April 12, 2013

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Decorating a Onesie

Decorating a OnesieThis is a page about decorating a onesie. Customize a onesie for a delightful baby gift or outfit for your own child.


Carpet Cleaner

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaners?This is a page about pet safe carpet cleaners. Pets spend a lot of time down on your carpets, so you may want to use a pet safe carpet cleaner.


Root Cellar

Making an Above Ground Root Cellar?This is a page about making an above ground root cellar. You can make an alternative to the traditional below ground root cellar for storing your veggies.


Mashed Potatoes with Chives

Recipes Using Mashed PotatoesMashed potatoes are often added to other ingredients to make delicious meals. This page contains recipes using mashed potatoes.


Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Craft IdeasMothers love to receive handmade gifts from their children, especially on Mother's Day. This is a page about Mother's Day craft ideas.


Hypertufa Stepping Stones

Making Hypertufa Stepping StonesThis is a page about making hypertufa stepping stones. Hypertufa can be prepared and molded into a variety of garden enhancements, including stepping stones.


Sample Sized Beauty Items

Using Beauty SamplesThis is a page about using beauty samples. Those small beauty product samples have many uses.


Christening Gown

Cleaning an Old Christening GownChristening gowns are often used for several generations. However, over time they may yellow with age. This is a page has advice about how to clean an old christening gown.


Fish Smoker

Cleaning a Smoker?This is a page about cleaning a smoker. Over time, with even normal use, your meat or fish smoker will need a thorough cleaning.


Singer Sewing Machine

Repairing a Singer Sewing MachineThis is a page about repairing a Singer sewing machine. Some problems that you may experience with your sewing machine can be repaired or adjusted at home, others will need to be looked at by a repair person.


Roasted Cabbage

Roasted Cabbage RecipesThis page contains roasted cabbage recipes. Cabbage is such a versatile vegetable; it can be prepared in many delicious ways.



Mediterranean Rice RecipesThis page contains Mediterranean rice recipes. Mediterranean rice recipes vary depending on the spices used.


Porcelain Sink

Refinishing an Old Porcelain Sink?This is a page about refinishing an old porcelain sink. Over time the surface of a porcelain sink can be damaged and stained. If you do not want to replace it, perhaps it merits refinishing.


Tape on windows.

Cleaning Tape Off WindowsThis is a page about cleaning tape off windows. Tape can some times be difficult to easily remove from windows, particularly if it has been left on windows for a long time.



Volleyball Craft Ideas?This is a page about volleyball craft ideas. Whether you are trying to decorate for a volleyball themed party or making a gift for a player, there are a number of ideas that you might consider if you are stumped.


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Cleaning Yellowed Lace on a Dress?This is a page about cleaning yellowed lace on a dress. Often a gown or other clothing item that has been in storage for some time will be in good shape except for the lace trim.


Uses for Oven Cleaners

Uses for Oven CleanersThis is a page about uses for oven cleaners. Oven cleaners can be used for other cleaning jobs around the house.


sink drain

Cleaning Smelly DrainsThis is a page about cleaning smelly drains. Bacteria growing in your drain can produce odors that waft throughout the house.



Growing Lilies in PotsThis is a page about growing lilies in pots. Potted lilies can add colorful beauty to your patio or entryway. They are also good indoor plants during their bloom cycle.


Used Bed

Buying a Used Bed?This is a page about buying a used bed. A new bed is often expensive. An option is to purchase a used one and save money.


Pear Tree

Caring for a Pear TreeThis is a page about caring for a pear tree. Growing your own fruit trees can be very rewarding, but there may be questions and concerns on appropriate care along the way.


Fragrance Oil Burner

Using Simmering Granules in a Fragrance Oil Burner?This is a page about using simmering granules in a fragrance oil burner. Simmering granules are another option to scented oil for your oil burner.



Growing DayliliesThis is a page about growing daylilies. Daylilies are easy to grow perennials that can be found in many colors. They look beautiful in border and mass plantings.


New Bed

Buying a New Bed?This is a page about buying a new bed. It is time to buy a new bed. This is an expensive purchase, so you will want to find the best, most comfortable one for the money.


Making Oatmeal With Raspberries and Apples

Making OatmealThis is a page about making oatmeal. Oatmeal is a popular breakfast meal for many of us, each with our own favorite way to prepare it.


A gnome in a garden.

Preventing Yard and Garden TheftThis is a page about preventing yard and garden theft. We have all heard the stories of the world traveling stolen yard flamingos. It is somewhat humorous, but not when your yard art is the property stolen.


Potatoes in a Bowl

Recipes Using PotatoesThis page contains recipes using potatoes. Potatoes can be used in so many recipes.


Smoking a cigarette in a car.

Repairing a Cigarette Burn on Car Upholstery?This is a page about repairing a cigarette burn on car upholstery. Cigarettes cause holes in the upholstery of a car that may be difficult to repair.


Leather Furniture

Removing Water Marks on Leather Furniture?Leather furniture such as couches or leather topped tables can be marred by water spots. This is a page about removing water marks on leather furniture.


