June 18, 2013

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Colorful clothing hanging out of a washing machine.

Removing Stains from Colored Clothing?This is a page about removing stains from colored clothing. Removing stains from colored clothing is a different process than removing the same stain on whites.


Crab cakes made with imitation crab meat.

Shelf Life of Imitation Crab MeatThis is a page about the shelf life of imitation crab meat. Imitation crab meat is a processed food that keeps well in the freezer. Once thawed the shelf life is dependent on the packaging, similarly once opened the shelf life is shortened again.



Freezing Tiramisu?Tiramisu is a delicious Italian dessert made from ladyfingers, liqueurs, and sweet cheese. This fancy sweet freezes well, so make two.


Tiller Won't Start

Tiller Won't Start?This is a page about tiller won't start. It is extremely frustrating when you are preparing your garden area and the tiller won't start.


Two women removing wallpaper.

Painting After Removing WallpaperDrywall can be uneven after wallpaper is removed and need some smoothing. This page is about painting after removing wallpaper.


White T-Shirt

Cleaning Yellow Stains on White T-ShirtsThis is a page about cleaning yellow stains on white t-shirts. Yellow stains on your whites may be the result of perspiration or using bleach in your laundry.


Floral ball made of artificial roses.

Making Styrofoam Floral BallsThis is a page about making Styrofoam floral balls. Styrofoam balls are an easy item to use in making centerpieces and other decorations for your home.


Paper Mulberry Tree

Getting Rid of a Paper Mulberry Tree?This is a page about getting rid of a paper mulberry tree. The paper mulberry tree is a very invasive and difficult to get rid of shrub or small tree.


Domestic Longhair

Domestic Longhair Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about domestic long hair breed information and photos. The domestic longhair is technically not a breed recognized by many cat associations. These mixed breed cats, can be found in many colors and temperaments.


Canned Biscuits

Recipes Using Canned Refrigerator BiscuitsRefrigerator biscuits are a great base for quick pastries and many other sweet or savory recipes. They can be used as a bottom or top crust for a casserole or even for easy homemade doughnuts.


Couch Cushions

Fluffing Up Couch Cushions?This is a page about fluffing up couch cushions. The cushions on your couch can become flat over time, making them uncomfortable as well as unattractive.


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Edging a Walkway?This is a page about edging a walkway. Edging a walkway creates a more formal look than the casual appearance of irregular flagstones.


An insulated cup with a reusable plastic drinking straw.

Cleaning Plastic Drinking StrawsThis is a page about cleaning plastic drinking straws. Drinking straws can be a challenge to keep clean.


Polyester Fabric

Dyeing Polyester?This is a page about dyeing polyester. Although dyeing polyester fabric can be difficult, it can be done at home using the proper method.


Pineapple Pie

Pineapple Pie RecipesPineapple can be used to make either baked or unbaked pies, such as cream pies. This page contains pineapple pie recipes.


Frosted Brownies

Frosted Brownies RecipesThis page contains frosted brownies recipes. For an even richer brownie you can add frosting.


Musty Shoes

Cleaning Musty Odors From Shoes?This is a page about cleaning musty odors from shoes. Shoes that have gotten wet or been in storage for a period of time may develop a musty odor.


A frozen beef roast.

Cooking Frozen MeatMany people store meat in their freezers and forget to take it out in time for dinner. Cooking frozen meat is one option, as long as it is done safely.


magnetic heat register cover

Covering Heat RegistersThis page is about covering heat registers. Sometimes you need to block the air coming through a heater duct vent.


Historic Grant House Fort Vancouver WA

Fort Vancouver, WA Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Fort Vancouver, WA frugal travel guide. This large national park near the mouth of the Columbia river has a wealth of historic and archeological displays.


Winter Boots

Saving Money on Winter Boots?This is a page about saving money on winter boots. Choosing when and where to buy your winter boots can help you save money on an otherwise pricey item.


Dog With Constipation

Remedies for a Dog With ConstipationThis is a page about remedies for a dog with constipation. If your dog is suffering from constipation, in the absence of other more serious symptoms, you may want to try a home remedy before going to the vet.


