June 9, 2013

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Basic Muffin on a Plate

Basic Muffin RecipesThis page contains basic muffin recipes. A quick bread to enjoy with breakfast, brunch, or an anytime snack.


A girl holding up a car wash sign at a school fundraiser.

School Fundraiser IdeasThis page contains school fundraiser ideas. There are many fun, inexpensive ways to raise money for school activities and projects.


Wax Crayons

Painting With Wax CrayonsThis is a page about painting with wax crayons. If you are looking for a new art technique that is not too expensive, try painting with wax crayons.


Wild Onions

Eating Wild OnionThis is a page about eating wild onions. Although somewhat different in flavor from their garden cousins, wild onions can be used in your kitchen in place of garden varieties.



Pomeranian Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains pomeranian breed information and photos. These very small, personality-plus dogs are wonderful companions, and make good house pets.


Palm Trees

Palm Tree Turning Brown?This is a page about palm tree turning brown. It is very disappointing when your palm begins to turn brown. Trying to find the cause can seem daunting.


Tomato based stew in cast iron.

Cooking Acidic Foods in Cast Iron Pans?This page is about cooking acidic foods in cast iron pans. Maintaining your pan's seasoning is important when using this kind of cookware.


cat in a sandbox

Keeping Cats Out of a SandboxThis page is about keeping cats out of a sandbox. A sandbox is great fun for the kids, but it can attract cats who think it is a litter box.


Rainbow Cupcakes

Making Rainbow CupcakesThis is a page about making rainbow cupcakes. Brightly colored cupcakes are very easy to make and sure to delight your family or guests.


Ham Pasta Salad

Ham Pasta Salad RecipesThis page contains ham pasta salad recipes. Adding ham to a pasta salad can make it a main dish meal.


Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Peanut Butter Oatmeal RecipesThis page contains peanut butter oatmeal recipes. A healthy, hearty breakfast of oatmeal can be enhanced in a number of ways.


Strawberry Layer Cake

Making a Layer Cake?This is a page about making a layer cake. Making a perfect layer cake can be more challenging than you may think.


Toy Story Cake

Toy Story Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis page contains Toy Story themed birthday party ideas. Woody and Buzz are favorite characters for many little kids.



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Seasoned Pork Chops In Mushroom-Onion GravyThis is just simple homemade family cooking.


Grilled Chicken with Pineapple and Strawberry Salsa

Grilled Chicken with Pineapple and Strawberry...Heart and diabetic healthy entree easy to make and delicious to eat. Boneless/skinless chicken breasts with a yummy fruity slightly spicy salsa on top.


rainbow cupcake

Rainbow CupcakesI made these for our daughter's birthday party. They were so bright and fun... the kids loved them! :)



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Bottle Top Bird DeterrentDrill a hole in several tops and add one length of string to each top at different lengths. Use for 'scaring' birds from your vegetable patch.


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Deterring Insects from Hummingbird FeederI clean and change the sugar water in my hummingbird feeder every other day and was having a big problem with earwigs and ants getting into the container. I think I have solved that problem.


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Mini-Sub SandwichesPlain sandwiches can get boring: Bring a mini sub instead! I like to get the packages of mini bolo loaves (or you can use dinner rolls) in the bakery section of the grocery store. I slice them in half like hamburger buns.


Adding Points of Interest to Lawns

Adding Points of Interest to LawnsI have a half acre field adjoining my home lot. Except for grass cover, it's pretty bleak. There is one lone pecan tree right in the middle. I decided to add a point of interest to the tree.


Portion your Meats Before Freezing

Portion your Meats Before FreezingSuper simple way I save time and money. I buy meats on sale; ground beef, chops and even poultry in larger packages, since it is usually cheaper in larger amounts. I don't have the time nor do I want to pay to rewrap everything in smaller or single serving sizes.


Peek into drawer of boxes.

Organizing with Old VHS Tape BoxesI collected a whole lot of old video tapes from our local community so they could be recycled by a firm in Bristol (UK). I saved some of the boxes as I thought I would be able to use them somehow.



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Layered Hair is Damaged?I have very long hair and it's in layers. For some reason I've noticed that hair that is in layers once it's damaged it looks horrible.I don't have any split ends and it really don't want to cut my hair, but the bottom layer is pretty damaged. Please help. Do you have any recommendations?


Antenna on interior wall.

TV With HDTV Antenna Gets Interference at Times?I used to subscribe to cable since I still had an old analog TV. I have a rewards credit card and had saved up enough miles to purchase a new RCA 19" LED HDTV DVD combination by cashing in my points. So actually the TV was free.


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House Trained and Has Backslid?My Jack Russell Terrier is 6yrs old and has been potty trained to use a doggie door since she was 8 weeks old. All of a sudden she's peeing and pooping on rugs in my daughters' rooms when we're not home or when everyone is sleeping.


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Name Ideas for Business That Works With Children?I have a teaching/social work background working with children and plan to continue my eduction to include counseling. I am currently starting a business providing tutoring and childcare.


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Dog Has Yeast Infection on Legs?Our dog is biting on her legs and feet. Her white legs are turning brown. What can we use to help her?


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Cross Stitch Pattern for The Old Well of UNC?I'm looking for the cross stitch pattern "The Old Well of UNC".


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Finding a Source for Rhubarb Crowns?My husband wants to plant more rhubarb this year. However the major plant companies we usually deal with (Park Seed, Burpee, etc.) are out of the crowns. I can find rhubarb seeds many places, but not the crowns. Can anyone help me out?


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Repairing Cut Ivy Vine?I recently cut one of my ivy vines when gardening. Does anyone know what I should do or use to repair it? It was a important vine that was a main link to a lot of my ivy. Please help!


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Riding Mower Hard to Start?After my mower sits for a couple days it takes a lot of cracking for to start.


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Painting Wallpaper That's On a Box?I've covered a large cardboard box with wallpaper to make my grandson an army tank fancy costume. My problem is that now that I've spray painted it camouflage colors the paint won't dry. What can I do?


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Windshield Washer Pump Not Working?I have a 2010 Sonata. The washer fluid pump not working. The wipers work so it is not the fuse. There are no motor sounds so I am assuming that the motor is bad. How difficult is it to change the motor for the window washer? Are there any guides out there I can review first?


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Value of Musical Porcelain Doll?I have a Tracey musical porcelain doll. How much is it worth?


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Homemade Remedy for Softer Feet?I want softer feet for my mom. Any ideas on how to get them soft with home items ? I like to do homemade stuff besides its cheaper and less harmful products.


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Turning Off a 220 Outlet Without Flipping Breaker?My dryer control panel stays warm when not in use. I am unplugging it when done with laundry as the breaker is outside. Can I get a switch put in next to it to turn it off?


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Summer Actives for Teens?My friends and I are 17 (girls) and we're looking for more things to do. We have access to a car.


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