June 3, 2013

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Giving Dogs Aspirin?This page is about giving dogs aspirin. It is important to consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any drug.


A woman's hand experiencing tremors.

Home Remedies for Tremors?This is a page about home remedies for tremors. Depending on the cause of your tremors, there are medications and dietary options that may help to reduce or relieve the tremors.


Tomato Plants Dying

Tomato Plants Dying from Top DownThis page is about tomato plants dying from the top down. Determining what is causing your plants to suffer isn't always easy.


Recipes Using Red Velvet Cake Mix

Recipes Using Red Velvet Cake MixThis page contains recipes using Red Velvet cake mix. A batch of red velvet cake mix is a great start to a delicious holiday treat.



Uses for AspirinThis page contains uses for aspirin. There are a number of ways this drug can be used besides for a headache.


Glass Stovetop

White Film on a Glass Stovetop?This is a page about white film on glass stovetop. Although easier to clean than the traditional electric stovetop, a ceramic top still has its cleaning challenges.


Kitten With Worms

Treating a Kitten With WormsThis is a page about treating a kitten with worms. Kittens can easily get infected with worms of several types. Because of their age and small size you will want to be careful how you attempt to treat them.


Two kids playing a game on a road trip.

Road Trip Game IdeasThis is a page about road trip game ideas. Road trips can be too long and uneventful for many children.


Leather Shoes

Removing Salt Stains From Shoes?This is a page about removing salt stains from shoes. With winter comes slushy snow and salt stains on your shoes.



Buying HoneyAll of this natural sweetener is not created equal, and there are a few things you need to know when selecting your honey. This page is about buying honey.


Child Playing at Summer Childcare Center

Ideas for Summer ChildcareThis page contains ideas for summer childcare. When school is out it can be a challenge to find good, affordable babysitting.


Pan Lebkuchen

Pan Lebkuchen RecipesThis page contains pan lebkuchen recipes. Lebkuchen are dense, sweet honey flavored bars filled with nuts and candied fruit.


Woman Getting Money from Cash Machine

Cash Machine Tips and TricksThis page contains cash machine tips and tricks. Personal security is of the utmost importance when visiting a automated bank teller.


Recycling Electronics

Recycling ElectronicsThis page is about recycling electronics. It's good to know where you can dispose of a television, computer or other electronic devise so that its parts will be recycled.


Men's Shirt

Shortening Men's Shirt Sleeves?This page is about shortening men's shirt sleeves. Altering the length of sleeves can add extended wear and save you money.


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie RecipesThis page contains oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipes. These delicious treats are a favorite of many people.


pug in a crate

Crate Training a Dog?This is a page about crate training a dog. Training your dog to feel safe and secure in her crate helps not only with house training, but also, with providing an option to allowing the dog free roam of your house when you are not there.


Girl with permed hair.

Coloring Permed Hair?This is a page about coloring permed hair. Coloring and perming your hair both entail treating your hair to a chemical process that has the potential of causing damage if not done properly.


Photo of a rooster in the grass.

Rooster Information and PhotosThis page contains rooster information and photos. These cocks can be very handsome and often become yard pets.


Maple Yule Logs

Maple Yule Log RecipesThis page contains maple yule log recipes. There are many variations on these delicious maple flavored, yule log shaped cakes, often served around the holidays.


family camp out

Preparing for Campouts?This page is about preparing for campouts. When you can anticipate everything you may need, it helps make your adventure a success.


Cold Frame

Building a Cold FrameThis page is about building a cold frame. Many vegetables can get a head start in your garden with a little protection from the cold.


Cake using Dole pineapple.

Dole Pineapple Cake Recipes?This page contains Dole pineapple cake recipes. Food companies often print recipes on their cans. Dole pineapple has periodically published recipes on their labels, including some for cakes.



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Ice Cream Pumpkin PieThis is an ice cream pie made with canned pumpkin. This pumpkin pie is one of my favorites! When possible, I try to replace as much of the sugar in a recipe as I can.


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Rotisserie Chicken BrothI know this is so simple it seems silly to write a recipe for it; however, I've been cooking for a family of 9 for over 25 years now, and I've thrown away many rotisserie chicken carcasses before it dawned on me that I could save $1.50 per quart by just taking a few minutes of my time.



