June 29, 2013

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Leaves Turning Brown

Treating Plants With Leaves Turning Brown?This is a page about treating plants with leaves turning brown. The tips of your houseplant's leaves can turn brown for a number of reasons. Treatment for this condition depends on the cause.


homemade plantable paper

Making Homemade Paper You Can PlantPlantable paper embedded with flower or herb seeds is fun to make a can be a great gift. This is a page about making homemade paper you can plant.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Not StitchingThis is a page about sewing machine not stitching. Sometimes you can troubleshoot and make the needed repairs to your sewing machine.


dyed hair

Using Temporary Hair DyeThis page is about using temporary hair dye. Sometimes a change in hair color can be fun when it's not permanent.


Draping an Easter Cross

Draping an Easter Cross?The draping of a cross around the time of Easter is a Christian tradition commemorating the death of Christ. This is a page about draping an Easter cross.


Chocolate Cake With a Jam Filling

Making a Cake With a Jam Filling?This is a page about making a cake with a jam filling. Instead of using frosting between the layers of your next cake consider a fruity jam layer.


room with wallpaper

Updating Old Wood Paneling?This is a page about updating old wood paneling. Wood paneling can looked dated and take away from the appearance of your home. You don't need to remove it to improve its look and incorporate it into your decor.


dog sitting in bed

Dog Pees in Owner's BedThis is a page about dog pees in owner's bed. It is extremely frustrating when your dog pees on the bed. There are a few different reasons that this may occur. Knowing why your dog exhibited this behavior will help to teach her not to do it again in the future, or help you make changes to prevent this from reoccurring.


Plastic Pumpkins

Crafts Using Plastic PumpkinsThis is a page about crafts using plastic pumpkins. Plastic pumpkins are inexpensive and can be used to make a wide variety of decorative projects.


Electric Typewriter

Repairing an Electric TypewriterThis is a page about repairing an electric typewriter. The electric typewriter has long since been replaced by the PC and then the laptop. Finding someone to make repairs can be difficult and expensive, you can save money if you make the repairs yourself.



Buying Generic Capstar Flea Medication?This is a page about buying generic Capstar flea medication. Capstar is a fast acting anti-flea medication for dogs and cats. Many such treatments can also be found in a generic formula.


Mint Sauce

Uses for Mint Sauce?This is a page about uses for mint sauce. Mint sauce is traditionally served with roast lamb.


Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedias

Finding the Value of Encyclopedia Britannica...Sets of these often updated reference books are not as useful as they used to be, since the advent of the computer. This page is about finding the value of Encyclopedia Britannica encyclopedias.


TV Dinner Tray

Buying TV Dinner Trays?This is a page about buying TV dinner trays. You can prepare your own TV dinners with reusable divided trays or dishes similar to the current paper trays or retro aluminum ones. Finding these useful items can be a challenge however.


dog in a crate

Adult Dog Pees in Crate?This is a page about adult dog pees in crate. Despite the assurances that a dog will not poop or pee in their crate, this does happen for a number of reasons.


Ninja Master Prep

Using a Ninja Master PrepThis is a page about using a Ninja Master Prep. Your Ninja Master Prep can be used to dice, chop, blend, and puree making it a great kitchen tool for food and beverage prep.


Plain Hairbrush

Painting a Hairbrush?This is a page about painting a hairbrush. Depending on the material used for the bristle base and handle, you may be able to decoratively paint and personalize a hairbrush.


puppy in crate

Puppy Pees in Crate?This is a page about puppy pees in crate. If your puppy is peeing in her crate you will want to determine the timing and other indicators that proceed this occurrence in order to help her stop this behavior.


man on crutches

Getting Around While InjuredThis is a page about getting around while injured. Certain injuries, while not serious enough to keep you in bed, can make it difficult to get around and keep to your schedule.


Fabric Steam Press

Repairing a Fabric Steam Press?This is a page about repairing a fabric steam press. Home appliances such as a fabric steam press can stop working after the warranty is expired. This leaves you in a quandary as to how to get it repaired or try to troubleshoot the repairs yourself.


Dry Falls State Park, WA

Dry Falls State Park, WA Frugal Travel GuideThis is a page about Dry Falls State Park, WA frugal travel guide. Dry Falls is the remnant of a catastrophic ice age flood thousands of years ago, when an ice dam broke and released water from glacial lake Missoula. What remains today is the result of erosion from what is believed to have been the largest waterfall known to date.


Washing Machine Won't Start

Washing Machine Won't Start?This is a page about washing machine won't start. You have loaded the washer and added the detergent. However, when you try to start it nothing happens.


Gas Stove Burner

Repairing Gas Stove Burners?This is a page about repairing gas stove burners. When your gas stove's burners or the pilot itself will not ignite, you may be able to make the repairs yourself.


Puppy in Crate

Puppy Poops in CrateThis is a page about puppy poops in crate. Knowing what to do to help teach your puppy not to poop in his crate can be difficult. You have seemingly tried everything and still have the problem.


pots and pans stuck together

Separating Dishes that are Stuck TogetherThis is a page about separating dishes that are stuck together. Lids can become stuck to pots and dishes in the sink, such as two glass bowls, can stick one inside the other. This is a frustrating situation and seemingly difficult to resolve.


