June 19, 2012

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Understanding Your Dog's Body Language

Understanding Your Dog's Body LanguageThis page is about understanding your dog's body language. Although your dog doesn't know everything you say, it can read your body language. You too, can learn to understand their postures and reactions.


Organizing Pet Records

Organizing Pet RecordsThis is a page about organizing pet records. Keeping your pets' records well organized is important to track their vaccinations and other important information.


A photo of a piggy bank painted by a child.

Homemade "Piggy" Bank CraftsThis is a page about homemade "piggy" bank crafts. Many household items can be recycled or repurposed to make cute piggy banks or you can start with new materials.


Making Your Own Potpourri

Making Your Own PotpourriThere are many wonderful herbs and flowers to collect in the garden or buy at the market to make your own fragrant blend. This page is about making your own potpourri.


Craft Ideas Using Natural Materials

Craft Ideas Using Natural MaterialsThis page contains craft ideas using natural materials. Objects found in nature including plant materials, stones, etc. can be used to make beautiful crafts.


Cricket on white

Getting Rid of Crickets in the HouseThis is a page about getting rid of crickets in the house. In some cultures a cricket in the house is considered good luck, but this is not true for all of us.


Photo of a lawn edger.

Edging Your LawnThis page is about edging your lawn. Using the best tools can help save you time when trimming the edges of your lawn.


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Removing Chocolate Stains from ClothingThis page is about removing chocolate stains from clothing. Chocolate can be a stubborn substance to remove from fabric.


Photo of a push lawn mower.

Fixing a Lawn Mower That Won't StartThe lawn is getting taller by the minute and your mower won't start. This is a page about what to do when your push lawn mower won't start.


pattern books for making Cabbage Patch Kids and clothing

Cleaning Cabbage Patch Dolls?This is a page about cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls. Whether is it your old treasured Cabbage Patch Kid or your child's newer one, you may need to clean them periodically.


A photo of cabbage growing in a vegetable garden.

Watering VegetablesThis page is about watering vegetables. With many kinds of vegetables in your garden, they often have different moisture requirements during their development.


School photo of a blond girl.

Organizing and Displaying School PhotosThis is a page about organizing and displaying school photos. School photos are such a great visual record of your children as they grow up.


Homemade Barbie Hats From Styrofoam

Barbie Doll Clothing CraftsThis is a page about Barbie doll clothing crafts. Making doll clothes is often the first thing children learn to sew; it is also a popular craft activity for adults.


Scrubbing Carpet

Removing Furniture Dents from CarpetHeavy furniture leaves dents in the carpet that may be difficult to remove when you rearrange the furniture. This is a page about removing furniture dents from carpet.


A woman holding pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

Tips for Swallowing PillsThis page contains tips for swallowing bills. For many people taking tablets or capsules can be difficult.


Green Plaster Walls

Painting Plaster Walls?This page is about painting plaster walls. Plaster can present some challenges when it's time to paint.


Red Jello on White Plate

Sugar-Free Jelly RecipesThis page contains sugar-free jelly recipes. Reducing sugar intake is on everyone's mind who is striving for a healthier diet.


Feeding a Dog That is a Picky Eater

Feeding a Dog Who is a Picky EaterThis page is about feeding a dog who is a picky eater. Just like other animals, some dogs do not want the food you have fed them.


Roasted Onion

Roasted Onion RecipesThis page contains roasted onion recipes. Onions are delicious when roasted in a variety of different ways.


Uses for Lipstick Containers

Uses for Lipstick ContainersThis is a page about uses for lipstick containers. Empty lipstick containers can be used for other purposes.


Oatmeal Muffins

Oatmeal Muffin RecipesOatmeal can be used to make delicious whole grain muffins. This page contains oatmeal muffin recipes.


Truck Load

Securing Your Truck LoadThis is a page about securing your truck load. Many states now require that you carefully secure your truck load to prevent accidents or injury to other motorists.



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Chili-ghettiThis is a great casserole-style dish. Very good served with hot rolls and a salad for a very simple meal.


Finished Enchilada Casserole

Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada CasseroleThis casserole is so yummy and is much easier to make than rolling individual enchiladas.


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No Bake Low Cal CheesecakeBring cheese to room temperature in bowl. Add the milk, then the pudding mix. Mix well with hand mixer. May also be done in the blender. Fold in fruit if wanted. Pour into prepared crust, smoothing top with spatula.



E Z Moves Furniture Moving System

Product Review: E Z Moves Furniture Moving SystemI injured my right shoulder in November 2010 while moving an antique iron bed with the mattress and box springs still on it. With that injury, I then had three cortisone shots, X-rays, an MRI, and weeks of physical therapy to help get use of my arm again.


