February 12, 2013

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Peeling Tomatoes

Peeling TomatoesThis is a page about peeling tomatoes. Although tomatoes are generally eaten with their skin, certain situations or recipes called for peeled tomatoes.


Quilted Photo Album Cover

Making a Quilted Photo Album CoverThis is a page about making a quilted photo album cover. Dress up a plain photo album with a pretty quilted fabric cover.


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Microwave Cornbread RecipesMake cornbread in a faction of the time by using your microwave. This page contains microwave cornbread recipes.


Big Ben in London, England.

London, England Frugal Travel GuideThis page is about London, England - frugal travel guide. Travel can be expensive, but there are a number of thrifty ways to enjoy your trip once you arrive.


Cassette Tape Holder

Uses for Cassette Tape HoldersThis page is about uses for cassette tape holders. These outdated music organizers can be repurposed for a variety of things.


Carpenter bee drilling into wood.

Getting Rid of Carpenter BeesCarpenter bees will attack the wood trim and porches around your home making holes and tunnels for nesting. This is a page about getting rid of carpenter bees.


Bissell Proheat Steam Cleaner

Repairing a Bissell Proheat Steam CleanerIt can be expensive or difficult to find someone to repair small home appliances. This is a page about repairing a Bissel Proheat steam cleaner.


Sydney, Australia Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia - Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Sydney, Australia - frugal travel guide. Travel can be expensive, but there are a number of thrifty ways to enjoy your trip once you arrive.


White Film on Dishes

Removing White Film From DishesThis is a page about removing white film from dishes. Dishes cleaned in a dishwasher can develop an unsightly buildup of white film.


Popcorn Ceiling

Repairing a Hole in a Popcorn CeilingThis is a page about repairing a hole in a popcorn ceiling. Textured popcorn ceilings can be damaged.


Training a Parakeet

Training a ParakeetThis is a page about training a parakeet. Parakeets are very intelligent and can be trained fairly easily.


Record Album Cover  Bag

Making a Record Album Cover PurseThis page is about making a record album cover purse. These old album sleeves can be used to create a fun bag.


Gasoline Can

Removing Gasoline Smell from ShoesThis page is about removing gasoline smell from shoes. When gas is spilled, it can be difficult to remove the odor.


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Recycled Packaging Purse CraftsThis is a page about recycled packaging purse crafts. Many types of packaging are suitable for making a fun, recycled purse.


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes RecipesThis page contains garlic mashed potato recipes. The addition of garlic to potatoes can create a delicious dish.


Copycat Boston Market Cornbread

Copycat Boston Market CornbreadThis page is about copycat Boston Market cornbread. Many times we would like to replicate a recipe for a meal, dessert, etc. that we have enjoyed when dining out.


Creeping Buttercup

Getting Rid of Creeping Buttercup in a Lawn?This is a page about getting rid of creeping buttercup in a lawn. Creeping buttercup is an invasive weed that can in time take over your lawn.


Cooked Spinach Recipes

Cooked Spinach RecipesCreate delicious warm side dishes using spinach. It can be sauteed, steamed cooked with other ingredients for a healthy dinner option.


Magazine Storage Containers

Buying Magazine Storage ContainersThis is a page about buying magazine storage containers. Organizing your magazines is easier with storage containers made for this purpose.


Sofa being shampooed.

Removing Mold and Mildew From an Upholstered CouchThis is a page about removing mold or mildew from an upholstered couch. Stored furniture can develop mold or mildew on the upholstery.


Wire-Edged Ribbon Bow

Decorative Bow IdeasThis is a page about making decorative bows. Handmade bows can be used in many craft projects, such as wreaths or as decoration on clothing.


old tires

Cutting TiresWhether you are trying to dispose of your old tires or using them in a project, you may be looking for a way to easily cut them to suit your purpose. This is a page about cutting tires.


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BLT Salad RecipesIf you love the flavor of a BLT sandwich try creating a BLT salad for dinner. This page contains BLT salad recipes.


75th Birthday

75th Birthday Party Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about 75th birthday party centerpiece ideas. Make someone's 75th birthday even more memorable with a one of a kind centerpiece.


Chili Cheese Cornbread

Chili Cheese Cornbread RecipesSpice up your cornbread by adding chilies and cheese. This page contains chili cheese cornbread recipes.


Dusting Wood Furniture

Dusting Wood FurnitureThis is a page about dusting wood furniture. Certain products and techniques can make dusting wood furniture easier.


female gold finch

Determining the Gender of a FinchThis is a page about determining the gender of a finch. If you are considering breeding finches you will need to be able to determine gender.


