February 4, 2013

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Mexican White Dip RecipesThis page contains Mexican white dip recipes. Try this alternative to the typical salsa for chip dipping.


Beef Empanadas

Beef Empanadas RecipesThis page contains beef empanada recipes. Make some savory meat or vegetable empanadas to serve with your favorite meal or as an appetizer.


Duct Tape Hair Clip

Making a Duct Tape Hair ClipThis page is about making a duct tape hair clip. This versatile tape can be used for a variety of crafts.


Beautiful drapes.

Saving Money on Drapes, Blinds and Window...This is a page about saving money on drapes, blinds, and window treatments. Window treatments are not just a decorating essential, they also offer privacy, and sometimes help with insulation, but they can be expensive.


Growing a Trumpet Vine

Growing a Trumpet VineThis is a page about growing a trumpet vine. Trumpet vines produce a mass of brightly colored orange red flowers, creating quite a show.


Labeling Children's Belongings

Labeling Children's BelongingsThis is a page about labeling children's belongings. Keeping track of your child's clothing and other belongings can be a major task. They seem to have a way of getting lost.


Homemade "Grape Nuts"

Homemade "Grape Nuts" RecipesThis page contains homemade "Grape Nuts" recipes.Many cooks prefer to make their own version of commercial foods, including breakfast cereals.


Growing Cyclamen

Growing Cyclamen?This is a page about growing cyclamen. Cyclamen is a beautiful flowering plant. There are tender and hardy varieties for your home or garden.


Tuna Wrap

Tuna Wrap RecipesThis page contains tuna wrap recipes. Rather than a tuna sandwich on sliced bread, try a delicious tuna wrap for lunch.


A girl doing her homework at college.

Tips for Doing College HomeworkFinding the best time to keep up on your studies is important when completing your education. This page contains tips for doing college homework.


Freezing Cherry Pies

Freezing Cherry Pies?This is a page about freezing cherry pies. It is often convenient to make your pies ahead of time and keep them frozen until needed.


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Finding Free Redwork Patterns?This is a page about finding free redwork patterns. Delightful embroidery done in red floss, hence the name, is a craft that is fun for young and old. The finished work can then be a standalone piece or be incorporated into a larger project.


Leftover Tortilla Chips

Using Leftover Tortilla ChipsThis page is about using leftover tortilla chips. When you have chips that are crumbled or gotten a little stale, there are ways to incorporate them into other foods.


Raspberry Jell-o

Raspberry Gelatin (Jello) Salad RecipesThis page contains raspberry gelatin (Jello) salad recipes. Make a beautiful red raspberry Jello salad for your next dessert.


A woman with a pore strip on her nose.

Reducing the Appearance of Large PoresThis is a page about reducing the appearance of large pores. Large pores on your face can be worrisome.


Macaroon Recipes

Macaroon RecipesThis page contains macaroon recipes. These sweet delicious cookies can be made in many flavors.


Jalapeno Spread

Jalapeno Spread RecipesThis page contains jalapeno spread recipes. A tasty spread that can be used with crackers, bread and chips.


Growing Cinquefoil (Bush)

Growing Cinquefoil (Bush)This is a page about growing cinquefoil (bush). Cinquefoil, also known and portentilla, is a great addition to your garden.


Sugarfree Peanut Butter

Buying Sugar Free Peanut Butter?This is a page about buying sugar free peanut butter. Many brands of peanut butter include ingredients other than just peanuts, such as sugar.


Organizing a Storage Shed

Organizing a Storage Shed?This page is about organizing a storage shed. When you have lots of stuff, it can be a challenge to keep it orderly.


Memorial Garden

Making a Memorial GardenThis page is about making a memorial garden. Create a special garden in remembrance of someone dear to you.


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Making Penny Rugs?This is a page about making penny rugs. Penny rugs have been made for hundreds of years, often using scraps of wool or felt.


Pita Bread

Recipes Using Pita BreadThis page contains recipes using pita bread. Pocket pita bread makes for a convenient way to have a sandwich.


Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons RecipesFor coconut lovers these are the ultimate in cookies. This page contains coconut macaroon recipes.



Chicken Soup in Bowl

Homemade Chicken and Rice SoupMy youngest was home sick from school this week so I made him a batch of a very basic chicken and rice soup to make him feel better. I recommend lots of garlic and a long slow simmer to cure any cold.


Cran-Apple Spinach Salad with Spiced Pecans

Cran-Apple Spinach Salad with Spiced PecansI absolutely love this salad. It always receives rave reviews. The mix of tart and sweet is fabulous! It would be a great healthy option for a potluck or family BBQ.


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Black Bean Crockpot ChickenThis is delicious shredded chicken, ready for tacos and/or burritos



Quilting Memories for the Future

Quilting Memories for the FutureMy earliest memories of my grandmother are connected to her busy with some kind of needlecraft. She was keen on sewing, quilting, and crocheting.


Finished Stepping Stones

Decorative Hypertufa Stepping StonesReuse "To-Go" container clam shells as molds to make lovely decorative stepping stones for your garden.


