June 25, 2013

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Ground Hog (Woodchuck)

Ground Hog (Woodchuck) Information and PhotosThis page containsground hog (woodchuck) information and photos. These large rodents belong to a group of ground squirrels.


A car parked on a sunny day.

Removing Melted Plastic on Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing melted plastic on car upholstery. We know that the inside of a closed car can get very hot on summer days. If you inadvertently leave certain types of plastic items in your car you may come back to a melted mess.


Cell Phone Screen

Removing Scratches from a Cell Phone Screen?This is a page about removing scratches from a cell phone screen. Cell phone screens can easily get scratched during everyday use.


Nacho Casserole

Nacho Casserole RecipesMake a delicious casserole based on the popular Mexican restaurant appetizer, nachos. This page contains nacho casserole recipes.


Pen Ink on Skin

Removing Pen Ink from SkinWhether you used your hand for a "to do" list or the children were expressing their body art talents, you may have need to remove ink from someone's skin. This is a page about removing pen ink from skin.


Surfinia flowers

Overwintering AnnualsThis is a page about overwintering annuals. Certain varieties of annuals such as geraniums can be overwintered for the following spring.


Purple Placemat

Uses for PlacematsThis s a guide about uses for placemats. Placemats can also be put to other uses from lining shelves to making crafts.


paint color chips

Keeping Track of Paint Colors UsedThis is a page about keeping track of paint colors used. Keeping record of the paint brands and colors used in your home will help with future touchups.


Friendship Mobile

Making a Friendship MobileThis is a page about making a friendship mobile. Making a friendship mobile is a great, fun crafts for kids.



Reducing Your Freezer's Energy ConsumptionThis is a page about reducing your freezer's energy consumption. Your freezer is a heavy energy consumer. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce its energy consumption.


hands with long fingernails holding an apple

Growing Long Fingernails?This is a page about growing long fingernails. It is sometimes difficult to grow long fingernails; they are subject to heredity and daily use that can cause breakage.


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Moravian Cookie RecipesThis page contains Moravian cookie recipes. If you like the flavor of ginger, you will love these super thin spicy cookies.


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Making a Knit Toilet Seat Cozy?This is a page about making a knit toilet seat cozy. If you can knit, then you can make your own toilet seat cozy.


trivia party

Trivia Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about trivia themed party ideas. Trivia parties can focus on many different topics. Planning the party, including food and prizes can be almost as much fun as the party itself.


Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops?This page is about choosing the right kitchen countertops. Depending on what you have to spend, there are many different materials to make beautiful countertops.


Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon FlowersThis page is about plastic spoon flowers. Assure proper ventilation when pursuing this creative craft.


A Golden Retriever in heat.

How Long is a Dog in Heat?This page is about how long is a dog in heat? If your female dog still has her reproductive organs she will go through phases of fertility.


red white and blue basketball

Harlem Globetrotters PhotosThis is a page containing Harlem Globetrotters photos. The Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition team that began in the 1920s and have played more than 20,000 games in over 100 countries.


Fixing Lumpy Paint

Fixing Lumpy Paint?This is a page about fixing lumpy paint. Paint that has been stored for awhile often develops lumps or a skin.


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Getting Rid of Lovegrass?This is a page about getting rid of lovegrass. A native of South Africa this perennial grass has become very invasive in the Australia where it is seen as a weed due to its low livestock feed quality.


glass coffee table

Repairing a Coffee Table With Missing GlassThis is a page about repairing a coffee table with missing glass. A glass topped coffee table without the glass isn't much of a table. You could get a replacement piece of glass or you might consider some more creative ways of redoing the top.


Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Blue Heeler breed information and photos. The Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle dog is a working dog bred for herding. They can make good pets, but need lots of exercise and activity to keep them occupied.


Two cars in a minor fender bender accident.

Removing Paint Transfer from a Car's FinishThis is a page about removing paint transfer from a car's finish. When you are involved in a minor fender bender or collision with your garage, paint often transfers to your car's finish.


kitchen drawers

Drawer and Shelf Liner IdeasThis is a page about drawer and shelf liner ideas. There are many products that can be used to line drawers and shelves, in addition to those sold for this purpose.


Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Buying and Using Compact Fluorescent BulbsThis is a page about buying and using compact fluorescent bulbs. Choosing long lasting compact fluorescent bulbs can save you money over time in lower energy costs.


silver bracelet

Identifying Jewelry Markings?This is a page about identifying jewelry markings. The markings on jewelry help to identify the material from which it was made, the designer, and other information about the piece.


Bread Machine

Bread Machine Error CodesThis is a page about bread machine error codes. Bread machines will display a variety of error codes when the unit is not working properly. While helpful, it can also be frustrating if you don't have the manual for your bread maker.


Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Trap CakeThis is a page about making a leprechaun trap cake. Many of our children have made leprechaun traps at school to catch the wily little guy and get his stash of gold. Improve upon that idea and make a delicious St. Patrick's Day leprechaun trap cake.


Sun Star Plant

Caring for a Sun Star Plant?This is a page about caring for a sun star plant. This plant, a native of South Africa, is valued for its brilliant orange, long lasting flowers, both on the plant and as cut flowers.


Orange Honey Sauce

Orange Honey Sauce Recipes?Orange honey sauce can be used with chicken, seafood, ham, and even pancakes. This page contains orange honey sauce recipes.


Fall crocus bulbs.

