January 18, 2013

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Homemade Baby Toys

Homemade Baby ToysThis is a page about homemade baby toys. It can be fun and rewarding to make toys for your baby or as gifts.


Shrinking Leather

Shrinking Leather?This is a page about shrinking leather. Whether you are trying to shrink a too big pair of shoes or something else made of leather, it can be confusing trying to find the best method.


Old Photo Album

Removing Photos from Magnetic Photo AlbumsThis is a page about removing photos from magnetic photo albums. If you find that your photos have become seemly permanently stuck in the album, you are now searching for solutions.


rusty tools

Removing Rust Stains from Fabric and ClothingThis is a page about removing rust stains on clothing. No matter how the stain got on your clothing, a rust stain can usually be removed by following a few simple steps.



Burmese - Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about the Burmese - breed information and photos. These beautiful, sable colored cats are known for their excellent temperament, affection for people, and ease with which they can get along with other cats and dogs, as well as their tolerance for children.


Olympics Party

Planning an Olympics PartyThis is a page about planning an Olympics party. As an Olympics fan you may be planning a party so you can watch with friends or simply commemorate the event.


A girl who has graduated, wearing her cap and gown.

College Graduation Party IdeasThis is a page about college graduation party ideas. A college graduation party marks a great achievement for the grad and you, as the planner, want everything to be just right.


Using Silicone Bakeware

Using Silicone BakewareThis is a page about using silicone bakeware. Silicone bakeware is easy to clean and store making it a must for many cooks.


Traveling By Train

Traveling By TrainThis is a page contains tips about traveling by train. This page contains tips and ideas about how to make your next train trip a successful one.


Close up of a yellow jacket zipper.

Repairing a Zipper That SeparatesHaving a zipper that continually separates is very frustrating. This is a page about repairing a zipper that separates.


Making Chocolate Sprinkles

Making Chocolate SprinklesThis is a page about making homemade chocolate sprinkles. You are getting ready to add the chocolate sprinkles to the cake only to discover you are out.


mobile homes

Storage Solutions for a Mobile HomeThis is a page about storage solutions for a mobile home. Sometimes mobile home dwellers, especially those with an older or smaller home may experience storage space problems.


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Cream Cheese Bar RecipesThis page contains cream cheese bar recipes. If you love the taste of cream cheese, then maybe you need to make up some delicious cream cheese bars.


Christmas scene on glass

Using Mod Podge on GlassThis is a page about using Mod Podge on glass. Mod Podge is an easy to use product for your decoupage projects.


Uses for Bubble Wrap

Uses for Bubble WrapBubble wrap is used to protect the contents of many packages shipped to our homes. Don't throw it away; it can be reused. This is a page about uses for bubble wrap.


Apple Butter being Spread on Toast

Apple Butter RecipesApple butter is a delicious spread you can use in place of other jams and jellies; it can also be used in cooking. This page contains apple butter recipes.


Uses for Bandanas

Uses for BandanasThis is a page about uses for bandanas. Bright and colorful bandanas are often inexpensive to buy and very versatile in their possible uses.


Uses for Photo Albums

Alternative Uses for Photo AlbumsThis is a page about alternative uses for photo albums. The transition to digital cameras may have left you with some unused photo albums or they might be on sale at a local store.


Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement Party IdeasThis is a page about retirement party ideas. Planning a retirement party for a friend or family member can be both fun and overwhelming at the same time.


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Making a Bread Machine Cover?This is a page about making a bread machine cover. A nice colorful cover for your bread machine will not only keep it clean, but can also cheer up your kitchen.


Traveling With Plants

Traveling With Plants?This is a page about traveling with plants. Moving to a new location with your plants or taking some to friends or family can be a cause for concern; you want them to arrive safely and in good shape.


Planting Trees

Planting TreesThis is a page about planting trees. Trees add beauty to your garden as well as help to keep your home cool on sunny days.



liners in jar

Storing Cupcake LinersI love to use colorful and fun cupcake liners. I recently found a good deal on the liners and went a little crazy. They were all so cute and I wanted to have them visible in the kitchen.


Lexy (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel)

Lexy (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel)Lexy is 7 years old and a Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel mix. She is my sweet baby girl. She loves chasing anything that moves. She is loyal and loving.


Winter at city park.

Winter Wonderland at Shubie ParkShubie Park is a great place to enjoy a walk on the many trails throughout this city park. Winter time is especially pretty after a fresh covering of snow.


Cats on chair and table.

At Home Kitten and Cat Health CareA Day in the Life of a Healthy Cat Owner


Valentine Heart Earrings

Valentine Heart EarringsMake your own Valentine Heart earrings that you can wear all year long or give to that special friend in your life.



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Value of Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia?What is the worth of a complete set of Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge published on August 11, 1910?


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Computer Doesn't Start When it is Cold?I would like to know, if the outside temperature has anything to do, with if my computer comes on or not? When it is less then 50 degrees my computer will not come on.


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Inexpensive Ideas for Driveway?I live in a mobilehome park and the owners don't want us to have asphalt driveways for plumbing reasons. Does anyone have an idea what I could use that isn't expensive to put down? Right now there are ruts and mud holes.


Making an ATV Quad Bike Anti Rolling Bar?It's too expensive on the market in Australia, they sell for more than aud$1000! I won't be able to afford to buy one for my kid's GMX 49cc quad bike. The total money I spent on his mini motorbike is only $299. Does any one know I can make one by myself with the cost of materials at less than $100?


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Getting Rid of Bedbugs?We have bedbugs in the apartments where I live. They haven't reached my apt yet. How do I get rid of bedbugs or prevent them?


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Can't Afford to Take Cat to Vet?I need ideas on how to pay my vet bill. My kitty is sick and I don't have the money right now to pay for the vet. Any ideas how to pay them?


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Male Zebra Finch is a Bully?My male zebra will not let the female in the nest. Can anyone tell me why he's being very possessive? He chases her around the cage. Do I need to separate them? They have one egg in the nest and he's the one that sits on it. He won't let her in at all. Please help!


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Washer Making a Squeaking Noise?I overloaded my washer approximately 1 month ago. It was spinning and make this awful noise when spinning. I ran and pulled the knob so it would stop.


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Older Dog Now Peeing in the House?My oldest dog has started peeing on my bedroom floor. He has never done this. He's 13yrs old, but you wouldn't know it in how he plays outside. I want to take him to the vet, but am a little strapped for cash. Any over the counter meds I could get him from Petsmart or Petco?


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Setting Up Gardens for Seniors?I would like information on senior's gardens in apartments, at home, or renting space from other persons. There seems to be a lot of interest. Please reply if there is any information on it.


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Shopping for Wild's EZY Sauce in New Zealand?Where can you buy Wild's EZY sauce in New Zealand? I am an Aussie living on Chatham Islands in NZ.


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Recipe for Pork Lacone (Shoulder)?Does anyone have a recipe for pork lacone? I purchased it at the grocery store today because it was so reasonably priced. But now that I have it I don't know what to do with it.


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Painting or Dyeing Honeycomb Shades?I have honeycomb shades and I would love to change the color of the them. Has anyone tried to spray paint or dye them?


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Crocheting With Sewing Thread?What size hook do you use for crochet with 3 strands of sewing thread? What do you use for patterns? They do exist? I saw a lady doing it and varying the shades by changing just one strand. I really what to try this.


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Coffee Stain on Cotton Clothing?How do I remove a coffee stain on a white cotton shirt?


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