June 7, 2013

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Using a hammer to crack walnuts.

Cracking Nuts Without a Nut CrackerThis is a page about cracking nuts without a nut cracker. If you don't have a nutcracker, get creative. There are items you probably have around the house that will work just as well.


savory puff pastry

Seafood Puff RecipesPuffy pastry covered or stuffed with seafood is wonderful as an easy to make, fancy appetizer. This page contains seafood puff recipes.



Stollen RecipesThis page contains stollen recipes. A German Christmas baking tradition, stollen is a fruit packed, yeast bread.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Dies When Brake Released?This is a page about riding mower dies when brake released. Troubleshooting the operating issues with your riding mower can be frustrating and time consuming.



Chipmunk Information and PhotosThis is a page about chipmunk information and photos. Chipmunks are the smallest member of the squirrel family. All but one species can be found romping about in North America.


Bailing Wire

Craft Ideas Using Baling Wire?This is a page about craft ideas using baling wire. If you live on a farm or have livestock, you probably have used baling wire lying about. There are some interesting craft projects that you can undertake that use this wire.


cup of coffee

Making Coffee Without a Coffee MakerYou don't have to have a coffee maker to brew a great cup of coffee. This is a page about making coffee without a coffee maker.


A Persian cat with long hair.

Reducing Your Cat's Shedding?This is a page about reducing your cat's shedding. Shedding is a normal process of getting rid of dead hair. Unless there is a medical reason causing excess shedding, there are some things you can do to reduce your cat's shedding.


Peppermint Oil

Making Peppermint Oil?This is a page about making peppermint oil. Making your own peppermint essential is not that difficult.


Throw Rug

Cleaning Throw RugsThis is a page about cleaning throw rugs. Cleaning your throw rugs will depend on size, fabric content, and manufacturer's recommendations. Many throw rugs, unless labeled otherwise, can be washed.


Sausage Pizza

Sausage Pizza RecipesThis page contains sausage pizza recipes. Sausage pizza is a longstanding favorite.


A girl who can't find her parents.

Teaching a Child What to Do if They are LostThis is a page about teaching a child what to do if they are lost. Being lost is terrifying for most children. Teaching them safe methods of dealing with the situation can help ensure a positive and quick resolution to this parental nightmare.


Cinnamon Sticks

Buying Cinnamon Sticks?This is a page about buying cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks have culinary uses as well as crafting applications. They are however, not easily found at the grocery and can be expensive if you do.


Denim Wallet

Making a Denim WalletThis is a page about making a denim wallet. Whether you use leftover denim from altering a pair of jeans or other clothing project, or buy new yardage, you can make a great wallet for yourself or as a gift.


Bengal House Cat

Bengal Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Bengal breed information and photos. These beautiful, intelligent cats with their spotted fur and large size look like miniature wild cats. They also make great pets.


Living Room 2 Different Colors

Painting a Living Room 2 Different Colors?This is a page about painting a living room 2 different colors. One way to add a bolder color to your living room decor is to paint an accent wall.


Fleece Jacket

Removing Pills From Fleece?This is a page about removing pills from fleece. Fleece fabric is used to make a wide variety of clothing and other items, but if not the anti-pilling type you are in for some maintenance and preventative measures to keep your fleece pill free.


A woman dusting her house.

Preventing Dust in Your HouseThis is a page about preventing dust in your home. There are many sources of the dust accumulation in your home.


cable modem

Having Internet Without a Computer?This is a page about having internet without a computer. You don't necessarily need a computer to access the internet with other devices, such as a Kindle.


A woman smelling her fresh laundry.

Making Scented Laundry Crystals?This is a page about making scented laundry crystals. Scented laundry crystals are a popular laundry product used to leave your wash smelling wonderful. They can be costly to buy, so why not try making your own in your favorite scents?


Clutch Purse

Making a Clutch PurseThis is a page about making a clutch purse. There is no one or right way to make a clutch purse. No matter where your crafting skills lie, you can use them to make a unique clutch purse.



Washing Small Items in the DishwasherThis is a page about washing small items in the dishwasher. Small items in the dishwasher inevitably seem to end up on the bottom of the washer.


A screen serving as a temporary door.

Installing a Temporary Door?This is a page about installing a temporary door. Sometimes the layout of certain rooms would be enhanced and provide more privacy with the addition of a temporary door.


Beagle in the grass.

Beagle Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Beagle breed information and photos. Beagles were originally bred in England as a scent hunting dog. They make good pets, but do require regular exercise and do best with companionship, as they have a strong pack mentality.


Dog looking out a window on a rainy day.

Dog is Afraid of Bad Weather?This is a page about when dog is afraid of bad weather. Many dogs are upset by thunder storms.


Over the Door Ironing Board

Using an Over the Door Ironing Board?This is a page about using an over the door ironing board. An over the door ironing board is a space saving choice designed for a small home or apartment. There are some differences in its functionality when compared to a standing ironing board.


Frugal Living

Frugal Living Advice for Young Adults?This is a page about frugal living advice for young adults. When you first move out on your own, money is often pretty tight.


Two Masked Lovebirds sitting on a branch.

Breeding Lovebirds?This is a page about breeding lovebirds. Breeding lovebirds takes time, energy, and a love of the birds.


Weekiwachee Preserve

Weekiwachee Preserve Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains a Weekiwachee Preserve frugal travel guide. The Weekiwachee preserve is one of Florida's great bird and wildlife sanctuaries.



