October 10, 2012

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Peach Cake

Peach Cake RecipesThis page contains peach cake recipes. Peaches are a delicious addition in many desserts.


Paper Snowman Crafts

Paper Snowman CraftsThis page is about paper snowman crafts. Many simple holiday decorations can be made different kinds of paper.


Dealing With Stray Cats

Dealing With Stray CatsThis is a page about dealing with stray cats. Some neighborhoods have many stray cats wreaking minor havoc in trash, gardens, etc. There are ways to resolve this issue and perhaps help the cats as well.


dryer lint

Making Masks Using Dryer Lint?This is a page about making masks using dryer lint. Halloween is coming; try making your own face masks using a pulp made from dryer lint.


Homemade Decongestant Recipes

Homemade Decongestant RecipesThis page contains homemade decongestant recipes. Cold and flu season and seasonal allergies leave many of us with chest and nasal congestion.


Brown Paper Bag Wallpaper Technique

Brown Paper Bag Wallpaper TechniqueThis is a page about the brown paper bag wallpaper technique. To create an unusual decorating effect, try using brown paper bags in place of traditional wallpaper.


Keeping Yarn Away from Cats

Keeping Yarn Away from CatsThis is a page about keeping yarn away from cats. Kitties can easily become hopelessly ensnared in yarn, as they joyfully play with this unintentional toy.


Yo Yo Christmas Garland

Making a Yo Yo Christmas GarlandThis page is about making a yo yo Christmas garland. Yo yo quilt pieces can be incorporated into a special garland for the holidays.


Paper Shredding Tips

Paper Shredding TipsThis page contains paper shredding tips. Shredding documents is a good way to keep your personal information from getting in the wrong hands.


Meatball Soup Recipes

Meatball Soup RecipesThis page contains meatball soup recipes. A hearty, nutritious soup can be made with meatballs and a variety of vegetables.


Corned Beef Hash

Hash RecipesHash is an excellent recipe for using up leftover roast or other meat. This page contains hash recipes.


Making Stationary Gift Sets

Making Stationery Gift SetsThis is a page about making stationery gift sets. Handmade stationery is a lovely gift to make and receive.


Spiderweb Crafts

Spiderweb CraftsThis page contains spiderweb crafts. Fun, inexpensive projects can be made for Halloween decorations.


Halloween Spider Crafts

Halloween Spider CraftsThis page contains Halloween spider crafts. A variety of fun decorations can be made with a spider theme.


Baby Shower Punch Recipes

Baby Shower Punch RecipesThis page contains baby shower punch recipes. A fun punch and bowl decoration can be made for a special party.


Camping With Pets

Camping With PetsThis page is about camping with pets. When bringing your pets with you on a camping trip, there are a number of things to keep in mind to make sure everyone is comfortable.


Bowl of hot and sour soup.

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup RecipesThis page contains Chinese hot and sour soup recipes. You don't have to wait until your next dinner out at a restaurant to enjoy Chinese hot and sour soup.


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Uses for a Wreath HangerThis page contains uses for a wreath hanger. An over the door wreath hanger can be reused for other things.


Mashed Potato Casserole Recipes

Mashed Potato Casserole RecipesThis page contains mashed potato casserole recipes. A yummy casserole can be made with left over or freshly mashed potatoes.


Chocolate Cherry Brownie Recipes

Chocolate Cherry Brownie RecipesThis page contains chocolate cherry brownie recipes. A special, delicious dessert can be created with chocolate and cherries.


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Sausage Bread RecipesThis page contains sausage bread recipes. For a delicious meat pastry treat, make some flavorful sausage bread.


Frankenstein Craft Ideas

Frankenstein Craft IdeasThis is a page about Frankenstein craft ideas. Frankenstein's monster is a favorite Halloween icon.



A Jack Russell sitting on the ground.

Sproetjies (Jack Russell)Sproetjies is a 1 year old Jack Russell. I bought Sproetjies from a pet store in November 2011. I often go to pet shops to cuddle the small cats and dogs, and when I saw those two big eyes, I just couldn't resist. Sproetjies likes sneaking into the house. Whenever you are looking for her, you can just go and look ~ you'll probably find her curled up on my bed.


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Patterns for Knit SocksLionbrand.com has wonderful sock knitting patterns. I have been using them for years. I get them at JoAnn's craft store.


Acorn shaped cookies

Making Acorn CookiesThis video shows you how to make acorn cookies made from Hershey's Kisses and mini Nutter Butters.


Witch and ladybug holding a pumpkin.

Happy Fall! (Mason County, WV)My daughters all dressed up in their costumes.


lettuce wrap with cheese

Spicy Quinoa Lettuce WrapsThese lettuce wraps are full of flavor and make a great lunch or snack.


Separating keyring with staple puller.

Use Staple Remover to Add Keys to RingSave your fingernails when adding keys to a key ring. Use the staple remover to separate the two parts of the keyring so you can easily slip the key on.


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Dealing with Yeast on PetsPets can have yeast in their ears, on their body, on their feet, etc. This is how to deal with yeast in dogs.



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Lawn Mower Cord Won't Pull Out?I have a Honda self-propelled lawn mower. At the end of last use, the self-propel stopped and it smelled like burned rubber. I checked the oil, which is fine, checked the blades, no blockage or build-up on inside of mower, and the belt looks fine (I thought the belt might be hung up on something or broken, but it looks O.K.) I can turn the blades manually with no problem. The spark plug is new. The cord is extremely difficult to pull and I can't get it all the way out. Also, when looking under the mower, what is the best way to tip the mower? Lift the front, or turn it on its side?


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Home Remedy for Dandruff?I am looking for a home remedy for getting rid of dandruff.


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Serving Tacos for 200 at Reception?I am hosting a taco bar for 200 wedding guests. I need to know the quantity of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, olives, guacamole, sour cream, and what else to offer.


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Small Offshoots on Tomato Plants Dying?My tomatoes are producing well, but a lot of the smaller vines coming off the main stems seem to be drying up and dying where they come off the larger vine.


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Working With an Aggressive Dog?I have a Basenji and she is mixed with something else. She does bark and she is light brown, but she is now getting some white on her head and feet.


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Getting Rid of Cottonwood Root Suckers?I had to cut down a dead cottonwood tree. Since that time I have root tips coming up everywhere in my yard. I chop the tips that are coming up, but in a few weeks they are back growing up again. How do I kill them so they don't come back?


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Repairing a Nylon Zipper That Separated?I want to fix my boots so bad, but I don't know how. When I zip them up it starts to come open at the bottom so please tell me how to fix them. They are my favorite.


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Removing Dried Paint on Clothing?How do I remove off white paint from black pants?


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Weight Watchers Pumpkin Muffin Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for pumpkin muffins that came from an old WW booklet my mother bought at one of our meetings. I was allowed 3 pumpkin muffins with WW margarine for breakfast. The recipe had sweetner, canned pumpkin, spice of some sort, and bread in it that I know of. My mother loaned our cookbook booklets to her mother and we have no clue what she did with them. I loved these muffins and have been searching for 15 years for the recipe. Thanks for any help in finding it.


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Interior Decorating Business Name Ideas?I need a name for my interior decorating business in which I'm offering colour consultations and art that fits your decor.


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Preventing Cabbage Clubroot?Other than buying resistant seed, such ad Kilaxy, etc. is any help out there? Desperation is setting in on my allotment.


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