Storing Artificial Flowers

Storing Artificial FlowersThis page is about storing artificial flowers. It is important to keep these flowers dust free and protected from crushing when storing.


Mixed Vegetable Salad

Mixed Vegetable Salad RecipesServe a colorful, good tasting mixed veggie salad soon. This page contains mixed vegetable salad recipes.


Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts RecipesThis is a page about homemade bath salts recipes. A warm bath with aromatic bath salts added can be very relaxing.


A container of homemade sour cream.

Making Sour CreamUse your blender or food processor to make fresh lowfat sour cream at home. It's easy with only a few ingredients you may already hae in your pantry or fridge.


Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags

Crafts Using Crown Royal BagsThis is a page about crafts using Crown Royal bags.Those beautiful purple cloth Crown Royal bags are perfect to use in many crafts.


Bathing a Parakeet

Bathing a ParakeetThis is a page about bathing a parakeet. Birds in the wild take baths as we know. Your pet bird is no different.


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcake RecipesThis page contains red velvet cupcake recipes. Use your favorite red velvet cake recipe to make cupcakes for individual treats, parties, or other occasions.


Black Bathtub

Cleaning a Black BathtubThis is a page about cleaning a black bathtub. Black fixtures can be a cleaning nightmare.


Knitting Tips

Knitting Tips and TricksThis is a page about knitting tips and tricks. Even experienced knitters can appreciate a new technique or tool to use in their craft.


Making Gift Bows

Making Bows for GiftsThis page is about making bows for gifts. Making your bows is a fun craft and allows you to add your personal touch to gift wrapping.


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Macaroon Bar RecipesThis page contains macaroon bar recipes. Make some delicious coconut macaroon bars as a special treat.


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Getting Rid Of Telegraph Weed?This is a page about getting rid of telegraph weed. Telegraph weed is a tall hairy weed that spreads easily by seed and thrives in disturbed areas.


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Starting a Comic Book CollectionThis is a page about starting a comic book collection. Comic book collecting is a fun hobby for young and old.


Broccoli Cornbread

Broccoli Cornbread RecipesThis page contains broccoli cornbread recipes. Try this twist on traditional cornbread recipes.


Making Paper Clip Hearts

Making Paper Clip HeartsThis page is about making paper clip hearts. With these clips you can easily fashion a heart.


Getting Rid of Carpet BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of carpet beetles. Carpet beetles can damage your carpet by eating the fibers. They can also spread into furniture and other areas.


Front Loading Washer

Front Loading Washer Not Spinning?This is a page about a front loading washer not spinning. Troubleshooting a washer that will not go into a spin cycle is not an uncommon event.


Beef Stew

Canning Beef StewThis is a page about canning beef stew. Save some of that large batch of beef stew by canning it for later use.


Making Crown Royal Bag Quilts

Making Crown Royal Bag QuiltsThis page is about making Crown Royal bag quilts. A collection of these soft bags can be made into an attractive quilt.


Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Getting Rid of Belly FatThis is a page about getting rid of belly fat. Getting rid of belly fat will require diet and exercise, not magic quick and easy remedies.


Parakeets sitting on a wood perch.

Determining the Gender of a ParakeetThis is a page about determining the gender of a parakeet. Determining the gender of a parakeet, especially a young one can be very difficult.


Mold on Walls

How to Clean Mold on Painted Walls and CeilingBathrooms and other humid areas can begin to grow mold on the walls and ceilings. This is a page about removing mold from painted walls and ceiling.


Decoupaged Wood Frames

Decoupaged Wood FramesThis is a page about decoupaged wood frames. Decoupage a plain wooden frame to create a unique and spectacular holder for a favorite photo or piece of art.


Drying Tomatoes

Drying TomatoesThis is a page about drying tomatoes. Sun dried tomatoes add their own delicious flavor to many dishes, but can be expensive to buy.


Remedies for Canker Sores

Remedies for Canker SoresThis is a page about remedies for canker sores. Canker sores in your mouth can be quite painful, but can be easily treated with household remedies.



Canning Spinach?This is a page about canning spinach. Preserve your extra spinach harvest by canning.


Making a Candy Bouquet

How to Make a Candy BouquetA homemade candy bouquet makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. These tutorials show you how to make beautiful candy bouquets.


