April 3, 2013

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A woman taking a bath.

Bath Tips and TricksThis page contains bath tips and tricks. There are many ways to enjoy saving on toiletries for bathing.


A old wheelbarrow used as a planter.

Frugal Landscaping TipsThis is a page about frugal landscaping tips. You don't have to spend a fortune to landscape your yard.


Fog Rolling Through the Smokey Mountains

Tennessee Frugal Travel Information and PhotosThis page contains Tennessee frugal travel information and photos. Learn about saving money at Dollywood and exploring the natural beauty and history of this state.


Reupholstered Couch

Reupholstering a CouchThis is a page about reupholstering a couch. It can be very costly to reupholster furniture.



Tips to Speed Up Your ComputerThis page contains tips to speed up your computer. Deleting unnecessary files and performing routine maintenance will help your PC run the best it can.


A woman afraid to get her hair cut.

Help With Tonsurephobia (Fear of Hair Cuts)?This is a page about help with tonsurephobia (fear of hair cuts). The fear of getting a hair cut can be overcome by following a process that works for you.


Pecan Bar Cookies

Pecan Bar Cookie RecipesThis page contains pecan bar cookie recipes. If you love the sweet nutty flavor of pecans, then these cookie bars are for you.


Clean Seashells

Cleaning SeashellsThis is a page about cleaning seashells. Collecting seashells is a great pastime that provides you with beautiful shells for crafts and other decorating activities. Cleaning is one of the first steps in preparing your shells.


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Recipes with Five or Less Ingredients?Many recipes using five or less ingredients are usually fast and easy to prepare. This page contains recipes with five or less ingredients.


plastic cake dome

Uses for Plastic Cake DomesThis is a page about uses for plastic cake domes. Those plastic cake domes that cover bakery purchases can be put to a second use around your house or garden, rather than immediately going into the trash.


High School Dance

Dance Theme IdeasThis is a page about dance theme ideas. Planning a dance is easier once you have decided on a theme.


Inexpensive Couch

Inexpensive Furnishings for a Temporary Apartment?This is a page about inexpensive furnishings for a temporary apartment. Setting up a temporary apartment for either work or other reasons, need not require a huge investment to furnish it.


Feta Dip

Feta Spread and Dip RecipesThis page contains feta spread and dip recipes. Feta cheese is perfect for use in making delicious spreads and dips.


Using sandwich bag as a glove on cereal treats.

Uses for Sandwich BaggiesThis is a page about uses for sandwich baggies. Sandwich sized plastic bags can be put to other uses in your home.



Chihuahua Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains chihuahua breed information and photos. These popular, small companions are playful, intelligent, and good watch dogs.


clean washer drum

Cleaning Grease Out of a Washer and Dryer?This is a page about cleaning grease out of a washer and dryer. Sometimes oil and grease is not completely removed from work clothing in the wash and can get smeared on the dryer drum.


100 percent natural badge.

How to Avoid Misleading Environmental ClaimsThis is a page about how to avoid misleading environmental claims. You are not alone, if you are confused by the many manufacturer's claims about the environmental friendliness of their products.


Hair Accessories

Cleaning Hair AccessoriesThis is a page about cleaning hair accessories. We focus on keeping our hair clean, but we don't want to forget the accessories that we us to style it, such combs, clips, bands, etc.


Craft Supplies

Selling Excess Craft Supplies?This is a page about selling excess craft supplies. There are many reasons you may find yourself with excess craft supplies. One way to reduce the clutter and organize the supplies you keep, is to sell them.


Woman with Itchy Scalp

Remedies for an Itchy ScalpThis is a page has remedies for an itchy scalp. Dandruff shampoos are not necessarily helpful for itchy scalp without flaking.


changing break pads

Removing Brake Dust from Clothing?This is a page about removing brake dust from clothing. Whether you work on cars or are a bike enthusiast, brake dust can get on your clothing and be tough to remove.


Little Girl using Kleenex Facial Tissues

Saving Money on Facial TissuesThis is a page about saving money on facial tissues. Kleenex or other brands of facial tissues are commonplace in our homes. Like many other staples the cost of tissues has been rising over time.


Powdered Sugar in Bowl

Storing Powdered SugarAn airtight container is helpful to maintain the consistency of this food. This page is about storing powdered sugar.


Basic Cleaning Equipment

Basic Cleaning EquipmentThis is a page about basic cleaning equipment. To keep your home clean and tidy there are some basic cleaning tools that you need and others that are not required despite the advertising to the contrary.


Baked Feta

Baked Feta RecipesThis page contains baked feta recipes. This traditional Greek cheese is very versatile.


Baked Egg in Casserole Dish

Baked Egg RecipesBaking is an easy alternative way to prepare eggs including omelets and other great dishes. This page contains baked egg recipes.


Bread Heel

Uses for Bread Heels and CrustsBesides feeding the birds, there are great ways to make use of the whole loaf of bread. This page is about uses for bread heels.


