July 1, 2013

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Cute Guinea Pig

Giving Vitamin Supplements to...This is a page about giving vitamin supplements to Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs often do not get adequate amounts of vitamin C when kept as pets. There are various ways to give them additional C.


Single Serve Coffee Maker

Replacement Filters for a Hamilton Beach Single...This is a page about replacement filters for a Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker. Sometimes it can be difficult to find replacement parts for small appliances, such as coffeemakers.


Urbanite Garden Bed

Urbanite (Recycled Concrete) Craft ProjectsThis is a page about urbanite (recycled concrete) craft projects. Recycled concrete from sidewalks and other sources, also known as urbanite, can be reused in a number of ways, including garden wall building.


mopping a floor

Removing Mop and Glo From Flooring?This is a page about removing Mop and Glo from flooring. Unfortunately some floor care products can build up on your flooring and be difficult to remove.


Bed Rail Padding

Bed Rail Padding IdeasThis is a page about bed rail padding ideas. Bed rails on either toddler or hospital style beds can be padded to prevent injury from the occasional bump or roll.


Colorful Drinking Straws

Uses for Drinking StrawsThis is a page about uses for drinking straws. Straws are handy not just for spill free drinking but for other jobs around the house.


Mom Decorating Hospital Room for Daughter

Decorating Your Hospital RoomThis is a page about decorating your hospital room. Adding decorations to a hospital room can help cheer you up while you convalesce.


Floating Flower Display

Making a Floating Flower DisplayThis page is about making a floating flower display. Whether decorating a pond or a bowl, a floating display can be very attractive.


A woman planting a natural garden.

Cultivating a Natural GardenThis page is about cultivating a natural garden. Planning a garden that works with nature will use native flora and generally requires less upkeep.


Braised Pork Chop, Potatoes and Vegetables

Braised Pork Chop RecipesThis page contains braised pork chop recipes. Braising meat involves a quick searing and then slowing cooking in liquid over a low heat.


Ninja Prep Master Pro

Recipes for the Ninja Prep Master ProThis page contains recipes for the Ninja Prep Master Pro. Getting additional recipes for your Ninja Prep Master Pro, allows you to expand your usage of this kitchen tool and add some tasty new meals to your cooking repertoire.


Wood Deck

Moving a Wood Deck?This is a page about moving a wood deck. Moving a wood deck is relatively easy as long as you can disassemble and move it without too much hassle.


Petunias growing outside.

Growing Annuals in Pots Buried in the Ground?This is a page about growing annuals in pots buried in the ground. There are a number of reasons you may wish to grow plants in buried pots.


Siding made of wood boards.

Curing Wood Boards?This is a page about curing wood boards. Green lumber still contains a level of moisture that you will want to remove by drying or curing prior to using it in a project.


A mom talking to her teen daughter.

When Does Menstruation Start?This page is about when does menstruation start? A young woman's first period usually starts when she least expects it.


Man using an iPod.

Organizing Audiobooks on an iPod?This is a page about organizing audiobooks on an iPod. Keeping your audiobooks organized will ensure ease of access for your listening pleasure.


Welbilt Bread Maker

Finding Welbilt Bread Maker Recipe Books?This is a page about finding Welbilt bread maker recipe books. Small appliance recipe books often get lost over time, or did not come with the item at the last garage sale you visited.


Sample Sized Beauty Items

Uses for Sample Sized Beauty ProductsThis is a page about uses for sample sized beauty products. Many of us have a stash of sample sized beauty products that we don't always have an immediate use for.


Dog Has a Hurt Toenail

Dog Has a Hurt Toenail?This is a page about dog has a hurt toenail. Determining the extent of the damage and whether there are signs of infection can help define the course of action and treatment options.


Permanent Marker

Removing Permanent Marker From VinylThis is a page about removing permanent marker from vinyl. Permanent marker can be difficult, but not impossible to remove from many surfaces.


Rusted Nut

Removing a Rusted Nut or BoltThis page is about removing a rusted nut or bolt. Rusted metal nuts and bolts can be difficult to jar loose.


Stuck Bolt

Removing a Stuck Bolt?This page is about removing a stuck bolt. If a nut and bolt are baked or rusted together, you may need some lubricant or heat to get them apart.


