April 28, 2013

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Buttercup Squash

Preserving Seeds From Buttercup SquashThis is a page about preserving seeds from buttercup squash. These sweet, nutty winter squash have a central seed cavity filled with seeds you can save, dry, and plant for next season.


Blooming Hollyhocks

Growing Hollyhocks in Containers?This is a page about growing hollyhocks in containers. Because of their height and root ball size traditional hollyhocks may not be the best choice for container gardening. There are however, smaller varieties that are much better suited to growing in pots.


Growing Lilies

Growing LiliesThis is a page about growing lilies. There are so many beautiful lilies that you can plant to grace your garden, adding color and sometimes heady fragrance.



Starting a Forsythia From a Cutting?A hardy, perennial shrub that can be propagated from cuttings. This page is about starting a forsythia from a clipping.


Growing Coriander

Growing Coriander (Cilantro)This page is about growing coriander (cilantro). These annuals are grown throughout the world for culinary uses.


Red Potatoes

Growing Red Potatoes?This page is about growing red potatoes. The potato is a perennial plant from the nightshade family, and a staple for many people around the world.



Growing Huckleberries?This is a page about growing huckleberries. This relative of the blueberry grows well in moist acidic soil and requires lots of daylight. Given the right conditions you can enjoy these delicious berries straight from your garden.


Nepenthes Ventricosa (Pitcher Plant)

Growing Nepenthes Ventricosa (Pitcher Plant)This is a page about growing Nepenthes Ventricosa (pitcher plant). These carnivorous tropical plants can be grown as houseplants under the proper conditions.



Growing TangelosA citrus hybrid known for its hardiness, and juicy, easy to peel fruits. This page is about growing tangelos.


Jalapeno Peppers

Growing Jalapeno PeppersThe jalapeno pepper is a popular, mildly hot, chili pepper often used in Mexican cuisine. It is also a good choice for your home garden. This is a page about growing jalapeno peppers.


Victoria Plums

Growing Victoria Plums?This is a page about growing Victoria plums. The Victoria, an English plum, is the best known of all eating plums.


Concord Grapes

Growing Concord Grapes?This is a page about growing Concord grapes. The much loved Concord grape, found in gardens across the country, is a descendant of a wild native grape from New England.


Buttercup Squash

Growing Buttercup SquashThis is a page about growing buttercup squash. These delicious winter squash are easy to grow.


Cherry Tomatoes

Growing Cherry TomatoesThis page is about growing cherry tomatoes. An abundance of these bite sized treats can be grown on the patio or in the garden.


Pink Freesias

Growing FreesiasThis page is about growing freesia. There are many varieties of this perennial bulb that produce beautiful, fragrant flowers in the summer.


Custard Apples

Growing Custard Apples?This is a page about growing custard apples. The custard or sugar apple is typically grown in warm tropical climates. This strange looking fruit is quite tasty and makes a good addition to your garden.


Hens and Chicks

Growing Hens and ChicksThis page is about growing hens and chicks. These semi succulents grow best in poor soil conditions, and are especially suitable for the rock garden.


Growing Camellias

Growing CamelliasThis page is about growing camellias. These small, flowering evergreen trees come in many varieties, including some that are grown for tea.


Ground Cover Between Stones

Growing Ground Cover Between Stones and Bricks?This is a page about growing ground cover between stones or bricks. Planting low growing or stepable ground cover between your garden path stones helps to create a lush woodsy atmosphere.


Italian Cypress Trees

Growing Italian Cypress Trees?This is a page about growing Italian cypress trees. These tall, slender evergreen trees may be just what you need for a certain spot in your garden.


Forsythia Flower

Growing ForsythiaThis page is about growing forsythia. A hardy, perennial shrub that produces beautiful yellow flowers in the yard.


Red Maple

Growing a Red MapleThis page is about growing a red maple. Choose a colorful addition to your landscape with this fast growing deciduous tree.


Blue Flax

Growing Blue FlaxThis page is about growing blue flax. An annual that is native to North America and likes a rich well drained soil.


