January 30, 2013

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Southern Barbecue Sauce

Southern Barbecue Sauce RecipesThis page contains southern barbeque sauce recipes. Generally this kind is a bit hotter and spicier than regular BBQ sauce.


Two kids at an amusement park.

Budgeting for Something FunThis page is about budgeting for something fun. Finding money to put aside for entertainment isn't always easy.


Microgreens for Sale

Growing MicrogreensThis is a page about growing microgreens. Micro greens are tiny greens grown from vegetable, herb, or other seeds.


Uses for Foam Mattresses

Uses for Foam MattressesThis is a page about uses for foam mattresses. Foam mattresses can be given new life and reused for many purposes.


7 Hand Rummy Rules

7 Hand Rummy RulesThis page contains 7 hand rummy rules. Special time can be shared with many family and friends playing a fun card game.


Super Glue on Eyeglasses

Removing Super Glue from EyeglassesThis page is about removing super glue from eyeglasses. Finding a way to clean this glue off your glasses can be a challenge.


Man with an armpit stain.

Remedies for Armpit OdorArmpit odor is not only embarrassing but may be difficult to get under control. This is a page about remedies for armpit odor.


Homemade White Glue

Homemade White GlueThis is a page about homemade white glue. If you run out of white glue right in the middle of a project, make your own.


Queen Anne's Lace

Getting Rid of Queen Anne's Lace?This is a page about getting rid of Queen Anne's Lace. Many gardener's and homeowners view Queen Anne's Lace as an invasive weed, that is difficult to get rid of.


Worn Off Keyboard Letters

Replacing Worn Off Keyboard LettersThis page is about replacing worn off keyboard letters. As long as the keyboard still works, you can find a way to mark those keys again.


Uses for Old Reading Glasses

Uses for Old Reading GlassesThis page contains uses for old reading glasses. There are ways these glasses can be reused or passed on to someone who needs them.


Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from SkinThis is a page about removing Super Glue from skin. Removing Super Glue from your skin without irritation can be done.


Vintage Bed Sheets

Crafts Using Bed SheetsThis page is about crafts using bed sheets. There are ways to reuse these linens once they are not used for bedding.



Growing Tree Onions (Walking Onions)These onions form bulblets instead of flowers on their stalk, thus providing additional onion plants some distance from the mother plant. This is a page about growing tree onions (walking onions).


Measuring Elastic

Measuring Elastic for ClothingThis is a page about measuring elastic for clothing. Measuring elastic for clothing can be confusing if you have not done it before.


Rolling Dough

Rolling Dough Tips and TricksThis page contains rolling dough tips and tricks. Having the proper tools and experience helps a lot when working with dough.


Sympathy Gift Ideas: Flowers in a Glass Vase

Sympathy Gift IdeasThis is a page about sympathy gift ideas. Choosing a thoughtful gift to express your sympathy may be difficult.


Elastic for Clothing

Saving Money on Elastic for ClothingThis is a page about saving money on elastic for clothing. Many clothing items that you make or repair have elastic waistbands, etc.


Baseboard Heater in front of Window

Baby Proofing Baseboard Heaters?This is a page about baby proofing baseboard heaters. Electric baseboard heaters might present a hazard for you baby.


Plants That Repel Insects: Spearmint Plant

Plants That Repel InsectsThis is a page about plants that repel insects. Certain plants are known for their ability to repel some types of insects.


Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue Chicken RecipesA delicious poultry entree to prepare anytime of year. This page contains barbecue chicken recipes.


Yellow Begonias

Growing BegoniasThis is a page about growing begonias. There are many varieties of begonias, most are grown as houseplants or overwintered, if planted in the garden.


Easy Bake Oven Recipes

Easy Bake Oven RecipesThose little packages of mix for the Easy Bake oven can be pricey. This page contains Easy Bake Oven recipes.


