June 15, 2013

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Pit Bull

Training a Rescued Pit Bull?This is a page about training a rescued Pit Bull. Rescued dogs sometimes have not been well handled by their previous owners. Often this includes a lack of training and caring attention.


A girl taking an online course using her laptop.

University of Phoenix Online ReviewsThis is a page about University of Phoenix online reviews. University of Phoenix is the largest private university in North America. It offers both on-line and more conventional educational programs, all fully accredited.


Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets RecipesThis page contains gluten free chicken nuggets recipes. You can make your own gluten free chicken nuggets, using several alternatives to flour containing gluten for the coating.


Pet Gate

Building a Pet Gate?This is a page about building a pet gate. One way to define the areas where your dog is not allowed access, is to install a pet gate. You can buy one or make your own, thus ensuring proper fit and height to suit your doorways and dog.


Biscuits made from scratch.

Making Biscuits From ScratchWe have become so used to canned, frozen, and convenience mix biscuits, that making them from scratch may seem time consuming and difficult. You can easily make your own biscuits from scratch. This is a page about making biscuits from scratch.


A woman drinking water.

Water from Refrigerator Tastes Bad?This is a page about water from refrigerator tastes bad. Determining the cause for the bad taste in the water dispensed by your fridge can be a challenge.


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Mosquito Repellent ReviewsThis is a page about mosquito repellent reviews. There are a great variety of mosquito repellents on the market. It can be frustrating trying to choose which one will work best for you.


Shadow box with flowers in it.

Making a Shadow BoxThis is a page about making a shadow box. A handmade shadowbox is a great way to display crafts or collectibles.


kids painting

Homemade Paints for KidsThis is a page about homemade paints for kids. Kids love to paint. You can encourage their impromptu artistic sessions by having a good supply of painting supplies, including an array of homemade paints.


Red Sewing Thread

Crocheting With Sewing Thread?This is a page about crocheting with sewing thread. Although it is very different in thickness than traditional crochet thread, some crafters have made beautiful projects using sewing thread, often using several strands at a time.


senior aged woman planting strawberries

Gardening Tips for Seniors?This is a page about gardening tips for seniors. As we age some activities become more difficult to enjoy, but with a few modifications most seniors can continue to enjoy gardening.


A woman struggling to put jeans on.

Finding Women's Jeans That Fit?This is a page about finding women's jeans that fit. Finding jeans that fit can be a harrowing experience for many women.


Crocheted Pin Crafts

Crocheted Pin CraftsThis is a page about crocheted pin crafts. Crochet is a natural craft medium for making beautiful one of a kind pins.


Cantaloupe Dessert

Cantaloupe Dessert RecipesThis page contains cantaloupe dessert recipes. Cantaloupe cake, sorbet, and more desserts start with this delicious melon.



Mini Schnauzer

Munchkin (AKA Bouboulina - Miniature Schnauzer)I "rescued" her in about August/September of 2005 - she was a small puppy at the time (turning 1yrs old on December 31st of the same year).


Closeup of Stella

Stella (Australian Cattle Dog/Pekingese)Our forever baby dog was rescued from a "no kill" shelter.



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Plants to Ward Off Garter Snakes?Is there something about strawberry plants that garter or garden snakes don't like? I have had problems with snakes in my yard and house, but have never seen one in my strawberry patch which is about 8 ft. x 12 ft. Are there other plants that repel snakes?


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Can Not Reset Tripped Circuit Breakers?The circuit breakers in all my four bedrooms are tripped and cannot be switched on, but the bathrooms are OK. I don't think the breakers are bad or the circuits are shorted because they are individual, and cannot all be bad at the same time.


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Recovering Deck Chairs?My deck chairs are cloth with a small rope type tubing inlaid on each side. They are coming apart, but the chairs are still solid. Does anyone know how to redo them?


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14th Birthday Ideas?Please help me, I'm turning 14 in 12 days, and I don't know what to do for my party. I was thinking of an all day homemade beauty salon, but then I thought someone else would have a better idea. Can you please help?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have browns in countertop, gray backsplash, and light oak cabinets. I am wondering what color to paint my kitchen.


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1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Value?I have a complete set of 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, including the extra volumes. What may they be worth in good but used condition, no mold, all pages in tact?


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Removing Melted Suet from Stonework and Vinyl Siding?I have a bird feeder that is suctioned to my window and in the winter I offer suet. Little bits fall and the birds also clean their beaks off by rubbing it on the stonework shelf/sill under the window.


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Proving Eligibility of Child for Parent's Social Security?My daughter's father passed when she was 13 months old. His name was not on the birth certificate. She is in his obituary as his daughter, but when I went to try and get benefits that wasn't enough proof.


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Setting House Cleaning Rates?My friend and I did a spring cleaning for a 3400 square ft. house. We cleaned and dusted 4 bedrooms and cleaned 5 baths. We also cleaned the oven, fridge, mopped floors upstairs, and finished downstairs.


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Senior Trip Fundraising Ideas?I am a divorced, older mom who is frugal to a fault. My ex has never paid child support, but my kids and I have done just fine. I am now retired (because of health) and need some fundraising ideas to help my two children go on their senior trip and to pay for their cap, gown, etc.


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EO Error Code in Neptune Washer?What does error code EO mean on a Neptune front loader washer mean? The washer starts fine, but stops mid-cycle and appears it is trying to spin. I hear the motor, but nothing happens.


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Cooking BBQ Ribs?Do you bake the ribs for one hour without the glaze?


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Value of Disney Wonderful World of Knowledge?We have volumes 1 to 25 dating 1971 to 1972 including the 1983 year book. They are all in good condition. Any feedback on a value would be appreciated.


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Odor from Cat Pee or Marking in My Bathroom?I have 4 cats owned for around 10 yrs. Last week I started smelling urine in my bathroom. I thought it was on the shower curtain, so I put up a new one. Then I washed every bit of tile and floor. When I woke up and went to the washroom I can still smell pee. Can you help! Thank You


Sewing machine bobbin.

Bobbin Thread Will Not Catch?I have a Singer 5523 with a drop in bobbin. I have changed both threads, the needle, changed the bobbin out, checked for dust and lint and changed the tension, and did everything in the manual troubleshooting section.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?Riding lawn mower won't start up. I changed the battery and spark plugs.


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Rodent Urine Removal On Non Bleachable Clothing?I have found many rodent urine stains on non-bleachable clothing, sheets, and more. How can I remove these?


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Cleaning Silver Plate Lighter Without Soaking?I have a silver plated lighter which is heavily tarnished, but cannot be soaked for obvious reasons. Is there a homemade polish or cleaner that I can make which can be rubbed on similar to brass cleaner or wax polish?


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Keeping Spiders Out of My Home?Can someone give me some ideas to help me keep spiders out of my home?


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