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Noxema for Chapped LipsIf you have really really chapped lips, apply Noxema on them before bed. They will be good as new in the morning


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Browning Ground Beef in MicrowaveWhen my grocery store puts ground beef on sale, I buy the larger size package and separate it at home. Using my kitchen scale, I weigh out about 3/4 pound chunks. I put each chunk into a plastic bag to refrigerate until it is time for that chunk to be browned.


Lulu inside oatmeal box.

Use an Oatmeal Container as a Guinea...This is LuLu, in her cylinder. I recycled an oatmeal canister for my guinea pig because they like to go into and hide in little hidey holes. I have seen them at pet stores and they are just cardboard cylinders. I go through four or five of these every week.


Large Upside Down Cans for Composting SoilI have been recycling all I can with cans. For a while we were crazy about those huge cans of cheese sauce you can buy at the store. I must have bought twenty or more before we became burnt out on the cheese sauce. I didn't want to throw them away.


Salt Spout Mason JarDon't throw that empty salt container away.


Potato Bag for Starting Avocado PitI used some material from the bag our potatoes came in and then a piece of plastic grocery bag tied around the potato bag over the jar. The avocado pit was pushed far enough down into the jar to be able to start this way.


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Making Drainage Holes for Plastic ContainersThe easy way is to heat a hole punch, awl, or nail tip over a lit candle. Then simply push it down into the turned over container in several spots to allow for adequate drainage.


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Tecnu Spray for Treating Poison Ivy RashI had it all over my arms and ankles. I tried alcohol, aloe, witch hazel, dish soap, lemon, etc.! No relief, the itch was killing me. It would wake me up in the middle of the night!


A person using an ATM at a bank.

Finish Your ATM TransactionWhen you are at your bank's ATM, make sure you finish your transaction. I have pulled up to my bank's ATM, twice in the last month, and found that each person did not finish his/her transaction.


How to Get Rid of Carpenter BeesIt's very easy to do yourself, and it 100% works! I have used this to get rid of Carpenter bees my whole life. You will need a can of WD40 spray, the one with the long sprayer tip at the end works best.


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Cure Your Ingrown ToenailI have found an easy way to get rid of ingrown toenails of using a few simple ingredients at home, and that will give quick relief!


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Homemade Lip PlumperIf you want to make your own lip plumper, add a bit of cinnamon or cayenne to petroleum jelly and apply. Of course, without additives, petroleum jelly is great for lips, too.


Bugs stuck to tape.

Use Tape to Remove Bugs from PlantsIf you notice bugs on your plants, get as many off as you can using regular cellophane (Scotch) tape before treating with bug spray. Works like a charm!


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List Emergency Numbers in Cell as ICEEmergency personnel will look in your cell phone to see if you have an emergency listing if needed. It is suggested that you enter your emergency contact under ICE (In Case of Emergency).


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Boil Weeping Willow Branches for Rooting HormoneI read somewhere that Weeping Willow branches don't need rooting hormone. In fact, if you take a branch and boil it in some water, that will itself make rooting hormone for other plants to grow roots.


Morning Glory Is Invasive

Morning Glory Is InvasiveAs you can see, morning glories can be extremely invasive. There is a mobile home under the second mound of greenery. We made the mistake of planting the "seedless" morning glory from some branches I got from a neighbor.


Closeup view of hanging spray bottles.

Organizing Under the SinkHere is a great way to keep all your cleaners organized under the sink. Buy a short shower curtain rod and install it under your sink, make sure it is in there tight. Then, place all of your cleaners that use a spray nozzle on to rod.


Potted plants in entryway.

Potted Plants Beautify Your Home EntryI don't have a lot of land in the front of my home and there is a bare area near the entry that needed some color and glamor.


Cat lying on owner.

Lester (Cat)My cat, Lester, loves to lay on me to be petted and have his nose rubbed. It's usually not possible to recline on the couch without Lester taking the opportunity to jump up and take a seat.


Maple Wood Branch Windchimes with Beads

Maple Wood Branch Windchimes with BeadsWe made a circle of beads with wire and hooked them together.