Uses for Talcum Powder

Uses for Talcum PowderThis is a page about uses for talcum powder. Talc is a very soft mineral that is known for its ability to repel water and absorb oils. There are many uses for talcum powder in addition to diaper rash and cosmetics.


Cooking Tips and Tricks

Cooking Tips and TricksThis page contains cooking tips and tricks. There are many ways to improve your recipes and save yourself time in the kitchen.


bull dog snoring

Remedies for Dog Snoring?This is a page about remedies for dog snoring. Just like their owners dogs can have snoring issues.


Small Organized Bedroom

Organizing a Small BedroomThis is a page about organizing a small bedroom. Organizing a small bedroom can be a challenge, due to the lack of sufficient storage space and other concerns.


Clock tower of the Estacao da Luz in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains San Paulo, Brazil frugal travel guide. This beautiful Brazilian city has temperate weather, and a number of inexpensive places to visit.


Leather Purse

Cleaning Oil Stains on a Leather Purse?This is a page about cleaning oil stains on a leather purse. Oily food stains and other oil based stains may be difficult to remove from a leather purse.


moss on a driveway

Removing Moss from a Driveway?This is a page about removing moss from a driveway. Moss on your driveway can be dangerously slippery when wet in addition to unsightly.


Man Removing Wax From Laminate Flooring

Removing Floor Wax From Laminate FlooringFloor wax and some floor cleaning products leave a waxy residue on laminate flooring. This is a page about removing wax from laminate flooring.


Stack of clean towels.

Sanitizing Towels?This is a page about sanitizing towels. You may wish to periodically sanitize your towels in addition to normal cleaning.



Spring Flower Photo or Note Magnet - Notepad in clip.

Spring Flower Photo or Note MagnetEasy and affordable spring refrigerator magnet that holds a note pad or a cherished photo. A darling gift for children to make and give as gifts for Mother's Day or Grandparent's day.



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Removing Washable Marker from a Photo?I was on the bus when my friend's little sister scribbled on the front and back of her school photo. How can we get it off?


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Stove Burner Grates Ruined in Dishwasher?My housekeeper put the gas stove burner grates in the dishwasher and the black finish was stripped. Is there anyway to get the proper shine/color back (some sort of treatment)? They look all rusted and dull. Or must they be replaced?


Peeled potatoes in colander.

Freezing Boiled Potatoes?Do I have to put some salt in the boiling water for freezing potatoes?


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen and Adjoining Family Room?In my kitchen, I have maple cabinets and mauve Formica countertops. I am looking to paint some walls (right now they are a pink color). I want to freshen up the room. Also my kitchen and family room are together, I have a maroon carpet and pink and beige faux paint.


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I painted my bedroom with two different colors. My large wall is nautical blue and the other three walls are cream. Something is wrong. It doesn't look right. Can someone offer suggestions?


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Modern Name Ideas for Interior Design Firm?We are interior contractors and want to start a business in interior design and contracting. So please suggest to us some modern names for our firm.


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Brushing Your Dog's Teeth?I would love to hear from any of you who brush your dog's teeth and what kind of doggie toothpaste you use and how you got started and how the dog likes it, etc.


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Bradford Pear Tree Won't Bloom?I live in the southeast part of North Carolina. I have a Bradford pear tree in my front yard. It's about 12-14 ft tall. Its shape is beautiful, but it never blooms when the rest of the Bradford pear trees bloom in our area. If it blooms at all, it doesn't until all the others are done blooming and sprouting green leaves. I've tried adding fertilizer and Miracle Gro soil, but nothing helps. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?


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Washing Melted Crayons Out of Clothes?If the directions on the clothes call for only cold water, how can I get the melted crayons out? I am desperate! A load of my husband's work clothes (all brand new) got washed and dried with red crayon. Help!


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Cleaning a Fabric Coach Purse?My black and gray fabric Coach purse has stains on the bottom and it's getting dirty around the zipper area. How can I clean it on my own?


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Drying Pillows in the Dryer?Can I use white tennis sneakers with leather tops in the dryier to dry pillows?


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Repairing Hair Damaged by Perm?How do I fix my hair? I got a perm done and it burned. I can't even brush it and it's so dry. I hate it, but don't want to cut it off. I feel so bad all I want is for it to be straight. What can I do? There has to be something.


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Removing White Film from Wall Paper?How do I get white film off of wall paper?


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Magic Eraser Left White Mark on Wood Floor?There is a faded white mark where I used a Magic Eraser Extra Strength on my client's wood floor. I want to spot fix it with Bona High Gloss. Can I do that? I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible to fix.


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Dog Seems to Have Bruises on Skin?I have a Maltese and I notice when giving him a bath that he looks like he has bruise spots. What can that be?


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Eating Fresh Peas That Have Sprouted?I had some podded fresh peas in the fridge for a few days and when I went to cook them, I noticed that most had sprouted small roots. I was wondering if it's safe to leave them to sprout further and eat them raw in salad. Or do they need to be cooked first?


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Caring for an Abandoned Duck Egg?I found a duck egg yesterday (April 2, 2013) and the mom has not been near it for about 8 hours. What should I do?


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