June 28, 2013

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Transplanting Bulbs

Transplanting Bulbs?This is a page about transplanting bulbs. Bulbs are normally transplanted in the cool weather of fall. This is not a hard and fast rule.


tomatoes growing

Keeping Squirrels from Eating Tomatoes?This is a page about keeping squirrels from eating tomatoes. The local squirrels will certainly enjoy the tomatoes in your garden, much to your dismay.


Graffiti Art

Photos of Graffiti ArtThis is a page containing photos of graffiti art. Graffiti art can be colorful, eyecatching, and quite unique.


Leather Purse

Removing an Indentation From LeatherThis is a page about removing an indentation from leather. Indentations in a leather purse, shoe, or even a car seat can be unsightly.


Strained Relationship With Brother

Advice for a Strained Relationship With Brother?There are numerous reasons that the relationship with a sibling may become strained, even if you were very close as children.



Maltese Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Maltese breed information and photos. These tiny dogs are intelligent and make great pets, even for families with children.


Washington State Ferry at Sunset

Washington State Sunset PhotosThis is a page about Washington State sunset photos. The colors of sunset, can make for a beautiful photo.


Palm Trees and Palm Leaves

Making Palm Trees and Palm Leaves?This is a page about making palm trees and palm leaves. Palm tree decorations are popular for parties, banquets, and other events.


Power Hedge Trimmer

Buying a Power Hedge TrimmerThis is a page about buying a power hedge trimmer. A gas or electric hedge trimmer can save you time and energy when maintaining your hedges and shrubs. Choosing the best one for your needs is easier if you compare your needs with the trimmer's features.


guilty dog

Dog Peeing and Pooping InsideThis is a page about dog peeing and pooping inside. House training your dog takes patience and consistency. Even dogs that have been house trained may revert back to pooping and peeing in the house. Determining the cause may be difficult.


woman cross stitching a rose

Finding WonderArt Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks?This is a page about finding WonderArt stamped cross stitch quilt blocks. These vintage kits were manufactured by Fixler Bros., Inc. founded in 1916. The quilt kit came into vogue in the 1920s and 30s.


Wood End Table

Refinishing an End TableThis is a page about refinishing an end table. Refinishing a piece of furniture is a good solution for either an antique or a dated piece, needing a modernizing face lift.


Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow Information and PhotosThis is a page about barn swallow information and photos. This pretty blue and orange bird is found in farmlands, suburbs, marshes and lakeshores on most continents.


Spending Money

Spending Money to Save MoneyThis is a page about spending money to save money. Sometimes you can save money over time, by spending money now. Whether it is by buying a new more energy efficient appliance or planting a vegetable garden, your initial expenses may well be more than paid back.


Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Cleaning Venetian BlindsThis is a page about cleaning Venetian blinds. Depending on how dirty your blinds are there are various ways to clean your Venetian blinds.


Cleaning Window Blinds

Cleaning Window BlindsThis is a page about cleaning window blinds. Depending on what type of blinds you have on your windows there are differing methods for cleaning them.


Pet Grasshopper

Caring for Pet GrasshoppersThis is a page about caring for pet grasshoppers. Children love to bring home all sorts of pets, from bugs to frogs.


Holding a baby duck in hands.

Raising Ducks as PetsThis is a page about raising ducks as pets. Ducks make great outdoor pets. They are social, intelligent, and can be trained to play games and with toys. They also can be raised for their eggs.


Runny Jam

Fixing Runny Jam?This is a page about fixing runny jam. There are several methods you can use to fix jam that does not set up.


Making Slime

Making Slime for KidsThis is a page about making slime for kids. There are a few different recipes available for making your own slime for the kids to enjoy.


Mom and baby doing yoga.

Exercising After Having a Baby?This is a page about exercising after having a baby. After having a baby many women look for ways to return to their per-pregnancy weight and shape.


Large patch of pansies.

Troubleshooting AnnualsThis is a page about troubleshooting annuals. After planting your annual seeds or starts, the result may not meet your expectations for color and coverage. Review of the shortcomings of your flowers will help you take action and make some improvements.



gloves on table

Homemade Blackberry Pulling GlovesWe are constantly battling blackberries in our yard. For under $5 my husband was able to put together a set of gloves that allows him to pull the blackberries out, roots and all, without being cut to shreds!



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Tracking Down RSVPs for a Bachelorette Party?I received an incomplete guest list for an bachelorette party. Not everyone had phone and address, and some are simply "Find on Facebook". I miraculously tracked down these girls with phone calls, messages, printed invites (after personally tracking down their addresses), and even sent text messages.


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Name Ideas for Interior and Exterior Design Company?I want to start a business of interior and exterior designing. So please suggest a suitable name for that.


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Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection?My dog has a yeast infection in his ears. I read a thread about apple cider vinegar and water mixed, but don't see the exact recipe and other websites say white vinegar. Help? He has been on a grain free diet for a year now and he still gets them.


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House Training an 8 Month Old Pit Bull?I have an 8 month Gotti razor edge blue fawn Pit. She has been an outdoor dog and now I'm having to move into an apartment. I don't want to get rid of her, but don't know where to start potty training her so she can move with me and stay in our family. Any help?


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Selling Trees?I am trying to clear off some land at my home can you help me locate a company that buys trees in South Carolina?


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Killing Weeds in Flowerbeds?I am looking for a way to quickly kill weeds in my flowerbeds. I am thinking of using Quick Kill. Is that safe and does it work? I need help. Thanks.


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Value of Chinese Made Porcelain Dolls?I have porcelain dolls, but it says that it's "made in China". Does that lower the price, because I'm selling them?


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Bleach Left Blue Spot on White Jeans?I recently used bleach to spot clean white jeans. The spots came out immediately, but there seems to be spot of blue left in another area.


Full view of doll and detail on dress.

Value of Brass Key Porcelain Doll?I would like to know the value of my Holiday 2000, third in a series with Swarovski crystals, Brass Key porcelain doll. It isn't boxed, but is still on the stand and in excellent condition with everything intact and no staining.


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Growing Corn?For the first time I have planted a few corn plants, is it necessary to detassel, or can you leave the tassels on and still get corn?


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Painting Over Textured Wallpaper?I have some "very expensive at the time" textured wallpaper (hung by a professional) that's a light blue color. I'm wondering if I can simply paint over it to update the color?


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Getting Rid of Sand Fleas?I need a safe way to rid the sand in our beach area of sand fleas. They are biting my grandchildrens' legs and feet.


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Selling Soda Tabs?I have a whole milk gallon jug, filled with soda tabs and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could recycle them for cash? I'm from Anaheim, California.


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Cleaning Grease Clog from Kitchen Plumbing?What should I do if my kitchen pipes are chocked with grease and oil products? Is there any product which can keep my kitchen pipes grease and oil free so that it does not chocked?


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Burnt Copper Bottom Pots Heat Unevenly?I have a set of copper bottomed stainless steel saucepans. A couple of which have had accidents over the years when the contents were burnt thanks to my lack of attention. This has created "hot spots" on the base wherein the contents can get burnt on ...


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Slugs in My Front Room?Please help. A week or 2 ago I woke up to find snail trails on my front room carpet. I have put dishes with salt and beer (Carling), but they just went around the dish. Then I put salt down around the dishes, that didn't work.


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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move?The needle on my sewing machine won't go up and down. I read the the problems before, and mine differs in one way. The hand wheel moves without a problem.


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