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Apple Cider Vinegar for Restless Leg SyndromeI was talking to a friend of mine who takes 1 Tbsp. of apple vinegar cider nightly for years and has not had to take any other medication since for it. Since I cannot stand the bitter taste, I bought some apple cider vinegar tablets.


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Store Tomato Soup in a JarI keep the coffee jars that are glass, or any other jar, and put the tomato soup mixes in them and the right amount of water. I shake it up and put it in the fridge.


Toby Keith's Autograph

Toby Keith's AutographWe were at Walmart in North Richland Hills, when Toby came by to do an autograph session. It was a hot day, and he had his staff buy water bottles for everyone waiting outdoors in the heat. My kids love his music!


Finished card.

Heart's Delight Valentine CardUse a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a heart-shaped paper punch to create two stickmen hugging each other for this fun Valentine's card.


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Easy Peel Boiled EggsTo make boiled eggs very easy to peel, add a teaspoon of table salt to your cold water. If you are boiling a lot of eggs for deviled eggs, I would use at least a Tbsp. of salt.


Medicine Cups and Tissue Seedling Starters

Tissue Seedling StartersI have my medicine in my purse so I always stuff the doser cup with toilet tissue or facial tissue. It makes these darling little seed starters. I am going to make some of these for this spring, and put a little bit of honey in the bottom of it.


Baking Soda As Thrifty Shampoo

Baking Soda As Thrifty ShampooIf you need a PH balanced shampoo use Bicarbonate of Soda and water. Some brands of coloured dyes of the more vibrant types instruct that a PH balance shampoo be used before applying the dye.


Three Way Adapter

Caution Using Three Way AdaptersI have a beautiful infrared heater, which we love. I had it plugged into these two adapters. I did not know it was wrong to use these together.


Yellow-Billed Duck

Yellow-billed Duck (Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary,...I visited one of my favorite spots when I needed a quick break, i.e the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary. It is quite close to home, a tranquil garden with a few small perennial dams that attract a multitude of birds. A beautiful spot for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.



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Value of Encyclopedia Set?I need to find the value of a 1987 Compton's encyclopedia complete set. (It is a Britannica publication.)


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Older Dog Pooping and Peeing in the House?My 15 year old Maltese has recently started leaving surprises "poop and pee" when left alone a few hours, and first thing in the morning. We take her outside to do her thing, but she still has the indoor accidents.


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Remedy for Severe Headaches?What's good to stop severe headaches because I'm not good with taking medications.


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Cat With Allergy Eyes?My cat has "allergy eyes". They water a lot and she gets crusties. I really don't want to take her to the vet or give her drugs. Any advice or help out there?


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Norelco Razor Cleaning Fluid?Does anyone have a formula that would substitute for the jet cleaning solution, called HQ200, used with the Norelco electric shavers?


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Glow in the Dark Quality Alarm Clocks?Want a high quality alarm clock, which glows at night. Can anyone suggest a good brand?


Toddler Has Temper Tantrums?I'm 22 and have a 16 month old son. He gets very angry and has started kicking doors and biting himself hard enough to leave marks. I've tried to stop him and explain to him that what he is doing is wrong. I feel like I'm hitting my head of a brick wall. Any ideas?


Bull Terrier puppy.

Bull Terrier's Ears Not Standing Up?I have a 3 month old Bull Terrier. How old do you think they should be when their ears stand up on their own? Does massaging them help or do I have to tape them?


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Value of 1972 Childcraft Encyclopedia Set?I am trying to find the value of a complete set of a 1972 edition of Childcraft encyclopedias. Can you help?


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Female Finch Not Sitting on Eggs?I honestly did not know that my finches had eggs! When I saw, they had three eggs. The female bird immediately came out and was flapping her wings everywhere.


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Weight Watchers No Bake Pineapple Pie?I am looking for a WW pineapple pie recipe I had from the 60s. It had dry milk, farmers cheese, and plain gelatin. It did not have a crust. I think it was refrigerated not baked, but can't remember. At the time you were allowed to eat 3/4 for the day. Thank you.


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Markings on Porcelain Dolls?I have 3 porcelain dolls that belonged to my mother-in-law before she passed away. They have markings on the back of their heads and I have tried to find out the maker, age, etc., but have been unsuccessful. If someone could help that would be great. The markings are:


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Removing Rust from Cast Iron Pot?How do I remove rust from a cast iron Dutch oven?


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Heater Not Working in 1996 Ford Ranger?I have a 1996 Ford Ranger. Recently the heat stopped working. I changed the thermostat and the heater core and still no heat, please help.


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Chihuahua's Ears Not Standing Up?My tea cup Chau's ears will not stand up. Her siblings' ears are standing. How long will it take? She is 10 weeks old.


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Decorating a New Apartment Without Painting?I finally have my own apartment and have no idea what to do with it. It's a 2 bedroom, small kitchen, and big living/dining room. I can't paint the walls that are white/beige, there's laminate wood flooring all around the apartment.


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