August 23, 2012

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deadheading lilies.

Growing PerennialsThis is a page about growing perennials. Growing perennials is a rewarding gardening experience, as they continue to come up and provide beautiful color year after year.


Sister's Day Craft Ideas

Sister's Day Craft IdeasThis is a page about Sister's Day craft ideas. Celebrate Sister's Day (the first Sunday in August) by making your sister a special gift.


Getting Dye Out of Clothing

Getting Dye Out of ClothingDye can get onto clothing either in the wash or by transferring from other clothing such as jeans. This is a page about getting dye out of clothing.


A bookmark made out of wallpaper scraps.

Homemade BookmarksThis is a page about homemade bookmarks. Whether making them for yourself or as gifts, homemade bookmarks are fun for the whole family to make.


Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Baby Shower Decorating IdeasThis is a page about baby shower decorating ideas. Decorating for a baby shower can be fun unless you are at a loss for ideas.


Dachshund and Schnauzer Mix

Dachshund and Schnauzer Mixed Breed Information and Photos?This page contains Dachshund and Schnauzer mix-breed information and photos. A common canine mix is of the Dachshund and Schnauzer.


Chipmunks Eating My Tomatoes

Chipmunks Eating Tomatoes?This page is about chipmunks eating tomatoes. It can be a challenge to keep little visitors from eating your fresh growing tomatoes.


Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread RecipesThis page contains homemade bread recipes. Having nutritious, freshly baked bread at home is wonderful.


Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Baby Shower Cake IdeasThis is a page about baby shower cake ideas. The cake is the centerpiece of a baby shower.


Bissell SpotBot Reviews

Bissell SpotBot ReviewsThis page contains Bissell SpotBot reviews. Before buying a carpet spot cleaner, it is a good idea to do some research.


Kitchen With Maple Cabinets

Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Maple...Cabinets often occupy a significant space in your kitchen. So choosing a paint color that coordinates with your cabinetry is important. This page contains paint color advice for kitchen with maple cabinets.


Tape Roll Bracelets

Uses for Empty Tape Rolls and DispensersThis is a page about uses for empty tape rolls and dispensers. Paper and plastic tape rolls and dispensers can be recycled or reused for crafts and storage, to name a few options.


Lemon Juice for Acne Scars

Lemon Juice for Acne ScarsLemon juice has been suggested as an effective treatment for acne scars. This page answers questions about using lemons to help minimize acne scars.


Sharpie Marker on Leather Couch

Cleaning Permanent (Sharpie) Marker...Unfortunately it is not uncommon to get Sharpie marks on your leather couch. This is a page about cleaning permanent (Sharpie) marker from a leather couch.


foil ball

Alternatives To Dryer SheetsThis page is about alternatives to dryer sheets. We all enjoy static-free, soft laundry, but dryer sheets are not the only way to accomplish this.


Ice Cubes

Homemade Ice PacksThis is a page about homemade ice packs. Make your own ice packs to use for minor injuries. This is a page about homemade ice packs.


Making a College Survival Kit

Making a College Survival KitThis page is about making a college survival kit. Make sure your young scholar is well equipped when heading off to college.


Preventing Dishwasher Detergent Residue

Preventing Dishwasher Detergent ResidueHaving spot free, clean dishes come out of the dishwasher is what we all strive for. This page is about preventing dishwasher detergent residue.


Homemade Nail Polish

Homemade Nail PolishThis is a page about homemade nail polish. Nail polish in all of its array of colors can be expensive. Try making your own special blend at home.



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Italian Sausage Soup for Sodium Restricted DietI am on a sodium restricted diet, but I refuse to give up foods I like, such as Italian sausage. I work them into my daily amount of sodium allowed, as with this soup.


Stuffed Green Peppers on a plate.

Stuffed Bell PeppersI was never fond of green peppers until last year when a friend gave us some out of her garden. After trying stuffed bell peppers, this recipe became one of my favorites.



Saving Money on Coffee

Saving Money on CoffeeI love my coffee, but the prices continue to go up so I am sharing some things that have helped me save $$ on my coffee.


Knee boots.

Stretching Tight Boots and ShoesI have really big muscular calves and wide feet (thanks, Mum!), making it very hard for me to fit into shoes I fancy. I bought these suede boots and pumps online because they were dirt cheap and super cute. When they arrived, not surprisingly, I could not fit into them.


cover on bottle 2

Oil Bottle CoverWhether I use the bottles that the oil comes in or I transfer it to fancy bottle, it always seems like the oil drips down the sides after each use. To solve this problem, I decided to make drip catchers out of my daughter's old tights.


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Easy Way to Peel PotatoesI have peeled so many potatoes in my lifetime. When a friend shared an easier way I had to share. These days when I do eat mashed potatoes I leave the skin on, after a good scrubbing of course. The skin holds many vitamins and nutrients that are very good for you.


Nail polish made from eyeshadow

New Nail Polish from EyeshadowMake some new nail polish from your unused eye-shadows. I took a cocktail stick and scraped some onto a piece of paper then poured the powder into a bottle of clear nail varnish.



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Do Mosquitoes Breed in Moving Water?I have a water fountain that we keep running because the birds like to drink from it. I don't know if mosquitoes can breed it it or not. Anyone know?


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Buy Now Pay Later Websites?I am looking for men's bands that I can buy now and pay for by the month, no credit cards, or down payments. Where can I buy now and pay later?


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Child Behaves Differently When Ex Spouse is Around?My ex tries so hard to turn our six year old son against me. I want to be positive and not allow it to affect me. I know he loves me and I'm going to do everything in my power to counter the negative, by loving my son more.


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Substituting Light for Dark Brown Sugar?I was wondering if you can use light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar for a recipe I found for toffee muffins. Thanks for your help.


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Machine Embroidery Ideas?I am looking for machine embroidery ideas for striped bath clothes. Any suggestions?


View of open floor plan.

Paint Color Advice for Open Kitchen, Family Room...I have an open concept living area that includes family, kitchen, and dining. My cabinets are your typical oak with a counter top that is a laminate green color mix My high ceilings are all cedar wood almost the color of the golden oak cabinets. There are two hallways that come off of this area.


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Is Canned Tomato Sauce or Paste Gluten Free?Does tomato paste or sauce contain any gluten? I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and have found most "sauces", including salsa, contain some gluten. I can't find how to ask Hunt's if there is any in the can of tomato paste I have.


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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally?I have a terrible mosquito problem. I don't have any standing water, but I have a lot of potted plants that I have to water daily because of the drought. I have noticed mosquitoes flying around the wet soil. I think they are laying eggs on the wet soil.


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Freezer Door Handle Came Off?The door handle for my Kenmore Elite 2008 has come off. I've purchased every kind of hex wrench system and cannot seem to tighten the screw back in. Any ideas or suggestions to get my handle screwed back on?


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