January 31, 2013

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Urban Beekeeping

Urban Beekeeping?This is a page about urban beekeeping. Urban dwellers are becoming more interested in activities usually only undertaken in the country.


Woman at Supermarket

Organizing a Shopping TripThis page is about organizing a shopping trip. Time and money can be saved by planning your shopping outing.


Peeling and Deveining Shrimp

Peeling and Deveining ShrimpThis is a page about peeling and deveining shrimp. Peeling and deveining shrimp can be a tedious job.


Floral Wall Hangings Crafts

Making a Fall Floral Wall HangingThis is a page about making a fall floral wall hanging . You, too, can make lovely floral wall hangings to decorate your home and coordinate with your decor.


Potholders From Fabric Scraps

Making Potholders From Fabric ScrapsThis is a page about making potholders from fabric scraps. Fabric scraps can easily be made into beautiful potholders, both simple and more complex quilt style blocks.


Uses for Leftover Cereal

Uses for Leftover CerealThis is a page about uses for leftover cereal. Have just a little bit of leftover cereal that might even be getting stale, there are lots of ways to use it in cooking and snacks.


Repairing Lawn Chairs

Repairing Lawn ChairsThis is a page about repairing lawn chairs. Often repairing a lawn chair is less expensive than buying new ones.


Gorilla Glue

Removing Gorilla Glue From Microfiber?This is a page about removing Gorilla Glue from microfiber. Removing Gorilla Glue, which is prized for its staying power, from fabrics such as microfiber can be difficult.


Children's Handprint Crafts

Children's Handprint CraftsThis is a page about children's handprint crafts. Crafts made using children's handprints are so endearing and make great keepsakes.


Salmon with Lemons

Recipes Using LemonsLemons are used in a wide variety of recipes from desserts to main dishes. This page contains recipes using lemons.


Black Spots on Mirror

Fixing Black Spots on MirrorsOver time mirrors can develop black areas. This page is about fixing black spots on mirrors.


Frugal Quilt Backing Ideas

Frugal Quilt Backing IdeasThis is a page about frugal quilt backing ideas. Making quilts has often been in part about frugality and using up fabric and clothing, so saving money on the backing fits right into that tradition.


Mother's Day Party Ideas

Mother's Day Party IdeasThis is a page about Mother's Day party ideas. Honor your mother on Mother's Day with a party.


Bathtub Paint for Children

Bathtub Paint for ChildrenThis is a page about bathtub paint for children. Some kids love to take a bath and play things are just an extra, and then there are those you need to bribe; bathtub paint would be fun for both.


Growing Pecan Trees

Growing Pecan TreesThis is a page about growing pecan trees. Love pecans and live in a warm climate? You might want to consider planting a pecan tree in your garden.


Crochet Hooks

Handmade Crochet Hook HoldersThis is a page about handmade crochet hook holders. The avid, and even the beginning, crochet crafter will find themselves with a variety of hooks to keep track of.


Making Paper Plate Suncatchers

Making Paper Plate SuncatchersThis is a page about making paper plate suncatchers. A delightful craft to try with your children is to make some beautiful paper plate suncatchers.


hydrogen peroxide cleaner

Cleaning Blood Stains on CarpetBlood stains can be a challenge to remove without damaging the carpet dye. This is a page about cleaning blood stains on carpet.


Push Pins

Alternatives to Push PinsThis is a page about alternatives to push pins. When you run out of push pins take a look around the house, for other things you can use.


Winter Weather Tips and Tricks

Winter Weather Tips and TricksThis is a page about winter weather tips and tricks. These helpful tips will help you be better prepared to deal with the cold and snow brought on by winter.


Church Luncheon Ideas

Church Luncheon Ideas?Church luncheon committee members are always looking for new ideas. This is a page about church luncheon ideas.


A family cooking a home cooked meal.

Alternatives to Eating OutThis page is about alternatives to eating out. When you find that you are eating out more than your budget allows, there are some tips to avoid it.


cleaning a tub

Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic TubSoap scum build up on a tub can be very difficult to remove. This is a page about removing soap scum build up from a plastic tub.


woman trying to sleep

Home Remedies for Restless Leg SyndromeThis is a page about home remedies for restless leg syndrome. Many people who suffer from RLS find relief without prescription medications.


Setting Up Your Sewing Area

Setting Up Your Sewing AreaThis is a page about setting up your sewing area. Whether you have a dedicated sewing room or a nook in another room, setting up your work area is an important step.


Paying Off a Loan Quickly

Paying Off a Loan QuicklyThis page is about paying off a loan quickly. The sooner you pay off that loan, the less interest you will pay.


Growing Breadfruit

Growing Breadfruit?This is a page about growing breadfruit. While adaptable to varying ecological conditions, breadfruit is generally grown in tropical climates.



Painting Over Contact PaperThis is a page about painting over contact paper. Sometimes it is more tempting to paint over contact paper than try to remove it.


Making a Hair Accessory Doll

Making a Hair Accessory DollThis is a page about making a hair accessory doll. Any little girl would love to receive a homemade organizer for her bows and barrettes.


Homemade Gravy on Mashed Potatoes

Homemade Gravy RecipesGravy is a wonderful addition to many meals. This page contains homemade gravy recipes.



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Asking Best Friends To ToloIt would be cool to bake something for the guy and have a GIANT poster that reads "TOLO?" Then you give the guy a clothing item. My BFF is asking his best friend so we are going to ask them at the same time.


Cowboy boot used to make birdhouse.

Boot BirdhouseUse an old cowboy boot to repurpose as either an indoor or outdoor birdhouse. It is set up with wooden shelves ready for a nest.


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Eliminate Wrinkles EasilyWe all have tossed away "fabric softener" sheets; but if you have clothing coming out of the dryer wrinkled or have clothing that is wrinkled coming off of a hanger...


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Treatment for Restless Leg SyndromeI have suffered from RLS for years, but cannot tolerate the prescription for it. My doctor, who also suffers from it, drinks 8 oz. of tonic water every evening.



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Value of Menie Doll?How much (estimated) would my Victorian 2002 Menie doll cost? It is in perfect condition, yet doesn't have a box.


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Pattern for Tomato Cage Santa and Mrs Claus?I am searching for a pattern to make Santa and Mrs. Claus made with tomato cages. The pattern I had was from a magazine in the 90s . I lent it to someone and they did not return it to me. I hope I can find the pattern so I can make them for my grandchildren for Christmas 2013. Thank you.


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Removing an Old Blood Stain from Carpet?How do I get rid of an old blood stain on carpet?


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Shiny Spot on Polyester Pants from Iron?I accidently used an iron that was too hot on my polester black pants while pressing the hem. Now I have an area that is shiney on that area of the pants. Is there any help for this or is the fabric simply melted? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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