Baking Fruit Pies

Baking Fruit PiesBaking fruit pies is generally quite easy, there are a few tips that can help make the outcome even more successful. This is a page about baking fruit pies.


Lilac Blooming

Lilac Not BloomingThis is a page about what to do about a lilac not blooming. We love to have fragrant lilacs in our garden, so when they don't bloom it is very disappointing.


Using Lime Leaves

Using Lime LeavesThis is a page about using lime leaves. Lime leaves can be used to add a touch of lime flavor to food or beverages.


Growing Wax Begonias

Growing Wax BegoniasThis is a page about growing wax begonias. Wax begonias are easy to grow as houseplants or in the garden.


Man fixing and electrical outlet

Repairing an Electric OutletThis is a page about repairing an electric outlet. Troubleshooting the cause of an outlet not working can help define how to repair it.


Refilling Liquid Containers

Refilling Liquid ContainersThis page is about refilling liquid containers. When refilling containers you don't want to waste a drop or make a mess.


Removing Super Glue from Hair

Removing Super Glue from HairThis is a page about removing super glue from hair. Before you get out the scissors, there are some ways you can try to remove Super Glue from hair.


Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from ClothingThis is a page about removing Super Glue from clothing. Super Glue is a very strong bonding product, not a good thing if you get some on your clothes.


pink lilies

Deadheading Lilies?This is a page about deadheading lilies. You can tidy up your garden's appearance by deadheading your spent lily blooms.


Weed Eater on Grass

Weed Eater Trimmer Won't Start?This is a page about what to do if Weed Eater trimmer won't start. Your yard work plans can come to a halt if your string trimmer won't start.


Frugal Kid's Birthday Party

Frugal Kids Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about frugal kids birthday party ideas. Having a birthday party for your child does not have to be expensive to be fun.


Old Oil Lamp

Disposing of Lamp Oil Properly?The type of oil used in your lamp and the local recycling and waste regulations will help determine the best way to dispose of the oil. This is a page about disposing of lamp oil properly.


Drilling Holes in Glass

Drilling Holes in GlassThis is a page about drilling holes in glass. Glass crafters often find that they need to drill holes in glass to complete their project.


Power of Attorney

Duration of a Power of Attorney?This is a page about duration of power of attorney. Understanding the duration of a power of attorney starts with determining which type you have.


Power of Attorney

Responsibilities of a Power of AttorneyThis page is about the responsibilities of a power of attorney. Knowing when someone needs a power of attorney and exactly what authority it gives the bearer is important.


Caring for Pet Ladybugs

Feeding and Caring for Pet LadybugsThese insects enjoy aphids, but there are other things they may like. This page is about feeding and caring for pet ladybugs.


A row of chocolate cover peanut butter balls.

Making Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes)Like peanut butter and chocolate, then you will love these delicious candies. This page contains recipes for making peanut butter balls, also known as buckeyes.


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Diabetic Butter Mints RecipesJust because you can not eat sugar, does not mean that you can't occasionally enjoy the creamy taste of a butter mint. This page contains butter mints recipes.


Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from Wood Furniture?This is a page about removing Super Glue from wood furniture. If you have ever accidentally gotten Super Glue on your furniture while making a repair, you know that removing it safely can be difficult.


Measuring Elastic

Making a BedskirtThis is a page about making a bedskirt. Getting the correct measurement for the elastic is an important step in making your own bedskirt.



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Teach Your Dog Not to BarkThe best way to teach a dog not to bark is to teach it to bark, and then reward it for barking. I have my Bruno, who is a Rottie mix who lives in the house, has just recently seemed to learn that I like him to mouth the word "Mama" and he gets lots of attention.


Easy Pretzel TurtlesThis video shows you how to make this simple and delicious treat.


Pizza Pull ApartsThese tiny pizza bites are perfect for dipping.



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Creamy Onion GravyThis is so easy to make and goes well with meat loaves, fried liver, savoury meatballs or my personal favourite, Salisbury Steak. If I have them on hand, I'll add a few sliced mushrooms to the gravy.


