April 10, 2013

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Good Plants for Morning Sun?This is a page about good plants for morning sun. Having a beautiful, successful garden depends on a number of considerations, including selecting the best plants for the sunlight levels in each area.


Odors from cooking food.

Removing Cooking Odors From Your HomeDelicious and flavorful foods like fish or curry can often cause lingering odors in the kitchen. This page is about removing cooking odors from your home.


Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator.

Removing Stains From Inside a Refrigerator?This is a page about removing stains from inside a refrigerator. Foods stored in your fridge can spill and cause stains on the interior walls and shelves.


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High School Class Reunion Game Ideas?This page contains high school class reunion game ideas. Playing games at a reunion with old classmates can break the ice and be lots of fun.


Microwave Recipes

Inexpensive Microwave RecipesThis is a page about inexpensive microwave recipes. A microwave oven is a fast convenient way to prepare a variety of meals.


A woman eating a frugal bowl or ramen noodles.

Eating on a Tight Monthly BudgetThis is a page about eating on a tight monthly budget. When money is short, it can have a serious effect on meal planning and choices.


Antique Sewing Machines

Finding Parts for Antique Sewing Machines?This page is about finding parts for antique sewing machines. When parts are no longer being made, it can be difficult to find the what you need to fix and be able to use an old machine.



Shopping for Piroulines?This page is about shopping for cheese filled piroulines. It can be a challenge to find a product or something similar to what you have had in the past.


Growing Shamrocks

Growing ShamrocksThis page is about growing shamrocks. A clover that are hardy to zones 8-10, but can also be grown successfully indoors as houseplants.


Class Reunion

Planning a High School ReunionThis is a page about planning a high school reunion. Planning a class reunion can be fun, but it is a lot of work too.



Roasted CaliflowerIf you have never had roasted cauliflower you have to try it! It is so easy to make and it makes a perfect side dish.


Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Stir FryI have started cooking my vegetable stir fry separate from any meat, so that I can serve a version to my teenage son, who is vegetarian.


Hypertufa Stepping StonesMake your own stepping stones! This is a great project to do with the family.


Pecan Marshmallow Log

Pecan Marshmallow Log"I love this recipe for pecan log and it is so easy to make.



A white ferret being held by a girl

Ferrets: What Kind of Pets Do They Make?I wrote this for my Facebook for people who wonder about what kind of pets ferrets make.


Finished card.

Special Delivery Birthday CardMake this birthday card for a family member that lives far away. Ask your local post office to add a postage stamp to the front of the card, and voila! A letter within a letter!


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Windex for Carpet StainsTry Windex on carpet stains. My husband taught me this and it really works


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Add Coffee to Your OatmealI have a cup of coffee for breakfast and a dish of oatmeal. Since I love the taste of coffee, I just add coffee to the bowl after I take it out of the microwave. Add a little honey instead of sugar, if you want it a little sweet.


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Lift Coffeemaker Carafe Lid to Prevent SpillingCoffeemakers have a glass canister to hold our coffee that somehow leaks, no matter what when you pour from it. I found a simple way to stop the leaking when you pour, which is to lift the spout that covers the canister where the liquid is stored.


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Butter Chicken RecipeMix yogurt, oil, ginger, garlic, 1 tsp. lemon juice and spices together and smear over chicken. Allow to marinate for few hours.



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Cleaning Business Name?I am starting a cleaning business and I am looking for a catchy name.


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Teaching Your Dog to Fetch?I am about to add a new dimension to Bruno's playtime. I am going to use the two-toy bait and switch, using two identical toys, to attempt to teach him to fetch. He is not really a puppy anymore, I am not sure how it will go, if he will be interested in it or not. Have any of you done this?


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Repairing a Cigarette Burn on Car Upholstery?I have a cigarette burn on car seat upholstery. It is about the size of a quarter. Any suggestions?


Black countertop.

What Type of Countertop Material Is This?I'm trying to find out if this countertop is granite or what it could be so I know how best to safely clean it (etc).


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Repairing a Singer Sewing Machine model 6104?I have a Singer sewing machine, model 6104. I can't sew. I have changed the needle, re-threaded a thousand times, changed thread, and turned the bobbin around. I think I fixed the timing.


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Recipe for German Creamed Mackerel?I am looking for a recipe for a popular breakfast called German creamed mackerel.


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Cleaning a Fish Smoker?How do I clean the burnt sugar off my fish smoker?


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Crochet Stitch - 6 Jointed TR?I am making a doily and the pattern says to ch 4 (counts as 1 tr), 2 tr over same ch 3, ch3, a 6-jointed-tr over remainder of this ch 3 and ch 3 of next shell. What is a 6-jointed-tr and how do you make it?


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Growing Hair Faster?I was wondering if there was a fast and easy way to get my hair to grow longer and faster. Also, is there a way to curl my hair without heat and special products?


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Cleaning an Old Lace Communion Dress?I have an old communion dress. The only part of the dress that has turned yellow is a ruffle of lace on the top of the dress and one by the hem. How can I get that white again? I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


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Hitachi Bread Pans?Are the bread pans interchangeable between the hitachi bread machine series 101, 201, and 301?


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Maytag Washer Codes?What is a code 70 or 71 on a Maytag 3000 series?


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Inexpensive Acne Treatment?I want to get rid of acne on my arms and face, but the acne products are too much. Is there a simple and easy way to get rid of acne fast?


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Growing Onions from Root Cuttings?I would like to know if what I read works. I read that on the little onions, the ones with long green stalks, if you save the cut bottoms with the roots and place them in water that they will grow and you will have an ever ready supply of onions. Do any of you have any experience with this?


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Finding a Used Bed?I've been disabled since 2007. It has been hard for me to keep up with inflation. I had to throw out my bed; it had all the wires sticking out, it was in bad shape. So I'm in a need of one it could be twin or full size. I'm tired of sleeping on the floor. Thank you very much.


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Dog Pees in House When Certain Neighbor Visits?I have a spayed 3 1/2 year old GSD who has never peed or pooped in the house. Recently, a female neighbor, who also has dogs and is a pet-sitter, has started coming over to the house.


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Getting Rid of Fleas in Yard?First, I do not have any pets, but for some reason I have an embarrassing problem in that fleas are attracted to me! I asked my PCP doc and she said it's probably the meds I'm taking because I've never had this issue before.


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Discharge from Kitten's Eye?I found a mother cat and her kittens outside under my step and they are 13 days old. One kitten has a green mucous type discharge coming out of one eye and it can't open the other eye because it is all crusty, do I need to take it to the vet?


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Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails?Is there anything to rid my gardens and flower beds of slugs and snails? I can't buy enough beer to control the numbers we are infested with! In my flower beds I sometimes use a Ortho pellet, but I don't want to use pesticides on my vegetables and fruits. Any suggestions?


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Calla Lily Flowers Droop Over?Why do the flowers droop over? Do they need to be cut?


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Buying Flipper Teeth?I have a gap that is horrible. Where in England can I purchase flipper teeth?


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