May 20, 2012

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Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy Dog TreatsThis page is about healthy dog treats. Dogs love their special treats, but you want to be sure that the food is good for the dog.


Make Curtains With Grommet

Making Curtains With GrommetsThis is a page about making curtains with grommets. Making curtains with grommets is an easy way to create beautiful up to date curtains for you home.


Faux bundt cake

Making Fake FoodThis page is about making fake food. There are situations when intimation food is just what's needed.


Storing Flim

Storing and Developing FilmThis is a page about storing and developing film. For those of us who still use film cameras, one of the concerns is the best way to store and develop the film.


A plate of skull cupcakes.

Making Skull CupcakesThis is a page about making skull cupcakes. Making scary cupcakes for your Halloween parties is creative and fun.


Barking Dachshund

Training a Dog to Stop BarkingThis page is about training a dog to stop barking. A dog's incessant barking is an irritation to their owners and their neighbors.


Tools for home improvment.

Organizing Home Improvement ProjectsThis page is about organizing home improvement projects. Having all the materials and tools ready to complete a project will save you time and money.


Packing for a Trip

Packing for a TripThis page is about packing for a trip. When traveling having everything you will need convenient and easy to find, can be a challenge.


Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade Dog BiscuitsThis page is about homemade dog biscuits. Inexpensive and nutritious dog treats can be made at home.


Ziploc Bag

Reusing Ziploc BagsThis page is about reusing ziplock bags. Ziploc bags are often very sturdy and can be recycled in many ways.


House Training a Rabbit

House Training a RabbitThis page is about house training a rabbit. Having a rabbit as a indoor pet can be messy, but they like to be clean.


Toilet brush holder made with a milk jug.

Storing a Toilet BrushThis is a page about storing a toilet brush. The toilet brush is a handy often used tool, but not necessarily one you want to leave out in the open.


yellow post it note

Uses for Post-It NotesThis page is about uses for post-it notes. Sticky notes can be handy in many ways around the home and office.


Bar of Soap Stuck in a Toilet

Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet?This page is about bar of soap stuck in toilet. A soap bar is an immediate obstruction to your plumbing when it accidentally is flushed in the toilet.


Toilet Brush Head

Toilet Brush Head Stuck in ToiletThis is a page about the toilet brush head stuck in toilet. It is very frustrating when you are cleaning your toilet and the brush head becomes stuck in the toilet.


Mailbox overflowing with junk mail.

Reducing Junk MailThis is a page about reducing junk mail. Many of us are tired of the volumes of junk mail that greet us at the mail box.



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Orange Sweet PotatoIngredients:


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No Bake Cheerio Peanut Butter BarsThis is no bake Cheerio bars recipe I found online, but adapted slightly,



Bobby Pin Necklace

Bobby Pin JewelryDid you know that bobby pins now come in many colors? On one of my visits to the local discount store I found a huge selection of colored bobby pins along with the normal colored ones. I decided to see what a necklace would look like with these dangling.


Storm clouds and power lines.

Thunderstorm Cell SystemI was able to catch a snapshot of a passing thunderstorm from far away. Being that it is a my camera phone, it turned out wonderfully in my opinion. I must have thousands of cloud pictures, but this is my favorite!


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Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh LongerI have tried many things when it came to getting flowers on special occasions; even picking ones from my rose garden. Sugar and aspirin are the couple I did most often. With this I added a penny.


Two Blue Morpho butterflies on plant stem.

Blue Morpho Butterflies (Monteverde Butterfly...The Blue Morpho butterfly is well known for its brilliant blue wings when in flight. When at rest with wings in the closed position only the brown underside of the wing is visible.


Pink flip flop with a Magic Eraser

Cleaning Flip FlopsFlip flops tend to get dirty, especially my white and pink ones. I have tried many cleaners and the best is the Magic Eraser.


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Substituting Cranberry Juice for WineI have tried many things but cranberry juice works the best as a wine substitute. It has just the right amount of tartness and sweetness to taste very similar to wine. And where color matters it is perfect.


White fur coat to be stored.

Use Garbage Bags for Storage and OrganizingI have been doing this for years and it has been such a big help. I don't go buy those costly shrink bags; I use regular garbage bags and pull the tie and even tape the end of the bag for great sealing purposes.


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Homemade Facial Cleanser/AstringentI mix equal portions of witch hazel with distilled water. In this will go a few drops of almond oil and tree tea oil. Sometimes I squeeze some aloe vera in. I use regular cotton pads with this for after cleansing and for a quick cleaning.