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French Kiss BreakfastBiscuits, potatoes, eggs and bacon. An easy French Kiss breakfast.



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Recycled Items For Cat Litter and BoxI use phone pages for the garden, flower pots AND to line the cat litter boxes (I do cat and dog rescue). The cats don't use clay litter, although, I do, in the beginning, put a handful of it on top of the paper and then wean them off of it.


Items for Goodwill

How We Shared in our Needy DaysWe lived in the countryside and we had some hard times, just like many others. That did not stop us from sharing with people or trading to make things easier for both us and others. We had a few second hand stores in the town we went to shop.


A Border Collie

Avoid Zinc Ointment For DogsPlease DO NOT put zinc oxide cream or ointment on your dog for itching from any cause. I did this without thinking, trying to help my Border Collie with severe itching, and he licked it all off. Zinc is a heavy metal and can be fatal, if ingested in adequate doses.


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Comet for Cleaning Burnt Pots and PansTo clean the worst burnt pots and pans in just a few minutes, put about 1/2 to 1 inch of water in the pan then shake a generous amount of Comet and boil.


Use a Tube Sock to Bind Your Extension Cord

Bind Your Shop Extension CordI couldn't find a rubber band or any kind of tie to bind up my cord so I used a tube sock. First I cut off the toe end of it and stretched it over the cord that I had rolled up. It fit perfect and held it together without any problems of it snapping or falling off.



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Getting Full Custody of Children After a Divorce?My ex-husband stopped paying his court-ordered child support approximately six months ago. I have made several attempts to reach him, to no avail.


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Value of 1923 Encyclopedia Americana?I have the 30 volume set of the 1923 Encyclopedia Americana. What would the value be for this set? All books are in near mint condition.


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Dishwasher Etching Plasticware?My dishwasher is ruining all of my plastic products. It tends to leave permanent white spots etched in the surface of the plastic. It does not do this with glass or stainless items, just plastic. I'm not sure what to do.


Two Poms with their toy.

Feeding Dogs Baked Chicken Meat?We have been feeding our two Pomeranians baked chicken for four years. Only white meat, checked for fat or bones is fed. Our vet says "people food" is not good for dogs.It is interesting that the vet clinic has pronounced our two little boys as: "healthy dogs" in the written report.


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Reducing Armpit Odor?I was using Rexona soap for 3 months. After that I developed an odor coming from my armpits. I even remove the hair from my armpits, but it does not help. It is very noticeable even in winter. I tried Lifebuoy and Dove soap, but there is no change. Can anyone please give me solution?


Blue bound encyclopedias on a shelf.

Value of 1923 Encyclopedia Americana?I have the 30 volume set of the 1923 Encyclopedia Americana. What would the value be for this set? All books are in near mint condition.


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Remedy for Persistent Cough?My father has been suffering from cold and cough from 30 years with lots of phlegm. Due to the cough, my father is now having a pain in his chest and stomach.


Stock photo of wallpaper.

Discontinued Cole and Sons' Wallcovering?I'm in dire need of 3 rolls of Cole and Sons' "Rajapur" wallcovering in color "Flock", sku 70/2004. My stepdaughter fell in love with it and now that our remodel is almost done, it's discontinued. Help! :) Thanks so much!


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Value of Encyclopedias?Does anyone know what the value is of a New Werner Edition, Encyclopaedia Britannica?


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Cleaning the Inside of a Toilet Tank?Can I dump some bleach into the toilet flush box? I live in an apartment and have build up in the box. Can I use bleach for cleaning buildup?


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Choosing a Sofa Color?We have a big living room in a wintergarden (north-west) with lots of sun (in Portugal), viewing the green hills and the sea 10 kilometres areal distance away.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Ennis Wallpaper?I am looking for Ennis stye wallpaper by Graham and Brown. I need two rolls.


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