June 13, 2013

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Backyard Campout

Planning a Backyard CampoutCreate a summer night to remember in your own backyard camping with the kids. This page is about planning a backyard campout.


Two kids using video Skype.

Using Skype?This page is about using skype. Using this internet phone and video conferencing can help you stay in touch with people around the world and save you money.


Chow Mein

Chow Mein RecipesChow mein is delicious blend of stir fried vegetables, with or without meat, served over a bed of noodles. This page contains chow mein recipes.


Mini Meat Loaf - cooked min meat loafs, still in the cupcake pan

Muffin Tin Meatloaf RecipesThese cute single serving meatloaves are great for kids, parties and freezing. This page contains muffin tin meatloaf recipes.


A cat eating a plastic bag.

Why Do Cats Like Plastic Bags?This is a page about "Why do cats like plastic bags?". Cat owners often notice that their kitties seem to love to play with plastic bags.


Slow Cooker Chicken Chow Mein

Slow Cooker Chicken Chow Mein RecipesThis page contains slow cooker chicken chow mein recipes. Many dishes that are generally prepared on your stovetop can successfully be made in a slow cooker.


Mummy Pumpkins

Making Mummy PumpkinsThis is a page about making mummy pumpkins. There are lots of creative ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.


Pretzel Skeleton Treat Bags

Pretzel Skeleton Treat BagsThis is a page about pretzel skeleton treat bags. Halloween is a great holiday for making fun and tasty treat bags for your kids and family.


PayDay Bar

Payday Snack Mix RecipesThis page contains payday snack mix recipes. A fun party snack mix made with the flavor of a favorite candy bar can be delicious.


Garden Bench

Making a Garden BenchThis page is about making a garden bench. There are many interesting ways to make a place to sit and enjoy a garden.


Plastic Rain Bonnet

Using a Plastic Rain Bonnet?This is a page about using a plastic rain bonnet. They were all the rage back in the 50s and 60s, those little clear plastic folding rain bonnets. While not particularly stylish they did work quite well to protect your hair in a drizzle, when you didn't have or want to use an umbrella.


Cleaning Life Jackets

Cleaning Life Jackets?This is a page about cleaning life jackets. Ideally life jackets are cleaned and dried after each use.


Flour Sifter

Cleaning a Flour Sifter?This is a page about cleaning a flour sifter. Cleaning your flour sifter is actually really easy.


Social Security Card

Filing for Social SecurityThis page is about filing for social security. Whether you apply online or in person there are some things to understand when planning to receive social security payments.


Jogging Alone

Safety Tips for Jogging Alone?This is a page about safety tips for jogging alone. If you jog alone, there are some safety tips you can follow to make your run more safe.


Brownies with fudge frosting.

Fudge Frosting RecipesThis page contains fudge frosting recipes. A delicious topping for many kinds of cakes, brownies and cookies.


Cleaner in a spray bottle.

Saving Money on Household CleanersThis page is about saving money on household cleaners. Whether you make your own or use less expensive products, there are ways to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies.


pile of cinnamon

Glazed Cinnamon Bar RecipesThis page contains glazed cinnamon bar recipes. The delicious aroma of cinnamon will bring the family together when you serve these scrumptious bars warm from the oven.


Flour Sifter

Flour Sifter Reviews?This is a page about flour sifter reviews. Flour sifters come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Finding the best one for your usage may require a bit of investigation.


A sweet pink corsage worn by a girl in a pink dress.

Homemade Corsage IdeasThis is a page about homemade corsage ideas. These special floral arrangements are designed to be placed on a wrist or pinned over your heart.


Peanut butter fudge made with cake frosting and peanut butter.

Cake Frosting Fudge RecipesThis page contains cake frosting fudge recipes. A quick and easy way to make fudge begins with a tub of cake frosting.


Sifting Flower

Sifting Flour Without a SifterThis is a page about sifting flour without a sifter. Some recipes call for sifting the flour, but you don't own a sifter. There are other ways to sift flour using things you may already own.


Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein Casserole RecipesYou can easily and quickly make a variation of traditional chow mein as a casserole dish. This page contains chicken chow mein casserole recipes.


Coffee Grinder

Cleaning a Coffee GrinderThis is a page about cleaning a coffee grinder. Grinding coffee in your grinder, over time will leave residue that you probably want to clean out, but how?


Graham Cracker Crust

Diabetic Graham Cracker Crust RecipesThis page contains diabetic graham cracker crust recipes. Graham cracker crust often contains a lot of sugar, not good for someone on a diabetic diet.



Net Bag As Dish Scrubber

Net Bag as Dish ScrubberThese plastic net bags make excellent dish scrubbers. I cut the paper top off and kind of roll it up like a sock, and it is fantastic!


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Fluffy Angel Food Pineapple Cake SurpriseYou simply mix a box of Angel Food cake and a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple with liquid. I found this on Facebook. The surprise of this recipe is how it is mixed up, and how fluffy it gets.



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Suggestions for Mosquito Repellent That Works?We have a lot of mosquitoes around our house and I've tried everything I can think of to repel them, from store bought stuff to homemade remedies. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone used something either natural or store bought that has proven to work for you in repelling mosquitoes?


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Toning Down Too Bright Red Hair?I recently dyed my hair with Ion medium strawberry blonde. It is just too red. I don't mind some red but not this red! Someone suggested I re-color with ash tone dye. Are they suggesting an ash blonde and won't this hair dye tend to be orange?


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Using Zanfel for Itch from Poison Ivy?Is there a good cream for the itch from poison ivy? I've had the bad experience of getting poison ivy again, this is the second year. I've never had it before until last year and this year. I've gone to the doctor and was prescribed some pills and cream for the itch and rash.


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Fixing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile?I have hair line cracks in ceramic floor tile that I need to fix, as I do not have any tile for replacement. Any suggestions?


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Finding the Value of an Antique Push Mower?I have a 1918 N Penna Jr push mower. How do you find out the value of an old lawn mower? Everyone else's web page skirts around the questions.


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Using Boric Acid Syrup on Ants?What does boric acid syrup and water mixed together do to the ants when consumed and taken back to colony? Thanks.


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Damaged Hair Remedies?I had gone without a perm for 6 months. I went to the hairdresser I was using and she wanted to lighten my hair for the summer months. My natural hair is sandy red hair.


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Removing Smoke Smell from Electronic Equipment?How can I get smoke smell off of electronic equipment?


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11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's birthday is in a week and she wants to invite boys. She and her friends are also growing up very fast. I need ideas! Thanks.


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Riding Mower Battery Keeps Dying?My John Deere Sabre riding lawn mower battery keeps dying? I have changed the starter and the solenoid, but the battery keeps dying between uses. How can I find out if there is some short or if there is a constant drain on the battery?


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Dog Peeing in the Living Room?I have a 3 year old Maltlipoo dog and she was never really trained to go out. I thought I had her trained and then I found she was peeing on my carpet in the living room. What can I do?


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Ideas for Boy's 12th Birthday?My son is soon turning 12 and he has been going through an emotional time, as he is gay. I don't know what to do for his party.


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Water from Fridge Tastes Bad?I have a Whirlpool refrigerator. I change the filter and run lots of water through it and my water still tastes bad. I can't drink it. What do I do?


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Above Ground Pool Water is Cloudy?My above ground pool is cloudy and I don't know what to do. I used Clorox, borax, and baking soda instead of pool chemicals at the opening of my pool this year.


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Making Pineapple Upside Down Cake?Can I make a pineapple upside down cake from a box of Tres Leches cake mix?


Closeup of pretty red rose.

Do I Prune Back Insect Damaged Rose Branches?I have a climbing rose I planted in April that's been doing very well. I feed and spray for fungus and pests regularly.


Colors of Rolly Pollies?What are all the colors of rolly pollies?


Cap sleeve dress with polka dot sleeves and bottom.

Business Name for Online Handmade Children's...I need help finding a good online handmade children's clothing business name. I'm making girls dresses, shorts sets, and hopefully soon doing some monogramming also.


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