Golf Shoes

Cleaning Golf ShoesThis is a page about cleaning golf shoes. Proper cleaning will help to prolong the life of your expensive golf shoes.


Orange juice and oranges.

Freezing Orange Juice?This is a page about freezing orange juice. Freezing orange juice is a good way to preserve either freshly squeezed juice or excess cartons you got on sale at the market.


Canvas Chair

Removing Rust Stains From Canvas?This is a page about removing rust stains from canvas. Removing rust stains on fabric can often be done using the right product and process.


Rhubarb Pie

Recipes Using RhubarbThis page contains recipes using rhubarb. When we think of rhubarb, pie comes to mind, but it can be used in many other recipes.


Girl looking at a pregnancy test.

Dealing With an Unexpected Pregnancy?This is a page about dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be exciting, if stressful, or absolutely devastating. There is not a one size fits all solution to this news.


Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nugget RecipesThis page contains chicken nugget recipes. Chicken nuggets are a popular meal or snack. You don't have to go to your local fast food restaurant to order some, when you can make your own at home.


Blue Bow

Finding an EZ Bow Maker Instruction ManualThis page is about finding an EZ Bow Maker instruction manual. Sometimes we need some help locating replacement instructions.


Russian Borscht Beet Soup

Recipes Using BeetsThis is a page about recipes using beets. This delicious root vegetable may not be as popular as other more commonly used veggies, but there are actually many recipes using beets.


Preschool aged girl learning at home.

Teaching Preschool at HomeThis page is about teaching preschool at home. Find inexpensive social learning activities to prepare your young person for kindergarten.


Paper Flowers in a Vase

Recycled Flower CraftsThis is a page about recycled flower crafts. Beautiful, colorful artificial flowers can be crafted from recycled materials.


Bumble Bee on a flower.

Getting Rid of Underground Bumble...This page is about getting rid of underground bumble bee nest. Having a bee nest under your lawn can be a problem.


pottery wheel

Finding the Value of Ceramic Molds and...This is a page about finding the value of ceramics making equipment. Knowing the value of craft supplies and equipment is helpful whether you are getting ready to buy them used or planning to sell items you no longer use.


Woman With Body Aches

Home Remedies for Body AchesThis is a page about home remedies for body aches. Exercise, work around your house, and other activities can leave you with aches and pains.


Bumblebee on a flower.

Bumblebee Information and PhotosThis page contains bumblebee information and photos. These flying insects are very valuable in the garden as they help pollinate many kinds of flowers.


Dog With Tapeworms

Treating a Dog With Tapeworms?This is a page about treating a dog with tapeworms. Tapeworms are an intestinal parasite that your dog can become infested with by eating fleas that have the worm eggs in their bodies.


Starting a New Garden

Starting a New GardenWhether you have just moved to a new home or are thinking of starting your very first garden it can be a fun and exciting experience. This is a page about starting a new garden.


grey rat

Homemade Rat Bait IdeasThis is a page about homemade rat bait ideas. Getting rid of rats generally involves large traps or toxic poisons. It you are looking for another approach, there are many homemade options, many not involving toxic ingredients.


Patio Furniture

Buying Patio FurnitureThis page is about buying patio furniture. Doing some research will help you decide what kind of outdoor furniture will work for your setting.



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Murphy's Oil Soap Can Remove Fabric DyeI had a bright pink dry erase stain on some blue cotton chambray light-weight fabric. Scrubbing with lots of Murphy's Oil Soap got the ink out - along with some of the dress's blue color.


Kordes Perfecta Pink Rose

Rooting Rose CuttingsIf you select a cutting from a grafted rose, you should get a clone of that rose. You should not get any characteristics of the root stock. On rare occasion, a grafted rose will send out a shoot from below the graft union.


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Try Combinations To Open Antique BankHave you tried the combination? 000, 001 till 999? I opened a suitcase lock that way.



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Sewing Machine Breaking Needles?My Dressmaker 300z sewing machine needle strikes the metal piece below the bobbin case and breaks the tip of the needle off. It was bought in 1990 at Walmart. How can I fix it?


