June 5, 2013

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chocolate cake

Better Than Anything (Sex) Cake RecipesThis page contains Better than Sex or Better than Anything cake recipes. This name is used for a variety of delicious cake recipes, from chocolate to fruit flavors, often from a boxed cake mix.


Aggressive Dog

Dog is Aggressive Towards Other...This is a page about dog is aggressive towards other resident dogs. Dogs are pack animals that would normally establish a hierarchy of dominance and define a territory as their own. When introducing a new dog(s) into your home with a resident dog, patience and proper introduction techniques can help reduce or eliminate the potential aggressive behavior.


Down comforter on a nice bed.

Removing Odors From a Down Comforter?This is a page about removing odors from a down comforter. Should your down comforter develop an odor, there are a few ways you might consider for cleaning it.


A nice white mattress.

Protecting a MattressWhen kept safe from moisture a bed will remain stain and odor free. This page is about protecting a mattress.


Headstones on Memorial Day

Celebrating Memorial DayThis is a page about celebrating Memorial Day. Originally established to honor the fallen soldiers who served during the Civil War, it was later expanded to honor all Americans who have died in military service. It is also a Federal holiday that is typically seen as the official beginning of summer.


Bowl of leeks.

Leeks in Cheese Sauce RecipesThis page contains leeks in cheese sauce recipes. Cheese blends well with the flavor of leeks for a delicious side dish.


Rolled out pie dough.

Freezing Pie DoughThis is a page about freezing pie dough. When making pie dough from scratch, make extra and freeze it for future use.


Close up of an electric blanket cord.

Finding Replacement Cords and Controls for an...Maybe the dog didn't eat your homework, but perhaps he did take out the cord to your electric blanket. Finding a replacement cord or a control for an electric blanket can be difficult. This is a page about finding replacement cords and controls for an electric blanket.


Chopped Leeks

Cooking Leeks?This is a page about cooking leeks. Leeks are a very versatile veggie and can be prepared in their own right, or added to many recipes.


Making Bookends

Making BookendsThis is a page about making bookends. You can buy bookends or better yet make your own unique set to fit in with your decor.


Growing Leeks

Growing LeeksThese sweet and mild flavored cousins of the onion are easy to grow in your garden. This is a page about growing leeks.


Repairing a Car

Repairing a Car's Transmission?This is a page about repairing a car's transmission. The transmission in your car is a very essential part of the engine. Keeping it in good working order and recognizing the onset of problems may save you money in the long run.


Parliament Building in Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos and guides for traveling to Ontario, Canada. Ontario is the most populated and second largest province in Canada and home to the capital of Canada, Ottawa. It is also a popular tourist destination with historical architecture, museums, shopping, and Niagara Falls.


Family on Vacation

Vacation Tips and TricksThis is a page about vacation tips and tricks. Careful planning and preparation can help ensure a fun relaxing vacation.


woman drinking water

Drinking More WaterEnsuring your body is sufficiently hydrated will improve your overall health.



Banana Oatmeal Fingers

Banana Oatmeal FingersBanana Oatmeal Fingers are a great breakfast or snack for babies and toddlers.


Vegetarian Enchilada CasseroleThis enchilada casserole uses only a few ingredients and can easily be modified to your tastes (even meat it you want).


4th of July Ice Cream SandwichesKids love ice cream sandwiches.


Muffin Tin TacosThese taco cupcakes are easy to make and so delicious!


canning jars mounted on rustic board

Canning Jar Herb GardenThis mason jar herb garden is a cute way to have a small herb garden in your kitchen or just outside your front door.


Strawberry Shortcake ParfaitThese tiny little treats are perfect for a party! If you use a mason jar, they would also make a yummy gift for someone special.


4th of July StrawberriesChocolate dipped strawberries are a yummy treat.



A homemade pot pie on a table.

Quick and Easy Pot PieA family size pot pie that is super easy to make.


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Marinated Creamy Ranch Chicken and RiceA creamy ranch flavored chicken and rice main dish. Homecooking that is loved by my family.


Granola in a jar

Maple Peanut Butter GranolaGranola isn't one of the cheapest foods but it is definitely nutritious and a great way to start your morning. You can play with the types of nuts and dried fruits you add into this.



Clothespin out of Maple Tree BranchThis is a branch that is cut and then cracked in two. Where it is cracked in two, I put duct tape on the top. It will hold clothes. They would really be pretty if they were all covered in duct tape rather than just the top.


Melancholy (Cleveland Metro-Parks, OH)

Melancholy (Cleveland Metro-Parks, OH)This is at a spot in the metro-parks where in the evening you can hear really sad bird calls. It is a very melancholy place.


Styrofoam as Perlite Substitute

Styrofoam as Perlite SubstitutePerlite is exellent for amending soil used for container grown plants and for starting seedlings in a soil or soiless medium. It insures better drainage and aeration which results in a larger, healthier root system.