Chow Mein

Recipes Using Chow MeinThese stir fried noodles are delicious served with many combinations of ingredients. This page contains recipes using chow mein.


pan with lid

Removing a Lid Stuck on a PanThis is a page about removing a lid stuck on a pan. Sometimes a vacuum will be created inside your covered pot. If this happens you may be unable to remove the lid.


Cardinal in a tree.

Cardinal Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cardinal information and photos. The Northern Cardinal or Redbird is a popular visitor at birdfeeders in the eastern United States. Their range also extends into southeastern Canada, and south into Mexico and Belize.


Young people drinking at a pub.

Daily Theme Ideas for a Pub?This is a page about daily theme ideas for a pub. You can liven up business at your pub by planning events or daily themes.


Patty Paper

Uses for Patty PaperThis is a page about uses for patty paper. Patty paper is sold to be used to separate hamburger patties, cheese slices, and other food items. It can also be put to other uses, even crafts, and classroom math demonstrations.


Photo of a someone checking their oil.

Keeping Track of Your Car's Maintenance RequirementsThis page is about keeping track of your car's maintenance requirements. Keeping good records of your auto maintenance will help you keep your car running well.


Pink Wedding Dress

Dyeing a Wedding DressThis is a page about dyeing a wedding dress. If you are thinking of having a nontraditional color for your wedding dress or wanting to reuse your dress for other occasions, dyeing might work for you.


Accountant's Desk

Accountant Office Name Ideas?This page is about suitable name for an accountant's office. Trust, discretion and accuracy are important to people seeking out an accountant.


Cooked Crab

Cooking With Crab Meat?This is a page about cooking with crab meat. Many recipes use crab meat, both fresh or canned.


Table Runner

Making a Table RunnerThis is a page about making a table runner. A table runner is a nice addition to setting a festive or formal table. They can be made in so many ways, from no sew to crochet.


Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning Odors from Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about cleaning odors from kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can harbor odors either from their contents or from cooking.


Beautiful Cedar Deck

Removing Sap from a Deck?This is a page about removing sap from a deck. Trees overhanging your deck can drip sap onto the boards. Depending on the composition of the deck there are different ways to remove sap from a deck.


Paper Garland

Making a Paper GarlandThis page is about making a paper garland. Simple, festive decorations for all occasions can be made with paper.


Wallpaper installed over wood paneling.

Wallpapering Over Wood Paneling?This is a page about wallpapering over wood paneling. One possible way to cover dated wall paneling is to apply wallpaper.


Calico Cat

Calico Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Calico breed information and photos. Calico refers to the coloration of these sweet, loving, and loyal cats rather than defining an actual breed. Calico cats are generally accepted into many breeds except, for example, pointed breeds, ie. Siamese.


Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle)

Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle) Breed Information and...This page contains maltipoo (maltese poodle) breed information and photos. These very cute little dogs are not a pure bred, but a wonderful companion.


Pecan Bread

Pecan Bread RecipesThis page contains pecan bread recipes. Pecans can be combined with various fruit and spices to make a delicious quick bread.


A dog being check out by a veterinarian.

Finding a Low Cost Vet ClinicThis is a page about finding a low cost vet clinic. The cost of veterinary care can be quite expensive. A low cost clinic can help save you money while ensuring that your pets receive the care necessary.



Fireflies in a Jar Craft

Fireflies in a JarThe children have been going around to all the local churches VBS programs. This is one of the cute crafts they brought home. Jars, little mason jars, with little splotches painted on them.


Clear Browser for Cheaper Online Airline Tickets

Clear Browser for Cheaper Online Airline TicketsMany travel websites track your activity and see how many times you've been on their page. Clearing your web browser's cookies and cache can help you score cheaper air travel online, making it look like it's your first visit to their site.


Banana Cream Pie in a Jar

Banana Cream Pie in a JarBanana cream pie is an American classic. These little jars make a super cute way of serving this delicious dessert.


Keep Houseflies Away with Cucumber Peelings

Keep Houseflies Away with Cucumber PeelingsI hate pesky houseflies, they drive me bonkers! I found a tip involving cucumber peelings Well, I put them on the windowsill last evening and I can report that they seem to be staying away.