Panda at the San Diego zoo.

Zoo Animals (San Diego, CA)Panda, gorilla, and flamingos at the San Diego Zoo.


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Using Fish Tank Water in the GardenMy husband loves his fish tanks and I love gardening. Between the two of us we use a lot of water. But he bought a fish tank vacuum to help him clean out the tanks and originally had it hooked up to the bathroom sink faucet.


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Sentimental Pillows from ClothesThe first outfits given to baby are so special! Turn that special outfit into a very sentimental and personal pillow that you can gift back to the original gifter on Mother's Day, Father's Day, for any occasion, or just because.


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Saving Money on Kids Coloring BooksI have always had several small children of approximately the same age to "entertain" for several hours during the day. It seems that everyone wants to color the same "page" in selected coloring books.


Graduation Money SocksBuy socks that match the grad's school colors. Roll one inside and fill with $1s, $5s, $10s or whatever you'd like. It will be 2 gifts in one. Tie colorful ribbons or balloons, etc. for a festive look.


Killdeer eggs in a nest of stones.

Camouflaged Killdeer Eggs (upstate NY)Look closely. Mother killdeer bird lays her four eggs where they will blend in with the surrounding stones. Can you find them?


Ashlei (Guinea Pig) and Whiskers (Cat)

Ashlei (Guinea Pig) and Whiskers (Cat)I am supervising floor time outdoors for the three piggies, and Whiskers the new baby kitten, has decided to come and take a look.



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Black Spots on Shower Caulking?I keep getting black spots on my shower caulking. They are not on the surface but behind it. I even removed it, bleached behind and recaulked, but they're back!


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Growing Streptocarpus?I would like to know how to grow streptocarpus. It is a native of South Africa.


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Value of World Book Encyclopedia Set?I have a set of World Book encyclopedias from A-Z copyright 1970. Do think they are worth anything?


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Control Switch for Dreamland Fitted Electric Mattress Cover?Where can I obtain a control switch for Dreamland fitted electric mattress cover, model C9816?


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Kitchen Witch Pattern?I am looking for a pattern for a kitchen witch 5 or 6 inches high made with nylon stockings. Any suggestions?


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Growing Tomatoes Next to Blueberries?Can tomatoes be planted next to blueberries?


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Getting Rid of Snakes in House?I have snakes in my house! Is there any way to trap them? How can I get them out?


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Macaroni Salad with Shrimp?Does anyone make a macaroni salad with shrimp in it? Could the recipe be shared with me?


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Removing Paint from Cotton Fabric?I have white washable wall paint on dark cotton material; how do I remove the paint?


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Moving Spider Plant Outside in Summer?I live in the midwest where most of the summer it is hot and humid. Can I move my spider plant outside to hang? If so where do I hang it, shade, part shade, sun, where? It is getting so big and has so many babies, I need to move it and would love to hang it on my patio, but I do not want it to die. Please help.


Plant with green leaves and red flower.

What is This Flower? (Desert Rose)Can anyone tell this plant or flower's name? It was brought to me as a gift. It has a thick trunk.


Dachshund that was bitten.

Dog Ill After Being Bitten?A tree removal company came by with a dog to my house. I asked them if the dog was up to date on shots and if it was or wasn't aggressive since I have an 11 year old Dachshund that is lonely after losing his sister last year.


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Getting Rid of Ticks Naturally?How do I kill ticks on my wooded property without killing everything else?


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Whirlpool Washer Fails to Spin Out at Times?I have a Whirlpool washer that does not spin out at times. The water drains and it will go through the cycle, but the tub will not spin and it smells hot. If I turn the agitator and turn it back to the spin cycle it usually works? Any clue as to what may be causing the problem?


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Choosing a Good Small Dog Food?We give our small dogs Beneful chicken and rice. Is this a good combo for good a healthy life? Also our Toy Poodle scratche


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Removing Super Glue from Plastic Eye Glass Lens?Does anyone know how to remove super glue from plastic eyeglass lens?


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Protecting Mallard Duck Babies from Stray Cat?I have a mother Mallard that has laid 9 eggs under a bush in my backyard, which is a very small, fully fenced in yard. There is no male Mallard in sight. My problem is that there is a feral cat that keeps attacking the mother Mallard..


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Dyeing Suede?Can I dye red suede flip flops black?


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Teen Summer Fun Ideas?My friend and I are 15 and 16, we are looking for fun ideas to do during the summer with our friends (boys and girls). We have access to some driving. We would appreciate any ideas! Thank you.


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