for hot flashes. There are a number of causes for experiencing hot flashes, menopause being one of the most common.


Bright Green Bowling Ball

Crafts Using Bowling BallsThis is a page about crafts using bowling balls. You can create some decorative, unique crafts by working with an old bowling ball.


Making Chocolate Bunny

Creating Candy With Molds?This is a page about creating candy with molds. There are candy molds that you can buy or make to use in creating your own sweet candy treats.


A close up of plants growing in a cinder block.

Growing Plants in Cinder BlocksThis page is about growing plants in cinder blocks. Cinder blocks can be used in many areas of a yard as containers for plants.


Finding a Job That Will Pay for School

Finding a Job That Will Pay for SchoolThis is a page about finding a job that will pay for school. The costs of higher education and vocation training are constantly rising.


Office Chair on White Background

Saving Money on Office SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on office supplies. Whether you own a small business or simply need supplies for a home office, they can be quite expensive to buy.


Zucchini on White Background

Recipes Using ZucchiniSummertime can bring an abundance of this summer squash. This page contains recipes using zucchini.


Dog Pees in the House When Excited

Dog Pees in the House When ExcitedThis is a page about what to do if a dog pees in the house when excited. Some dogs can accidentally pee when they become excited.


Saving Money on a TV

Saving Money on a TVThis is a page about saving money on a TV. Buying a TV may shock your wallet.


Debt Consolidation Tips

Debt Consolidation TipsThis page contains debt consolidation tips. There are a number of reasons you may be considering debt consolidation, often the result of high credit card debt.


Repairing a Flat Tire

Repairing a Flat TireIt can be very frustrating to get a flat tire, especially if you have to fix it yourself. This is a page about repairing a flat tire.


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Removing Soot from Carpet?This page is about removing soot from carpet. Even a small house fire can leave you with a dirty carpet.


Vegetable Beef Barley Soup in White Bowl

Beef Barley and Vegetable Soup RecipesThis page contains beef barley and vegetable soup recipes. A hearty, nutritious soup can be made with a variety of vegetables, beef and, of course, barley.


Septic Safe Cleaners

Septic Safe CleanersThis is a page about septic safe cleaners. Homeowners with septic systems need to take care with the types of household cleaners they use that might enter their septic system.


An RV out in a mountainous area.

RV Travel Tips and Tricks This is a page about RV travel tips and tricks. Traveling in your RV can be very relaxing, especially if you plan well ahead of time.


Bean with Bacon Soup

Recipes Using BaconThis page contains recipes using bacon. There are so many ways to use bacon when preparing your meals.


Make Steps From Cinder Blocks

Making Steps with Cinder BlocksThis page is about making steps with cinder blocks. Whether making temporary or permanent steps, cinder block can be a useful building material.


Child Coloring in a Coloring Book

Saving Money On Coloring BooksThis is a page about saving money on coloring books. Coloring books are a great pastime for children and adults alike.


eBay Logo

Selling On eBayThis is a page about selling on eBay. If you are considering selling on eBay there are some things to consider in order to make it a positive and profitable experience.


Laundry in Washing Machine

How To Do LaundryThis page covers the basics of how to do laundry. The proper way to do laundry is an art form that some people missed out on learning.


Rhubarb Jam on White Plate

Rhubarb Jam RecipesThis page contains rhubarb jam recipes. A hardy garden perennial, rhubarb makes a great jam, when you sweeten it up.


Crescent Roll on White Background

Recipes Using Crescent Roll DoughA variety of interesting meals and snacks can be made starting with refrigerated prepared dough. This page contains recipes using crescent roll dough.



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Snickers Fruit SaladMy favorite salad ever!


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Hummingbird CocktailA delicious cold drink to sip on a hot day. Can be made with or without alcohol.


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Enchilada CasseroleThis is a great casserole that the whole family will love.


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Light Zesty Chicken and RiceThis is so very good! I love the Italian dressing and the vegetables in this as well as the French fried onions.


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Peanut Butter Ice Cream PieSuper easy to make and kids will love it!


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Baking Powder BiscuitsSo easy to make and the ingredients are things most of us keep on hand all the time. Very good, fluffy, warm biscuits!


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Sauteed Cilantro Lime CornI love corn! Have never tried to saute it before and I'll tell you that other than grilled corn there is nothing better than sauteed corn! Combined with cilantro and lime juice?


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Hearty Beef Barley Vegetable SoupA delicious hearty soup for lunch or at suppertime.


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Seafood Pasta SaladThis is great served as a salad or as a side dish, whichever you prefer. I love the imitation crab meat!


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Cheesy Green BeansThis is a great, kid-friendly, easy, microwave recipe with a great blend of ingredients.


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Easy Banana Cream PieSuper easy pie recipe! Quick to fix!


