May 23, 2013

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Nursery with pink walls.

Decorating Rooms With Pink Colored Walls?This is a page about decorating rooms with pink colored walls. Decorating a room to coordinate with pink walls is a fun project, there are many options to completing the overall look.


cheesecake with graham cracker crust

Dessert Ideas With a Graham Cracker CrustWe are all familiar with using graham cracker crust when making cheesecake, but there are other desserts that also use this type of crust. This is a page about dessert ideas with a graham cracker crust.


Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Come Out FlatIt is frustrating and upsetting to bake up a batch of cookies only to have them all turn out flat. This is a page about chocolate chip cookies come out flat.


Scissor Holder

Making a Cardboard Holder for ScissorsThis is a page about making a cardboard holder for scissors. Paper crafters in particular may have a large number and variety of scissors that they use in their craft. Finding a good way to store them and sewing scissors can be easy.


Baseball Themed Centerpiece

Baseball Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about baseball themed centerpiece ideas. Creating centerpieces for an athletic banquet is fun and sometimes a bit daunting.


Decorating With Houseplants

Decorating With HouseplantsThis is a page about decorating with houseplants. Not only do houseplants have the ability to improve the air quality in your home, but they can also be used as decorative focal points.


Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cairn Terrier breed information and photos. Originating in the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, this hardy breed was originally a working dog used to aid farmers in getting rid of pests such as foxes and badgers.


Angry Birds Cake

Making an Angry Birds CakeMake your child, or anyone who enjoys playing the game, this delightful cake for a birthday or other special occasion. This is a page about making an Angry Birds cake.


A young girl playing with a toy train.

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly ToysThis is a page about tips for choosing eco-friendly toys. There are many factors you can consider when trying to choose eco-friendly toys for your children, such as packaging, materials used in construction, and more.


Dollar Weed

Getting Rid of Dollar Weed (Pennywort)?Dollar weed or pennywort is a perennial weed that thrives in a moist environment. It can become quite invasive due to its creeping underground stems. This is a page about getting rid of dollar weed.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Battery Won't Hold a Charge?This is a page about riding mower battery won't hold a charge. How can you get the lawn mowed when the battery won't hold a charge? Perhaps a bit of troubleshooting will help you discover the cause and make repairs.


Oatmeal cocolate chip cookie on baking sheet

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies...Reproducing your favorite store bought cookies at home can save you money. This page is about Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies (copycat).


Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding RecipesThis page contains Yorkshire pudding recipes. This traditional British favorite is easy to make and perfect to serve with roast beef.


Plant Stand

Creative Plant Stand IdeasThis is a page about creative plant stand ideas. Many things, such as antique furniture, dishes, and other items can be used as unique plant stands.


Woman with dyed auburn hair.

Changing Your Hair ColorThis is a page about changing your hair color. Changing the color of dyed hair can be tricky.


Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree Not Growing Fruit?This is a page about avocado tree not growing fruit. Several factors can affect the setting of fruit by an avocado tree. They can yield a generous crop one year and none the next.


Pit Bull Puppy

Training a Pit Bull PuppyPit Bull puppies need the same training and socialization as any puppy. There are some additional steps you can add to your training schedule for these energetic powerful dogs. This is a page about training a Pit Bull puppy.


cleaning a toilet

Toilet Cleaner Reviews?This is a page about toilet cleaner reviews. Doing a bit of research before buying yet another toilet cleaner, that does not live up to its claims, can save you money and frustration.



Transplanting Amaryllis?This is a page about transplanting amaryllis. These beautiful flowering plants are often purchased as potted plants around Christmas. Transplanting the bulb from pot to garden or relocating plants in your garden is fairly easy.


testing Christmas lights

Christmas Light Tester Reviews?This is a page about Christmas light tester reviews. Light testers are designed to quickly test and help with the repair of your holiday lights.


Making a Pinwheel Card

Making a Pinwheel CardThis is a page about making a pinwheel card. Pinwheels evoke thoughts of childhood and fun times playing outside. This motif is a natural for making an all occasion greeting card.


Skillet Meal

Easy Skillet Meal RecipesWhen you need a quick dinner, a delicious dish can be prepared in one pan. This page contains easy skillet meal recipes.


Imitation Crab Cakes

Recipes Using Imitation CrabImitation crab is actually made from fish and flavored to taste like crab. This less expensive substitute for crab can be used in many recipes calling for crab.


collection of photos

Making Photo TilesThis is a page about making photo tiles. Adhering photos to tiles is a great project if you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member.


Caramel Pie

Caramel Pie RecipesThis page contains caramel pie recipes. A delicious, rich cream pie for any special occasion.


Mirror Pin

Making a Mirror PinThis page is about making a mirror pin. A fun craft project to make a classy ornament for yourself or for others.


Folded Paper Flower Box

Making a Folded Paper Flower BoxThis is a page about making a folder paper flower box. The art of folding paper or origami is an excellent craft for making small paper boxes for various uses.


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Recipes for Cilantro Cucumber Baguette BitesThis page contains recipes for cilantro cucumber baguette bites. A delicious fingerfood for entertaining or anytime.


