May 24, 2013

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Stack of chocolate chip cookies.

Saving Money on CookiesThis is a page about saving money on cookies. The savey cook and shopper is constantly on the lookout for ways to save money on food.


A cup of coke spilling.

Cleaning Coke Stains From Clothing?This is a page about cleaning Coke stains from clothing. So many of people enjoy having a Coke with their meal that spills and the inevitable clothing stains are a common occurrence.


Cleaning Pillows

Cleaning Bed PillowsThis is a page about cleaning bed pillows. We clean our bed linens routinely, but the bed pillows also need to be cleaned, although not as often.


hot tea

Remedies for a Burned Throat?This is a page about remedies for a burned throat. Drinking a cup of tea or coffee or eating a spoon of food that is too hot can burn your throat. Depending on the severity you may be able to do something at home to relieve it.


Bed Sheet Tent

Uses for Bed SheetsThis is a page about uses for bed sheets. Sheets have many more uses than just as bed linens. They can be an inexpensive alternative to more costly home decor items.


Sour Cream

Sour Cream Spread RecipesThis page contains sour cream spread recipes. You can make delicious sandwich spreads starting with sour cream and adding your favorite herbs, spices, or veggies.


Photo of a large TV.

Repairing the Roof on an RV or TrailerThis is a page about repairing the roof of an RV or trailer. The metal roofs of RVs and trailers eventually need repair; the seams are susceptible to leaking.


Throw Pillows

Recovering Throw PillowsThis is a page about recovering throw pillows. Recovering your dated or stained throw pillows not only saves money, but is also a great way to change the color of your room's accessories.


Garlic being planted into garden soil mix.

Making Your Own Garden Soil MixThis is a page about making your own garden soil mix. You can buy or make your own garden soil mix. The best soil type or blend can vary depending on the type of plants you will be growing in your garden.


computer printer

Finding Printable CouponsThis is a page about finding printable coupons. A good alternative to clipping coupons in newspapers and magazines, is finding coupon sites on the web.


Terracotta Pots

Making a Terracotta Pot Candle Heater?This is a page about making a terracotta pot candle heater. A few terracotta flower pots and a candle in a glass jar can be used to construct a small space heater.


A woman transplanting a sunflower.

Transplanting Sunflowers?This is a page about transplanting sunflowers. Whether you are transplanting seedlings or a plant from the nursery, sunflowers are easy to transplant.


bowl full of peaches

Peach Glazed Pork ChopsThis page contains recipes for peach glazed pork chops. The flavor of pork is well suited to the addition of fruit to the dish.


Bedding in a laundry basket.

Uses for Old BeddingThis is a page about uses for old bedding. Old bedding, in addition to sheets, such as blankets and mattress pads can be put to new uses after they are no longer used as bedding.


Swagbucks Reviews

Swagbucks ReviewsThis is a page about Swagbucks reviews. advertises itself as a loyalty program based website where you can use the internet to shop, play games, etc. In other words to do things you probably already use the internet for.


A baby eating organic baby food.

Making Your Own Organic Baby FoodThis is a page about making your own organic baby food. The cost of organic baby food may strain your budget. You may be able to save money and serve your baby fresh food by making it at home.


A woman putting on lip gloss.

How to Clean Lip Gloss Stains on Clothing?This is a page about cleaning lip gloss stains on clothing. Lip gloss leaves a greasy stain if it gets on your clothing.


Fabric Covered Card

Making Fabric Covered CardsThis is a page about making fabric covered cards. Create beautiful unique greeting and gift cards using fabric. You can use your fabric scraps or buy yardage for the project.


A woman putting a class up to a wall to listen.

Scratching Noises in Walls?This is a page about scratching noises in walls. Scratching noises in the walls may be the sign of critters that you will want to eliminate.



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Recycling MiO ContainersI buy MiO drops to add to water for flavor. They come in these cute little containers. I hate to toss anything if I can find a way to recycle so I washed them out and saved them.


dirty lid

Keep an Extra Ketchup Bottle LidIn a house with kids, the ketchup bottle lid inevitably gets gross. I kept a lid from a previous bottle and ran it through the dishwasher. Now whenever the current bottles lid is too yucky, I switch out the lid.


Forever Clean Shower StallThis is a motivational tip, as we all already know how to clean our shower stall.



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Getting Pool Ready to Use?My alkaline stabilizer pH levels are low and my chlorine is high. What can I do cheaply and quickly? I am having a party tomorrow.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 15 in July. She wants to have an awesome party, with about ten other people, boys and girls, but she has no idea what to do. She and her friends are very athletic. Her favorite color is blue and she is a Christian.


Example of textured wallpaper.

Discontinued Fresco/Blown Vinyl Wallpaper?Does anyone know where I could get a hold of a discontinued line of blown vinyl fresco wallpaper? It is white in colour and is used for covering cracked and uneven walls, it does have a pattern. I don't have a pattern number.


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Killing Morning Glory?I planted some and it has absolutely taken over my flower bed, even the underneath of my porch. In my flower bed it's like I don't even have any dirt. It's only roots. It did not overcome my iris, canna, or rose bush. Help me please.


Five volumes of Compton's encyclopedia.

Value of 1947 Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia?I have a full set of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedias and Fact Index, the 1947 edition. They are in great condition and I have volumes 1 through 15, the full set. I would love to hear some input about these books.


Whitening Teeth with Banana Peels?I have barely any enamel on my teeth. And I brush my teeth every morning and right after I shower (which is when I get home from school). I heard banana peels whiten your teeth so I've been using that, but my mom said it only works for people with enamel on their teeth. Is that true?


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Removing Stain from Pergo Laminate Flooring?I unfortunately put a stain on my Pergo laminate floor, big mistake. It left streaks and clouds all over the floor. I've tried everything to get them out. Please help!


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Finding Cheap or Free Furniture?I'm a single mother of 2. I receive disability and some government help. I have been living with my sister and I just qualified for my own apartment. I'm in need of furniture. My income source is barely enough to pay rent and expenses.


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Resident Cat Aggressive to New Kitten?Today my husband and I brought home a new, adopted kitten. She is 8 weeks old. Our current cat, who is a year and a half old and grew up with other cats until he was just shy of a year old is very aggressive and is hissing at the kitten and my husband.


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Molded Wine Bottle with Monkey Wrapped Around It?I have one too. It is a blue green bottle with stopper and brown monkey. Does anyone know something about this bottle?


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Finding a Job as Longshoreman?I have been working as a class A truck driver for 2 years. I have wanted to work as a longshoreman, for the past 13 years. I never seem to get the right information. What am I doing wrong? I need your help. Thanks.


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Harvesting Iceberg Lettuce?I had planted some iceberg lettuce seeds awhile back and they have grown into some pretty big plants. They are very green and pretty. But my question is when do I know when they're ready to harvest? And how do I go about doing it? If someone could please help me out.


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Poulan Pro Mower Won't Start?My Poulan Pro mower will not turn over, nothing. I replaced the battery; fuse is good. How do I test the starter?


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Kohler Engine Mower Won't Start?My Kohler engine 20 hp mower will not start. If you spray starting fluid into the filter, it will run for a few seconds and then it will not start. Can anyone help me? I believe it could be the carburetor. I am not sure because it is getting gas to the carburetor.


Eating Previously Frozen Vegetables Raw?After you freeze vegetables can you thaw them and eat them as a raw vegetables?


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Stain on Patent Leather Shoes?I have a pair of white patent leather Pradas. Somehow there is a black stain underneath the leather. How can I get it out?


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