Pekingese in the grass.

Pekingese Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Pekingese breed information and photos. These small companions, also known "lion dogs", are one of the oldest canine breeds.


yellow fly or deer fly

Getting Rid of Deer Flies (Yellow Flies)?This is a page about getting rid of deer flies (yellow flies). If you have ever been bitten by a deer fly, it is an experience you don't want to have again.


Washing Machine

Replacing a Tub in a Washing Machine?This is a page about replacing a tub in a washing machine. Depending on your skills level or willingness to be adventurous there are repairs to your appliances that you can do yourself and save money by not calling for a repair person.



tackling blackberries 1

Removing Blackberries Without HerbicidesTackling blackberries is a pain in more than one way. With the proper clothing and equipment, you can pull blackberries without injury.


Butterfly Eating an Orange

Butterfly Eating an OrangeHere's a photo of a beautiful butterfly eating an orange in a butterfly feeder.


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Reusing Laundry Detergent BottlesI peel off the labels and reuse them for other liquids I buy in bulk or make. I used the Arm & Hammer yellow containers because I like yellow and I labeled them with my PTouch. I love the way the bottles dispense and I can buy either in bulk or on sale...


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Use Magnet to Hold Brush to Paint CanWhen you're painting and you need to put your brush down it can be messy, not to mention losing it. Just use a hot glue gun and attach a magnet on to your brush handle. Then when you need to set down your brush it will stay right on your paint can.


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Remembering What to Take on VacationI hate having to remember everything that we have to take on vacation! So, my best tip is to go thru my daily routine in my head all the way thru till bedtime and make a list.



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Using Homemade Room Freshener?How long can we use homemade room freshener?


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Washing Machine Shuts Off at the Rinse Cycle?My washing machine shuts of at the rinse cycle and it doesn't rinse.


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?I'm renting an apartment. I've had this stackable washer/dryer set since January of this year; all of a sudden both stopped working. I had the apartment manager call an electrician and it was the circuit breaker that tripped. He went to the locked basement and took care of it.


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Refinishing Bathroom Counter With Glass and Epoxy?I have a green and yellow marbled bathroom counter which is quite ugly. I saw a post about using broken glass and epoxy on a floor of a foyer or something on another site. I would really love to do that to my bathroom counter.


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Hiding a Spare Car Key?There are many suggestions as to where to hide keys around the house, but where can you hide a car key for times when you lock yourself out of your car? It must be somewhere on the car, able to be retrieved when you're away from home.


Orchid in pot.

What is My Orchid Doing?I have had this rescued (it was thrown away) orchid for about a year. Several weeks ago it started growing these tubers. Is it going to flower or what?


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Name Ideas for an Interior Paint?We are looking a name for our interior paint beginning with the letter A.


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Growing an Iris?This iris has done nothing for 6 months. It has started to grow 5 shoots a couple of weeks ago. 3 out to the sides and one is growing up. They are about 1/4 inch around and have a pointed tip.Will one of these become a flower.?


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Slogan for a Preschool?I'm opening up a preschool called "Dolphins Preschool". Please suggest a good slogan.


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Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog?Can I mix vinegar and bath oil to spray on my dogs for fleas?


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Cashew Chicken Salad Recipe?Years ago I used to make a chicken salad using cashews and I think a dry package of ranch dressing and it was stuffed in a tomato shell. It made a beautiful presentation especially if served on a black plate with green lettuce. Does anyone have this recipe or something similar?


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Giving Yourself a Perm?How do I give myself a home perm?


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Previously House Trained Dog Peed in Owner's Bed?After over a year of being house broken, my dog wet our bed last night?


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Removing a Seed Wart?I have a seed wart on my foot, right below the ball of the big toe. I need to get ride of it. I tried picking it off, but it didn't work. And now it is split open. I don't like how it feels. And I'm scared that if I try touching it with any other part of my body that there will be more.


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Pain from Upper Partial Dentures?I have had these for over 5 years and they still do not fit right. They are painful in the upper right, like they are poking into my palate. I keep having them adjusted, but that only lasts a couple days then it hurts to wear them again. What can I do? The dentist has run out of options!


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Zero Turn Won't Start?I have a commercial Cub Cadet recon Zero Turn and it won't start. When I turn the ignition it won't click, a few days ago it ran just fine then all of a sudden it won't even click. I've checked the plugs and battery and they are OK. Please give me some guidance.


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Removal or Repair of Bleach Marks?My grey washable dress fabric has two bleach marks about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. How do I remove or repair?


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Sweet Sixteen Party Themes?I'm turning sixteen in December and I need help figuring out what to do for my party.


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Using a Bread Machine?Will my bread machine continue with its regular cycle after a power surge? My bread machine was in the "rising" mode when we had a power surge. I don't have a manual because it was purchased at a yard sale.


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Cleaning a Thermos Bottle?My thermos has black scale in it and I hope someone out there can help solve my problem. How can I remove this?


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