June 25, 2012

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Kiwi Jam

Kiwi Jam and Jelly RecipesThis page contains kiwi jam and jelly recipes. Kiwis make beautiful, green, delicious jam and jelly.


Scratched Wood Floor

Repairing Scratches On Wood FloorsWood flooring is generally quite durable, but it can get scratches over time. This is a page about repairing scratches on wood floors.


Beet Salad with Mustard Garnish

Beet Salad RecipesTry something a bit different; make a great tasting beet salad. This page contains beet salad recipes.


Frozen Cherries

Freezing FruitThis is a page about freezing fruit. When you have an abundance of fresh fruit, an easy way to preserve it is by freezing.


Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole in White Dish

Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole RecipesThe flavors of broccoli and cauliflower are quite complementary when melded into a casserole. This page contains broccoli cauliflower casserole recipes.


Bean Casserole

Bean Casserole RecipesNot just your green bean casserole anymore; there are a myriad of bean casseroles to try. This page contains bean casserole recipes.


Thai food in a plastic container

Removing Odors from Plastic ContainersThis is a page about removing odors from plastic containers. Plastic food storage containers are convenient to use, but sometimes it is very difficult to remove the residual odors left by their contents.


Dump Cake

Dump Cake RecipesThis page contains recipes for dump cakes. Dump cakes are as easy as pouring the ingredients into the pan; even kids can make these tasty desserts.


A wicker bowl of eggs.

Freezing EggsThis is a page about freezing eggs. It is a good idea to stock up when eggs are on sale and freeze them for later use.



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Grandma Kennedy's King-Size Applesauce CakeBarbara recommends a sweet-tart mix of Jonagold, Cameo and Rome varieties. Don't use Galas unless you want a chunky texture. Cut, core and peel the apples. An apple peeler can make the process faster. A good one costs about $25.


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Zucchini, Corn, and Tomato DishThis is a great combination of ingredients and it's also a great way to use some of the zucchini we are growing in our gardens.



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Storing Herbs In Recycled Parmesan ContainersI grow a lot of herbs, after I take and dry them I remove it from the branches and grind them. The jars are perfect to store it in until I want to put it in smaller jars or mix some together. They keep the herbs fresh. I store then in a dark place.


Toby (Chihuahua)

Toby (Chihuahua)Toby is 9 years old and a chihuahua. I got my doggy when I he was 3 months old. He likes it when we chase him around the house and when I get him up and hold him on one arm like a parrot.


Finding Sand Dollars (Copalis Beach, WA)

Finding Sand Dollars (Copalis Beach, WA)We went away for the weekend for my son's 13th birthday. He had a friend come along. We did R/C Cars, kites, hung out and looked for sand dollars.


Close up of motor coupling as attached to motor in Kenmore washing machine

Repairing Motor Coupling in Kenmore Washing...If you have an older washing machine that stops spinning, the problem may be a cracked motor coupling. The replacement part runs about $15.00, but you can easily spend $150.00.


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Saving Money on Healthy FoodI have a restricted diet. I admit sometimes it get boring to eat the same type of food so I have been trying to change it up some lately. Summer is the perfect season to get fruits and veggies, but even frozen things can be fresh.


Bottle of chopped green onions.

Freezing Green Onions for Later UseThere was a pretty good deal on onions at the farmers market, so I got a few bundles.


Gourmet Salad Garden

Grow Yourself a Gourmet Salad GardenGourmet lettuces and salad greens are among the earliest, easiest, and fastest crops a gardener can grow. Many of todays varieties are as beautiful to look at as they are nutritious.


Frozen dog treats in the freezer.

Help Pets Beat the Heat with Frozen TreatsFreeze pet treats in broth to give a nice cooling refreshment. Add whatever your pet likes. I have added drained spring water from tuna, and beef or veggie broth from the slow cooker.


Parrot sitting on white wire shelving.

Verne (Orange Winged Amazon Parrot)Verne is a 29 year old Orange Winged Amazon Parrot. Verne was a Christmas present for me when he was 2 years old. I have had him now 27 years! Verne recently decided wandering the floor and chewing things up was lots of fun...


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Organizing Dirty Laundry?I read all the tips for organizing dirty laundry and have to shake my head in amazement. Why do you let your dirty laundry pile up so much? Keep ahead of your dirty laundry by washing, drying, and putting away at least one load per day.


Pots hanging from a chain in the kitchen.

Storing Cookware on a ChainThe best way I've found so far to store unused cookware, is on a chain (nail was already there) using older metal shower curtain rings through the hole in the pot handle.



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Finding Value of Encyclopedias?I have a set of Funk and Wagnallis encyclopedias that were copyrighted in 1950-1951. I think that one is missing. What is the value of this set of books? I have 34 of them.


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Shopping for Vertical Blind Slats by the Roll?Where can I buy vertical blind slats by the roll and all the fittings to start my own business in the UK. Thanks.


Double sink bathroom countertop.

Applying Polycrylic to Painted Laminate Counter?I have finished priming and painting (marbelizing) a laminate bathroom counter using acrylic paints. I'm now having difficulty getting a smooth finish with the polycrylic (Minwax).


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Painting a Refrigerator?Has anyone ever painted a refrigerator? If so, please tell me how you went about it and if the paint has held up.


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Free Sewing Pattern for a Cloak?Does anyone know a website where I can print out a free sewing pattern for a cloak (not a cape)?


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Freezing Fruit Pies?Is it better to freeze or bake a fruit pie if you plan to freeze it?


Making a Candy Corsage?I would like to make a birthday corsage for my daughter she will be 7, but I don't know what kind of candy is for a 7 year old. How can I find a guide for this?


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Repairing Chipped Paint in Microwave?I was cleaning food stuck on in microwave. Well, the paint chipped a tiny amount. What can I do? Thank you.


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Preschool Slogan Ideas?I need help finding a slogan for Hurstborne Preschool.


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Growing Tomatoes Upside Down?I would like information on growing tomatoes upside down.


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Finding Free or Inexpensive Appliances?I am in need of a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. I lost just about everything and need some help. Any ideas where I can find replacements.


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Using Garden Tools?What are the factors to be considered in using garden tools?


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Removing Mold from Shoes?How do I remove mold from my fabric and vinyl shoes?


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Homemade Bodywash?Can I make homemade bodywash from leftover soap pieces?


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