January 7, 2013

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Caring Doctor with Patient

Choosing A DoctorThis is a page about choosing a doctor. Choosing a doctor can be a daunting process.


Rhubarb stalks

Growing RhubarbThis is a page about growing rhubarb. Whether it is your first time growing rhubarb or you have had problems in the past, there are some helpful tips that can make this a positive gardening experience.


MOther and Father Reading with young CHildren

Teaching Toddlers to ReadThis is a page about teaching toddlers to read. Teaching your toddler to read can be a very rewarding experience. There are many approaches you might use.


Removing Alcohol Stains From Leather Shoes and Boots?Beer and other alcoholic beverages can easily be spilled on leather shoes and boots. If the alcohol leaves a stain, it can often be removed with care to avoid damaging the leather surface.


Clay Octopus Craft

Polymer Clay CraftsThis is a page about polymer clay crafts. Polymer clay, or Fimo, is a very creative crafting medium for children and adults alike.


Muffin Tin Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Muffin Tin Pineapple Upside Down Cake...This page contains muffin tin pineapple upside down cake recipes. Make your next pineapple upside down cake in muffin tins for a sweet little treat.


Leather Chair

Removing Body Odor from Leather?This is a page about removing body odor from leather. Unfortunately leather furniture and car seats can pick up body odors.


Bran Muffins

Increasing Fiber in Your DietThis is a page about increasing fiber in your diet. Dietary fiber can provide a variety of health benefits.


Child Playing with clay

Inexpensive Kids CraftsThis page contains inexpensive kids crafts. It doesn't have to cost much to create fun crafts.


Storing Peanuts

Storing Peanuts?This is a page about storing peanuts. There are some guidelines for storing food to retain flavor and nutrition.


Homemade Tote Ideas

Homemade Tote IdeasThis is a page about homemade tote ideas. Totes have many uses from grocery shopping to carrying your craft supplies.


Microwave Fire

Cleaning Walls and Hard Surfaces After a FireThis is a page about clean walls and other hard surfaces after a fire. A home fire, even a small one, will require repair and cleanup.


Taco Bake on Picnic Table

Taco Bake RecipesTry an alternative to the traditional hand held taco; make a taco bake recipe. This page contains taco bake recipes.


Cats Fighting

Preventing Cats From FightingThis a a guide about preventing cats from fighting. Outdoor cats, as well as indoor ones, can get into scraps over such things as food and territory.


Making Yarn Easter Eggs

Making Yarn Easter EggsMaking decorative yarn or string Easter eggs could become a new family tradition. This is a page about making yarn Easter eggs.


Easter Recipe

Traditional Easter RecipesMany cultures and families have recipes that have become traditional for Easter meals. This page contains traditional Easter recipes.



Choosing the Right Paintbrush?This page is about choosing the right paintbrush. Depending on what you plan to paint, it helps to use the best brush for the job.


Woman Hold Cat

Remedies for Cat AllergiesThis page is about remedies for cat allergies. If you find that you or a member of your family are allergic to your cat, it can be a big problem.


Faux Marble

Making Faux MarbleThis is a page about making faux marble. Marble can be quite an expensive investment in home decorating.


Avon Easter Bunny Pin

Collecting Avon PinsThis page is about collecting Avon pins. Finding the least expensive way to complete your collection is a smart goal.


Reducing Sugar Consumption

Reducing Sugar ConsumptionThis is a page about reducing sugar consumption. Health care professionals have told us that too much sugar is hazardous to our health.


Easter Basket

Saving Money on EasterThe cost of celebrating the holidays, including Easter, can be expensive. This is a page about saving money on Easter.


Understanding Seed Packet Instructions

Understanding Seed Packet InstructionsThis is a page about understanding seed packet instructions. You can save money by growing plants from seeds, but you may not be familiar with all of the terms commonly used on seed packets.


Spa Towel Wrap With Shoulder Straps

Making a Spa Towel WrapThis is a page about making a spa towel wrap. You can make your own spa style towel wrap easily at home and save money as well.


Spiced Peaches Recipes

Spiced Peaches RecipesThis page contains spiced peaches recipes. Spiced peaches are an easy to make special dessert for the holidays or anytime.


Rusty Chain

Preventing RustThis is a page about preventing rust. Many items around your home are susceptible to developing rust.


Cauliflower Soup Recipes

Cauliflower Soup RecipesHomemade soup makes a delicious lunch or dinner. This page contains cauliflower soup recipes.



