April 21, 2013

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Key Rack

Making a Key RackThis page is about making a key rack. An easy, useful project for your home that can help keep you organized.



Broccoli and Corn Casserole RecipesThis page contains broccoli and corn casserole recipes. The flavors of broccoli and corn complement each other in a variety of casserole possibilities.


Stove Top Stuffing

Recipes Using Stove Top StuffingIf you are tired of just having boxed stuffing as a side then try some new recipes using boxed stuffing mix. This page contains recipes using Stove Top stuffing.


Easter Bunny

Free Letters from the Easter BunnyMany parents like to arrange for a letter from the Easter Bunny to arrive in the mail for their children. This is a page about free letters from the Easter Bunny.


French toast made with leftover bread.

Uses for Leftover BreadThis is a page about uses for leftover bread. Don't throw away that slightly stale leftover bread. There are many ways to put it to use in cooking, plus some other interesting possibilities.


Shorts made from blue jeans.

Making Shorts Out of PantsThis is a page about making shorts out of pants. Bring new life to a worn out or out of style pair of pants by making them into shorts.


jigsaw puzzle

Making a Puzzle Storage BoardThis is a page about making a puzzle storage board. Finding a good way to store a puzzle while you are working on it can be frustrating or expensive. Make a combination workspace and storage solution for your next jigsaw puzzle.


collard greens

Cooking Greens in the Oven?This page is about cooking greens in the oven. When the oven is already on cooking food, you may want to cook other dishes in it.


Stained Porcelain Cup

Cleaning Stained PorcelainThis is a page about cleaning stained porcelain. Cleaning stains on your porcelain cups and other porcelain household items is not as hard as you may think.


Decorative Drainage System

Creating a Decorative Drainage SystemThis page is about creating a decorative drainage system. Proper drainage is an important consideration in your landscaping and can be very attractive.


Millet for Birdseed

Growing Millet for Birdseed?This page is about growing millet for birdseed. This seed grass can be grown in your garden as ready bird food, for inside birds or winter feeding.


Vodka Bottle

Household Uses for VodkaThis is a page about household uses for vodka. Vodka is a great product for cleaning, disinfecting, and many other chores.


concrete porch

Cleaning Mildew From Concrete?Removing mildew can be difficult, especially in an area exposed to moisture. This is a page about removing mildew from concrete.


musty smelling wood trunk

Removing Musty Odors from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing musty odors from wood furniture. Old wood furniture or pieces that may have been in storage can develop a musty smell.


Older Sewing Machine

Manuals For Older Sewing MachinesThis page is about manuals for older sewing machines. Finding a replacement manual for an older sewing machine can be a challenge.



Finding Free CouponsThis page is about finding free coupons. There are many ways to obtain free coupons on and off the internet.


Cherry Coffee Cake

Cherry Coffee Cake RecipesThis page contains cherry coffee cake recipes. Cherry coffee cakes are a popular treat for a weekend breakfast or anytime.


Toddlers Crafting

Craft Ideas for Toddlers?This is a page about craft ideas for toddlers. Keeping your toddler busy and allowing them to be creative is an important part of parenting.


Tire planter with flowers in it.

Making Tire PlantersOld tires have been used for years to make inexpensive and creative planters. This is a page about making tire planters.


bowl of shredded coconut

Making Almond Joy BarsThis is a page about making Almond Joy bars. If you love the taste of Almond Joy candy bars, you will enjoy these delicious cookie bars.


Virgin Daiquiri

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri RecipesThis page contains virgin strawberry daiquiri recipes. Enjoy the frozen strawberry flavor of a daiquiri without the rum.


Brother Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing Machine Manuals?This page is about brother sewing machine manuals.Finding a replacement manual for a sewing machine can be a challenge.


Weeping Cherry

Growing a Weeping Cherry TreeThis page is about growing a weeping cherry tree. A popular ornamental tree that is appreciated for its beautiful spring flowers.


Advertising Magnets

Uses for Advertising MagnetsThis page contains uses for advertising magnets. These magnets can be reused to creating festive decorations and photos.


DVD Player

DVD Player Tray Won't Open?This is a page about DVD player tray won't open. It is extremely frustrating when the DVD tray won't open. It may be time for a new one, or maybe not.


Costume Jewelry

Craft Uses for Costume JewelryThis is a page about craft uses for costume jewelry. Old costume jewelry is a perfect crafting item and can be use in making and embellishing many craft projects.


Uses for Metamucil

Alternative Uses for Metamucil?This page is about alternative uses for Metamucil. There may be other ways to use this product.


Glass Chandelier

Cleaning a Glass ChandelierThis page is about cleaning a glass chandelier. It doesn't have to be difficult to clean these lovely light fixtures.


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Passover Cake RecipesThis page contains passover cake recipes. You can keep it kosher at Passover, but still have a delicious dessert.


Crystal Chandelier

Making a Crystal ChandelierThis is a page about making a crystal chandelier. Make your own crystal chandelier. You can start with a faux crystal one and add your crystal collection.


A girlfriend and boyfriend struggling to pay bills.