Lime Tree

Growing Lime Trees?This page is about growing lime trees. Cross pollination and a tropical environment are necessary to grow these trees.


Forsythia Hedge

Pruning a Forsythia Hedge?This page is about pruning a forsythia hedge. A hardy, perennial shrub that with proper pruning produces an abundance of yellow flowers in the spring.


Growing Strawberries

Growing Strawberries in a GreenhouseThis page is about growing strawberries in a greenhouse. You may want to grow strawberries in pots or hanging baskets, if you have limited space.


Honey Crisp Apple

Growing a Honey Crisp Apple Tree?This is a page about growing a honey crisp apple tree. This sweet, crisp hybrid apple is easy to grow and generally quick to bear fruit.


Sweetgum Tree

Preventing a Sweetgum Tree From Making BallsSweetgum trees are a fall beauty with their variegated colorful leaves. However, for many homeowner's this display does not make up for the deluge of spiny seed pods that litter their yard. This is a page about preventing a sweetgum tree from making balls.


Crown of Thorns

Growing a Crown of Thorns?This is a page about growing a crown of thorns. This slow growing succulent, is characterized by thorny woody stems and dainty flowers. It can be grown as a houseplant or an outdoor shrub.



Next to man in chair.

Barli (St. Bernard/Lab Mix)Barli is 1/2 St. Bernard and 1/2 Lab. He is the sweetest and smartest dog I ever owned, and everyone that has ever met him agrees. He rarely meets a stranger, loves babies and smaller animals.



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Rust Stains from Canvas Annex for Caravan?How can I remove rust stains from a canvas annexe for a caravan without damaging the waterproofing?


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Getting Rid of Blackberries?Who sells vinegar/salt killer?


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Inexpensive Ideas for 16th Birthday?I will be 16 soon and I want to do something for my birthday, but I don't want it to cost too much. Anyone got any ideas?


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Kitchen and Living Room Paint Color Advice?It's a condo with no table in the kitchen just appliances and floor space. The cabinets are washed oak, the appliances are bisque and the countertops are grey with some mixture of beige. I am planning on opening up the space to add some light but keeping all the above. What would be a nice color to make the room look new? It opens up into the dining area and living room that has beautiful sea green drapes that really make the room. What color should I paint the living room too? Something different from the kitchen, but something that would tie them both together


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Fertilizing Northern Privet?Within the last week I planted northern privet for a hedge/screen. Should I fertilize and what do I use? Most seedlings are 1-2 feet in height. They are v shaped with only 2 branches.


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Scrubbing Bubbles on Carpet?Can you tell me which version of the product that you are using on your carpet as there are quite a few?


Three dogs on the deck.

Lessening the Noise of Outside Barking Dogs?Are there recommendations to lessen the outside noise of barking dogs? Our dogs go in and out. We don't want to annoy our neighbors and bark collars just don't work. We have a small yard and our neighbors are about 100 feet away, but the noise still annoys them. Any suggestions will be welcome.


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Cleaning Unfinished Hardwood Floors?What can I use to clean hardwood floors that are unfinished? The floors were finished at one time (years ago), but now they are dirty and very dull.


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Baseball Themed High School Centerpieces?I am trying to get some ideas for table decorations and/or centerpieces for a high school baseball team.


Vase of nasturtiums.

Rabbits from Eating Tulips?How can I keep rabbits from eating my tulips and other plants?


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Recipe for White Sauce?I would like a good recipe for white sauce.


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Natural Remedies for Dog's Bad Breath?We are organic and natural product users. We have 3 dogs and their breath smells awful. Are there any natural remedies or does anyone know what we can do? We don't want to give them chemicals. Thanks.


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Fine Décor Wall Coverings Pattern #41692m?I am looking for fine decor wallcoverings, pattern No. 41692m. Can anyone help me?


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Interior Decorating Company Name?What is a good name for an interior decorating company that focuses on providing value and "Decorating and Remodeling on a Dime" concepts by Carla?


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