Drink Stain on Carpet

Cleaning Drink Stains on CarpetThis is a page about cleaning drink stains on carpet. Many popular soft drinks, sports drinks, etc. contain food dyes that stain carpets when spilled.


Rainbow Tea Table

Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table?This is a page about decorating a rainbow tea table. Decorating a table for your next rainbow tea is fun, as you plan to incorporate the color and its meaning into the event.


Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

Recipes Using MushroomsThis edible fungi has many culinary uses. This page contains recipes using mushrooms.


Pasta With Asparagus

Pasta With Asparagus RecipesThis page contains pasta with asparagus recipes. Fresh asparagus add color and a delicious flavor to pasta.


Rainbow Tea

Rainbow Tea Skit Ideas?This is a page about rainbow tea skit ideas. Coming up with good skit ideas for an upcoming rainbow tea may be frustrating.


Leather Horse Harness

Reconditioning an Old Leather Horse Harness?This is a page about reconditioning an old leather horse harness. Over time leather tack can become grimy, dry, and stiff.


Bread Machine

Replacement Parts for a Hitachi Bread Machine?This is a page about finding replacement parts for a Hitachi bread machine. Finding replacement parts for small appliances can be difficult.


Growing New Veggies

Growing New Veggies From Discarded RootsThis is a page about growing new veggies from discarded roots. Certain vegetables will produce new shoots when properly prepared.



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Speedy Stovetop LasagnaIt will soon be too warm to do much baking, especially if you can cook on the stovetop. It's easy and speedy and so yummy!


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Baked Mackerel PattiesI use mackerel just as I do salmon to make mackerel patties. I add rosemary to my recipe, I sprinkle just a few fresh bristles on top. It is also good in the oven. Instead of frying mackerel patties, I bake them.



reusable starbucks cups

Reusable Starbucks CupsDo you want an inexpensive travel mug that helps reduce waste? The new reusable Starbucks cups are only $1! They are dishwasher and microwave-safe. You also get a $.10 discount for using it when you come into the store for a coffee.



LuLu (Guinea Pig)She is our newest pet. She was the only female at the pet store in Johnson City.



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Safely Cleaning a Marble Bathroom Counter?My parents have a marble bathroom counter, that we can not get clean, with out seeming to damage the marble surface. Any ideas would be great!


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a mint condition porcelain doll from Ashton Drake, and I would like to know how much it is worth.It is an Emily Anne in a Walker porcelain doll, in mint condition, and still in the box. The model number is 2030zd. How do I find the value in pounds sterling? Can someone help me?


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Eating the Bones in Canned Mackerel?Do I have to worry about bones in canned mackarel? Would there be any bones left to harm me?


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Washer is Displaying D-5 Code?My Maytag frontloader is displaying a fault code of D-5. What does that mean and how do I repair?


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Squirrels Gnawing on House?Is there anything that can be put in paint to keep squirrels from eating the wood on the house?


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Countertop Color Advice?I have whitewash cabinets with black appliances and a black sink. I need help with countertop color.


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Getting Rid of Dog Poop Odor in House?My red nose Pit Bull goes to the bathroom in the finished basement where she sleeps and plays. It doesn't happen every day, about once a week. How do I get rid of the scent to try to stop this?


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Repainting Semi Gloss Acrylic?Can I paint semi gloss acrylic over the same without sanding? It was lasted painted approximately three years ago.


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Mower Won't Start?I have a Briggs and Station 14.5 42in and it won't start. It acted like it wanted to start, then just stop making any noise. I charged the battery and it has 1/4 tank of gas. Still nothing. Any ideas?


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Getting Rid of a Groundhog?How would I get rid of a groundhog that lives in my basement?


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Removing Gasoline Odor from Stored Refrigerator?I need help getting rid of gas smell from a frig that was stored in a garage. I heard that crumpled up newspaper in the frig will get rid of smells. When I do this is the frig running and closed? and how long should this take?


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Replanting a Peony?My peony broke off while I was cleaning the leaves. It does have roots. Can I replant in dirt or water? I hate to throw it away.


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Cat Licking Off Fur?My cat is licking the fur off her back. It is getting sores and she seems very tender. Has anyone had that trouble? She seems very upset if I go away for a weekend.


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Male Puppy Suddenly Peeing Inside at Night?My 8 month old Cocker Spaniel has been house trained for months and has a dog flap so he has constant access to the garden. I have not had any problems for months, except the very occasional accident at the back door when it has been raining a lot. Little wimp ;)


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Child Care Name?My mother, Phyllis, and I, Bridget, are going into the child care business together and new help with a catchy name. We are caring for children of all ages so we need something that will appeal to both the young as well as the school agers.


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Dog Pees in House at Night?We have a 4 year old female Pit Bull we adopted when she was a year old. We also have another smaller dog that is also 4 years old.


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Replacement Screw for Foreman Grill Handle?I purchased a George Foreman grill a couple of years ago, ever since I bought it, the screw will not stay in and I have lost the screw. How can I get a screw that will stay in the handle without it costing an arm and a leg?


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