Growing Bulbs in Every SeasonThis is a page about growing bulbs in every season. By selecting the right varieties of bulbs for spring, summer, and early fall blooming and then planting them in succession, you can enjoy the beauty of flowering bulbs most of the year.


Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar Pei Breed Information and PhotosA medium-sized, muscular dog, that is easily distinguished by its wrinkles and folds on its face and body. This page contains Chinese Shar Pei breed information and photos.


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Condiment Carrier IdeasIt is handy to have a carrier for your condiments, whether you are heading off to a favorite picnic spot or just to the back yard for a barbecue.


Photo of a sixth grading reading a book in a library.

Book Suggestions for Sixth Graders?This is a page about book suggestions for sixth graders. Choosing books for your children based on their reading level, age, and interests will ensure a positive reading experience.


White Bantam Chicken

Bantam Chicken Information and PhotosThis page contains bantam chicken information and photos. These beautiful small birds make fun pets if you have the room.


Portrait of a female golden retriever.

When Do Dogs Stop Going Into Heat?This is a page about "when do dogs stop going into heat?". Many pet owners may wonder when their intact female dog will enter a doggy form of menopause and stop going into heat.


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

Repairing Water Damage on a Hardwood FloorThis page is about repairing water damage on a hard wood floor. There may be ways to restore a solid wood floor, but some laminates may have to be replaced.


Graduation Party Cupcake

Physicians Assistant Graduation Party Ideas?This is a page about physicians assistant graduation party ideas. Planning a graduation party with the theme geared to the graduate's degree or field of study is a great way to bring the party together.


Holding a hand full of hail.

Hail Information and Photos?This page contains hail information and photos. When rain freezes it can create large ice balls.


Raising Pigs

Raising Pigs Information and PhotosThis page contains raising pigs information and photos. These animals are generally grown for meat production.



Add Butter When Cooking Noodles

Add Butter When Cooking NoodlesTo keep the starch from foaming and boiling over when you're cooking noodles, add about a tablespoon of butter to the water. This also makes the noodles more tender and tasty.


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Clean Stovetop Burner Grates with AmmoniaPut your grimy burner grate into a gallon-sized zipper lock bag along with 1/4 cup of ammonia. Close the bag and let it sit overnight. The fumes will dissolve and loosen years worth of crud. Wipe it all off the grates with a sponge or rag.


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Hand Sanitizer for Underarm OdorAfter many months of this embarrassing problem, I got the idea to try hand sanitizer. Not only did the sanitizer stop the odor immediately, after a week's use the odor has not returned.


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Sugar Free Peanut Butter CookiesThese are cookies made with peanut butter, egg and Splenda. If you want to, you may use regular sugar for non-sugar free cookies.



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Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell on Mattress?How can I get cigarette smell out of a mattress?


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Cheap 15th Birthday Ideas?I need some help. I live in a small town and I need a inexpensive 15th birthday ideas. We have a park, bowling, mini golf, and no pool. Help me, it is in 14 days.


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Dog Pee Discolored Floor?My dog peed on the red "brick"; patterned linoleum floor and when I found it (the next day) and cleaned it, it seemed to take the red color up with it. Is there any product that will hide (or at least blend) the discolored area? Red wax?


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Climbing Rose Bushes Not Growing?My rose bushes are not growing. I planted them over three years ago. I can barely get a bud on them. I just started this spring fertilizing them with rose bud food like the directions say.


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Social Security for Dependent Child?If my son's father receives Social Security, can I draw something for my son? I don't get child support for him because they can't touch his Social Security check. So can I draw something for him?


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Removing Black Light Paint from Dress?How do you get glow in the dark/black light responsive paint off of a cotton white and grey maxi dress?


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Value of 1962 Britannica?I have a complete set of encyclopaedia Britannica 1962 in great condition. I know they are probably not worth a lot, but am curious to know roughly what $$$ they are worth.


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Clearing Pond Green Water?How to get rid of pond green water?


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No See Um Bug Spray?Where can I buy the spray in Seneca, South Carolina?


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Looking for Dahlia Quilt Pattern?I have looked for this pattern, even on amazon.ca, but so far no luck. Does any one know where to find one?


Slug and Snail Repellent?Please share thrifty, but humane, ways to repel slugs and snails from the vegetable garden. Please do not include any methods that involve killing the animals.


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Getting Rid of Blanket Weed?What is blanket weed and how do I get rid of it?


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Curtain Color For Living Room?We have yellow-tan and brown walls in our living room. I am trying to decide on whether to get rose blush sheer or ivory sheer curtains? Please help. Thank you.


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Gift for Boyfriend's 18th Birthday?My boyfriend is turning 18 on September 14. He is a total redneck. I have no idea what to get him. My budget is kind of low. Please help!


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Fun Exercises for a 3 Legged Dog?Have a 3 year old Chihuahua, Abby. Recently she has gained quite a bit of weight and it's not medical, but me sharing my meals with her and/or treats. I've stopped this and only feed her the recommended amount. Last week I switched her to Blue Buffalo and she really likes it.


Kids with the dog.

Getting Rid of Fleas?I have a Lab who is covered in fleas and my home is all hardwood floors. I have read about salt working to kill the fleas in your carpet. I vacuum every day. Can I still use the salt on wood floors?


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14th Birthday Party?I want to have a party where boys and girls can go, but I need ideas for what we should do at the party.


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