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Everyday Toothbrush HygieneWe all know that we should change our toothbrush at least every 3 months because they become worn out and harbor bacteria in the bristles, but I could never remember to do it.


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Tips For Saving on Printer InkIf you use your printer a little or a lot, ink is still expensive. I use my regular printer a lot, mostly black but it still "uses" color inks.


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Assemble Ingredients Before CookingWhen I am making a recipe, I get all my ingredients out, and I also get out whatever tools I need to assemble my ingredients.


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Hiring Honest MoversI was so excited about moving after have gone through the death of my husband, I failed myself. Since I had a short distance for moving, I decided to use someone local. Little did I know he was a crook.


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Prayer Box BlessingsI have had a prayer box for quite a while now. I put my prayers in and when it gets full, I open it up and get a blessing from the knowledge that most of my prayers were answered and I am in awe of how it was done.


Removing Ink Stains off Wood

Removing Ink Stains off WoodI used an eraser sponge. All you need to do is make sure the eraser sponge is just damp and rub the area. Today, I removed felt pen marks off a varnished dresser; the marks had been there for over 15 years!


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Food Birthday Party for TeensMy niece is turning 14 in July. We have discussed different party ideas that she may like. She has already had swim parties, spa parties, bonfires, etc. She wanted something different this year. What we came up with was a Food Party.


Frog (Pretoria Zoo, South Africa)

Frog (Pretoria Zoo, South Africa)We went for a 5km hike through the Pretoria Zoo. Afterwards, we decided to spend some time at the zoo. I came across this little fellow and just couldn't resist snapping a photo.


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Paper Clips to Fix a HemIf you have no straight pins, use paper clips to keep folded-over fabric in place when sewing a simple hem. Just slide the paper clip along the material as you work.



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Trellising English Mallow?Can the English mallow adhere itself to a trellis?


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Training a Puppy Not to Be Aggressive?My husband and I have a Boxer puppy named Nena. She's three and a half months old and is very aggressive. We are currently living with my parents and my seven year old sister while our house is being completed.


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Cherry Trees Not Bearing Fruit?My trees are not bearing fruit; why?


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Info on My Porcelain Doll?My porcelain doll has no numbers or anything on her. I bought her at a thrift store. All she has is a tag somebody made and tied on her wrist saying Little Princess 318. She is not a Shirley Temple doll!


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Name for New Home Daycare?I need a new name for my home child care of 20 years! My name is Miss Anissa. I don't have to use my name, but would like some ideas with it:) Thanks!


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Cooking Leeks?I need a recipe for cooking leeks.


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Themes for Sweet 16 Party?I am planning my sweet 16 for late July and I have no idea what to do. I want it to be girly and stuff, but money is kind of an issue. Thanks for the help.


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Hand Washing Dishes?When hand washing dishes, do you use the same dish cloth that you washed the dishes with to clean the countertops and stove with? I was watching a TV show and they said this method transfers germs all around your kitchen and it is best to use a dishcloth for the dishes and another one for cleaning.


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Eating After Having Teeth Pulled?What are some things I can eat after having 2 teeth pulled?


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Litter Box Always Smells Like Cat Pee?How do you keep the cat pee smell out of the litter box? It is cleaned every day. I have put baking soda in the box and nothing helps. I have tried different brands of litter.


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Mice Eating Wires and Plastic in my Jeep?I bought a 2007 Jeep less than a year ago it wouldn't start. I had it towed from the dealership (not under warranty). They said mice had chewed wires and plastic to the tune of $1100. Before I purchased this car it was garaged for a few years.


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Walking Makes Buttocks and Legs Tired?Whenever I walk some 200 feet, my lower back gets tired which radiates downwards to my legs. What causes it?


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Value of Porcelain Dolls by Menie?What is the value of a Wendy porcelain doll made by Menie?


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Removing a Stain on Black Stove?How do I remove a grayish steam line on the back part of my black stove. It appears a pot with a top was too close and it continued to go against it until it stained. Please help its ugly.


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Making Sugar Free Jelly?Years ago I made it with Jell-O and Sweet and Low. Does anyone know the recipe?


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Homecoming Float idea?I desperately need help coming up with an idea for our homecoming float. We are the dolphins playing the dolphins!:( Any ideas?


Set of encyclopedias.

Value of World Scope Encyclopedia?I have a complete 10 volume set of World Scope Encyclopedia, copyright 1945. They have blue binding. What is the value and what was the first copyright?


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Crepe Myrtle Trees Losing Leaves?We recently planted some young crepe myrtles, they are only a couple feet tall. Two are losing leaves. We planted them with good soil and they did well for two weeks. We've had a lot of rain recently, but there isn't standing water around them.


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