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Ideas for My 14th Birthday?My birthday is coming up (July) and I have no clue what I want to do! I want a bowling party or a beach party or even to go to this place call Golf n Stuff. Out of these three, which one should I do?


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Circuit Breaker Tripping?We bought an 18 cubic foot refrigerator to replace a 10 cubic foot one about two weeks ago. Tonight while running the dishwasher (which we have done daily with this new refrigerator, with no problems before), the refrigerator, dishwasher, ceiling lights in the kitchen...


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Using Homemade Mosquito Traps?How many do I need to cover my backyard? Effective square footage coverage?


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Removing Hair Dye from Wood Cabinets?How can I clean off brown hair dye from my wood cabinets that have a clear coat on them?


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Lawn Mower is Not Getting Fuel?The tank is full, it has a new filter and new fuel pump. What could cause fuel not to flow between tank and filter?


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Using Walmart Cell Plans on Other Phones?I just bought a new, unlocked GSM phone and would like to use WalMart's unlimited talk/text plan month by month. Is this possible if I did not buy the phone from them?


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Removing Waxy Buildup on Glossy Hardwood Floors?Can you please tell me how to remove the residue from my Santos mahogany high gloss hardwood floors? With using Bona, Minwax, and several other products such as Murphy's wood cleaner, there is a dull film that I have been trying to remove for months.


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Removing Cigarette Smoke from a Home?I just bought my new mobile (double-wide) home. New to me, but owned by a smoker. When I first viewed the home I did not smell smoke at all and I am a real shark for smoke smell (I hate it). I viewed the home 2xs in 2 weeks. No odor. My offer is accepted and I return for home inspection - smoke!


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Smelly Black Tar Stuff in Dogs Ear?Why is my dog getting this black tar smelly gunk in his one ear?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in 5 days! I have nothing planned and I don't wanna go out and do anything. I want to have a simple stay home party. I don't have a pool. I'm planning on just camping out in my back yard for the night, but I don't have anything else planned. Help?


Kitchen with oak cabinets.

Kitchen Paint Ideas?My son has oak cabinets, white appliances, and white tile counter tops with grey grouting. The flooring is linoleum that is white with light blue square accents. He hopes to upgrade to bamboo flooring. What color should he paint the walls? White is so boring.


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Using Homemade Deck Cleaner Near Plants?Is this solution safe for plants around the deck?


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Barbie Plastic Canvas Patterns?Does anyone have any of the Barbie plastic canvas furniture patterns that they would be willing to share or know where I can find some? I'd like to start making the collection for my daughter.


Brown dog lying in grass.

Does My Dog Have Pit Bull in Him?I was wondering if my dog Tank had any Pit Bull in him. He looks like it, but I'm almost 100% sure he's mixed. But idk with what, it might be Lab, but I don't know. He looks like Pit Bull just looking at him. But his mouth looks longer and he has big feet.


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Paint Remover Stain on Corian Countertop?A can of paint remover was accidentally spilled on my kitchen counter and wasn't noticed for a while so it really set in. It looks like giant rust stains. It also caused some cracks in the Corian. We tried everything to at least get the staining out, but so far nothing has worked. Help!


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Cleaning Smelly Dog Blankets?I am at my wits end. Some of our dog blankets smell really bad. I have washed them numerous times with both detergent and Clorox 2 and they still smell!


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12 Birthday Party Game Ideas?My daughter is having a Muppets "wanted" theme party in May. We need some ideas for some games to play.


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Babysitting Activities?What fun stuff can you do with a 5 year old and a 7 year old?


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Replacement Parts for George Foreman Portable Gas Grill?I need a replacement grill (cooking surface) for my George Foreman GP160A portable gas grill and can't seem to find one.


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Low Cost Vet Near Rosemead California?Does anyone know of a low cost or free vet near Rosemead, California, 91770? I recently picked a cat up off the streets and I have taken him in and today I noticed that his paw is broken. I am a single mother of 5.


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I am starting a real estate business so, can you please suggest some good real estate business names.


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Birthday Ideas?My friend and I were planing to go ice skating, but she found out that she has epilepsy and if she falls she can get hurt. Everything I think of can harm her.


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Name Ideas for a Contractor Business?I am looking for ideas for names for a new contractor firm.


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