Chloe the Persian

Chloe (Persian)Chloe is a 3.5 month old Persian. I bought her from local breeder. She enjoys playing with her doll, threads, chicken, and fur.


upclose of soup

Roasted Cauliflower SoupIt's chilly outside, so stay warm with this yummy soup!


Squirrel Waiting for Breakfast

SquirrelHere is a squirrel waiting for breakfast! Every morning I put out 6 cups of Chicken Scratch for a wide assortment of birds, chipmunks and squirrels. I really enjoy watching them through my back window as I eat my breakfast.


gray cat next to laptop

Feeding Cats Who Fight SeparatelyIf your cats fight over food, separate cat food bowls where they cannot see one another eating; or in more flowery terms, here is a poem which describes this tip.


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Add Chocolate Chips to PancakesI keep a butter container full of flour. Occasionally I have mixed it with cake or cookie mix when it was low because I didn't have any flour. It is kind of hard to turn the pancakes when it is cookie mix that is more than half the batter for the pancakes.


A person mowing the lawn

8 Ways to Make Mowing Your Lawn EasierMaking lawn mowing easier means establishing a simple routine that gets the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are 8 ways to simplify the process.



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Coupons for Shopping at ABC Distributing?I am looking to do some shopping from ABC and don't know what its prices are. So, I need coupons for shopping to keep the things within my budget. Or if anyone has coupons for some other US stores then he can also share.


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Selling Pine Trees?I would like to sell some beautiful 22 yr. old pine trees and arborvitaes. They can be excavated by shovel. Some are in boxes or easy access in the yard. Is there a landscaping company or nursery I can call?


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Best Store for Lawn Tools?I am looking for deals on garden tools. I know these are expensive and it is difficult to find deals. If anyone can provide me deals I will be happy.


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Making a Hot Pad on a Round Knifty Knitter?I would like to know how to make a hot pad using the Knifty Knitter round loom.


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Difference Between Polished Cast Iron Pan and Unpolished?Does anyone know what the difference is between a polished cast iron pan and one that is not? I was interested in buying some fry pans and the site I was looking at said some were polished fry pans and some weren't.


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Kenmore Refrigerator Beeping?My refrigerator is beeping. It seems like the condenser fan is not going on. The front side between the doors is very hot. Refrigerator does cool properly. Any advice?


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Business Name Ideas for a Playcare Center?The playcare center will be a drop off center for parents who want to shop, go out to dinner, or just need some time alone without the kids.


Set of encyclopedias on carpet.

1768 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have an encyclopedia set from Britannica. It comes with 23 books plus the index and I was wondering if you could give me a price in which we could sell them? They are all in fair condition. The book covers are gold, hardbacks with blue lettering.


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Special Deals for January 2013?I am looking for the things that I can find cheaply in 2013. Where I can find deals for this year?


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Lifetime Cookware Salad Recipe?Back in the 70s, I had a Lifetime Cookware party. The demonstrator came in our home and cooked a meal using the cookware products.


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Washing a Down Comforter?What should the water temp be?


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Ice Maker Running Water into Collection Box?We have a Kenmore side by side. At times the icemaker will not eject the cubes and when the water comes back on to refill it runs into the collector box. When this happens the whole thing freezes into one huge chunk. We then have to remove the ice maker box and chip out all of the ice.


Making Money from Crafting?I lost my job last year and haven't had any luck finding something else. I have recently had access to unlimited material in very old ratty looking clothing.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have white cupboards with navy counter top. What colour should I paint the walls?


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Encyclopedia Americana, 1962 edition?How much would the entire set - 30 volumes - of Encyclopedia Americana, 1962 Edition cost? The whole set is in pristine condition, hardly ever used and stored in dry conditions. Hardback.


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Removing Hair Dye from Painted Wall?How do I get hair dye off a painted bathroom wall after it has dried for a few minutes? OK, so my wife dyed her hair in my mom's bathroom which of course she did not see it at the time.


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Cutting Back an Avocado Tree?Should I cut back my avocado? It's 2 feet tall with 9 leaves on the very top, but none anywhere else. The ones further down on the stem don't grow at all and just fall off. Should I cut it back to 6 or 8 inches and hope for the best?


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Freezing and Reheating Fried Breaded Oysters?I breaded and fried fresh oysters, but there are too many to eat now. Can I freeze and reheat them with the same flavor intact and how do I do that?


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Replacing Cable TV with Hulu?Every other month I call my cable company because the bill goes up. They will give me a break for a month or so then slowly creep in other charges. I'm not tech savy and am reading about Hulu.


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Value of 1910 Encyclopedia Americana?I am missing one volume of a 1910 encyclopedia Americana. I am missing #2. How much is it worth with or without it?


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