John Lewis Sewing Machine

John Lewis Sewing Machine Replacement Parts?This is a page about John Lewis sewing machine replacement parts. It can sometimes be a challenge to find parts for an older sewing machine.


orange house cat

Homemade Cat Urine Cleaner RecipesThis is a page about homemade cat urine cleaner recipes. When your kitty has an accident you can make a homemade cleaner for removing the urine odor.


removing a ring

Removing a Ring That is Stuck on Your FingerThis is a page about removing a ring that is stuck on your finger. Many of us have on occasion had the misfortune to have a ring stuck on our finger. It can be painful, cause swelling, and can be difficult to remove.


Crab Appetizer on Crackers

Crab Appetizer RecipesThis page contains crab appetizer recipes. Add these delicious appetizers to your list of favorite recipes.


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Corn Cake RecipesThis page contains corn cake recipes.


Bare Feet

Removing Corns From FeetThis is a page about removing corns from feet. Corns on your feet can be very painful.


Screen Door

Repairing a Screen DoorThis is a page about repairing a screen door. Your screen door is essential for keeping out pesky insects and allowing cool breezes to flow into your home.


Roasted Garlic

Making Roasted GarlicThis is a page about making roasted garlic. Roasted garlic adds a mellow flavor to your favorite recipes and can also be used as a stand alone spread.


lotion bottle

Getting All the Lotion Out of a BottleThis page is about getting all the lotion out of a bottle. Being able to use the very last of the lotion can be a challenge.


Rusty Saw Blade

Removing Rust from Saw BladesThis is a page about removing rust from saw blades. Rust can develop on any exposed metal surfaces, including your tools.


Growing Green Onions

Growing Green OnionsThis is a page about growing green onions. Green onions are used in many recipes; try growing your own for a plentiful supply.


Creamed Peas

Creamed Peas RecipesThis page contains creamed peas recipes. Peas are a delicious side dish choice.


Juice Pouch Lunch Bag

Recycled Juice Pouch Lunch BagThis is a page about making a recycled juice pouch lunch bag. Save your empty juice pouches and make this fun, recycled craft with your children.


Curling Irons and Flat Irons

Storing Curling Irons and Flat IronsThis is a page about storing curling irons and flat irons. Hair appliances can become a tangled mess in your bath or bedroom



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Arm Covers From Cutoff Skinny JeansNot to long ago my grand daughter went through a growth spurt and she asked me to turn her skinny jeans into shorts.


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Gate TrellisIn my garden for the beans and peas I use chain link gates that were no longer needed to get in and out of my back yard. There is a decorative top to the gate so it looks quite attractive. It would be great for clematis or climbing roses, too.


Black cats on patio chairs.

Magic and MerlinThey are siblings, but have very different personalities.


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Band-Aid for Slipping Bra StrapsUse a Band-Aid to hold your slipping bra strap in place. Simply place the


Decoupaged Glass Vases

Decoupaged Glass VasesThese easy decorated vases and jars make great candle holders for Valentine's Day. Any recycled glass jar would work. We used both regular tea lights and the battery operated ones. At least one of these projects is going to be a gift for Grandma.



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Removing Chrome Shower Basket from Fiberglass WallA few years ago I installed a self-sticking chrome basket to the Fiberglas wall of my shower. Now parts of the chrome are showing rust and I want to remove it without damaging the shower. Has anyone successfully removed these things before?


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Locating Someone to Make a QuiltHow do I find a person to make quilts from shapes cut from garments that have pockets, decals, designs, logos, patches, stitchery, patterns, or textures and so on, of interest to me?


Dog on couch.

Dog With a Little Blood in Stool?In August 2012, my Bishapoo had puppies. On 10/30 they got their shots. I have given the pups to 2 of my friends. This morning 1 of them called me and said they took the dog out to walk.


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Removing Fish Odor from ClothingHow do you get fish smells out of clothing?


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Shopping for Oxydol Liquid Detergent?Where can I purchase Oxydol liquid detergent in Indianapolis, Indiana?


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Decoupaging Fabric on Glass PlatesI am just starting to make fabric covered glass plates and am having a situation where the Mod Podge medium still shows white areas (streaky) mostly on the color black. Does anyone have a fix for this or an idea why this is happening?


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Plastic Canvas Pattern for Royals Baseball TeamDoes anyone know where I can find a pattern for a Kansas City Royals baseball tissue box cover made out of plastic canvas?


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Removing Tar Stains from a Wedding DressMy mother-in-law has her wedding gown. She lent it to someone and when they returned it to her it has full of tar stains on the bottom of the dress.


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Repairing an Ice MakerHow do I check to see which part has quit working on my ice maker? (power, solenoid valves, sensor eye leveler, or the distribution tray itself)


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Plastic Packing Peanuts for Large Planters?Where can I purchase the non-biodegradable, non-dissolvable packing peanuts for large planters?


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