Sharing Living Expenses With Boy/GirlfriendThis page is about sharing living expenses with boyfriend. When living with a partner it is important to have a clear understanding of how the household costs are divided.


commercial kitchen

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen at Home?This page is about setting up a commercial kitchen at home. It is important to follow your local health deoartment's rules and regulations when planning to produce food in your house.


Savory French Toast

Savory French Toast RecipesThis page contains savory French toast recipes. French toast doesn't have to be the traditional sweet version we are all used to. Try a delicious savory alternative.


Watermelon Daiquiri

Watermelon Daiquiri RecipesThis page contains watermelon daiquiri recipes. Making your own drink mixes can be delicious and save you money.



Closeup of dog smiling

Princess Tiffany (Chihuahua Yorkie Mix)She was born in our motor home, on the 5th of December 2008 for my birthday/Christmas present. Or how Princess Tiffany remembers it, she was born in her chariot.


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Bulb Planter for Transplanting VolunteersUse a bulb planter to transplant volunteer seedlings. I used this method to transplant okra volunteers with great success minimizing the chance of disturbing or damaging the roots. I transplanted about 15 seedlings and only lost 2.


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Store Earrings on Spare ButtonsYou can keep pierced earrings on spare buttons to sort them and keep them from getting all mixed up in the jewelry box. Just put the earrings in one of the two buttonholes, and they will not come loose.


Butterfly in the Afternoon

Butterfly in the AfternoonThis Monarch butterfly was in our very small yard, where she was laying her eggs, on the plant she landed on. She would fly around, come back, lay her eggs, then fly around again and again. She came back for about a week or so to lay her eggs.


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Removing Labels from Glass JarsIt's easy to remove labels from glass jars by taking a bit of cooking oil and slathering it on the jar's label. Let it sit undisturbed overnight and it should slide right off.


Closeup of Gooch.

Gooch (Australian Cattle Dog)My girlfriend found a litter of 5 in really bad shape and nursed them to health, losing 2, Gooch and 2 sisters survived. Belle lives with my girlfriend and I have Gooch, the other sister lives with another friend. The father is blue while the mother is red.



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Name Ideas for Interior Design Company?i will open my interior design company, owned by me and my friend, very soon. I want a name for it that would be 2 words expressing clear, new, and creative name. It should start with R and D. Please help.


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Hp 4500 Printer Won't Print?My HP 4500 wireless printer will not print. Do I need to reinstall drivers?


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Red Clothing Dye Transferred in the Wash?I washed my Aeropostale school pants along with a yellow Hollister shirt and a red scarf. tTe red bled onto the shirt and pants and I have no idea how to get it out! Please help. Note: they have not been dried yet>


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Waterproofing Painted Signs?How do you waterproof and protect painted signs from the elements? I use the poster paints, which are washable, but when the rain hits them they run.


Damage to sheets next to remote for scale.

Tiny Black Bugs in Bed?Since last fall, when I purchased a new bed spread, I have been plagued by tiny black bugs. They live in my bed, which I have sprayed so much I have sinus problems.


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Cleaning a Stain on Stone Countertop?I recently cleaned my oven racks on my counter top on top of paper. Now I have marks from the paper on the counter. I have removed the colour, but still can see the marks from where the paper was sitting. Any ideas? The counter top is stone.


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Removing Diesel Fuel from Leather Boots?How do I remover diesel fuel from leather boots?


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Value of World's Popular Encyclopedia 1937?I have a set of the World's Popular encyclopedia published in 1937. It is in excellent condition. Any help or direction in finding the answer is appreciated.


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Legs for George Foreman Rotisserie Oven?I am trying to find 2 legs for the Big George Rotisserie Oven RG80S.Thanks.


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Growing Moss with Morning Sun?I have a spot around the east side of the house that only gets sun early in the morning. Would that be too much sun for moss? Also, I live on the sandy bluff in humid Corpus Christi where we are in a severe drought, so I cannot water much....


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Cleaning Shower Tile?What's the most effective lemon cleaner for bathroom shower tile?


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Free iPad Apps for Kids?What are some good free iPad apps for 2nd graders?


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What is All Purpose Flour?What is all purpose flour?


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Removing Body Paint on Clothes and Hat?I was at a party and someone threw a bottle of paint which hit me and stained my hat and clothes. I believe it is some sort of body paint because it is neon green. It' embedded in the hat pretty badly. I'm not sure there's much hope.


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Best Grease Cutting Hand Dishwashing Liquid?What is the best hand dishwashing liquid for cutting grease?


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Snapper Rear Engine Rider Keeps Dying?When I engage the clutch pedal to place mower in gear it kills the engine. It's been running great for 6 1/2 yrs. Can you help me? I think it may be a safety switch? If I knew where it was at on mower!


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Rat Deterrent?Rats leave a scent so they know how to get back to where they find food. Can you use vinegar to kill off their trail scent?


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Buying a Lemon Verbena Plant or Tree?Where can I purchase a plant or lemon verbena tree (Aloysia salviflora, Aloysia Triphylla), on line or off line? I am in Sarasota Florida.


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Value of The Giant International Series 1928?I have a full set of the Giant International Series, 1928. I'd appreciate any help in finding out the best way to find the value. Thanks.


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New Era Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews?Does anyone have any experience with New Era medicare supplement?


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