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Poem: "A Night Without the Internet"I didn't hear the doorbell. I must have been asleep. I didn't get my package and it almost made me weep. The box contained my modem. Connectivity was lost. With life unplugged I didn't know if I could I bear the cost?


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Use Your Car As A Heat Treatment For Body AchesI use my car when I have migraines or even sinus congestion, have achy muscles or want some warm, sunny, dry comfort.


Piercing Cartons for Easy Pouring

Piercing Cartons for Easy PouringMy elderly friend pierces 3 small holes at the other end of the carton, away from the opening. He says that this will stop that awful splutter of liquid from going everywhere when you open these types of cartons.


Scottish Reindeer (Caringorm Mountains, Scotland)

Scottish Reindeer (Caringorm Mountains,...My niece works as a reindeer herder in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. This is a photo of some of the mothers and calves being herded up to higher ground, where they will spend the summer months.


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Keeping Toddlers out of Christmas TreesIt may be early, but here's one solution to the inevitable toddler getting into the Christmas tree and gifts. Put the tree and gifts in the playpen, or put up a gate across the area where the tree and gifts are or will be!



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Plastic Melted on Smooth Top Stove?A plastic freezer bag somehow got on a very hot burner of the smooth top stove and melted and burned. I tore away as much as I could, but still have lumps and streaks of the plastic on the top. I'm afraid to try to scrape it off lest I scratch the top.


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Name Ideas for Home Day Care Business?I'm looking to start a small home daycare business with only a couple of children. I'm currently trying to think of a catchy name that shows more personal care for the child than most get in a child care center.


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Squirrels Eating Tomatoes in Garden?Anyone have any ideas of how to keep squirrels from eating the bottom of my beefsteak tomatoes? I put a 4 foot fence up, but they just climbed over.


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Slugs Inside?I am in a rented property that has a slug problem in the lounge. Will the slugs harm my furniture? I have a leather sofa, wood furniture, and soft furnishings.


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Removing Mildew Stains on Clothing?Is there any way to remove mildew stains from clothing?


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Recipe for Pork Chops in a Pressure Cooker?My mother used to use the pressure cooker to cook pork chops and potatoes with Hunts tomato sauce. I have purchased a pressure cooker and it sits, awaiting the day I find the recipe. Anyone out there that can help?


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Ice Maker Making Too Much Ice?We are renting a home with a Kenmore side by side that has an Accelor ice maker. We have raised the wire bar to stop the production of ice to no avail. We call it our monster ice maker!


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Keeping Birds from Eating Vegetables and Strawberries?Has anyone ever used dog hair in their garden to prevent birds and other animals from eating their vegetables and strawberries? I mixed the hair into the soil all around my garden. I hope it works. Any other suggestions?


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Slogan or Motto Ideas for a Preschool?I am looking for a slogan or motto for our preschool which is called North Shore Preschool.


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Rocker Doll Value?Have two dolls, a Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper in the box. What would be the value?


Title page.

Encyclopedia Britannia 1768 14th Edition?I would like to know how much my fourteenth edition Encyclopedia Britannia 1768 is worth and who I would sell it to if I wanted to?


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Canning Amish Church Spread?I would like to make some Amish church spread up ahead to give as gifts later on. Can this be sealed (like jelly) in a hot water bath like about 10 minutes?


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Curtain Color Advice?Our bedroom is large with square black IKEA furniture, closet with mirror and black bed. The wall is a beige color, with brown wood floor, and cream carpet. What color would be good for the curtains?


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Feeling Bad After Quitting Smoking?I've been smoking for five years now. I have quit it, but after quitting I can't breath properly. I feel that my lungs are agitated and shrunken. What steps should I follow to face this problem?


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Mowing Lily of the Valley?I'm painting my house and want to mow down the lily of the valley and weeds. Will they return next year if I mow?


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Finding Free Help With Home Repairs?My husband and I are caring for our 2 grandkids and the DFS just came and took them to foster care due to the fact that we can't afford repairs and remodling on our house. My husband is not in good health and the house is over 100 years old.


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Growing Apple Trees?I would like to know, how to grow an apple tree. My husband would love to plant this kind of tree, but I am not sure how difficult it can be. I don't want to have wormy apples. I have heard that the tree needs to be sprayed, to prevent this.


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