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Pricing Homemade QuiltsI take the total amount of materials and mutiply it by the number of hours to complete the quilt and arrive at my price that way. Has worked for me for some time and I feel comfortable with the formula.


Markers in Garden

Popsicle Stick Plant MarkersOur kids each planted a garden this year and I thought it would be helpful if they had plant markers. I had some oversized craft Popsicle sticks and thought they would make good markers.


Penny (Holland Lop)

Penny (Holland Lop)Penny is a 2 year old Holland Lop rabbit. Penny came into our lives when she was just a little tiny bunny at the age of 4 weeks. We had been wanting to get a pet for quite some time when we stumbled upon this little bundle of joy!


Lucifer (Bearded Dragon)

Lucifer (Bearded Dragon)Lucifer is a 2 year old Bearded Dragon. For Christmas two years ago, I got a box with a paper in it. On Boxing Day, I picked up Lucifer plus a tank and everything he needed.


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Product Review: Amore Tomato PasteA few months ago, I was perusing new recipes to try and came across one where one of the ingredients stated "1 tablespoon Amore brand tomato paste from a tube." Tomato paste is available in a tube?


Marbled Nails

Easy Marbled Nail ArtHere's an easy and fun way to do really beautiful nail art at home. I get compliments on them every time!


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1-1-1 Dump CakeIngredients


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Organizing Tips on the InternetWhen reading the card file methods for keeping track of tips found on the Internet, I had to offer two other resources. Both of these allow you to store the tips ON your computer for easy access, and neither takes up any space on your hard drive.



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Cat-Proof Jewelry Display Ideas?My friend needs ideas for a way she can hang something on her wall above her bathroom sink as a place to keep her jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, etc. Right now she is using an (empty) vertical paper towel holder and tube to hold necklaces and some pins and cork board to hold her earrings.


Blue star shaped flowers.

What is This Plant?I have a plant with blue star shaped flowers in our yard. Can anyone tell me the name of this plant? It is supposed to be a food source for butterflies? And how about info on the seed pods? What do they need in the way of sun/shade/food/water?


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Something Is Causing Itching and Bumps?A few weeks ago I found a flea on me :o


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Dog Biscuit Recipe?I need the easiest recipes for dog biscuits that need to be mailed in the heat of the summer. Last Xmas, I made some that arrived moldy. It is June and I don't want this gift to be ruined.


Black and white cat on floor.

Cat Losing Hair on Back?My cat is a male 8 years of age. He started losing hair on his back. It started small and now it's getting bigger. What could it be? I am not working and have no money for a vet. I scared it will make my other cat sick. Please help me save his life. What should I do?


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Preventing Tear Staining on Dog Fur?Our dog is a cross between American Eskimo and Miniature Poodle. She has the same problem as most Poodles, the eyes water and the snout gets a brown tint from the tears. Is there anything that can be done to stop the staining?


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Lawnmower Burns Out Sparkplugs?My lawnmower is burning out sparkplugs. What could be causing this to happen?


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Cardboard Tube Crafts?I'm into crafting and have been saving a lot of cardboard tubes (from toilet paper sized, to paper towels, to even gift wrapping paper tubes). My question now is, what sorts of craft projects can I do with it?


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Remedy for Mange?How do I get rid of dog mange?


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Children and Sports?My sons want to join the local footy team, but from what I have seen I don't know if I should let them. It looks pretty dangerous and they have never played a game of footy in their life. Should I let them or not?


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Value of Living Webster Encyclopedia Dictionary?What is the value of the Living Webster encyclopedia dictionary copyright 1977 in excellent condition?


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Replacement Parts for Singer Magic Press 7?Where can I buy a off/on switch for a Singer Magic Steam Press 7?


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Cleaning Lace Blinds?What is the best way to clean lace blinds?


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Social Security and Child Support?Please help me understand this, okay? My son is 6 years old, his dad has not helped raise him since he was born. He recently got Social Security benefits, and I signed up to be C's payee. The back pay for Social Security went to his father instead of me,


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Dairy Free Naan Bread Recipe?I would love to make naan bread and use my lactose free milk, but there are no lactose free dairy yogurts. Could I use a soy yogurt or some other type of non dairy yogurt? Thanks.


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Removing Red Ink Stamp from Money?How do you erase a red ink stamp off of a $100 bill?


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Child Doesn't Like New School?My kids went to their new school for the first time today and my second youngest daughter doesn't like it. I don't know why because she made new friends and is a star in her class. However, she doesn't like it and doesn't want to go tomorrow. What do I do?


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Getting Rid of Vegetable Pests Organically?I have a vegetable garden and it seems that each year it is being plagued with some sort of problem. The first year was great, the second year, I had a problem with aphids. The third year, it was vegetable fleas?


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