Reusing Potting Soil

Reusing Potting SoilThis is a page about reusing potting soil. The old potting soil from last year's flowerpots can be reconditioned and reused.


Electric Stove Burner

Electric Stove Burners Not Working?This is a page about electric stove burners not working. If one or more burners on your electric stove stops working, you may be able to troubleshoot the cause yourself.



Making a Crocheted Bodice for a DressThis is a page about making a crocheted bodice for a dress. A crochet bodice attached to a fabric skirt makes for a really cute dress for a young child or a unique outfit for adults.



Clematis Not BloomingThis is a page about clematis not blooming. You chose your clematis for its showy flowers, so it is at the very least disappointing when it fails to bloom.


boy with braces

Getting Your Child to Take Care of Their Braces?This is a page about getting your child to take care of their braces. Having your child get braces is very expensive, so it is very frustrating if you have to lecture them on caring for them properly.


Friendly Pit Bull

Raising a Friendly Pit Bull?This page is about raising a friendly pit bull. A good training program will insure that your dog is well socialized.


Baby Formula Scoop

Craft Ideas Using Baby Formula ScoopsThis is a page about craft ideas using baby formula scoops. If you are a crafter and have, or know someone who has, an infant who is fed formula, you probably have a stash of little formula scoops.


Spa Party

Spa Party IdeasThis is guide about spa party ideas. The spa party is a popular theme for young girls' birthday parties.


A dog being seen by a veterinarian.

Can a Dog Get Parvo Again?This is a page about "can a dog get parvo again?". Many dog owners whose pet survives the parvo virus worry that their pet may contract it again.


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Making a Grandma's Paddle?This is a page about making a grandma's paddle. The grandma paddle is a cute gift to make for the new grandmother. These cute padded paddles emphasize the spoilage to come.



Canning Plums

Canning Plums in a Hot Water BathThis beautiful purple fruit is so refreshing on a hot summer day. Canning them means you can enjoy them all year long.


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Empty Creamer Bottles Have Multitudes of UsesI use empty creamer bottles for lots of things, especially food items we buy in large containers at Sam's Club: syrup, dishwasher soap (awesome for that!), hot chocolate mix, strawberry mix, even as a small pitcher of milk for the dining table that kids can easily pour.


plant saucer 1

Using Antique Plates as Plant SaucersI found some really pretty glass plates at a resale shop that I just had to have. A number of my houseplants were in need of saucers. I find the plastic ones or even the clay ones to be kind of ugly.


Baby Barred Rock Chicks

New Baby Barred Rock ChicksThese little babies are my daughter's new chickens. We brought them home from the feed supply store. They are Barred Rock chickens. They are so cute. They are the last ones of the season at that store.


Peaches canned at home.

Canning Peaches in Warm Bath CannerPeaches are one of the prettiest fruits in a can. Of course, I might be a little partial to them because I like them so much. I lived in Alabama and Georgia for a few years and could stop by the side of the road and pick up fresh peaches during the summer.



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Raising Parakeets?My boy parakeet seems to be feeding the girl. What does that mean and is she getting all her nutrition she needs?


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Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux?I am looking fro a natural remedy for acid reflux. I have it so bad that I can't eat anything without being in pain and sick.


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Peony Leaves Turned Brown After Spraying with Pesticide?My husband sprayed my peonies with bug killer and all the leaves turned brown and curled up. Did he kill it?


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House Trained Dog Refusing to Go Outside to Pee?I have a 4 year old mixed breed dog who is trained to go outside. Recently he has started refusing to go outside and now pees in the house. Sometimes he will go outside, but more often than not he won't.


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?I am looking into opening my own daycare. I am having trouble with a name. I have been taking care of kids since I was very little. Everyone called me "Mother Hen" also my nicknames are Tashie and Oshie. Any ideas?


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Removing Ink from a Photo?How do I remove ink from a photo? I wrote on the back of one and it came off on the on the next one.


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Maytag Bravo Displaying LF Code?I've tried everything I can think of to learn what the LF code means, and how to fix it. I've even repositioned the whole machine. It is only 1 year old, the Bravo is a top loader.


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Crafts Using Plastic Rollers?I recently attained some blue plastic rollers that resemble hair rollers, but they are not. Anyone have any craft ideas for them?


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Game Ideas for Call of Duty Themed Party?I'm helping plan a surprise party for twin boys that are turning 16! I've come up with a call of duty theme and need some game ideas. Can you guys help? :D


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Thrown Up Cat Food Left Red Stain on Carpet?We have four cats and when they throw up it stains the carpet red, instantly. Please can someone help me get rid of these stains? I have no iron. Thanks.


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Burnt Popcorn Smell in Microwave?How do I remove burnt popcorn smell from a microwave?


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Removing Dead Moss from My Roof?I am at the moment using a regular broom can I use a wire brush?


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Removing Scotch from Windows?How do I remove Scotch tape from windows that has been there for a while?


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Cutting Tires to Line a Path?There are plenty of ideas on the web, but few if any on how to make these designs. I just want to cut the old tires in half to make a path border, but am having a heck of time finding out how to cut them.


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Removing Dog Urine from Leather Furniture?What can I use to remove the urine from the top of my lavendar leather ottoman that won't cause discoloration of the affected area?


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