December 4, 2012

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A pug dog dressed up like an elf.

Dressing Up Your Dog for ChristmasThis page is about dressing up your dog for Christmas. A festive best friend can be included in your trimmings for the holidays.


Galloping Gourmet Convection Oven Tips and Tricks

Galloping Gourmet Convection Oven Tips...This page contains tips and tricks for using a Galloping Gourmet convection oven. Finding manuals or parts for small kitchen appliances is a common necessity; they get misplaced, left out of packaging, or aren't with the appliance if purchased used.


FIMO waterproof clay.

Waterproof Clay Ideas?This is a page about waterproof clay ideas. Certain craft projects require the use of waterproof materials.


Craft Uses For Playing Cards

Crafts Using Playing CardsThis page is about crafts using playing cards. Reusing packs of cards can create fun projects.


Canned Mackerel

Recipes Using Canned MackerelThis inexpensive, nutritious fish is consumed worldwide. This page contains recipes using canned mackerel.


A roll of paper towels.

Paper Towel Reviews?This page contains paper towel reviews. There are a number of selling points advertised by paper towel manufacturers, making the choice easier and harder.


Dried Paint From Carpet

Removing Dried Paint From Carpet?This is a page about removing dried paint from carpet. Getting paint on the carpet while painting a room is a common mishap.


Photo of an 91 year old man with family.

Gift Ideas for a 91 Year Old Man?This is a page about gift ideas for a 91 year old man. Deciding what to get a nonagenarian as a gift can be thought provoking, but try following the same process as for any gift giving decision.


A messy eater making lots of stains.

Removing Tomato Sauce Stains From Carpet?This page is about removing tomato sauce stains from carpet. When tomato based foods are spilled, they can make a stubborn discolored spot.


George Foreman Grill

Replacement Parts for George Foreman GrillsTo keep these popular appliances working properly you may need a new part. This page is about replacement parts for George Foreman grills.



Weimaraner - Breed Information and PhotosThese beautiful, energetic dogs are raised to track big game. This page contains weimaraner - breed information and photos.


Dog With Pancreatitis

Feeding a Dog With Pancreatitis?This is a page about feeding a dog with pancreatitis. Dogs with health conditions often require special diets.


Moroccan Terracotta Cooking Tagines

Fireproof and Heat Resistant Clay Recipes?This is a page about fireproof and heat resistant clay recipes. Some crafts require fireproof or heat resistant clay.


A DIRECTV style dish on a rooftop.

DIRECTV Reviews?This page contains DIRECTV reviews. Consumers generally do their due diligence before choosing a TV provider.


Photo of a toilet bowl.

Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews?This page is about Magnetic Toilet Bowl cleaner reviews. This chemical free, magnet cleaner is said to be safe and effective.


Cloudy Toilet Water

Cloudy Toilet Water?This page is about cloudy toilet water. If your toilet water is not clear, you need to determine the reason because it could be a problem with your water supply.


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Reviews

Magic Erasers ReviewsThis page contains Magic Erasers reviews. Checking reviews of cleaning products is a great way to decide if they are worth trying.


Nail Polish Remover Stain on Leather

Fixing Nail Polish Remover Stains on LeatherNail polish remover does a great job of removing polish, but if used or spilled on leather it can damage the dye. This is a page about fixing nail polish remover stains on leather.


Spool Doll

Making Spool DollsThis page is about making spool dolls. Thread spools can be reused to create something new.



Banana slices on dehydrator tray.

Dehydrated BananasDuring the summer months, I enjoy eating frozen bananas, but now that it has turned cold, I have a new craving and it's for dehydrated bananas.


Dog with stripped hat.

Sissy (Maltese)Got her back in 2004 for a surprise birthday present to my brother.


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Handy Mix of Nuts, Dried Fruits, and SpicesMultiple use mixture for baking, stores well, and always ready.


Sandy looking up.

SandyI got her from a breeder a couple hours away from where I live. I brought her home in February 2012.



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Softening White Sugar?It's been in a glass container on my counter for several months and I rarely use it. Now it's hardened in the glass container and I can't get it out. What can I do without destroying the container?


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Flea-like Splinter Looking Bugs on Cats?I live in a log cabin in the woods. We have indoor cats that never go out. Recently they have gotten bugs that look like black splinters and jump like fleas. It makes them itch constantly. They jump on humans too and bite, but don't make us swell up. I can't get rid of them. Any suggestions?


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Sewing Machine Needle Not Working?My machine was not moving so I opened it to check the problem. After putting it back in place, the needle goes very deep into the machine and it cannot move. What went wrong? I do not know which part is supposed to go where.


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Japanese Themed Room Ideas?I was wondering how to decorate my room, Japanese themed. Any good decorating and furniture ideas? I'd like to keep it sweet and simple, but still have the Japanese touch that's creative. Any ideas?


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12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter just turned 12, but we aren't having a party for a few days or weeks. We need ideas asap. Thanks.


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Getting Rid of a Cowlick?I have this really annoying cowlick. My hair is kind of straight. I just got a side fringe and the side fringe kind of curls around. I don't want to be straightening my hair the whole time, so please give me some advice.


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Cleaning Antique Sterling Silver?I have a collection of sterling silver napkin rings, which are almost all 100 plus years old. Most have intricate designs in the Art Nouveau style. I have used the aluminum foil/baking soda and salt in hot water method. However, I now have a cloudy white residue left in the creases and indentations of the Repousse Nouveau designs.


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Finding Free Furniture?I'm looking for a nice clean used mattress and box springs. I just moved into an apartment and the person that was giving me a queen mattress and springs decided to keep it so I am looking. I also need a loveseat. My apartment is not that big, plus it's just me. If you can help me, with ideas of where to find these items, I would deeply appreciated it and God bless you. I'm in Latonia, Kentucky, 3 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you.


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Information on Murphy Cedar Chest?I have a Murphy cedar chest stamped, Murphy 18. Does anyone know when this was made, etc.?


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