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Trench CompostingNo more compost piles for me! I found the lazy gardener's way to enrich the soil. Buy a used blender at a garage sale. Set it out on the kitchen counter, put all the veggie/fruit scraps in it.


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Teaching a Phone Number to a ChildWhen my daughters were as young as 4 and 5 years old, I wanted them to learn their phone number and remember it. What worked great was to teach them the seven digit string to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


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Healing from Acid RefluxI was starting to get irritation and acid reflux, so I quit drinking my coffee and red wine, and started to take acid blockers. In the meantime, I compensated for my coffee intake by drinking 1/2 a dose of 5 Hour Energy and drank light beer.


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Easy Moisture CremeThis is the easiest and best mixture I have found. Lots of words here but it takes just a few minutes. Honest!



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Making a Planter from a Pot Bellied Stove?I have a pot-bellied with a hole in the top and the bottom. The problem with the top is, I haven't been able to find a pot to fit in the top because of little things sticking out on two sides of the top.


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Romantic Birthday Trips Ideas?I am looking for a romantic weekend getaway for my girlfriend and myself. I don't make much money and she is a high powered Wall street executive in NYC. She loves history and antiques and fantastic food. We have done the Cape Cod trip and the Berkshires. It will be her 38th birthday.


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Getting Rid of Fleas?In order to kill the fleas in a room do you use both Dawn and apple cider vinegar in a dish and put it under a light, or is it just Dawn in the dish with water?


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Legal Responsibility for FHA House?Is there any legal help for people in my situation. I had to move out of my FHA home because of snakes. The house was sold, but I still have to pay for the that house.


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Pages Too Big for Computer Screen?I can't get to my zoom in or out as my letters are to big on my computer top.


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Value of 1912 Modern Business Set?I have 24 volumes published by Alexander Hamilton institute. What is the value?


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H2O Steam Mop Makes Noise But No Steam?Can anyone help me please? My wife's steam mop H2O x5 stopped putting out steam. All it does is go hum hum hum hum kind of pulsing like. The element gets hot, but it doesn't put out steam. I think maybe the pump is bad.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is July 24th, but I'm going to a concert on that day, (one direction OH MY GOD XD) so I want to have a small celebration with some friends maybe the weekend before and save the big party for my 16th birthday.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday?I need gift ideas for my boyfriend, his birthday is coming up and we've been dating for about 1 year. Help!


Beautiful pieced wooden table.

Storing a Handmade Pieced Wooden Table?I have a coffee table which was made by my grandfather 60 years ago. It was made with tiny individual pieces of wood, glued together to make a pattern. It is a beautiful piece, but now I have to store it in a storage unit for awhile.


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Swimming Pool Pump Loses Suction?When I attached my cleaner (barracuda) to the pump the suction goes away. Why?


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Using Dawn in Steam Cleaner for Flea Infestation?Doesn't putting Dawn in your carpet cleaner to help get rid of fleas make the carpet very "soapy" and sticky? Do you have to re-clean the carpet to rinse it?


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Finding Financial Help with Home Repairs?My name is Pam. My husband, Jackie, has renal cell carcinoma and has had brain surgery, both lower lobes of lungs removed and a kidney removed. Our house is falling apart and roach infested.


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Pattern for a Crochet Toilet Seat Cozy?Has anyone got a pattern for a toilet seat cozy? Please help :)


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Truck is Blowing Hot Air When Set to Cool?My truck blows hot air when the fan is off and the temperature setting control is on cold.


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Overgrown Houseplants?What do you do when the house plant you have grows way big. I have an aloe which has given about 60 babies over last four years that I shared with family and friends. Mama aloe is in 25 gallon container. We live in southwest, Georgia.


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Party Ideas for Eleven Year Old Girls?My daughter is turning eleven and she is tricky. She never tells me what she wants. Please give me some ideas.


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Cleaning Nicotine Off of Walls?I live in an apartment that was smoked in a lot, you can see where the picture's used to hang on the walls. I have heard of products like T.S.P., and I do not want to use anything that is harmful to the environment. So any suggestions that any of you out there have would be appreciated. Thank you.


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