October 30, 2012

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spider ring cubes

Spider Ring Ice CubesThese spider ring ice cubes are a fun and festive addition to a Halloween party. This page is about making ice cubes with toy spider rings in them.


New Roasted Potatoes

Recipes Using New PotatoesFresh, small potatoes are delicious prepared many different ways. This page contains recipes using new potatoes.


Apple Cider Vinegar With Apples and Cinnamon

Health Remedies Using Apple Cider VinegarThis page contains health remedies using apple cider vinegar. Throughout the world, vinegar has been used for improving health and many may benefit from it's use.


Puppy with pig ear chews.

Homemade Dog ChewsThis page is about making homemade dog chews. Saving money on pet supplies always helps the budget, and can be fun.


Cracked Porcelain Doll Costume

Porcelain Doll Costume IdeasThis page contains making a porcelain doll costume ideas. An inexpensive costume to assemble and personalize is a china doll.


A drawing of the biblical figure noah.

Bible Costume IdeasThis page contains bible costume ideas. Biblical character costumes can be simple to put together and warm for trick or treaters.


Children Vacuum Cleaning

Cleaning With ChildrenThis page is about cleaning with children. Making a game of cleaning can be an entertaining way to get things done with the kids.



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Meat LoafThis is the recipe that my mom made all the time when I was growing up. Never found one better!


Baked SnakeA great treat for a Halloween potluck.


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Easy PunchThis was my mom's favorite wedding or other celebration punch to make!


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Quick Italian SpaghettiThis is a new family favorite! Very, very good recipe from my friend, Theresa!


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Butter Pecan BreadThis is a great bread, especially for breakfast. Super easy to make!


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Chicken CasseroleThis is a great, inexpensive dish to prepare that the whole family will love.


Eyeball Cupcakes

Eyeball CupcakesFun cupcakes for Halloween


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Oven-Fried Veggies (Low Calorie)These are a great snack or for meal time!


mummy enchilada on plate

Mummy EnchiladasThese creamy "mummy" enchiladas are perfect for dinner on Halloween!


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Vegetable CasseroleThis is an extremely easy, tasty recipe. I love the combination of soup and cheese poured over the veggies!


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Strawberry Jello SaladThis salad is great because I love the combination of the strawberries, banana and pineapple!


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Macaroni SaladThis macaroni salad has one of the best dressings I have ever had in a macaroni salad. Very sweet and good!


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Crab Meat Chowder SoupThis is a great soup that can be used with real or imitation crab meat.


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Cole SlawI love the dressing this slaw makes!


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Baked Carrots SupremeThis is a great carrot dish. I like the crackers over the top!


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Steak and MoreThis makes a great one-dish meal!


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Peach CobblerAnother very easy and cheap to make dish. Great dessert!


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Salmon Loaf SupremeThis is a great, healthy dish that any salmon lover will enjoy!


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Quick Cherry SlicesThese are yummy and inexpensive to make. My husband loves these!


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Stuffed PumpkinA different twist on stuffed squash is a baked pumpkin; an interesting main dish filled with meat and rice.



ice cubes in orange soda

Spider Ring Ice CubesPlace a spider ring into each space in the ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze until solid. Add to your favorite beverage. They are sure to scare your Halloween party guests.


Bindi, a black cat tearing up paper towels.

Bindi (Cat)We got Bindi from an outdoor supply store. She was the last kitty left.


DolceWe adopted our wonderful kitty from our local shelter. She has been a blessing, she is very sweet with a great, playful personality!


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Dora Homemade CostumeMy daughter loves Dora, so for Halloween she is going to dress up as her. I got a pink t-shirt from Old Navy that has Boots on the front and the backpack on the back.


A car in a flooded street

Storm PreparationWith the storm bearing down on the Eastern seaboard, I thought I'd share some things I learned while living on the Gulf Coast.



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Painting an Accent WallI have a light living room with 3 walls; it opens into the kitchen. It faces west. There is a full tall cathedral wall, another the same that tapers down to the front wall which is all the same height and has a fireplace and 2 windows.


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Donating Greeting Cards to St. Jude's Recycled Card ProgramIs it OK to cut the backs of cards if we are sure they aren't Hallmark, American Greetings, or Disney? It makes them lighter and cheaper to mail.


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Getting a Parvo Shot After Having ParvoI have a Reindeer Chihuahua. A week after we got her she came down with parvo. I could not stand by and do nothing, so I took her to the vet.


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Remedy for Puffy EyelidsI have puffy eye lids, so puffy that I don't have a place to put eyeshadow if I wanted to. Does anyone know how to shrink my puffiness? Hopefully someone has a home remedy.


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Cleaning or Dusting Live PlantsI am looking for a good way to dust, clean my 3 large real plants. I have been using a mild soap, but it seems like it dries out the ends of the greens, and yellows them. Any ideas?


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Removing an Oil Stain from Leather JacketI have an oil stain on a leather jacket and I tried to remove it with water and soap, but it's still there. It looks like the stain area is a darker color. Please help me. I really love this jacket.


Does Food Stay Colder in Refridgerator During the Winter?For some reason I always felt like my food/drinks stayed colder in a refrigerator in the winter here in mid-Michigan! I just thought that my fridge just did not have to work as hard to stay colder in the winter as it did in the summer.


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Reviews of MagicJackI am thinking about buying a Magicjack. Can anyone let me know if you would buy it again?


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Replacement Control for Electric Mattress PadWhere can I get a replacement control for an electric mattress pad? It is a regular bed size and has one digital control.


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Easy Black Bean Salsa RecipeI am looking for an easy, throw together fast black bean salsa. I usually have items on hand, but it never tastes quite right like others I have tasted. Thanks


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Lemon Tree Not Blooming or Setting FruitI am from Durban South Africa. I planted an Erica lemon tree almost two years ago and up to now have only had 4 buds and no fruit. Please help!


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Potato Peels Clogged PlumbingI put potato peels down the garbage disposal and while it clogged, the clog was pushed thru the pipes underneath the sink and into the wall in between the kitchen and bathroom. I tried snaking it and that didn't work. The garbage disposal was replaced because it was thought to be broken as well. So how on earth do I get that clog unclogged without tearing apart a wall and piping or spending $200 on a plumber?


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Colored 9oz. Cups for Sparkle BallsWhere can I find colored or patterned 9 oz. plastic cups? Last year my local grocer had red and holly ones, but this year they are not carrying them. Sam's club is supposed to have neon ones, but they are only carrying shot glasses.


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