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Mower Needs Jump Every Time?I have a 14.5 hp Craftsman riding mower with a Briggs engine. I bought a new battery, it started fine for a few weeks. Now I need to jump it every week to start.


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Removing Dried Paint from a Sweater?I was painting at school and forgot to take off my sweater and got paint all over it. My mom also washed it. Any tips on getting it out?


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Buying Envirotex in Canada?I would like to try painting my kitchen and bathroom counter using the technique with Envirotex, but I am from Ontario Canada and am having trouble locating it. Can anyone help me?


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Norfolk Pine Needles Turning Yellow and Tips Brown?I have a Norfolk pine. I understand the tips turning brown, but I don't understand the needles turning yellow. It's not just the entire branch, it's a few on 1 branch, several on another, etc. Any ideas?


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Choosing Curtain Color?I have a bedroom I am working on that I need some help with. I have espresso furniture and the bed spread is a medium purple with white and I need some curtains.


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Old Vomit Stain Removal on Carpet?My daughter has a vomit stain on her carpet from the 2nd week in December. She has tried everything everyone has suggested. It doesn't smell, but the stain will not go away. She needs to get the stain out so she isn't charged for the stain when she moves out.


Pet urine stain on wood floor.

Using Peroxide to Clean Pet Stain on Wood Floors?Will hydrogen peroxide bleach the timber floor lighter? We have dark mahogany floors. Will hydrogen peroxide also damage the sealant so that we'll have to re-varnish the whole floor? I'm just worried that the spot will still be noticeable if its colour changes.


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Starting a Trumpet Vine from a Cutting?Can you start another vine from a cutting of the existing vine?


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Removing Labels Off Plastic Bottles?I have tried most everything. It takes forever. Trust me I have used many, many techniques some are better then others, but it still takes a long long time. I am only talking about plastic bottles.


Small sewing machine.

Adjusting Tension on Sewing Machine?My sewing machine won't sew and the loop from the spool is coming through the material, but the cotton from the reel is just threading through the loop without making a stitch. Also the cotton from the reel is very tight. What should I do?


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Painting My Living Room 2 Different Colors?I'm moving into a small home. The living room has 1 wall with all windows. I've painted that wall and the opposite wall light willow green and want to paint the adjacent wall a cream or beige. (Those 2 walls have the cathedral ceiling, also.)


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Washing Machine Not Spinning?My, just about two years old, washing machine has just died on me! It is running and stopping, but doesn't spin or get the water out. Only when I force by using a button it does the specific action but again, not for too long.


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Value of a Homemade Riding Reel Mower?How much would a riding reel mower be worth? It is made out of an old bike and a old reel mower.


Doll in striped two piece outfit.

Selling a Kathe Kruse Doll?I have an old Kathe Kruse doll that I want to sell. How can I do that and make sure it's safe to sell it on line? It has a signature and a serial number on its foot. He has original clothing, in fair to good condition. It looks so real, but is old.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I am wanting to start a house cleaning business with my sister-in-law and we can't come up with a name. My name is Joyce and hers is Penny. We want something cool. Please can you help us out? We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time.


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Coffee Stain on White Counter Top?I have coffee stains on my white kitchen countertop that will not go away. I have tried so many things on it, but am afraid to try anything industrial as I live in an apt.


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Slogan for Commercial and Residential Cleaning Business?I have a commercial and residential business called The Cleaning Team Specialists and need some help with a slogan.


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Cat Shedding Everywhere?I am taking care of my aunt's cat while she is in rehab from a car accident. She will be there for another 2 months at least. This cat sheds like crazy!


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Chamber's Encyclopedias?We have a complete set, 10 volumes 1888-1892), of Chamber's encyclopedias, mostly in good condition for their age. I was wondering what they may be worth, if anything?


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Removing Hair Dye from the Bathroom Wall?How can you removing hair dye from bathroom wall?


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Cat Leaving Black Paw Prints All Over?I am taking care of my aunt's cat, and I leave her 2 containers of water. Lately she started cleaning herself with her drinking water so there are 2 problems with that. First, she is drinking dirty water and secondly she is leaving black paw prints all over my aunt's home.


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Welbilt Bread Machine Owner's Manual?I am looking for an owner's manual for a Welbilt bread machine serial number---97 11 062473.


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Removing Rust Stains from a Bathtub?How do I remove rust stains from a bathtub?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have green and beige granite counters, cream distressed cabinets, terra cotta tile floor, and need a suggestion for paint color for the walls.


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Sewing Machine Stopped Working When I Replaced Bobbin?I tried to change my bobbin to use a different coloured thread, but now it's stopped working. As soon as I try to sew the machine stops as the material gets all caught up. Please help!


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15 Year Old Dog Peeing in the House?Why does our 15 year dog decide to cock his leg anywhere in the house? He really is not fussy.


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Can't Set Stitch Length or Use Reverse on Sewing Machine?I have a Kenmore model 21 sewing machine. Setting stitch length doesn't work right and it does not go in reverse. After it sits for a while you can not push the reverse button in.


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Black Snake With Huge White Eyes?I live in the Tampa, Florida area. Last year my white house cat got outdoors and just froze looking at something. Racing thru the flowerbed was a black snake, 4-5 ft long, with its head up like a periscope. It had the largest eyes I've ever seen, between nickel and quarter.


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