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Iowa Corn ChowderAnother kid-friendly recipe with a great combination of ingredients!


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Deep Dish Ham and Swiss PieEasy to make and a good, hearty meal.


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Cucumbers and OnionsThis is a summer favorite of mine! So nice and cool. Sometimes I want nothing else in the evening for my meal.


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Homemade SyrupThis is really easy and good, even the pickiest eaters will like.



Barbie Bath Tub

Barbie Bath TubThis is a frugal way to make barbie items for your girls.


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Controlling Algae in PondsI use Barley hay, you can buy it in bundles of all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is said that barley hay was used in the old days for keeping algae controlled in water cisterns and wells.


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Relief From Hot FlashesThese tips use no drugs and are virtually cost free.


Tabby cat watching raccoon sleep.

Ronnie and Pandora (Raccoon and Tabby)That's a strange looking kitten! Ronnie was found by my son and his girlfriend When he was young, my son's two cats accepted him as just another strange looking kitten who loved to torment them with his antics.


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Clutter JailUse a clutter jail to help kids pick up their stuff. If you pick something of theirs off the floor they then have to pick a card from a jar, and complete the task before they get their item returned. Here is some card ideas:


Vanity From Refurbished Dresser

Vanity From Refurbished DresserMy sons made a vanity for me in my bathroom. I gave it a combo finish of shabby chic and stenciling. I get many compliments on it.


Miniature Schnauzer on grass

Lana (Miniature Schnauzer)Lana is a 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer. We have had Lana since conception, her mom is my mom's dog and her dad was my dog.


Sunrise in Heyden, Ont

A Moment in Time (Heyden, Ontario)I took this photo early one morning at our cottage a few years ago, just as the sun was coming up.


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Two Methods to Keep Cats Out of PlantersLots of pine cones, the stickier the better! Just put them all around the stem(s) and fill the pot with them.


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Organize Your ClosetI sorted my children's closets. I had four boxes for sorting things: toss, donate, keep, and a box for things that belong somewhere else in the house.



Orange tabby cat

Cat Started Meowing All the Time?My 6 yr old cat, out of the blue, has decided he wants outside. He was born at a local animal clinic and has never been outside, and he was neutered and declawed as soon as he was old enough. He has the most horrible loud meow and it is constant morning, noon, and night. I'm about to wring his neck.


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Getting Rid of Acrobat Ants?I was told I have acrobat ants on my outdoor fence and on the edge of the roof of my garage; the cost to get rid of them professionally will cost hundreds of dollars! Do any TF members know if I can spray something on them myself, or is this a job for professionally pest services only?


Replacing handles on three knives.

Replacing Knife Handles?I'd like to replace handles on these 3 blades: pie, butter, and a cheese knife. I am not sure what kind of wood or material would work best for these and what technique to use.


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Refrigerator Biscuits?On a recipe for a taco burger bake submitted by Robin of Washington, there is a mention of refrigerator biscuits. Can someone tell me what they are as I've never heard of these in Australia.


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Growing Beets?How long does beetroot take to grow from seed to harvest?


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Faded Spots on Italian Leather Settees?The leather is fading in various places especially where my head rests. The response I got from the manufacturer is that it was the ph in my perspiration. If this was so, why is it fading on other parts of the settees that I don't sit on.


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Shopping for Boxes for Storing Canning Jars?Why don't canning jar manufacturers still put jars in the old type boxes? I am an old lady and we always stacked our canned goods in the closet sometimes four deep. You can't do that with these shrink wrapped cases.


Gardenia with one open and one unopened bloom.

Growing Gardenias?I have the following problems with my gardenia. Some leaf edges are turning brown while the rest of the tree looks healthy. And, secondly some buds are not opening although the rest on same tree are doing fine and opening to full blooms.


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Storing Farm Fresh Eggs?How long can farm fresh eggs be stored after cleaning?


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Ice Maker Not Making Ice?My refrigerator won't make ice. The water side works.


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Montgomery Ward Riding Mower Won't Start?I have an old Montgomery Ward riding mower with a 14hp B&S that won't start. It has needed a new battery and I've been nursing the old one. It started after a dragging turnover and I let it idle while I trimmed the weeds.


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Name Ideas for a Motor Vehicle Repair Business?I need a snappy catchy name for a motor vehicles repair business. I am a motor vehicle technician with more than forty years in the motor vehicle engineers repair business. I am about to open my own business and need help finding a name.


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Storing Tulip Bulbs?How do I keep tulip bulbs for planting next year?


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Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica Handy Volume Issue?I have the Encyclopaedia Britannica Handy Volume Issue, 1910. It is hard cover, in green. It is an incomplete set. I have vol. 1-6 , 8, 12-15, 22-24, and 27.


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